Naomi Watts on traveling, airplane crying and trading insults with the nanny

03/12/2008 at 12:23 AM ET

Naomiwatts_n_b_gr_11_cbb After Monday’s halfway-around-the-world trip from Sydney to Los Angeles to tape Jimmy Kimmel Live, Naomi Watts revealed that son Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 7 months, is getting to the age where traveling with him can become challenging.

Yesterday was the first time I felt [guilty getting on the plane]. Fortunately, I can fly first class these days. The baby’s with me, but he started screaming the minute we got on the plane and didn’t stop for a good 40 minutes.

People literally stood out of their seats and gave me glaring eyes. I think they just feel a little pissed off that they spent [so much money] on a flight and they have to listen to that.

When asked by Jimmy if she gave him drugs for the 14-hour-long flight, Naomi laughed and replied,

No, he’s too young for that! I put him on the boob.

Click below for the rest of the interview, including the laundry list of countries Sasha has been, and Naomi’s relationship with his nanny, Carmen. You can also watch video of the appearance.

Although the flight was long, it was just one of many for Sasha. Naomi would prefer less travel, but it’s the way she and fiancé Liev Schreiber keep their family together — following each other to movie sets, film festivals, and press tours.

He’s 7 months old. I can’t even count how many countries he’s beento. Shall we go through it? Well, he was born in America, [he’s beento] Canada, Australia, Russia, Lithuania, England, Germany, Italy …I’m not proud of it.

Assisting the family is Sasha’s nanny since birth, Carmen. Carmen and Naomi enjoy a close relationship — so close, in fact, that they trade insults!

I’ve got a great nanny, and I want to say hi to Carmen, my nanny.She’s very helpful and she’s very good and she calls it like it is. Infact, today she told me I have a big ass. Because I do have a big ass.She’s got no ass, so she always just says things like that. She’s got abig gut. She’ll be watching the show! [laughs]

Naomi’s latest film, Funny Games, opens in limited release on Friday.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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iluvallbabies on

Gosh that bubba is just toooooo cute! He looks like he is straight out of a commercial!

I have to admit though (I will prob get harsh feedback for this) but if I paid $22,000 for a first class flight to LA I wouldn’t want a baby screaming for 40 mins either.

I know she would have felt so bad & it was completely out of her hands, but I would have gone for a walk towards the back of the plane and tried to get him to settle that way. It’s just too much money to be disturbed- especially if on the other end you have a business meeting and just want to get on the plane and sleep…

Just my opinion!

mrsb on

LOL Glad she gets along with her nanny so well!

Little ones on long flights is very tricky, especially with more than one!

Caroline on

Don’t think I would appreciate paying a first class ticket and having a crying baby not far from me !! We are flying from Brussels, Belgium to Hawaii this coming weekend with our infant 2.5 month old daughter … This will be a challenge🙂 but looking forward to it (at least the vacation). If we get upgraded, we will be giving the upgrade to my parents-in-law and we will stay in economy with our little princess. I wouldn’t want to be “disturbed”, so I wouldn’t dream of doing it to others. I think she should be PROUD of all the places her son has been ! Discovering new places and people is very important !

Stacey on

did she refer to him as alexander or sasha on the show?

just wondering

Sarah’s note: Neither! She never mentioned him by name! I was really hoping she would, because in early interviews she said Sasha, and then in Glamour she said Alexander, but she’s never actually said his name on TV.

Hea on

Boobs are like drugs for men. Doesn’t matter what age they are. They see one, they stare at it, they squeeze it and it’s all fun ‘n games.🙂

Mari on

I think women underestimate parents who have been there. My son is now grown, but if I got an airplane with a crying baby today – as long as the parent(s) are doing their best to soothe the infant – I would have nothing but sympathy for the parents.

So next time that Naomi – or any mother – is out there with a crying infant on an airplane – if they tune in real hard – they may realize that are probably a lot more people who are sympathetic towards you than you think.

Elizabeth on

First-class from Sydney to LA is not $22,000. However, regardless of price, I do agree that it would be aggravating to have to sit near a squalling baby in an entrapped space like that.

