Angelina Jolie at Barnes and Noble

03/10/2008 at 12:35 PM ET

Actress Angelina Jolie, 32, was spotted leaving Barnes and Noble bookstore with a bagful of reading material in Austin, TX this morning. She and Brad Pitt, 44, expect their fifth child this summer.


Photos by INF; FAME.

Click below for a side view.


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lena on

pregnancy really suits her and it fills out her face making her look really healthy..i hope she keeps a little weight on her after this pregnancy

Robyn on

Dangit! I live in Austin and didn’t get to see her. I’m surprised she got out in this weather, it’s pretty gross out.

What is the word on twins, by the way? Everyone has been saying she’s going to have twins because her and Brad had to do some IVF, any validity to this?

Sarah’s note: Wow, rumors are really flying now! IVF?! They have no said a thing. The twins thing is from x17 online, Star, and a UK tab, so still just a rumor.


I love her and when she is pregnant she looks so much more beautiful. I hope she has a wonderful pregnancy.

Nikka on

She is so pretty (and one month older then me yay) so i really like her. I’m curious, what is she doing in Austin, this is about 3rd or 4th report from there. Is she shooting a movie there?

Sarah’s note: Brad is filming ‘Tree of Life.’

jlove_taylor on

People are so worried about angelina’s weight…need i remind you her mother passed away last year from a long battle with cancer? That’s enough stress to make ANYONE loose weight–can’t imagine. I’m sure the last thing on her mind was how skinny she looked. I wish them the best and it looks like she’s healing from such a terrible loss.

Sarah’s note: She pretty much said that too, that between nursing and going through what she did with her mom, she knows how thin she looked and was working on it, but that hearing comments about it didn’t help, or something along those lines. I can’t remember exactly.

Elyse on

Pregnancy does really agree with her. She looks more healthy.😉

taegan on

WOW she looks very pretty and natural. Have to agree pregnancy does suit her.

I hope that now that the paps have found them they will give the kids at least a little space; especially at school.

Sanja on

It seems to me than the only times Angie looks really skinny is before she announces a pregnancy or when she’s breastfeeding (I’m green with jealousy at women who loose weight BF, I only gain.-(). Makes me think she has a hard time with morning sickness and the grief about her mother didn’t help.


Angie seems so content and happy. She also looks healthy. Twins run on Brad side, his sister Julie had twins, so they don’t need IVF to have twins naturally. I really love them as a couple and I pray for the Jolie-Pitts!

anonymous on

Twins do not come through the father – identical ones come from spontaneous splitting of the embryo; fraternal come down the mother’s line due to a tendency to release multiple eggs each month. Twins on Brad’s side will not impact Angelina in any way.

PK on


I’m pretty sure that twins come from the mother’s side of the family, so I don’t think it matters if Brad has twins on his side of the family.

Martha on

The IVF rumor is so ridiculous! The woman got pregnant with Shiloh the first month she tried (she said so herself) and then got pregnant again less than 18 months after a c-section. WHY would she need IVF? What she needs is extra extra strong protection!

As for the twins rumor, it is almost surely a fiction, just consider the source. But there are twins on both sides. Brad’s sister and Angie’s first cousin both have twins.

gabriella on

I think it’s one baby, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is twins. Although tabloids are not always right, they have been right a lot of the times, they did say jlo was pregnant with twins and the names would be max and emme, that was right. They have also been saying angelina was pregnant, all the way back from before the holidays. They also leaked out gwen’s pregnancy, nicole’s richie’s, lisa marie, brooke burke having a boy, etc, so you never know. Angelina looks good pregnant, her face looks not so gaunt and older with more weight on. I’m guessing she is due around july, and I think it’s a girl. And if twins I’m thinking boy/girl.

Casey on

My understanding is twins also exist on Angelina’s side of the family (a set of uncles or a set of cousins or something). They seem to exist on both sides of their families.

Not sure if she’s having twins or not, but the IVF rumor from the tabloid/pap agency doesn’t make logical sense to me. From a timing perspective, she lost her Mom near the beginning of the year and then worked on three films prior to getting pregnant(spring, summer,and fall). With her kids, her work, her relationship, and the balancing of all that how she could pile on IVF treatment(s) just seems a bit much. My understanding is it’s not an easy process and is pretty invasive (sometimes painful). Finally, don’t most doctors want you to try at least a year before bringing up this option? I doubt with Shiloh being so young and their adoption of Pax they were trying prior to 2007 to get pregnant. Most people don’t start the IVF process until they’ve tried for some time naturally and had no success. Given all that, if they are pregnant with twins I’m betting it probably happened naturally🙂


Okay thanks for the twin education but it really should not be a shock if two healthy human beings could have twins naturally without everyone wanting to believe a tabloid report that they had to have IVF to do so…Again I pray for the best for the Jolie-Pitts!


