Nicole Kidman out jogging in LA on Sunday

03/10/2008 at 03:23 AM ET

Actress Nicole Kidman, 40, goes jogging with hertrainer in Los Angeles, CA, on Sunday. Nicole and musician husband Keith Urban, also 40, expect their first child together in July. They know the sex, but are not sharing.


Photo by Flynet.

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sleekraven on

I admire her quite a lot, she really is just taking things in her stride. Keeping fit and healthy, hopefully, this is a trend that is picked up by more pregnant women, of course, after consulting with their care givers. Goodluck to her and her hubby. I don’t think she is going to have heavy duty labour or be sweating off any excess weight after birth.

sleekraven on

Just to add, it doesn’t look like she is running but jogging.

justine on

I am an Aussie that loves Nicole but what is she doing running. I know she’s rich and has great medical advice but I was 30, had just had 2 miscarriages and nearly lost my 3rd pregnancy at 12 weeks. I was jogging, had a massive bleed and nearly lost the baby. My doc only said after it happened “well you should not be running OR doing any other intensive exercise due to your history”

minx on

She’s constantly running or spinning.. I’m surprised, considering her age, history of miscarriages, difficulty conceiving etc. Exercising and keeping fit is important but yoga, walking, swimming and pilates would probably be safer now. I remember that Naomi Watts stayed fit by doing yoga and pilates and she looked great after birth.

Marta on

OMG… maybe her doctor said that it is ok for her to do some exercise . I am sure that she won’t do anything which could be bad for her baby!

cecil on

nicole had her share of grief with pregnancy that i’m sure she knows what she’s doing. her bump isn’t that big and it’s important to be active while she can.

amy on

I read a few years ago that she eats only 1000 calories a day to keep her figure….I don’t know how she does it! I’m sure after all her problems she is under the guidance and direction of a doctor AND trainer and doesn’t need us to tell her not to exercise.

Me on

I wish everybody would leave her alone about her exercising! If I remeber correctly, she’s said that she’s only had one miscarriage, right? Either way, nobody knows why that miscarriage happened. It could have been a bad egg.. my aunt miscarried because the egg itself was bad and it collapsed in on itself. Her miscarriage had nothing to do with exercising. She’s 7 months pregnant and still runs every day – and this is her second child.. she ran every day with her first, and he’s happy, healthy, and incredibly smart. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re an invalid! Running isn’t going to knock that baby loose and make it fall out of her.

Being in my 7th month myself, I get so sick of people treating me like I’m a fragile piece of glass or something. I will get out there and work with the best of them, but I know my limits. Just like I’m sure Nicole knows her limits and what is/isn’t safe for her and the baby. She’s been jogging throughout her entire pregnancy so far and last I checked, that baby is still inside her! Gosh, I wish people would give her a break about exercising.. I have never met an OBGYN who didn’t recommend exercise during a healthy pregnancy! Healthy mama’s make for healthy babies!

gabriella on

I agree with justine and Minx. There is nothing wrong with working out and staying fit while pregnant and when your not pregnant, this is spoken from me a health nut and a personal trainer. That being said if I was 40ys and had a history of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, I would not chance it. I have a friend that had 3 miscarriages and was much younger than nicole, and with her 4th pregnancy she didn’t workout, took it easy, etc and the doctor said with her history that was a good idea. She even said I know a lot of ladies work out while pregnant, but since her pregancies were a lot more complicated than other ladies, she didn’t wanna push her luck and she had a healthy baby. Nicole is small as it is, a few months of not running or working out, isn’t gonna make her become fat lol. And she has the rest of her life to work out everyday, and stick to her 1000 calorie diet lol.

Sarita on

Everyone is also acting as if she has been having many miscarriages for years. As far as we know she only had one.
Also, miscarriages are not caused by excercising. Good for her for staying fit and healthy during pregnancy, I know I couldn’t do it!

Ivey on


Would CBB mind making sure the next photo we see of Nicole, that she be on her couch watching TV and eating a cheese burger!!!

Then we can have some original new comments on Nicole’s pregnancy!!🙂

Megan on

I know she is tall and wearing black- but she is so small! I KNOW size does not mean anything. I didn’t pop until 7 months… just an observation..I also worked out till 8 months but not running, too uncomfortable.

Nikka on

I recall a while back there was a competitive athlete, 10k runner or something, i forgot her name but she was from sweden or norway, and she was running until 8th month. I think that when she was at her 7th she won the European gold medal or something. And she was just fine.

Nata on

Where’s the bump? She should be approaching 5 months now..somethings fishy!

Jessica on

Just this past month in Fitness magazine, some marathoner said she ran 5 miles the day before her daughter was born, and went back running 2 weeks after she was born! She wore a support belt and was very careful.

As long as your doctor says it is okay, I think it is better for everyone involved to keep on exercising.

Mel on

The photo shows her taking what looks like a routine casual jog. She’s not preparing to run the Boston marathon and she doesn’t seem to be sprinting from some unseen evil force. I have a feeling she and her baby will survive her trainer’s and doctor’s orders. 😉

Man, I wish people cared about other strangers the way they care about celebs.

CelebBabyLover on

Me and Sarita- ITA! Nicole has indeed stated that she’s only had ONE miscarriage. Not long ago, she confirmed that the other miscarriage she was rumored to have had was actually an ectopic pregnancy.

Like Me pointed out, we have absolutely NO idea what caused Nicole’s miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. For all we know, it could have even been a defect in one of Tom’s “boys” that caused the miscarriage.

Anyway, although very strenuous exercise might potentially cause a miscarriage, I don’t see how jogging or even running could (and for the record, we don’t know any of the details of Nicole’s spinning class. Perhaps it is a modified, gentler version for pregnant women).

I also want to point out that Nicole is at least 5 months along by now. Therefore, she’s pretty much past the danger point for having a miscarriage. At this point, the danger would be her going into pre-term labor, and again, I don’t see how jogging or running would cause that.

karen on


karen on

oops – did not realize that this was last week on the 9th, not just yesterday and she was in California last week for Keiths concerts. sorry

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