Halle Berry out shopping at Bristol Farms

03/10/2008 at 10:06 PM ET

Halle Berry was spotted leaving the Bristol Farms supermarket with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 32, in Beverly Hills, CA on Monday. The 41-year-old actress expects her first child this month; they are keeping the sex a delivery surprise.


Photos by JFX.

Click below for a side view.


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Kayla on

I know she’s probably feeling huge, but she looks amazing! Her face isn’t fat, her arms aren’t fat, her butt even looks small. Pregnant women all over are probably hating her for looking so fabulous right now.

Danyell on

Looks like any day now!
Can anyone tell if she’s wearing pants or a long skirt??

heather on

Okay so weird! I don’t follow Halley Berry but randomly tonight I had the thought that I hadn’t seen any pics of her on any sites lately. So I wondered if maybe she had her baby and no one knew about it yet… yeah I know HIGHLY unlikely, lol. But anyway then I came on here and the first article and pic is her. Just made me laugh =) Maybe I’m easily amused or it could be the fact that I have been snowed in for four days with a 6 month old and 5 year old on my own as my husband was out plowing snow and I’m now a little loony haha.

Anyway, Halle looks great. Kayla you are right, skinny arms, skinny face…etc.. she looks beautiful!



gabriella on

She looks beautiful, her skin is flawless, skinny arms, butt isn’t big, she is all belly. One of the prettiest pregnant ladies, I’m calling boy for her. They’re such a hot couple, can’t wait to see their baby and hear the name, that kid will be beautiful I bet. I’m glad the short curly hair was just a wig, I like her hair like this.

Janna on

Wow. Now we’re even critiquing how skinny pregnant women are? Her skinny arms and skinny face are what make her beautiful? Because heaven forbid a pregnant woman should get….. fat. Women are the worst critics. And yes, I understand everyone was saying she looks beautiful, but it’s so incredibly hurtful to hear that she’s beautiful because she’s skinny (except for her belly). So Melissa Joan Hart is what? Just a big whale, because she gained weight all over with her pregnancy? What has happened to this country that the FIRST thing we notice about every single woman is her weight? Does no one else realize how crazy that is?

I’m sure CBB won’t allow the comments above, so I’ll just instead say:

Halle Berry does look beautiful. She looks tired, too. I think her shirt is terrific. Love the breezy pants. Her belly looks positively gorgeous. She’s looking absolutely maternal.

Kimberley on

I totally agree with you Janna, am so glad you said it!

Yes, Halle looks beautiful pregnant – but she is also blessed with good genes. Some of us aren’t that lucky and some of us put on quite a lot of weight during pregnancy. Everyone is different – but all pregnant women are beautiful no matter what.

Lauren on

^^WOW. I think the amount of people here who get offended by opposing opinions is ridiculous enough. Getting offended by compliments takes the cake.

Apparently I’m not allowed to say how great Halle looks, so instead I’ll say that I am SO GLAD she went back to her old hair. Makes her look so much youthful.

nosoupforyou on

That baby will be beautiful!

Kelly on

i agree with janna why is that the first thing everyone talks about? i think she looks good but so does melissa joan hart so do all pregnant women all pregnancys are different some women like halle don’t gain weight and some people like melissa do big deal

gabriella on

So now even when people say women look beautiful, it becomes a fight lol. Not every pregnant woman is pretty, because in general not all people are beautiful. Halle is a beautiful woman, and pregnancy agrees with her. And woman can gain a lot of weight and still be beautiful, salma hayek comes to mind while she was pregnant. These are woman that are just beautiful in general, so yea theyre gonna get a lot of compliments. By the way halle looks much younger than 41, she has a very young look to her.

Mel on

There is photos of her on another site and that is most definitely a skirt.

I think she looks lovely and pregnancy definitely agrees with her. I think rather than being offended by the compliments that people are making we should remember that every woman carries her pregnancy differently and rejoice in the wonder that is our bodies.

Nicole on

I think Halle looks fabulous, but I also think Melissa Joan hart looks adorable pregnant too, every pregnant woman is different, and beautiful in her own way.

Kayla on

I didn’t mean any offense to anyone by complimenting her for looking so amazing this far along in her pregnancy. I agree; our society is far too obsessed with the skinny=beautiful ideal and I fed into it without even realizing it. Just goes to show I’m a product of our society, huh? This is especially sad because I would have been incredibly angry if anyone had said she DID look fat, or if I read that anyone said that any other woman is fat. I forget that it should go both ways and that women shouldn’t be complimented purely for being skinny. Glorifying it is part of the problem. Anyway…

I didn’t realize until I re-read comments that her hair was back to straight. Was the curly hair just a wig or was it so kinky that it made it super short? Or are these extensions? ha…so many options for such an insignificant thing.

sil on

well said Gabriella!
I think every pregnant woman is special, but non necessary looks beautiful.
When I was pregnant i gained 23 kg (i don’t know in pounds, i’m sorry) and believe me at the end I was not pretty at all! lol but it was ok for me, I think i’m a good looking woman, but i did look like a whale at the end, and it would have been very strange if someone said to me that i was pretty at the end of my pregnancy….because it wasn’t true at all! maybe i looked sweet…cute….but not pretty at all.
Anyway, I think when people say that Halle looks beautiful is not just because she’s skinny, is because she is a beautiful woman, and her pregnancy has made her even more beautiful….imo.
Besides, everybody has and opinion, and if we express ourselves with respect i don’t think is offensive to say, for example, that for me Salma Hayek was not pretty during her pregnancy, and is just because I don’t find her pretty at all, pregnancy or not, but is just my opinion, not everybody can feel the same way.