Thanks Sarah for such a fan friendly site and for all the latest updates…

Alicia on

Okay, there is only one baby in that belly of hers. It’s obvious she’s not pregnant with twins.

Meredith on

As many have already said Angelina also has twins on her family’s side. IMO the IVF rumor is just a tabloid’s way of making the story “exciting.” She has gone on record to say Shiloh was conceived on the first try (Go Brad!) and since Shiloh’s birth the woman has filmed at least 2 movies, followed her partner while he filmed at least 2 movies, gone on humanitarian missions and chased after four kids. Where in the world would she find the time to have such invasive procedures is beyond me. Didn’t the tabloids also try to spin this same IVF story when Angelina announced she was pregnant with Shiloh? Anyhow, I think she looks great and wish her all the best with her latest pregnancy.

Rachel on

I think people took Angie’s comments out of context. If someone is going through the high stress ordeal of losing a mother it will more than likely cut off their milk supply especially if the ordeal is so stressful that you are rapidly losing weight. Maybe Angie had to change her diet because Shiloh was not agreeing with her milk like Nicole Richie. She did say “It’s been hard to get my nutrition back” she never said breastfeeding helped her lose weight. She even commented that she only breastfed Shiloh for a few months.

In any case it was so nice to see Angie in pink the other day but this black get up just drains all of the beauty out of her. She should get some pregnancy fashion tips from Gwen Stefani.

tink1217 on

Angelina is and always has been my favorite celeb mom! I think she is looking great!

hmm on

I don’t understand why there are comments saying that they hope she keeps the weight after this pregnancy. It’s not like she purposefully lost the weight last time. Having your mother die of cancer after watching her battle it for several years would be painful for anyone.

Niks on

She don’t look so good

fay on

as for all the people saying that because angelina said to the press she conceived the first month she tried, lets also remember that angelina plays the press like a fiddle…some other things she’s told the press is that she’d never have her own biological children, that she’d never date a married man, and that she wasn’t involved w/ brad. angelina knows the press always wants a story, and so she has no qualms w/ giving them one… but in the grand scheme of things does it matter HOW she got pregnant… she’s having an undoubtedly beautiful baby that will be loved, cherished, and oggled forever…

and for the moderators, i know it may sound like it, but i really mean no snark or anything in my regards to angelina… but she does lie… all the time, it’s funny cuz everyone eats up her words w/ a spoon, and i bet she thinks its a fun way to amuse herself… it sure as hell is funny to me… (smile)

MB on

She’s in Austin because Brad is filming a new movie there.

It looks like only one baby-and I bet its a boy. She looks like she’s due this summer-probably July’ish-mid summer. Same as a lot of other pregnant celebs too! haha

She looks good though.

legemc on

The tabloids also said the only reason she got pregnant is to keep Brad because he was going to leave her if she didn’t give him another baby. Silliness!

gabriella on

Fay your post is funny and very true lol.

Chiara on

Fraternal twins come through the mother’s side of the family, it’s true. Identical twins are a fluke (two sperm fertilizing the same egg as opposed to two sperm fertilizing two eggs) and can happen to anybody; there’s no genetic connection.

That said, I think she’s just got one bun in the oven.

DLR on

This is the third picture I’ve seen Angelina wearing something that is way too long for her and she has to hold it up so she doesn’t trip on the hem. I thought what she was wearing at the airport was totally inappropriate for flying. All the safety guides suggest people wear clothes that will make it easy for them to escape from the plane in case it crashes, and wearing a floor-length dress does not sound safety-wise to me. Just my opinion. Then there was the dress she wore when people were saying she was pregnant, and now this black dress. Did she wear these kind of clothes when she was first pregnant with Shiloh? Just wondering as it sure seems like she’s taken to wearing those incredibly baggy and long dresses that can’t help any when it comes to walking around.

ana on

No tread can be without some Angelina bashing. Thanks Fay and gabriella – I see you know the truth and you enlighten as all.