Lilybett on

There was an interesting news story last week about having a babies/children section for the plane, where parents with children are segregated from other passengers. I’m divided on this issue… I’m not sure I like total segregation, but I would go completly batty if I had a crying baby near me for a long haul flight. Most of the time crying babies don’t bother me, but planes are different because of the duration and proximity and no escape. I guess it’s always different when it’s your own kid.

ann on

I don’t think those of us who only pay $200.00 for a coach want to hear a baby scream for 40 mins either, but it’s what happens!!! Families have to fly. You can’t get up and walk around any more or they think you are a terrorist or something.

I don’t blame her for wanting to travel anymore! I am not looking forward to going from Texas to Ohio with my one year old!

He’s a cute kid even if he screams on planes!! LOL

Steph on

Yeah, I agree. If I’m going to be paying the big bucks to sit in first class, I’d want a nice, quiet flight. It seems like she was apologetic about it, though.

He’s a world-class travler at 7 months! Geez. I’m 20 and still haven’t been out of the U.S. yet. Haha.

Adri on

That’s the one thing — fortunately, I get to travel first class too but when people bring their babies who scream the whole 17 hour flight, it can get pretttty annoying regardless of who it is — whether it be Naomi Watts or some other lady’s baby. I’m not saying that flying with babies is a bad thing because sometimes, you have the little angel who just sleeps through the whole flight.

chatty cricket on

Hea- LOL!

Ugh, there is just nothing you can do if your baby is cranky on a plane. We just flew round trip to visit family and we had a plane full of kids. My two got restless immediately following takeoff, but settled down in about 30 minutes. Then someone else’s kids piped up! I feel for her. I KNOW I’ve been there and would die if people spent the entire flight shooting me looks. Honestly, if you don’t have a kid to worry about, put on your earphones and relax. I wonder if anyone realized they were glaring at Naomi Watts!

I also don’t know why she wouldn’t be proud to list all of the countries they’ve been to as a family? I commend Liev and Naomi for making the commitment to keep their family together. And think of all the different cultures little Sasha will get to experience, lucky fellow!

Melissa on


I’m with you on that one. I have a little boy who will be 2 next month. I’ve definitely been there(Still am with the terrible 2s), but many seem to forget once their kids are older, lol. Not everyone is as gracious as you are unfortunately.

Robin on

Plus we don’t know if something is wrong with the little ones when they are screaming like that. I remember a flight coming home from Hawaii and my 2 1/2 year old niece screamed the entire trip, even though we all did everything we could to soothe her. Turns out her ear drum burst and she was in so much pain! I try to let it roll off of me when I am around crying babies in a plane. BTDT!

Kari on

I can’t believe people think she should take the crying babe back to the poor folks who not only are on the same, incredibly long flight, but also barely have enough room to breathe. What, rich folks (whose first class ticket purchase might be a much smaller relative investment for them than the coach ticket is for the schmuck in aisle 35) shouldn’t have to take life’s vagaries as they come?

Babies cry. Then they sleep. No one should feel overly guilty. And no one is more miserable when it’s going on than mom!

Pam on

It does suck about the baby crying, but what are you going to do? Babies cry. As long as mom or dad is trying to soothe them, I don’t have a problem with it. That’s why I have an iPod.😉

I am completely cracking up about her and the nanny trading insults though! Guess they are close, lol. Sounds like me and my sister in law, ha.

lis on

If you choose to travel in an environment where there are other people, and you can’t control who they are, you really just have to accept that there’s a good chance one of those people will be a baby, and baby may or may not be happy about being on a plane.

I’ve had many transatlantic flights, and some of them included crying babies. It happens. I’m not a parent, but I understand that sometimes you just can’t control how baby is feeling and baby will cry. It’s always nice to see the parent actively try to calm down the baby, though.

It’s just another great reason to bring headphones with you.

martina on

I travel a lot on business. Sometimes I need to go to the office straight from the airport, sometimes I get off a 20 hour flight and go to work – and need to be productive. There is NOTHING worse on an international flight then a screaming child. On my last one, there was a little girl that screamed hysterically the entire 8 hours. Sitting in business class with her grand-parents, right next to me. The grandparents just ignored her behavior. When I asked them to do something (take her for a little walk, play with her, read – anything) they said that they paid for the ticket and if I didn’t like it, *I* could move.

patricia on

You are always going to find someone annoying on a plane! A crying baby, a snoring guy, a rude teenager…regardless of how much you paid for the ticket there are loud people everywhere. If you don’t want ANYBODY to bother you then the other option is…a private jet!

