Téa Leoni and children out in Malibu

03/11/2008 at 06:40 AM ET

Actress Téa Leoni, 42, takes daughter Madelaine West, 8 ½, and son Kyd Miller, 5 ½, out shopping in Malibu, CA, on Monday. Dad is David Duchovny.


Photos by Flynet.

CrocsnavyKyd is wearing Croc Kids Cayman in Navy ($25).  He also has jibbitz accessories.

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mrstjs on

MMM….why do the paps have to take pics of the little girl in swimwear (with the little girl being the focus of the pic and not in the background? If I were Tea, I would be concerned.

dlock on

Are they still together?

Cute family!

Sarah’s note: Yes, married 11 years this May.

leslie on

I kept thinking, why would she be taking her to the store in her swimsuit??? Then I seen the ballet shoes🙂

lis on

The girl isn’t in swimwear – she’s in dancewear! (she’s also wearing tights and ballet slippers) They’re also in a parking lot – a very public place.

IMO, if Tea didn’t want the girl to be photographed in such an outfit they shouldn’t have been in a parking lot. From the looks of the pictures nobody seems concerned about what the girl is wearing, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Laura E. on

Actually, I think that’s a leotard–if you look closely, she’s wearing ballet shoes. So they probably picked West up from dance class.

fay on

i can tell it’s a ballet leotard, but no skirt, no cover up at all… i’m all for letting kids be kids… but i’m also all about teaching the babies a little modesty…

martina on

Fay, she is wearing tights. That’s cover up….

meghan on

umm – she’s EIGHT. she can go to dance class in her dance wear if she wants…

Sarita on

There is nothing wrong with the clothes West is wearing. She probably just came from danceclass. Let kids be kids before they have to think about being modest.

Mary on

um it’s a dance outfit. and she looks adorable. West is soo tall now.

Alexa on

I’m a dancer and as cute as those cover-up skirts are, not all teachers let you wear them in class (normally only until you’re 5 or 6). She probably goes to class once or twice a week if not more, without getting photographed and wasn’t worried. I also doubt she was in a store like that since ballet shoes are not designed to be worn outside the studio.

Sarah’s note: They were walking into a CVS. There are more photos from the set inside the store that we didn’t post.🙂

Heather on

I wouldn’t want to teach an 8-year old that her body is something that should be covered up (although in my opinion, a leotard and tights is sufficiently covered up).

Nicole C on

I love this family and the kids. But I have to speak my mind about this issue.

I’m a dance instructor, and I PLEAD with my parents not to let their children wear their ballet shoes on the street. The shoes have suede soles that get very dirty and slick. I cannot tell you how many girls slip and fall on the wooden floors when their shoes end up slick as glass from wearing them outside. It is bad practice, bad for the dancer and bad for the studio floors.

I also encourage all students to wear cover-ups to and from class. Simple shorts and a shirt will do. Especially at the age of 8, she is too old to wear her dance clothes on the street.

No one would wear a bathing suit out in this way (so many mistook her outfit for a swimsuit, you can tell why!), so please don’t let your kids wear their leotards and tight out this way. For one thing, you’ll spend lots of money on ruined tights!

Please, Moms, dress your children appropriately on the street and do not let them wear their dance shoes outside! From a dance teacher who knows!

J.m on

Wow the kids got big. But if that were my child I’d make her throw something over top! That’s just as bad as allowing your daughter in a bikini to run to the store! Too many sick individuals out there. But perhaps they needed to run into the store quickly and they just picked West up. There are exceptions and nobody is perfect but like I said if it were my child she’d be covered up.

crissy on

My child’s dance teacher teaches them that their dance attire especially shoes are special should be taken care of. She looks like she feels awkward to me. I agree she needs to be covered up at least with some shorts and maybe a tee.

pooky on

If they don’t have a problem with how she’s dressed, why should you?

