Jamie Lynn Spears attending baseball game on Sunday

03/10/2008 at 12:22 PM ET

Actress Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, attended a town baseball game in Louisiana on Sunday. She and boyfriend Casey Aldridge, 19, expect their first child in early-to-mid summer.


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Jennifer on

I’m happy for her, she isn’t out doing crazy things or anything of that matter.

Lissette on

Finally a picture of the belly! I still cant believe she’s pregnant! I wonder if she knows the gender.

Alicia on

Reports are saying she found out it’s a boy. I’m feeling boy too.

Sarah’s note: That’s just the Petit Tresor report saying she shopped at the store for boy items (when in fast she hasn’t left Louisiana) so I’d take it with a grain of salt. Of course they have a 50% chance of being right though!

Victoria on

aww starting to show!

Olivia on

Shes so pretty. I like how she is in Louisiana and how she is just acting like a normal girl. As an 18 yr old girl i know some girls who have had babies and they are turning in to great mommies. 2 girls in my grade have babies and another girl at my work has a little boy. I dont know why so many people freaked out when she got preg.

Nikka on

The due day doesn’t seem to be right though. If she announced that she’s 3 months pregnant in middle of december, that would make a due day on sometimes end of may/start of june (that’s spring) Mid summer would make her pregnancy 10-11 months long.

Sarah’s note: Assuming she was actually 12 weeks when she announced, as she said, she’ll be 40 weeks last week of June/first week of July. June=early summer July=mid summer August=late summer for CBB reference.🙂

kate on

Wow she looks great…really pretty..
I’ve been reading shes due early june which would mean she is 6 months gone…she looks very small to me…
im due in may and am huge already…..but hey i guess everybody is different..

Brandy Talbott on

I am so proud of her. Everyone makes mistakes, and she is facing this so responsibly. She didn’t take the “easy way out”. Congrats…the baby is going to be beautiful!

MH on

this is to Olivia:

people freaked out because Jamie Lynn Spears was a role model on her show. there are alot of kids watching that show who are either teenagers themselves or on the verge of teenhood. do YOU have children watching that show? would YOU want to expose that kind of news to your kids?

Roise on

I’ve seen Jamie Lynn wearing glasses in several pics. Are these prescription, or just for looks? I remember it was a fad in Hollywood a couple years back to wear glasses even if they weren’t needed.

CA on

A co-worker of mine is due the last few days in July and with a loose shirt and sweater on, only looks a tiny bit bigger then she looks here. Everyone carries differently, she may “pop” a belly next week or next month, it just depends.

Rachel on

I think she looks so cute. I can’t wait for the day people stop talking about how old or young she is. She is going to be a mother case closed and probably a good one at that. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she did take the “easy way out” which isn’t as easy as it sounds. She is only going to face more ridicule once the baby gets here.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized her name is a combination of both her parents names Jamie her father and Lynn her mother.

Olivia on

to MH:

I suppose I would not want to expose my children to that if i had children. I would tell them the truth but I would tell them that is is her choice to keep the baby and that they should not follow in her path. At least she s keeping the baby and did not deny her pregnancy. But I guess I can’t say anything because I don’t have children.

gabriella on

I forget she is only 16, she looks older face wise. She is having a boy in my opinion.

Nata on

I’m getting Juno vibes from the first pic above. She should stay in Louisiana, seems like a good place for her to be.

Mommy_2 on

I was married at 16, had my first baby at 17 and although it was very hard at times, and everyone is going to give you their opinion whether you want it or not, it can be done!!! I am now 23, still very happily married, my daughter is almost 6 and we are expecting our 2nd baby.

If she is willing to work hard on both being a mom and her relationship she has nothing to worry about. I often wonder if people don’t remember she is Britneys sister, NOT BRITNEY!!! I think she looks fantastic! And the fact that she left the whole “Hollywood” scene and is focusing on herself and her baby says a lot!

WCC on

I think its great, that she just wants to live a “normal” life despite everything that is going on in her life right now. As far as her being a rolemodel. I PERSONALLY (in my opinion) believe that the only role model any children should have are their parents, or like Police officers, or people who do good things. She’s just an actress, I dont think anyone is hollywood should be considered role models…lol
But I think people freaked out more, because she’s famous and her sister is Britney spears..there was another actress who also became pregnant at the age of 17. keisha castle-hughes from The Nativity Story and Whale Rider.

asm1976 on

She’s tiny. Doesn’t really look pregnant at all.