Suzanne on

Just because they conceived a child on the first try doesn’t mean they can’t have subsequent fertility issues – it’s called secondary infertility and is not at all uncommon. Whether or not a doctor would do IVF and when depends on the issue, for a 32 year old woman most wouldn’t make her wait a year before trying it if it made sense. A woman’s fertility can make a pretty dramatic decline after 30, in reality the pregnancy rate for women in their late 30’s and early 40’s without some sort of medical intervention is pretty low (according to my reproductive endocrinologist).

kiley on


I’m not in the health field, but I believe identical twins occurs when one fertilized egg splits in two, (it was essentially ONE sperm fertilizing) that’s why the twins are identical- they have the exact genetic make-up.

(LOVE- J ) on

She is so beautiful.

Meredith on


Sorry but you’re mistaken. Angelina has never, I repeat never said she would not have biological children. Jolie said and I quote from the July 2003 Rolling Stone article:

“I’ve never been tested, but as far as I know I’m capable of having children. But I feel like, right now, if I made a decision to have one [myself], there’d be one less child that I’d be bringing home from some country.”

Please note how she uses the words “right now”. It astonishes me how those two little but very revealing words seem to be forgotten and now her statement is taken as “never ever” wanting a biological child. Secondly, she said she would not be involved with a married man. She and Brad were not seen together until after Brad and Aniston were officially separated. Until someone produces 100% proof that they were together before hand then I will take her at her word. Lastly, Jolie never said she and Brad were not together once they were. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but during her 2006 interview with Ann Curry, Jolie stated she was not going to talk about what was going on until she knew what was going on with her and Brad. How in the world that translates to Brad and she are not together defies logic, at least to me. Her interview with Ann Curry should be found on youtube. My point her exact words, not taken out of context can be found in their original format but the orignial words/format are rarely used.

Believe me I am too old and too jaded to be awestruck by a celebrity I have never met or by anyone I have met for that matter. I just have a problem with media outlets that take a person’s words and twist them to fit some sensational agenda. When those words are twisted and spread to the masses then those twisted words are now used as fact. That should not be the case.

Nicole on

Fay GMAB! Just because Angelina changed her mind about having bio children she is a liar? Just because she hooked up with a man whose wife had filed for a divorce she lied? You meant no snark? I just find it funny how certain females STILL harp on how this couple got together. It has been over 3 years now does it really matter anymore? Funny where was the outcry when Brooke Burke was pregnant with her 3rd child before her divorce was final. Worry about YOUR life and stop juding others! I wish Angelina and Brad the best and a healthy baby/babies.

Anonymous on

Angie is growing more and more everyday .I love her.

dianad1968 on

Is there any other celebrity who gets scrutinized and criticized like Angie does? Even the clothes she wears now is up for discussion. Wow!

I also think some people are confusing Angie with celebrities who lie constantly. This woman is one of the most brutally honest personalities around. That is why she always look so serene, she has nothing to hide. Please done confuse her with others out there. She did not have an affair with a married man, no matter who wants to believe or not. She changed her mind about having biological children, that’s her prerogative. Whoever chooses to doubt her, that’s not her problem, it does not affect her life with her family.

Victoria on

That dress looks REALLY comfy.

Charity on

I am due July 7, 2008 and my baby bump is about the same size. I wish her all the best. She absolutely glows when she is pregnant. I bet it is a boy. She seems to be carrying lower this time than last. I know I am and my baby is one very active boy. Good luck to Angie & Brad!

shaine on

Chiara, call me confused.
You said two sperm fertilizing the same egg causes Identical twins?

I must have missed that in biology, as I always understood it to be that the fertilized egg, splits into two. hence the twins.

As for Fay, I find some of what you said to be a bit pretentious.
Unless you know Angelina personally, it’s hard to say that she “plays the press”, as any celeb out there can do that, and most actually do do that.
Her never having children was stated when she was much younger, and people can change their minds. I know I did. As I never wanted children, and now I have two, who I wouldn’t give up for the world.
Regarding the married man comment, again, unless you know Brad & Angie personally, we can’t state when they in fact started dating. Sure he wasn’t divorced yet, but hey if they work, they work.
I have met the woman, and find her to be very worldly, she is not a dumb woman, just one who isn’t afraid to step out of the box, and do something different.
I find those statements to be unfair to her, and Brad, as we are only persons viewing from the opposite side. Of course the media is going to run with that story, and say she was the homewrecker, however it takes TWO. And Brad got involved with her.
I feel for Jen, but I firmly believe that they made a choice to end before he and Angie ever got together. They are two very similar people. Let them be.

