Update: Actress Busy Philipps expecting first child, a girl

03/12/2008 at 08:28 AM ET

Update: Busy revealed on Tuesday that she is about five months along and expecting a daughter.

We found out today it’s a little girl! I feel great! I’ve had, like, no morning sickness!

Although she is godmother to best friend and Dawson’s Creek co-star Michelle Williams‘ daughter Matilda Rose, 2, Michelle won’t be Busy’s daughter’s. Instead, the honor will go to actress Lizzy Caplan.

Michelle’s going to send me a lot of stuff! We’re very close. She has her hands full with being a mother right now. I’ve known [Lizzy] for a million years! The cool thing about giving someone the godmother title is that it’s sort of practice for their own baby.

Busy is due in July.

Originally posted January 25th: Former ER, Dawson’s Creek, and Freaks and Geeks star Busy Philipps, 28, announced at San Francisco’s Sketchfest that she and husband Marc Silverstein are expecting their first child.

Source: BuzzSugar; Us Weekly

Thanks to CBB reader Vanessa.

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Vicky24c on

I love her on ER but even though she currently written out(Doin volunter work or something) I thought she was coming back??

Anyways Congrats.

kristin on

Isn’t she also the godmother of Matilda Ledger?

Angela’s note: Yes, she is.

PSB on

Love Busy. Isn’t she Matilda Ledger’s godmother? She seems like a great friend, rushing to Michelle’s side on a moment’s notice. Bet she’ll be a great mom.

Crystal on

Congrats to her. I read somewhere that she was with Michelle Williams right now because they are close friends and she is Matilda’s godmother. This must be a very emotional time for her to be with her friend while she is grieving and to recently find out she is expecting a baby.

MZ on

Who did she play on ER? I don’t remember her…

Angela’s note: She played a character named Hope. She was also on the television show Dawson’s Creek.

Amber H. on

I loved her on Dawson and didn’t even realize she was on ER! Congrats!

Lara on

She was great on Freaks and Geeks, hope the baby is just like her.

Rachel on

I’m ashamed to say (because I’m ashamed I watched, they need to leave them alone already!) but I saw her on the news the other day going into the Ledger home with Michelle’s mother and she was most definitely very pregnant — she looked to be in the third trimester.

Michelle on

I’ve been a fan of hers since her days on “Freaks & Geeks” — congrats to her on this happy news!

Avery on

I loved her on Dawson’s Creek! With the way she’s been helping Michelle Williams and Matilda, I’m sure she’ll be a great mother.

Dana on

Awww, I love her! Congrats to them on their upcoming arrival.

kemp on

such great news! she’s a wonderful actress. it will be nice for michelle & matilda to have a new little one in their lives at this sad time.

Ericka on

Isn’t life funny? Well maybe funny isn’t the best word to use. I just see it fitting that one life is taken (Heath) from a family/friend unit as another new life comes.

Congrats too her. I wish her a stressless and painless pregnancy.

Janine on

I was surprised to hear this, only because I didn’t realize that she was married. But I think it’ll be a great thing, and hopefully maybe something Michelle can focus on besides the loss of Heath. And I’m sure this new baby and Matilda will be great friends when they get older.

Emily on

She’s so great, and I think she will make a fantastic mother. TMZ has a video of her from a few days ago in New York, but it’s difficult to see much below the shoulders clearly. She’s in a pretty big coat, but it is definitely possible that she’s showing. Congrats to them!

Blu on

Omigod I remember this girl from White Chicks! I never thought she’d have a baby. Congrats to Busy!

sushi on

Her character Hope left the Er in september.
there were video of her beeing at Micelle Williams’place.
I’m glad to hear that Matilda has such a loving godmother and godfather who could always remember her how great a dad was.
But she must feel quite awful beeing pregnant rightt now, just when michelle needs her the most, i mean, can, you beeing pregant and deal with your bestfriend’s former fiancĂ©’sdeath?
it’s gonna be hard for everyone, more reson to give them so time and stop talking about t Heath Ledger’s death

Sara on

I loved her ‘back in the day’ on Dawson’s Creek. Breathed new life into a dying show! Congrats to her!

Anna on

I’m confused – why does the press refer to her as Bijoux Phillips? Bijou Phillips is a completely different woman who was never involved in Dawson’s Creek. Busy’s nickname seems to come from actually being ‘busy’, not a shortening of Bijoux. Can anyone clear this up for my confused, tiny brain?

Mel on

Apparently her name is Elizabeth Jean Philips, but her parents nicknamed her Busy when she was little as she was always so…well….busy. The name stuck and that is what she goes by. Kinda like the whole Miley thing.

Lisa on

Her parents gave her the nickname Busy, because as an infant she was always moving, the name stuck, and it even appears on her driver’s license. Her actual name is Elizabeth Jean Philipps according to IMDB.com.

I always liked her. She seems to have a very kind smile.

brannon on

Her real name is Elizabeth Jean Phillips – no idea where “busy” comes from or why they would mix her up with Bijou. Hope that helps …

gina on

aaw!!! I just loved her in White Chicks !!!! Im glad to hear she is with Michelle and her goddaughter Matilda !!! This new baby will be good for Matilda.She will have a new playmate!!! God bless these people.

Daze on

Isn’t she Chynna Phillips sister? Daughter of Michelle Phillips of the Mommas and Papas?

Sarah’s note: No. Busy’s last name is spelled Philipps.

Luciana on

This must be a difficult time for her.. To celebrate the pregnancy and to be by Michelle’s side through all the pain..

I believe she’ll be a great mom. congrats!

Pam on

So happy for her! I’ve watched her for years, starting on Dawson’s.

I’m thankful to her for being such a great friend to Michelle Williams at this awful time.

Dana on

Awwww, I’m so happy for her.

And I totally love her comment on picking a godparent. I think that becoming a godparent is such a huge responsibility. It isn’t just a title. I respect her honesty on not wanting to saddle a beloved friend who is having to face parenthood alone with another child to raise if anything were to happen to Busy and Marc.

Mousie on

I’m not sure why this is a common assumption, but “godparent” is not a legal role of any sort.

It’s a religious designation – this is the person who is responsible for guiding the child’s religious development.

You designate in your will who will raise your child if you die, or next of kin if you don’t have a will. Godparents don’t have any legal rights to the child.

Dana on

In my family they do have legal rights, so I am sorry that I passed that assumption on to other families. All godparents in my family are responsible not just for the religious education of the children, but also are the ones who would take responsibility if anything, God forbid, happened to a parent.

Pam on

Congrats to Busy and her hubby! A little girl! How exciting.

leslie on

did she have her baby yet?