Leigh on

Gosh, what a “who cares?” issue. This is someone else’s child, and they’re letting her be just that–a child. I’d be willing to bet her class director will cover chiding for anything that concerns them. In the meantime, life’s too short–especially these childhood years–to get in a tizzy over a fun outfit no more revealing than a sundress or a tanktop and shorts. Or for that matter, a bathing suit. Kudos to Tea and David for raising a happy, dancing little girl who’s willing and able to be a confident individual. Let her care about all the little things we go gray over when she’s all grown up.

Thanks so much CBB for posting this family – love them!

Liz on

It isn’t really up to us to decide what other kids should wear. But like a previous reader, she should not have walked around with her ballet shoes. She is ruining them.

Renee on

I agree Pooky and Leigh. I saw this photo and knew some people were going to complain about it. I have been on this site for awhile and it never fails, some people love complaining about every little detail. I think it’s insulting when people say ,”Well if it was my child…” I doubt many people do this in real life cause it would make you sound arrogant

Naughty Cal on

J.m.-about your concern about “sick individuals,” both West and Miller also take karate. I’ve seen pics of their parents picking them up from karate class-and it’s the same dojo that Pamela Anderson’s boys go to, and I think Presley Gerber went there at least at some point as well. Anyway, if she’s ever in that position, at least she would know how to defend herself.

Mary on

what is the big deal? I don’t see it. when she was 2 years old. Tea took her to central park and West just had on a diaper. It’s just like if she had on a Tutu!

dlock on

Thanks sarah, I thought so but wasn’t sure.

fay on

i just think little girls should be covered up… hell i think women could be a little more modest as well… i didn’t say how they should dress their child… i said what i thought… i don’t know if u people have good reading comprehension skills… there is a difference between stating an opinion, and PROJECTING that opinion on other people. madeline is not my daughter, i have no connection to her… and if she ever decides to walk around half naked like a britney spears or paris hilton, that too is not my problem… i dont even really care… however… i did say that it’s okay to teach girls women whomever a little bit of modesty… EYE don’t think there is anything wrong w/ a little skirt or shorts to cover her up a little… because while there’s not much of anything there now, why don’t we teach her now in anticipation of her post pubescent years… again, if u dont agree, that’s fine… u can dress ur daughter however u want… your daughters not my problem… i believe in modesty… and maybe u dont thats fine… okay… okay…

Laura on

Well, just for the bathing suit comment – in a lot of places close to beaches and pools, it’s quite common to go into a store like CVS, Walmart, etc, in only your swimsuit, with or without shorts/a shirt/a towel to cover yourself. Some places don’t even care if you’re wearing shoes when you walk in.

But that being said, I thought she was in a gymnast’s leotard the moment I saw her, but then I saw her ballet shoes. I think that if they were just going straight home from dance class and Tea remembered she had to pick up something then it’s totally fine that her daughter’s not wearing a shirt/shorts/a cover up dress/etc etc over her leotard – however, if they’re doing errands and going into a lot of stores, then I would definitely want my daughter to wear something over her dancewear.

trinh on

i would not be comfortable letting my 8 yr old daughter walk into a store in a ballet outfit like that. at least, i’d have her put on shorts. and if i knew she was being photographed for the world, i just couldn’t allow it.

mrstjs on

Ok…it was not a bathing suit.

My point is that the issue goes way beyond modesty concerns. There are alot of sickos out there who don’t need any more “encouragement” by seeing an 8 year old in nothing but tights and an leotard. It really isn’t appropriate or safe.

coco on

i agree. i was taken aback a bit when i saw her daughter wearing ballet clothes in public. my daughter who is now five has danced for the last 3 yrs and her classes are on saturdays. so typically after class we run errands. on most occasions i bring a change of clothes or tights for to wear because i know that there are weirdos who like to see little children in unnatural ways.her daughter is a bit old to be out wearing the leotard alone. also i paid a lot for her dancewear and it would ruin her shoes for her to walk on the ground with them.

PJW on

Forget the ballet wear controversy – anyone else wondering if Tea may be pregnant? I remember reading she wanted a lot of kids.