Bogota on

OKAY some people are REALLY ridiculous here.

She looks great,thanks for the pictures🙂

fay on

meredith shaine and nicole, calm down and relax… first of all separated and divorced do not mean the same thing…and that’s the only thing i’m going to address… i love angie… i wish she’d adopt me… but yeah, get over it… it’s funny, she lies, cuz she don’t want us in her business… and we don’t really belong in her business… we’re just nosy… and her kids her cute, her lips are sexy and her man’s finer then ours… it’s funny… u’d lie all the time too if people were in ur business… calm down…it ain’t that serious… she’s a lovely woman, i love the way she uses her celebrity to make people focus on real issues, but throws us a bone (usually a fake one) so we get off her… and realistically i didn’t know who brooke burke was till i started coming on this site… i still don’t know… i figger she must be someone though, cuz she’s always on here…

anyway… chill out… this is lighthearted celebrity gossip, and i think angelina and brad are cute… i think she’s smart, cunning, and strategically and deliciously conniving… and i love that about her… lol… lighten up and look at baby pics… hahahahaha…

tink1217 on

E Online is reporting she is pregnant with twins…not as reliable as People mag but more reliable than Star or National Enquirer IMO. Guess time will tell!!

Nicole on

I think how people define “cheating” depends really heavily on when you decide a marriage is over – is it when the divorce is final, or when you separate? I personally believe when you separate you are free to pursue other relationships; but I know some people are very touchy and that a marriage isn’t over until the papers are signed.

And as for lying – I seriously doubt she was lying about conceiving Shiloh the first time she tried. There’d be no reason to lie about that. She doesn’t lie to get the press off her back – she’s proved, with her continued silence about all the crap that gets written about her, she could care less about the press.

Anyway, I don’t think she’s having twins at all – but I could be wrong! I’m hoping for a boy this time.

jennifer on

Most beautiful human EVER!!!!

KD Griffin on

She looks great. If you don’t like a celebrity just move on and comment on someone that you do like. No need to spend lots of time on negativity. Congrats Angie and Brad.

shaine on

Fay, separated and divorced certainly don’t mean the same thing? They mean the end of a marriage, one is at a different part of the ending.
Either way, Jen & Brad had ended their relationship. Filed or not, it was over. They both at that time had the ability to move forward. Which Brad & Jen did.

I wasn’t trying to sound like I was going off, but I find it funny how so many go off the deep end over this couple. Like someone else said, it’s not universal, it’s only certain couples. Brooke Burke didn’t face this ridicule. David Charvet wasn’t listed as the homewrecker. Brooke wasn’t divorced when she became pregnant with Rain. So what’s the difference? Same story, just on opposite ends.

Funny how that works.

ella on

I believe everything Angelina says, at least what I see in interviews via her own lips without some tabloid picking some sensational sound bite to sell. I do not think she is a liar at all. I cannot call her a liar because something immortalized in print 10 or so years ago has now changed! It was true 10 years ago and like we all do she evolves and changes with passage of time. I sure as hell know my truths from years ago or even months ago have changed as I grow and my circumstances change. Angie had just divorced, her husband had upped sticks and left her holding her baby. She was a single woman who fully intended to continue adopting and probably could not see a man in her future as she also confessed she hadn’t dated for more than a year. So her comments about biological children at that time made perfect sense.

As for cheating we will never really know but again I believe her when she said she didn’t, at least not physically. I believe they were emotionally connected but then she acknowledged in one of her interviews when she said 2 months into the shooting every morning she couldn’t wait to go to work. Brad also apparently told his wife that he was attracted to Angie although he tried to fight it off for a while. This to some people might be cheating, to me it’s not. If Brad and his wife’s relationship were still strong this is a storm they would have weathered.

I agree with those who say this pregnancy was natural because the timing of her work and everything else in between doesn’t seem to allow anymore for the IVF process. Besides she is a healthy 32 year old so…
I predict TWIN GIRLS on the way, although a boy and a girl would balance the sexes. All the best to all of them!