Danielle on

I really don’t find it appropriate to celebrate or post pictures of a pregnant 16-year-old child.

Sarah’s note: That’s fine and we respect your opinion. We actually took a reader poll about 3 weeks ago on the topic — 11,600 readers answered. 64% asked that we post about Jamie as we would any other pregnant celeb, so we’re going with the majority rule. 19% asked that we don’t post about her. 17% had no opinion. Hopefully the 19% finds it easy enough to scroll past if they’re not interested.


Definitely getting a baby belly on her now, she looks lovely🙂

heather on

Regarding the comment that it is not appropriate for CBB to post things about a 16 year old being pregnant, I personally applaud the fact that you do. As the name CBB implies this site is about celebrities and their babies. I don’t feel it would be appropriate to discriminate based upon a star’s age. I also think that plenty of people who read this site, such as Mommy_2, were young parents and would find it offensive if CBB did discriminate. I respect the fact that CBB took a poll to see how their readers felt but I’m glad that the majority of us are supportive of this story rather than picking and choosing who feel is “appropriate” for this site. I also agree that a celebrity should not be a role model just for being famous, but it does happen. That being said the people who are reading this site probably are not the young kids who are watching Zoey 101. It’s not ideal that’s she’s pregnant at 16 of course, but Jamie Lynn is being responsible for her choices and I think it’s good that some light is being shined on something positive when there’s so much negative going on out there. I think she looks great and best of luck to her, it is not easy but it can be done.

And to Mommy_2, I married my husband at 20 and we are happily celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary next month and have two beautiful children. I’m sure you get looks a lot too b/c you are married young and people just assume that it can’t work. But as you said with hard work it can, all relationships take work. I personally love being a young wife and Mom and have a much healthier marriage than some older folks. And my grandparents got married when my Grandma was 16 and they just celebrated their 50 year wedding anniversary last month =) So yep, it can be done!! Congrats on baby number 2!!

AutumN on

Aw she looks like a preppy version of Juno! lol!

Ah it just goes to show that any teenage girl is susceptible to teen pregnancy, even preppy celebs like Jamie Lynn Spears.

Anyway, I’m glad that JLS actually got her GED at least and is supposedly considering enrolling in classes at U. of Louisiana. I think that’s more than her sister’s done.

(Did Britney ever get her GED at least? I know what should have been her Senior year of HS, 1999-2000, was right when she was becoming famous, but I’m just wondering if she even ever got that at least?)

j on

I like the fact that you are showing pictures of Jamie Lynn. She’s acting really mature for a 16 year old and is dealing with the consequences of her actions. But, is it really necessary to have a poll about which Jonas brother do you think will lose their virginity first? One of the brothers is only 15!

Sarah’s note: What poll? That has nothing to do with us. That must be another ad that shouldn’t be there. I’ll ask Danielle to take care of it.

brannon on

I agree that posting these pictures is necessary – it should be celebrated! Jamie Lynn MADE a mistake, she’s not having one! Her child is coming whether or not anyone likes it so we might as well embrace her and allow her the joy of motherhood that comes too all new mommies. She looks healthy and is certainly doing the best thing of all – staying out of Hollywood!

jaja on

Some of these comments are extremely offensive. The ‘easy way out’? When someone, no matter who they are, becomes pregnant, they have the right to deal with it however they choose. An abortion is just a valid and often just as responsible a choice for an individual as adoption or raising a child yourself. It seems like people would rather judge than move on – abortion is a cop-out, adoption will lead to eternal “great (but how could she give her baby away?)”, and keeping it will mean people saying “she’s too young and irresponsible, look at her sister, etc.”. Maybe if there were less judgement from others after the fact, young women wouldn’t be so ashamed to get help when they are facing a crisis.

Phil on

I too am glad to know CBB is willing to post news/photos about all celebrities with/expecting babies without discrimination. I’d like to go on record of saying that I don’t think having a baby as a teen is advisable, or an easy thing to do, but I respect her for making the decision that works best for HER. She looks great, happy even. I just wish her and her family the best and hope she makes the best decisions for her and her child.

halifaxhoney on

I think it’s great that CBB is posting pictures of Jamie-Lynn. When Keisha Castle-Hughes was pregnant I don’t think there were as many negative comments. Another poster said it well, she is not Britney.