Sarita on

Halle looks good but Gabriel looks HOT!😉

Hope the baby comes soon for her, must be getting uncomfortable.

Laura on


ALL women are beautiful! Pregnant or otherwise!

Anna on

I think I can help solve the mystery of Halles pants: they are indeed pants. Some of the fashion magazines claim they’re originally from Morocco but are worn all over Arabia/arabic countries. They ride very very low and are supposed to be the latest trend in fashion. Personally I dunno… but they kinda look good on Halle. As of course ANY outfit does…

Karen on

Please tell me where she got those awesome pants/skirt! I’m currently pregnant with twins, and I’d love to get out of my husband’s sweats.

gigi on

she is such an emotional person…i cant wait to read about her holding that little darling baby for the first time. i am so happy for her. shes lovely.

Karen on

She has that “It’s been fun but I am ready for this baby to come out” look on her face. LOL I remember those days……

Max's Mom on

I too was wondering if she had given birth because we had not seen any recent pictures of her. I remember how I felt at the end of my pregnancy so I can sympathize with her. The extra weight gets to you.

And, only because I like to guess…I would say a boy for the happy couple🙂

Debbi on

She looks great. Love the shirt. I think the baby will be here soon. She does looks pretty tired! It truly is so hard at the end of a pregnancy. That home stretch….

chatty cricket on

Max’s Mom- was thinking the same thing about not seeing any recent shots of Halle.

Those pants remind me of MC Hammer pants- remember those?! 😉

Meg on

She and Matthew Mcconaughey’s girlfriend remind me of each other everytime I see them.

Caroline on

She’s not that big … On my due date I looked like I’d swallowed a watermelon🙂 Too bad we can’t include a pic with our comment … I still can’t believe how big I was 11 weeks ago. WOW. Gabriel looks as “SPICY” HOT as usual.

trm_sassy on

I vote boy for Halle as well. She does look great wish I had looked that good nine months pregnant with any of my three kids!

J.M. on

UGH even pregnant this woman is still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!

She looks GREAT! I bet she’s more then ready although little baby still looks a bit high.

I am going with a boy on this one! But secretly I want to see them have a girl bc that may be the most beautiful kid ever!

Elyse on

I couldn’t agree with you more Laura! All that matters is if a woman herself thinks SHE is beautiful! In this world today woman tend to focus more on whether others think we are beautiful. And look at all the role models we have in the media! Almost anyone could develop a complex if they constantly compare themselves to Heidi Klum!

Halle does look like she is ready to have that baby out though. I bet at this point she just can’t wait to hold her new little bundle of joy!

Nita on


The curly hair was probably a wig, ethnic hair be – it african american or biracial will not change that drastically in length with curls no different than caucasian or european origin unless it has been cut that short. She could have been just giving her hair a rest from styling and chemicals during pregnancy.
On the other, hand that could have been her natural length with a wet set to lock in her natural curl pattern, and she may have added extensions to her hair after flat ironing it in the pics above, another way to cut down on styling and chemicals for any race. Kinkiness/texture has nothing to do with it.

Either way, she looks healthy and happy but tired. I wish the new parents the best.


I am so happy to see a new pic of Halle and Gabriel just puts the icing on the cake. She’s beautiful but she looks like she could go any day…I pray for her and her baby…God bless them…

kate on

Can’t we just celebrate a woman’s beautiful body?!?

We are definitely the more beautiful sex…so some of us get to keep our skinny arms and cute butts and some of us get fat all over. We are blessed to be able to create a life and pregnant woment always look beautiful. I can’t wait to be pregnant with my 2nd! (And I gained 65 lbs. the first time!)

Lani on

I am so happy to see her and Gabe I am so excited to hear what she has a boy or a girl
I hope it’s a girl so we can fawn on her like with Shiloh and Isabella Matt Damon’s little girl.

asm1976 on

She doesn’t even have any Back Fat/Rolls even though her belly is huge!LOL Halle is sub-human!LOL Her face is a bit pudgy, but that’s it aside from that belly! I hope she has a girl!

asm1976 on

I thought she had cut her hair into a bob recently during her pregnancy. But obviously it was just curled really tight. I love the long hair on Halle.

PSB on

SO GLAD the curly hair is gone. It was one of those irrational pregnancy decisions. I love her hair short, long, straight, ‘fro, but those corkscrew curls were so bad. She looks so pretty now.

And yes, pregnancy agrees with her. She looks awesome, especially for somebody so far along. I was so wrong about her – I thought she was lying about being due in March!! She was so big so early and last month she looked like she was about to go into labor – but I guess the belly just exploded and then stayed the same size for a whole month. Really shows you how every pregnancy is different.

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