Anyway, Naomi seems to be very in tune with her baby. I’m sure she’s a great mom. I’m happy for her.

Sarita on

As long as the parents are trying to sooth the child I try to be understanding and not shoot angry looks at them.
It does really annoy me though. I fly a lot for business and sitting next to a crying child for 10 hours is awful, my music doesn’t help against a screaming child.

gabriella on

It’s not the baby’s fault they cry, but yea a long plane flight and a crying baby can get on people’s nerves and give you a headache. I mean there’s no where to go but to hear the baby crying or a toddler yelling. It’s unavoidable though and when it’s our kids it doesn’t bother, but once you’re out of the baby stage many people when they get on planes hope not to have a crying baby on their flight lol.

I was once on a flight where a 4yr old child kept kicking my seat, now that was annoying and she was old enough to be told to behave. I finally had to turn around and tell the parents something, and she finally stopped. I like the idea of seating people with kids together, and the people that don’t have kids in another section.

I know personally if I’m getting on a plane with small children I would rather sit where other parents and crying babies and kids would be, that way were all in the same boat and nobody can feel uncomfortable. But if I’m flying alone, I rather sit with the grownups and not in the kids section.

minx on

I was on a 10hr flight once with a 6 month old baby and he slept about 30 minutes of it.. in the end he started to cry and I was too self-conscious (the plane was full and there was a man sitting next to me) to “put him on the boob” (he refused a bottle).. but then a lady behind me told me not to worry about it and guess what.. of course he fell asleep immediately. The funny part was when Jimmy Kimmel said “that [boob] would calm any man down”..🙂

iluvallbabies on

Elizabeth- they start at $17,000 (with special conditions of sale) and go up to $22,390 return.

I still think for that price you should get peace and quiet where possible (if this means taking your baby for a walk then so be it). As I said I would feel terrible for ANYONE who has to try and settle a screaming baby- but people who pay the big bucks should get the added luxury of not being interrupted. Generally speaking, these are usually business people that need to get directly off a plane and straight into meetings (thats why they pay 10 times the price of an economy ticket, and for that price they should get every luxury possible!!)

I think maybe they should start thinking about having a small mothers room where mums and dads wont feel as bad calming their bubbas- away from the bad looks !!

Dana on

Crying babies don’t bother me. I can understand why they bother other people, but unless they are my own, they don’t phase me.

I was a on a flight one time with my husband and two young kids. I have never (knock on wood) had screaming babies on a flight. A mother traveling by herself with her young child who was not enjoying the flight. Many of the fliers were getting very vocal in their crankiness. I eventually went back and asked her if she needed a break. I brought the little girl up and let her sit on my lap and play with my girls. She settled down quickly. Just like on the ground, sometimes a stressed out parent can only fuel the stressed out baby.

Kelsey on

I would rather have a crying baby over a barking dog on a plane any day!

I’m highly allergic to animal hair and last summer I got on a 5 hr plane ride that had crying babies AND barking dogs. The baby quieted down after awhile and the crying didn’t bother me – I felt bad for the mom, most of us have been there. The dog however barked the ENTIRE time and then the owner let it run around the aisle and the stewardesses were all completely fine with it! I got off the plane and my eyes were red and glossy which made me look like I had been stoned out of my mind..lovely first impression I’m sure!

Liz on

OMG, just because you are in first class, then there shouldn’t be a crying baby? What? Crying baby is reserved for economy class only?

iluvallbabies on

No Liz, but when you are paying literally thousands & thousands of dollars you don’t expect a crying/screaming baby next to you!! Sure it happens and sometimes you cant avoid it, but I think maybe you should try and calm the baby away from first class.

In economy you EXPECT to be in “amongst it”- families with small kids, up the back of the plane with a bit more engine noise, people lining up for bathrooms, trolleys, people looking out the back windows and stretching their legs. All I’m saying is that you wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb amongst business executives (90% of first class passengers) and you would be with families who may be a little more forgiving & understanding of your situation.