As far as Jamie-Lynn being a role model. She is just one on a larger scale. There are plenty of teen girls that are someone’s role model that has had a teen pregnancy. There are plenty of teen mothers in the world that are doing an excellent job. I happen to know quite a few and my own mother was one of them.

AutumnN: I’m pretty sure that Britney has her GED as well. I could be wrong but I think I read something about it a few years ago.

Sandi on

I thought I’d add, for those questioning others about having kids and the whole role model thing… My daughter is 14. She’s watched Zoey 101, and knows about Jamie Lynn. I’m *GLAD* that she knows, teenage pregnancy happens, even to celebs. Kids need to know that there are consequences to actions. I wish only the best for Jamie Lynn, and hope that she doesn’t have the same mental health challenges that her sister does.

Tara on

Gorgeous girl. If people don’t want to view pictures of Jamie Lynn pregnant then don’t look.
I would find it disgusting not to post pictures of her because she is 16. Ageism IS a form of discrimination regardless of society’s view of what they personally think is appropriate behaviour or not.

Rachel on

Jaja that is exactly what I wanted to say but was afraid I would start a debate but I’m glad you said it. WCC I agree with you too. A child’s #1 role model should be their parents but unfortunately these days it seems like the tv is raising the kids anyway so maybe that is why parents are so scared.

Anne on

To all of the people making comments such us “would YOU want your child watching a pregnant 16 year old on tv??”, I think that is absolutely absurd. My daughter is only two, but celebrities and television and surely not she learns her morals and values from. I would never rely on such things to teach her what is right and wrong or allow the messages they send to be the only ones they receive. If you think a pregnant teenager is the worst thing our children are exposed to on tv and in magazines, then I think you need to take a second look. We cannot, no matter how diligently we try, shield our children from seeing and hearing about everything we deem “wrong”. It is almost a detriment to them to do so – how can we teach them without examples? Were my daughter older, I would use Jamie Lynn’s situation to teach my daughter about a few things. Obviously I would not encourage her to follow in her footsteps or tell her teen pregnancy is easy, but I would teach her that people make “mistakes” (for lack of a better word) and that it is not our job to judge. I became pregnant with my daughter at age 20, but I look somewhat younger, and I can tell you from experience the negativity and downright rudeness I experienced from people. I had people literally ask me, with disgusted looks, “how old ARE you??”. The amount of stress Jamie Lynn was/is under and the scrutiny she will receive from everyone around her is an incredibly tough thing for any young expectant mother, I cannot imagine what it feels like compounded by the entire country watching you & putting in their 2 cents. Everyone please, put your personal judgements aside and send positive thoughts to Jamie Lynn and her family! She is going to need it.

Meandmyview on

I’m glad CBB has posted this because yes, Jamie-Lynn is 16 but that doesn’t mean she is going to be a bad mother. It’s not necessarily a situation that some mothers would want their teenage daughter to be in but the fact of the matter is that shes in it, end of story. This isn’t the 1960’s, and she’s handling it in a mature way so why can’t people just leave her alone?

As for the role model thing I’d rather her be a teen mum than a drug addict or falling out of a nightclub drunk with no knickers on!
That would be something I would NOT want my children to look up to! But Jamie Lynn would be because she is handling this whole thing with a level of maturity that surpasses most 16 year olds that I know!

So best of luck to her!

Kat on

we shouldn’t discriminate her out because she’s only 16. She looks like she’s showing and gaining nicely, and like she’s healthy and taking care of herself, which is so important.

I would be more worried to see no pictures, or pictures of her looking depressed, strung out, not putting on the proper weight.

Instead, by showing these pics, we are seeing that she’s doing really well during her pregnancy, which is a good thing.

Sammy-xx on

If I’m right Jamie Lynn is 17 at the beginning of April so she wont exactly be a 16 year old mother.
Im not glorifying teen pregnancy but what makes a woman in her 20’s,30’s and 40’s a better mother than a girl in her teens.
Im 15 years old and i dont look at Jamie Lynn and think ooh i could get pregnant and everything would be ok cause it wont but i look at her think that shes strong and she is doing the right thing from wrong things

