Update: Introducing Angel Hylton Harvey

03/13/2008 at 11:55 AM ET

After welcoming daughter Angel in a natural waterbirth on February 23rd, UK R&B star MC Harvey, 28, and singer Javine Hylton, 26, introduce their 2-week-old little girl in Hello! this week.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights.


On the pregnancy:

J: I had a cyst on my ovary that had apparently been brewing for years. During a ski trip to Italy, I was rushed to a local hospital, where I was later told that I only had hours to live because poison was spreading through my bloodstream. I woke up in a ward for people on their last days, with priests coming and going. Harvey was there for me every step of the way.

I was then so desperate to have a baby with him, not wanting anything else to go wrong. Six weeks later we spent six weeks in Berlin with Harvey’s show ‘Daddy Cool’ and that’s where I must have become pregnant.

With Angel being born exactly a year after my operation it’s as if things have come full circle — from disaster to my dream fulfilled. It’s worth everything we’ve gone through to have this child here now.

Despite wanting it so much, I don’t think I embraced pregnancy as some women do. I hadn’t prepared myself mentally for all the changes. I was a drinker and a smoker, and now I’m not. I put on four stone (56 lbs), so now I have work to do.


On the birth and their choices for it:

Angel was born at The Birth Centre in London.

J: I didn’t want to go anywhere with a clinical environment or where Caesareans are routine. Harvey found the birth centre in Tooting, where Thandie Newton and Davina McCall also had their babies. It’s very low key, a very loving and private facility. We literally had the place to ourselves while I was in labor.

My mum and sister, Harvey’s mum, his auntie and his cousin were all in the house too, virtually having a party downstairs!

It lasted 12 hours from start to finish, but time passed very quickly. I enjoyed being in the birthing pool — just me with the midwifereading her book in the corner. But when she broke my waters, that’swhen the pain went through the roof. I lost it completely, crying thatI wanted to go home.

She was born underwater. They say it’s less of a shock for newborns. The baby gave a couple of squeaks, but she didn’t cry. She was straight in to my arms. I’d thought beforehand that I’d be emotional when I first saw her, but I was just in shock, thinking: ‘Who’s this new little person?’

H: I was crying my eyes out. For Javine’s sake I know I shouldn’t say this, but sometimes I’ve wished we could do the birth all over again, just for the feeling. I’m having an amazing year with things happening in work that are like dreams for me. But nothing in my whole life could ever match up to having my daughter.

Javine does not realize how amazing she was, producinga 9 lb baby without needed even a stitch afterwards. The midwife saysshe should make a DVD showing women how to have babies.

J: Just two hours after the birth I was ready to go. I just wanted to be in our own home with Angel.

H: But I had a gig that night in Telford. I had to go because of these things called contracts! Had Angel not arrived until 10 pm, I guess they would have had to sue me, because there was no way I was missing my child’s birth.

On the way back everyone slept whilst I looked out to the road and thought, “When I get home, I’ve got a child!” I found Javine awake with the baby in her arms. And you know, she never mentioned what she’d been through that day — not once.

J: Childbirth is already becoming a blur to me. At first I was thinking, ‘Alright … I’ve done it once and, and now I’m never going to have a natural birth again. It will be an epidural or Caesarean next time!’ But as the days pass I’m forgetting about it and feeling that it was worth everything to have this child here now.

How they chose her name:

J: I racked my brain for the right name, surfing the net, buying books. We thought of Berlin — for obvious reasons — though in the end we decided it was the bit like the Beckhams! Two weeks before she came, Harvey said: ‘What about Angel?’ Everyone loved it. I have to admit, it’s really the perfect name!


On parenthood:

H: It’s changed my life — even in a couple of weeks, which is bizarre. Ihave to live responsibly now. It’s my duty to be a good father

J: I was a wild child before and a bit manic. But the babyhas settled me right down. I’ve taken a 180-degree turn in every way. I’ve been so excited that I couldn’t sleep because I just wanted to be with my daughter. But now reality has hit me and I know I need to relax.

On the future:

J: We’ve talked about this, but Harvey has just come out of marriage, and my mum never married, so I didn’t grow up thinking, ‘Okay that’s what I want’ — though I did want love and children. Once we’re settled and I’m in my thirties with a few children, that could be a nice time. And anyway, that’s only if I say yes!

H: It would be silly for us to rush in to marriage. Now we have a child together, I think that represents the greatest commitment of all.


Source: Hello! Magazine, March 18th issue, p.14-18.

Thanks to CBB readers Betty and Carlie.