No offense but first class should equal luxury. Not screaming babies- or any high level of noise for that matter. Ideally there should be a room for stressed out babies and parents though.

I’m not meaning to sound rude- its purely my opinion on the matter🙂

Aliza on

I think what everyone is forgetting is that Naomi obviously paid for her own ticket. And most likely one for the baby and the nanny. and she should be able to sit in whatever section she bought the ticket for.

If we allow airlines to dictate what kinds of seats that families can purchase than what is next?

malibustacey on

Ever since I had my own babies, other people’s kids crying really doesn’t bother me. I’m just relieved that it’s not one of mine! Especially on a flight.

EVelyn-Miami on

With babies they are so unpredictable on flights. My story on a flight from Dubai to London my baby was 10 months and this lady sat next to me and when she saw the baby she whispered to the other one, “Oh Great this will be a very loooong flight.” and pointing to my baby with an attitude. Well it so happens that the flight was 9 hours and we left at 9pm, my baby slept the whole night. She woke up at at 2am I fed her and she went right back to sleep. In the meantime I had the lady next to me (the one who complained) elbowing me all night long and snoring up a storm. I couldn’t sleep. When we arrived she said to me, oh she was such a good baby! I didn’t hear her all night. So none the less she learned her lesson. I have to admit, I just got lucky she behaved! ….

cat on

Personally, I am not bothered by a screaming baby. In fact, if it goes on too long, I’m usually more concern for the poor baby than for me. Big deal, it’s a normal natural part of life having babies who scream and it’s not like most mothers can do anything to stop it…
On another note regarding all this business/first class talk and business passengers, you forgot to add something “iluvbabies”: the fact that businessmen/women RARELY if EVER pay for their own tickets! It’s on their company’s own dime, not theirs! So in fact, it’s more than likely that Naomi was actually the only one in first class who paid for it from her own pocket (and of course whoever else who was in first and not a business person). SO, technically, they are getting that “luxury” for free, so they should just zip it, put headphones on and let that be it!

Julie on

I’m a flight attendant and mother of a 7 month old girl, so I see it from both sides. Like Naomi, my daughter is getting to the age where she is a bit difficult on flights. I’ve flown with her about 7 times now, including a flight to Paris. Looking back, those first three months are easy…all they do is sleep! When it does get difficult, walking around the plane is the best thing. No one will think you are a terrorist and the baby becomes occupied by people-watching. I always feed and change her before takeoff…and if she still cries, I just make any attempt to soothe…toys, books. As a flight attendant, I can sit in first class but never do when I’m with my daughter, just as a courtesy to those who pay so much for their tickets. And yes, tickets can cost as much as $22,000 for a SYD-LAX flight. As long as you’re making the best attempt possible to help calm your child, you’re doing the best you possibly can…and that’s all anyone can ask for.

iluvallbabies on

Ok Cat, Ill change my scenario- How about if a couple that have saved for many years to sit in first class, and its their 50 year anniversary- and they get seated next to a screaming baby. Is that fair?!

As Julie has experience with being a mother AND flight attendant, she has probably put it best🙂

I think its just common courtesy to remove them from first class until they calm down, thats all.

Tanya on

iluvallbabies, I wonder if you haven’t flown very much. I’ve taken that Sydney to LAX flight many times and, well, it’s got human beings on it and, well, humans will be humans. One of the constant realities up in First is loud business people … gabbing very loudly on the phone, taking full advantage of the free alcohol, and making pathetic attempts to chat up the cabin staff. Oh, and how about those very loud, snoring holiday makers?

It’s good when parents stop their kids from running around the cabin and kicking the back of seats, but other than that no matter what we pay (and FYI, $22,000 per flight, even at peak seasons, is way off), it’s actually a good thing that we are brought back to reality through having to acknowledge the presence of humanity. If folk can’t deal with humanity, then shell out for a private jet and add even more to global warming.

iluvallbabies on

Tanya I am very well travelled- infact I just got back from Sydney- LA and Mexico in November! Why does this have to turn so personnal though? Its my opinion, not right or wrong- just what I THINK, no need for suggesting I havent travelled much and dont know what Im talking about! And I realise planes hold humans (hmmmmm thanks for the inside information).