last post on

Britney used to be a great mom when her first kid was small. Yet no matter what she did she still got scrutinized. Even before the driving incident, people were after her with negativity. Ha I remember a time when seatbelts didn’t exist, and kids sat on their parents lap while the parents smoked! Yet everyone survived! I think the eldest Spears has gone over the edge but until or near the birth of the 2nd one, she was always with her son and seemed genuinely concerned and loving. I remember seeing when she almost dropped her baby when the press hounded her and people were so quick to call her a bad mother for it, oblivious to the fact that A) people trip and B) holding a baby while being hounded by the press is no easy task….but whatever.
I hope this Spears will be better treated, but time is still young and I wouldn’t be surprised if I come back to this site in a few months and read about her in a less then positive way.
As for the >knicker> comment that somebody made, not wearing them doesn’t make us woman a bad person, Marilyn Monroe didn’t wear them and many people don’t and if the wind catches your skirt, then thats the way it is. The European and American mentality about pregnancy, nudity and childbirth are so different, from what I gather from this site anyway.

Erika on

I’m glad you’re posting about Jaime Lynn Spears. I am a 30 year old mom to an 18 month old daughter, and even though Jaime Lynn is young, she and her baby still deserve to be celebrated. I am proud of her for the way she’s handled herself since the announcement, and the baby should be celebrated just as any new life is celebrated! Babies are special no matter what.

LB3 on

I am glad that JL is in a place and financially secure to give her child a good home. Not all girls can do that. I am not against abortion (say what you will, and no I have never had one)..I think in SOME situations it is an answer. Not an answer for me, but for some it is. I am happy for her and I think she will do fabulously. As far as Britney…at least she was married and her kids have the same Daddy. Not all celebs can say that.

Shmoo on

Stress reactions inhibit bonding and the development of parenting skills. It is an absolute fact that I can substantiate. As a nurse and former doula and mothering mentor for teenage and at risk moms, please please please, reach out to young moms, be part of their safety net. Smile at the baby, chit chat at the park, praise them for good mothering habits. The more they are excluded from the mainstream, the higher risk their babies are at for lack of medical attention, inadequate nutrition, and in extreme cases, abandonment and abuse. What if when you faced a breastfeeding obstacle, you couldn’t ask anyone for help, because everyone continued to punish you? So you give up breastfeeding, but you can’t afford formula. What if your baby cries for hours on end, and you need support, but you can’t ask because people would say, see? the teen mom can’t cope. Maybe the despair leads to abandonment or neglect. Every baby deserves to be greeted with joy, love, and care. It is the most basic birthright. It hurts my heart to see the years of punishment we hand out to young moms, and by direct extension, their children. I see bus drivers refuse to kneel the bus for strollers, strangers make hurtful remarks in grocery lines. I’ve seen nurses give substandard labour and delivery care. How does this reflect on our society? It demonstrates that we believe collectively, that the well being of an innocent baby is of less importance than moral vengeance. So what are we suggesting?

sami on

i’ve read 90% of the comments some i just looked over and i would like to give my opinion. Yes, Shes 16 but who are we to judge her for that. it happens to teen girls all around the world everyday and we sit and judge them all and im saying this having the experience myself. i was 16 and didn’t know what to do or who to tell or talk to, eventually it terminated itself because as my doctor put it, my body just want not ready to support another being, but the only person i could bring myself to tell was my boyfriends mom and thank you to her for not judging me. i feel for her shes probably just as confused as i was. but i also respect her shes moved away from most of the drama shes gotten her GED and shes trying to bring this child into a respectable world. she may not be the best example for children but they eventually need to learn that mistakes happen (most of the children watching her show have learned about the reproductive system in school) yes we’re trying to teach them that you should wait till you’re married, in Love or with a loving long term partner but in todays world you rarely see that any where and lets face fact i doubt that that fact is going to change. so stop judging the poor girl and start realizing that this gives you an example to show your daughter what that mistake can do and then start to explain to her that jamie lynn is doing the responsible thing in her situation (being a celebrity) weather thats what you would like your daughter to do or not. so on that note for all of you that think shes ruining her life, she may very well be, but THAT IS HER DECISION TO MAKE!

citymom on

hey last post – you’re wrong on the seatbelts. Not everyone survived not having seatbelts. This kind of logic makes no sense. Because you survived no seatbelts, they must not be a big deal?

Laura on

Ok I’m in my 6th month at 25 weeks and I’m due June 25th. I still haven’t gained any weight but I’m way more obviously pregnant than she looks. I’m wondering if she’s scared of gaining much like her sister did and isn’t eating enough. She looks like 4-5 mos preg. tops. Any chance she announced it before 12 weeks?