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Miss155 on

cute family.

Lisa on

OMG what a cute baby. The baby looks Caucasian though. Are either of them bi-racial? Anyways, they are glowing..

Meg on

They’re both bi-racial. Best of luck to them, after what they did to his wife.

dana on

Does anyone know both of there backgrounds…like what their heritage is?

Cute baby.. She is a champ for pushing a 9lb baby without stitches.

ella on

They’re both bi-racial, black fathers and white mothers. The baby has obviously gone the grandmothers way in that she looks white, complete with blue eyes it seems. Genetics huh! Much like Emma Bunton’s (Baby Spice) baby who also looks white even though the dad is bi-racial.

Cute little baby. I’ll just ignore the circumstances to which she came about for now.

J.Mo on

I just hope that they make better parents that husbands/friends. What they did to the lovely Alesha was really bad and suggests that they are not nice people at all. I just hope for the baby’s sake that I am wrong.

Tara on

A lot of people cheat on their partners, yes it’s wrong but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad people. Unfortunately for Javine and Harvey it was in the media.
IMO their past has no bearing on whether they will be good parents or not.
I hope they stay together and raise their gorgeous daughter, i wish them all the best.

bearcakes on

Cute baby. I’m surprise that they are both with each other for more reasons than one. He was with Alesha Dixon of misteeq before and cheated on her with Javine. Aleast they’re inlove now and have a baby girl. In the UK its rare to see two black or mixed race people celebrities married, or together. A friend of mine who is black and has a mixed race girlfriend says he gets the dirties of looks from whites,white women in particular. He said they look at him as if they shouldn’t be together. No one does that to white couples.

ella on

Correction: Actually Harvey’s mum is bi-racial not white. Perhaps the baby will get darker as she grows.

J.Mo, I’m a little conflicted about this myself. What they did was wrong but not very different from Brad and Angie who are very nice people IMO. Harvey vocalized that Alesha was focusing on career whilst he very much wanted to start a family. Rumor has it this was the case with Brad and Jen.

Whilst I feel not nice at all about Harvey and Javine, I happen to like Brad and Angie a lot, does that make me a hypocrite?

bearcakes on

Cute baby girl. I’m surprise that they’re together for more reasons than the obvious of him cheating on Alesha. Its rare to see mixed race or black couples together in the UK. Its so rare that whites(mainly white women)stare at black couples as if they are shocked that they have interest in each other. A good friend of mine id living there. Even more rare since they’re both Celebrities.

terri on

I don’t think that you’re being a hypocrite. Brad and Angelina seemed to be a lot more discrete in their relationship, whenever it did begin. They haven’t admitted to having an affair, a fact that this couple seem to be very open about. I don’t know much about this couple, but it seems that their relationship was a much bigger shock and betrayal to their former partners.

Their baby is beautiful.

Meg on

Just to let some of you know, Black genes are really funny. Too dark skinned Blacks can produce a very light child. Also, my cousin and her husband, both African-American, gave birth to a blue-eye, blond child; he got darker growing up though. You don’t have to be mixed-race to have a very fair child. That’s just how our genetics are.

Anyways, I looked this couple up because I’m not too familiar with them, and they had some shady business going on…lol He was married while messing with her.

But otherwise, they have a blessing. Congrats!

Isa Maria on

The baby will probably get darker as she gets older. She’s only two weeks. I’m black and I was pink for a few weeks before getting slightly brown. It wasn’t until I was about 3 that I got to the colour I am now.

They were both in relationships when they had an affair. He was married she was living with her boyfriend who caught them in bed together. Very different from Brad and Angelina!

Jay on

Glad you cleared that up Meg. Angel is only 2 weeks old…all African American babies aren’t born with tan or darker complexions.
Congrats to the new parents!!!

Missy on

I don’t know if it’s just me, but having a mixed race baby myself, I take a slight offense to the fact that people constantly discuss whether or not she’s going to “change color” or not. My husband is black and I am paler than white and it just turned out that our daughter looks more like her mommy than her daddy. I had to get over my sensitivity though because apparently people think that it’s an ok subject to discuss even over a perfect stranger’s baby. I’ve had more people be rude over the fact that our daughter is whiter than her daddy than over the fact that he’s a different color than I am. We are so consumed with figuring out what children are going to look like in the future, maybe we should just appreciate them for what they look like right now and be happy!

Amanda on

Why are they both almost always looking at the camera?

I hate when ‘celebs’ do that. Sell photos of their babies and then spend the whole shoot looking directly into the camera lens!

This shoot is about them, not the baby.