No Need to Sing the Praises on

ah jeez not again. Fay I agree with your post. Ok, its quite clear that many of you are completely crazy about these two, but not all of us are. Yeah, they are OK, but just because many of you think they are the greatest thing since *insert great thing here*, doesnt mean we all need to think so as well. Just like you, we are also entitled to our opinions (and Fay wasnt being rude at all!) You always talk about “Scrutiny” against jolie, well guess what IT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY OF BEING A CELEB!!! If you want privacy and kind words GET OUT OF SHOW BIZ!!! (oh and make sure to accept a drastic pay cut as well, when you work 9-5!) Im sure negative comments anger her fans more then her, do you really think she cares what people think of her??!! Come on, other celebs face the same scrutiny by some of you as well (poor Jamie Spears, boy, will she be in for a few unkind remarks, im sure!), you just assume that Jolie gets more (more then some, but thats because shes more famous then some of the random more obscure celebs that appear on this site). The rules of posting on this messageboard is to not insult or be rude, it does not state that this site is run by tyrants that say that everyone must agree that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are the greatest celeb couple ever. We are ALLOWED to cordially disagree with you, and vice versa. So please before flaming people for saying anything less then praises for Angelina, realize that others are also opinionated human beings.
Thank You
p.s I KNOW insults will fly, but please read the entire message

lac on

I think too many people mix up what tabloids write with what Angelina actually says. Case in point Rachel writing “She even commented that she only breastfed Shiloh for a few months”. Angelina has never said anything about how long she breastfed Shiloh.
Regardless she looks great and I wish her all the best.

Amanda on

I still can’t believe that more than 3 years on, we can’t have one discussion about the Jolie-Pitts without someone bringing up Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Anistion. We’re gonna get pictures of Maddox’s graduation and someone will say: “Yes but Brad still cheated on his wife with Angelina.” Time to move on folks, seriously.

As for the comment about Angelina playing the media. Yes, she does and she does it very well. I for one say good on her. The media and the paparazzi combine to make her life very difficult. They mount a continuous (sometimes very personal) assault on her and her family, both through tabloid magazines and pushy photographers on the street that follow them wherever they go.

Why shouldn’t she give as good as she gets? Why shouldn’t she lead them on a wild goose chase every now and then? Sure the press always want a story about them. Stick the Jolie-Pitts on your cover and you have a guaranteed seller. But make no mistake, Brad and Angelina are fiercely, fiercely protective of their family and wouldn’t fabricate something ‘just to give the press a story.’.

Moreover, Angelina is never someone to lie to the press. In fact, in most interviews she has given, the interviewer will almost always make a remark about Angelina’s candidness, her ability to always be open and truthful about herself and her life whether it’s regarding her children or her self-harming when she was a teenager.

Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to get that off my chest. I’ve been a huge Angelina fan for years and years now and it always bothers me how misconstrued she is by people who read tabloid magazines and take what they say as gospel.

On a brighter note, it is nice to see Angelina out and about. Despite her and Brads best efforts, the paparazzi have found the ranch they have rented and identified the schools the children will be attending so we might be seeing more of the family in the coming weeks.

Bradfan on

Lac, I agree. Too many people rely on tabloids and sound bites for their information. Facts can be presented to them but to no avail. It’s sad really but as Angelina has said she knows her truth. Brad has said he chose the best woman for him to share his life with and to mother his children.

Back on topic pregnancy really does agree with her and I can’t wait to see the next Jolie-Pitt. I too think she’s carrying twins and it looks like Brad is fast on his way to getting the soccer team he has always wanted.

dianad1968 on

Why does it bother some people so much that Brad and especially Angie have fans? Why do they have to try to ridicule the people who admire them? There are numerous sites out there where you can get your hate and snark on, why try to deny like-minded people who enjoy posting about them a little fun? I really believe that living well is the best revenge, and the Jolie-Pitts are certainly doing that, which in turn annoy their detractors.

dianad1968 on

By the way, she looks absolutely beautiful. Very serene and contented. That’s what being happy looks like.

Arlz on

i read an artical in a british mag (will get name of mag) that AJ has confirmed its twins – anyone else heard this?

going to buy it tomorrow!

Natasha on

Well personally I don’t care if she lies. Either way, there’s another jolie-pitt baby coming into this world whether we like it or not.

I’m excited🙂 Absolutely nothing against Maddox or Pax they’re adorable little guys, but I’d love to see a mini-Brad🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Lac- ITA! As for the breastfeeding comment, it turned out that that was completly fabricated by whatever tabloid “reported” it (CBB even posted a retraction after learning that!). When Angie explained her weight loss, which was in early 2007, she said that she had “just finished” breastfeeding, which means she breastfed Shiloh for at least a year (I believe she made the comment in June).