Suz on

With the apparel question aside, does it look like that Tea is possibly pregnant? Her pants are very low waisted and she has an a-line shirt with a hint of tummy. Which for me is an everyday look after 3 kids but in La-la land a completely different story.

Rachel on

I think it looks much better when parents slip on a coverup or bring along a pair of shorts, but such is life…
My question… is Tea pregnant?

Kelly on

I did gymnastics for years and frequently left the gym in just a leotard, especially at her age, and it was never a big deal. She’s completely covered, and I think it’s great that she is still comfortable walking around in a leotard and tights at the age of 8 rather than obsessing about her body like some kids I know.

Renee on

Okay people here is the fact, people who prey on children could care less what they are wearing.It sounds like some of you are implying that people who dare to let their children outside without covering every inch of their skin is irresponsible. Some of you even make it sound like Tea doesn’t know pedophiles exist.

Nicole C on

The modesty thing is optional and up to the parents, of course.

From a safety standpoint, however, PLEASE don’t let your kids wear their ballet shoes on the street. I’m sorry to beat this dead horse, but I have so many little ones in my classes who slip and fall because their suede ballet shoes are ruined from walking outside.

I so rarely get to share this information with parents, I’m using this platform to spread the word and prevent injuries!

Personally, I think teaching your kids that certain clothing for activities are special is a good thing. That’s why dancers wear special clothes and put their hair up. Lots of activities are this way (gymnastics, tae kwon do, soccer), and I think it makes the kids appreciate they are special and important, too.

But that’s just me, the ballet teacher!

Sheri on

I didn’t think twice about her little girl’s attire … just looks like a cute little girl coming from dance class to me. However, I agree with the other gals who think Tea may be pregnant? Not to be too personal, but her boobs look bigger than normal to me as she is usually so skinny. I’m happy for them — they seem to be a solid, committed couple. God bless them.

Lucy on

OK, I just have to get this off my chest.

Someone mentioned that West’s clothing “encourages the sickos”. Um, NO! If someone is hiding in some bushes for a glimpse of a pre-pubescent child, that’s on their conscience (not that they have one) and has NOTHING to do with what the child may or may not be wearing. They’ll do it irrespective of how many layers of clothing she’s wearing. Wearing more clothes doesn’t discourage them, nor does wearing less clothes encourage them. People are talking to simplistically about these offenders.

As for there being “weirdos who like to see little children in unnatural ways” – what exactly is unnatural about what she is wearing? She’s 8 years old. She has no hips, no breasts, NOTHING.

Kids should not be taught to cover themselves up because of some perceived sickos, all it does is perpetuate a culture of shame in girls.

Dee on

I personally think that all the fuss over her clothes is ridiculous. Childhood for kids these days seems to be over so quickly and it is partly because people make such a fuss over how it is “appropriate” for a child to dress, act, play etc. Why not let the kid enjoy herself. She doesn’t look awkward as a previous post says, she looks happy. And as for 8 being too old to wear a dance outfit outside, that is just plain silly! Does that mean visits to the beach or a public swimming pool are ruled out, because if she can’t be seen in public like this then a swimsuit must be out of the question. And while we’re at it playing house is out of the window, for a little girl to play the role of a grown woman must be “inappropriate”, no?

The sicko’s that people are worried about will exist regardless of what a child wears, I’m sure there were pedophiles back in the days when an ankle length outfit was considered a swimsuit so why not let children enjoy the freedom of childhood for a while.

aggie c on

She could have let her daughter have a little skirt over the whole ensemble. Probably came from a ballet class or going to one.I agree with the ballet teacher that walking with ballet pumps just ruins them and can cause accidents in classes later.The pumps are designed for certain floor surfaces and are different from other types of flats or pumps that are around. Paparazzi don’t care who they film. There are perverts out there but i guess her motherly instinct would be not to let her kids out of sight.Anyways they are a cute family!

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