I would put money on it, if you were seated in first class, paid full fare and got seated next to a screaming baby you wouldnt be happy. Its easy to come on a website and say otherwise, but in reality you would be cranky- even if it is unavoidable. At least Im honest about it!

And $$22,000 is NOT way off. Its currently listed on Australia’s major airline website (Qa*t*s) for $22,390 for full fare. I suggest you take a look before suggesting otherwise- Ive just logged on again and it still has that price listed, so Im not sure what you’re looking at? Even a flight attendant, who would be familiar with prices, has made a comment above and said that prices can go that high…

Lets just agree to disagree….I think babies should be taken for a walk out of first class when screaming, you think they should remain there crying. Simple🙂

iluvallbabies on

This is very random, but on my way from Sydney to LA in November, I even sat infront of Rickki Lake- who is absolutely stunning in real life (and hardly/if any makeup on at all!)

She is honestly SO TINY in real life, I was shocked!!

Carolyn on

I love the notion that people in first class should not be subjected to a screaming baby, but it’s ok for those in coach. It’s like steerage class used to be on ships..for the commoners! I am more annoyed by the 10 year old in front of me fake puking (it happened) or the irritating self-important business person that has to be on the phone right until take-off or right at landing. How bout the drunks? The ipod you can hear across the aisle? Or the time my friend was stuck in the middle section, 2 couples on either side of her that allowed their CAT to walk across her?

Jeez I think I just talked myself out of flying anytime soon!

Dabbi on

That story about the nanny is HILARIOUS!! I’m surprised more people haven’t commented on that part! So funny.

Jaxy on

I mostly travel coach because, hey, we’re all going to the same place anyways, and I’d like to use those extra hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars making memories once I get there. BUT, I have flown first-class a handful of times, and, let me tell you, I was CRUSHED to find out that annoying people exist everywhere, even sitting in classy first class. The crying baby, the overly-important sounding business man, the schmoozy yuppie, the spoiled brats–check, check, check, and check.

But I will say this: my god, how much more aggravating was it when they continued to be annoying and ruined my expensive, naively idealized first-class flight. What did I actually pay more for? Surely not those yummy Milano cookies and a rubbery steak? I think iluvallbabies was onto something. There’s something about sitting there with your slightly foamier headphones on, expecting luxury, quiet, and tranquility, only to have it shatter by that same crying baby you heard last time you flew coach, except crap, you just paid so much more to hear him. It irks. It irks EXTRA. Call me crazy.

Aaron on

Yes, it would be irritating to hear a screaming child in first class—or otherwise. However, I agree that Naomi should be able to sit in the seat she paid for…and I’m not into segregation at all. I think the real problem with flights is that EVERYONE is totally aggravated to begin with on them–they’re horribly crowded, and everyone is invading your personal space, so any kind of irritant becomes totally magnified.

That being said, anyone who goes on a flight and expects it to be relaxing or fun is just nuts. There will always be something that will be irritating. Also, someone said it’s “not fair” to spend that much for a ticket and hear crying children. Well, it’s also “not fair” that everyone doesn’t have 22,000 to drop on a first class ticket. It’s not fair that parents should be made to feel like second class citizens because they have a child who is upset. If you want a list on things that are unfair, we can start writing one now and finish in a thousand years. I mean, really! Get over it!

The reality is that every person on here has been a crying baby at some point. Every person here was a kid that threw a tantrum and someone else had to–gosh–witness it and put up with it. That’s life! People get too worked up over stuff like this. No matter how irritating it is for someone to sit next to a screaming kid, I guaran-freaking-tee you that it’s about 100 times harder for the parent to be traveling with the child, so have a little compassion!

The first time I traveled with my oldest could have been a nightmare were it not for the nice lady who sat next to me and offered to hold her. She was so mesmerized by the new face she just passed out. It was nothing short of a miracle! She was Naomi’s baby’s age, too, coincidentally. I’m so grateful to people that have a little empathy. Traveling with kids is difficult enough as it is!

emily on

To the people who were saying that Naomi paid for her own plane ticket, that would only be the case if she were traveling for pleasure. I’m not sure what the circumstances were, but if that Sydney to LA flight was to or from a movie set, then the movie company pays for it.
I don’t know much about air travel, but I do know about the movie business, and movie stars don’t pay for anything.

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