Petr Čech talks about missing daughter's birth and more

03/12/2008 at 07:49 PM ET

Chelsea F.C. goalkeeper Petr Čech loves being a dad to daughter Adela Cechova, 7 weeks, but he wishes that he could have been present at her birth.  However, due to work commitments, the 25-year-old was not able to make it back to the Czech Republic for the big day.

It was the best day of my life and at the same time the saddest. I was so happy that I was a father and so proud of my wife but I was upset that I missed the birth. But my daughter decided she was coming in the middle of the night and there was nothing I could do.

I was in Liverpool and if I could have got a flight back to the Czech Republic, I would have missed the birth anyway, so I just had to wait on the phone.

Visit to find out how the new family is doing, as well as Petr’s advice to new dads.

Thanks to CBB readers Carlie and Chloe.

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ella on

This interview really pulls my heart strings. Did she not have a mother or sister or someone close to be in with her? Quite sad.

Interestingly it reminded me of a contrast story I read yesterday on the Daily Mail about another footballer Xabi Alonso who was risking to be fired by refusing to go and play away until his 1st child is born. You can see it here

Claire on

He sounds like a sweet papa🙂

Nikka on

Aaawh what a nice Czech family ! Although I think that he could have arranged not having to be at soccer at the time they were awaiting a birth of the first child

Stacey on

Awww, what a sweet interview. Especially his advice for other new dads.

Anna on

Awww, I love Petr! Little Adela already looks like her daddy…🙂

Nikka, I don’t think there was much he could do about it, especially being the goalkeeper. I think it’s great Xabi Alonso is refusing to go to Milan though.

Sarita on

I will never understand men that put football (or any other job) over being there for the birth of their child.

Allison on

Ella…I totally agree!! Im sorry but I have a real problem with this interview. I cant exactly put my finger on it but it almost seems like this woman had no voice as far as her birth was concerned! I have to also remind myself that they are not american and have a different way of speaking…to put it softly! Congrats though on their baby!

iv on

Allison…you couldn’t say it better…yes, they are NOT American! LUCKILY!!

Anna on

I’m Czech so I know a little bit more. He looks like great daddy, whenever he speaks about her he shines, he’s pretty much in love with her. Also, being present at a birth is quite new trend there. I’m sure his wife has someone close besides her. He is a goalkeeper and I don’t think he could easily cross the Chanel and fly to Prague. It’s really gorgeous deed, that one from Xabi Alonso, but maybe he couldn’t dare to brake the rules? They are really strict in professional sport.

susan on

I think every situation is unique, and since we do not know all of the details, it is unwise to judge. However, he sounds like a loving and excited new father. So congratulations, and good luck!

Harley on

I couldn’t agree more Susan. Anna is definitely right as well, it is a new trend for father’s to be there for the birth so Americans and whoever else, keep your judgement down. Heck, I still know American men who will not be in the delivery room because it scares the holy Judas out of them.

He seems to be an extremely loving husband & father, and he most likely wasn’t going to risk his career which is what keeps the family on the up side. Top that with the fact that no one really ever knows when that kid is going to come out…he was probably crossing his fingers and hoping for it to happen on an off day.

Congrats to them and all the best!

Sanja on

First I don’t agree that his wife didn’t have any say, SHE decided not to have the baby in England, where Petr would have been with her.

Also, being there at the birth is not that common in East Europe. Here only a few hospitals are equipped or have enough room to accommodate partners/parents, etc. in the labour suite and that person has to go to classes, so I’d guess that Petr did that and they hopes that he’d make it on time.

Anna on

Sarita, I think you’re being too hard on him.
I really don’t think there was much he could have done differently. Martina probably wanted her daughter to be born in her (and Petr’s) home country and with Chelsea’s schedule being the way it is, it was always going to be difficult for him to be at the birth. He couldn’t just take some weeks off and leave the country to wait for his daughter to make her arrival.
Xabi Alonso’s situation is slightly different, because, from what it sounds like, his girlfriend is going to give birth in the UK, so he really only missed that one game in Italy. Also, he’s not a goalkeeper like Petr, so it’s easier for the coach to replace him. Even so, he still got into trouble for not playing…

Lida on

I’m so sure he wanted to be at a birth. Sometimes things just happened;) He is just too important to his team and couldn’t risk the fire… By the way, Czech Republic is not East European state, it lays in the Central Europe like Austria.

maz on

he loves football, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world! therefore for Grant to replace him especially when they have lost quite important finals, it would not have worked for him and the team. Cech really loves his club and his wife, im sure is no stranger to his clubs schedule they have been together for a very long time and he has been a goal keeper for chelsea for 4 years and has 101 appearances with them, more than any other team hes been in. She must have been aware of the extent of the commitment and obligations in the form of a contract and decided that she will have the birth of their daughter in czech republic and seeing as she lives in london with her husband she must have relatives in their home country im sure she wasnt alone and even if she was, she got through it all right. Im a hardcore chelsea fan and he risked his life for the team when he got a fractured skull, surely she must have seen the extent of his commitment to play for chelsea after that horrific injury. Petr has really supportive parents and i can only assume a very supportive wife. I think we can safely say that petr sounds like hes a great dad and very ‘modern’ in his father duties and his hopes for his child. Alonso’s decision to not play shows how every situation and player is different, its up to the couple themselves and who are we to judge and think of petrs wife all alone in a hospital giving birth without her husband,(shock horror) shes loves him alot so much that she didnt want anyone there if he couldnt arrive, it was an unfortunate timing thats all

Hea on

Two things:

1. For fathers to be present at the birth of their children are not as common in some countries as it is in others. That is OK.

2. No, you can’t take the day off from sports if you are a pro. That’s simply not allowed in most teams. You are not just an employee, you are important to the entire game and someone owns you and thereby owns the right to tell you what you can or cannot do. I’m sure if he COULD have taken time off, he would have. So don’t judge.

Oh, and one more thing, do not assume that his wife has no influence on her own life and their life together. That’s just… well…

Sarita on

You can give me as many arguments as you want for him not being there I still don’t think it’s right.
Of course it’s their choice, their life, their baby etc. In my personal opinion I just don’t think it’s right.

Sanja on

Lida -being from that part of Europe I know where Czech Rep. is, it was more the whole ‘ex-communist countries’ reference (in regard to the mental and medical situation), not so much a geographical point

Lida on

Sanja: I wasn’t trying to offend you, I just had to say it, cause it’s sometimes so annoying that people referring to My country as to small undeveloped post-communist country somewhere in the Europe where everyone is “Svejkish” and likes beer and ice-hockey, etc. I know it is not your case, it was just BTW. I am proud of people like Petr Cech is, who are international celebrities but still Czechs!!! My small Czech heart is rejoiced!:)

Nikka on

It would be helpful to know whether the baby was born prematurely (then I guess there was not much to do) or on time… then he could have ask for the time off regardless what match they played. I for one know my husband would be with me even if his team played against king of england. Plus Petr looks like he really wanted to be there too.

I think that Roberto Luongo (Vancouver Canucks goalie) is in Florida with his pregnant wife (apparently she has some complications…?? ) So it’s all about asking and arrangements. Of course it’s everyone’s choice to be or not to be there, but family comes first and I don’t think it would be impossible to arrange. What about if something went wrong… he’d forever regret. Hopefully we’ll find out soon more !

Sanja on

Just to mention one more thing, since I know that most posters here are from the US and might not be aware that Petr’s boss is Roman Abramovich, who is not a man known for his leniency when it comes to his employees (and as someone mentioned, in pro sports, he not only employs Petr he owns him).

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