If she’s truly due around the same time as I am, she must have been BONE THIN to only show this much.

Judyb on

The reason why people freak out over a teenage pregnancy is because it changes the mother’s life forever. You don’t have to be a certain age to be a “good mommy. I have two teenage daughters and a young adult (20 year old daughter.) My goal for them is to get the education and skills to be able to take care of themselves. Yes, they could still do this with a baby, but it would be much more difficult. I would not want my girls to miss out on normal teenage stuff nor would I want them to have to struggle to go to college and take care of a baby. I tell my girls that having a baby is a huge responsibility and they had better be ready to accept the responsibility when they bring a child into this world. Jamie Lynn does not have to worry about financially taking care of a baby. That is not the case for many teen mothers.

Also, preteens and young teens already know a lot about sex. Posting it on a board or having it on the news is not going to reveal anything new to them. It is better to talk to young teens and preteens about the life changes that will come about with a teen age pregnancy then to hide it from them and pretend it does not exist.

I am not trying to be argumentative. It seems like many people are at opposite sides of the spectrum . Either people think it is Ok for a teenager to have a baby or they think the answer is to shield teenage girls from this problem. Raising teenage girls is extremely difficult.

j on

Thanks for looking into the polls on the side of the page. They don’t seem like they belong here. Today’s poll is “When you die how would you like your family to take care of your body?” Kind of depressing for a site that deals with the beginning of life.

kemp on

i think she’s very pretty and she seems to be acting responsible now, but it was not responsible that she got pregnant at 16. i also think it’s inappropriate for her to be featured on this site. it just shows other girls that teen pregnancy is glamorous. it’s not. i also find it odd that she’s wearing a “homecoming” shirt in that 1 pic. if that doesn’t illustrate how young this girl is, nothing will! i wish her good luck. she’s going to need it!

Mind your business on


When you get to be 24 and older, or even in your 20s, you will realize how young they became parents (your 2 classmates that had a baby at 18 and your co-worker).

I wonder why people just cannot wait. I wanted a baby as a teen as well and if it was ideal for me financially, I would’ve done it. Most teens are just lonely and impatient. It’s never good to be a teen mom.

Sadie on

“I remember a time when seatbelts didn’t exist, and kids sat on their parents lap while the parents smoked! Yet everyone survived!”

Actually, everyone didn’t survive, and that is precisely why seatbelts and seatbelt laws were invented.

grace on

i think she looks great. every woman carries differently. i didn’t show til i was around 7 months and i had a perfectly healthy 7 lb baby girl when everyone was so sure i was starving myself and she would be about 4 lbs. my doctor told me there is no need to gain more than 30 lbs during pregnancy. when you break down the weight of the baby, fluid, placenta, extra blood volume and the fat your body stores for breastfeeding it isn’t necessary to gain 60+ lbs like i see so many women doing these days. she looks perfectly healthy to me.

Helen on

Somehow she just looks normal in these pictures. No celebrity. Just a normal pregnant teenager. Well, as normal as she can get. You know, with the paparazzi following her everywhere and all. But wait, what is she even doing at a baseball game. ??? I’m a bit confused right now. Well, I doubt she’ll be staying in Louisiana longer. In fact, she’s nominated for FAVORITE TV ACTRESS on Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. So my guess is that she’ll actually have to attend the event. I wonder what she will wear to cover up her belly. Seems that’s all she’s been concerned with. Hiding the bump. Let’s hope she shows up. JACK BLACK is hosting again, let’s just hope he doesn’t touch this subject. It’s a kids show, and a bit too soon to try and explain to the kiddies what’s going on. I’m currently working with Nick in getting the word out to the fans and anyone interested. The awards will be airing on MARCH 29th @ 8PM. But you can always go to http://www.nick.com/shows/specials/kca to VOTE for your favorite nominee, download FREE stuff like this really cool widget they have (click it repeatedly and see what happens), you can even play around with this cool Video Mixer. Check it out. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!

(Miley Cyrus is my choice)

jredd on

Umm , by the way jaja, abortion isnt a responsible choice its your way of saying that killing is a god way to deal with the population increase, which is not right,despite what your argument may be justifing it , the solid fact is that it is wrong.Anyway i am proud of her for having this baby , it shows how RESPONSIBLE she is.

Kayleigh on

ow my gosh jamie lynn spears plays zoey 101 can you belave that she is pregnant i cant can you ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho my flipping gosh thanx by.

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