Ash on

No offense meant with this but just my two cents!

My best friend is African (black skinned) and her husband is white skinned. Their baby was born white with light hair and light eyes. He is now 3 years old and is a typical bi-racial looking child. I think it takes a number of years before the defined look comes out, much like caucasian children who are often born with a much different hair and eye colouring than how they ultimately turn out. Its to do with pigmentation maturity and development which can remain dormant for some time in infants.

Mele on

She is one beautiful baby!!
Can I just ask everyone who is mentioning Alesha what it has to do with them having a baby?? I know they both stabbed her in back but thats in the past. No matter what has happened she is one beautiful baby and this is a happy time for them regardless of what they did.
Congratulations to them especially after Javine having a cyst and only hours to live. I cant imagine how they are feeling at the moment after that.

Nicki on

Regarding the comments on Angel’s skin colour; if you remember when Jordan’s (Katie Price) son Harvey was born he also appeared light skinned but gradually turned darker as he got older.
Congratulations to the happy couple

gabrielle teegardin on

why is every so concern about this baby race…it is a baby…doesn’t matter the race. I am thankful everyone happy and healthy.

Rhian on

i agree with mele, what they did is in the past and alesha doesnt have anything really to do with this..Angel is beautiful and they look like a happy, healthy little family and like they said everything they went through is now worth it..

Nana on

As a mother of two biracial children it always amazes me how people try to define biracial people. They are mixed!! That’s why they can come out in all shades and features. There is no typical features for mixed people. My daughter is completely white skinned and my son is brown and bronzed. Same father. So you can never say. As far as Javine and Harvey, may they put the their evil past behind them and learn from their mistakes and be wonderful parents to their beautiful little girl.

Nona on

This sweet precious baby should be taking priority here in the posts…not what her parents did in the past, there are always two sides to a story!…And to put it bluntly, it’s none of anyones business what they do with their lives…her parents have committed themselves to raising the baby together as a family…Congrats to the new parents…May God Bless Angel…Cherish every moments, as though grow so quickly…:)

amy on

i think there baby is ugly she defo anit cute i think anit a good name for that she no angel she ugly

bearcakes on

Missy I think you are being too sensitive. Typical of white women, from britain in particlar. You want special treatment because you are not use to dealing with non white children. Did you see the comments about beyonces nephew? BTW Harvey’s father is black and his mom is biracial.


The baby will get darker. It doesn’t look white, just very fair. If I didn’t see the parents, I’d still know the baby wasn’t white.

Very rarely black babies are born dark. They are usually fair then get darker.

My brother was exactly like this baby, and now he looks like Will Smith’s complexion.

CelebBabyLover on

ITA with mele, Rhian, and Nona. I know with the Brad and Angie situation, people are STILL mentioning the whole Brad/Angie/Jen thing in posts about the Jolie-Pitts, as does the media (well, the tabloids anyway. More respectable magazines such as People seem to have dropped the matter, thank goodness!)….even though it’s been very nearly THREE years now (and I want to point out that Brad, Angie, and Jen have all stated that Brad didn’t physically cheat on Jen while they were still married.)!

I really hope that that won’t be the case with these two!

jasmine on

Just because a baby looks a certain way at birth doesn’t mean he or she will stay that way…I know people who’s eye, hair and skin color are NOT the same as they were at birth or as toddlers…

But, more importantly, congrats on a healthy baby to the couple and their families!

Dawn on

Thank you for your sane comments Nona. I have no concern or interest in what made these two adults become an item. Whatever happened, they are together and I wish them the best. This site is about babies of celebrities and I wish people would keep their posts on the babies and not make this board about attacking the parents.

FWIW Alesha has recently said that she forgives both of them so many of these posts should be moot points

Shacona on

They have a beautiful baby. None of you can judge them, they have to answer for their transgressions. Who care about Brad and Angelina none of us know when their physical relationship started, because we were not there. He cheated on Jen mentally with Angelina way before their divorce. Let it go people, let it go.

Pam on

Cute baby! Javine had my dream birth. I had a natural delivery but would have LOVED a waterbirth had I the choice.

I also laughed at the part where she told herself she would have the epidural and maybe a c-section the next time, I said the same thing to myself!!! Ahh, how quickly we forget.

Debi Sinclair on

mc harvey isnt mixed race,his mum is lightskinned black and his father black

cerys + zoe on

Awwwwwww There Soo Sweet Hes buffting Tho Mann😛

Dolcevita on

Harvey is not bi-racial, but he is multi-racial – I think his mum is mixed race and his dad is black.

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