Anyway, it looks like just one baby in that belly to me.

Alice on

She looks so beautiful! I’m in Austin, maybe we’ll meet at a playground in the area or something, haha, talk parenting🙂
It was gross today with the rain, hope her family is doing ok with our crazy Austin weather!

FayeSux on

I can’t believe the “cunning and deliciously conniving,” faye has been allowed to ruin this innocuous and lovely little thread about Angelina and her bump’s trip to B&N. It’s clear faye is one of those frustrated bitter women who want to get their nastiness across on what they know is a neutral site celebrating babies, children and pregnancy. I think that’s the most “conniving,” of all. I marvel regularly at what women will do to one another – particularly those who are viewed as threatening. The truth is, Angelina is forthright, honest, compassionate, intelligent and yes, very beautiful and sexy. Many women can’t stand the obvious, so they conpsire to add a few more negative adjectives as kaye has. Bitter jealous hags like fay want to turn this young inspiring, and strong woman into a stereotype (see vamp, temptress, evil seductress) because they want more than anything to negate who she is, and what she’s accomplished. For when they tear her down, and try to denigrate who she inherently is as a person, and devalue her, that means fay doesn’t have to emulate her hard work, her compassion, her philanthropy and overall goodness — that means fay doesn’t have to stop with her worthless ‘mean girl,’ pseudo mildly covert b*tching, dragging us all down and punching us in the gut – even when we’re pregnant. How about another kick in the stomach for angelina, fay?? You angry homely lonely jealous bitter females are sooooo predictable.

claudiazz on

Hope AJP has twins! They seem to be very hands on, great parents.
Interesting to read the genetics behind twins, strangely enough my grandfather and two of his brothers all had twins in the days before fertility treatments!! His two sisters only had single births. I guess that means that all three of their wives had twins in their families (although my grandmother doesn’t know of any twins in her family). Just weird how that happened to occur. Thanks for the insight!

taegan on

People who have been in awe of Angie’s candidness include Barbara Walters, who is on record saying Angie will tell you the truth regardless of whether it makes her look bad.

The tabs are doing a great job it seems, because people really believe everything they read and hear.

I wonder how we ended up in Iraq?? Anyone remember…yes the press helped sell it to us. WE never questioned it.

nata on

Angie scratches her head in public – still people will bug her for that.

faye on

Okay, there is only one baby in that belly of hers. It’s obvious she’s not pregnant with twins.

Posted by: Alicia at Mar 10, 2008 3:58:36 PM


Even the doctors wouldnt know if its twins or not just by looking at the pics of pregnant women, you need to see the sonogram pics.

The thing is no one knows how far along she is, except that her belly just became all of the sudden big, or maybe not since she has been hiding it in trenchcoat and loose clothes.

kemp on

she looks great. i want that purse she’s carrying!

Anna on

Fay, the only thing I have to disagree with you is that Angelina’s man is finer than mine. (smile)

Lindsay on

CelebBabyLover, lac, Angie never said she “just” finished breastfeeding Shiloh she said she “finished” which could mean 6 weeks ago or 6 months ago. You can look up the quote on People’s (magazine) website. Now out of all the tabloids I don’t think People is going to post fake quotes. In fact you can search all over the net for that quote and she never said “just”.
I agree that when the quotes/story seem too outlandish that they were probably made up but why is it some people refuse to believe these quotes, they in fact sound very much like Angie. She seems like the type of person who can’t sit still for long. I for a fact don’t know and neither does anyone else, only Angie and Brad know, but if she did only do it for 3 months that does not make her a bad mother.

I don’t think Angie cares to much about her home/outdoors style I think she only puts effort if she has a red carpet event, which is actually kind of refreshing to see in a celeb mom.

Kelly on

does anyone know how far along she is? im only a teen so ive never really seen anyone i know pregnant and when i do they will say how far along they are so could any of you parents out there give me an educated guess? thanks

Sarah’s note: She looks to be 5-6 months along, possibly even 7 if carrying small.

Sadie on

fay: Saying you don’t want biological children and then later having them doesn’t make a person a liar. It makes them a person who changed their mind. Lots of people do that. I did.

I find it odd that there are so many people who jump all over Angelina for changing her mind about getting pregnant. Doesn’t everyone have something that they swore they would never do when they were young and then changed their mind about. I could make a huge list of the things I said I would absolutely never do that I have now done, and I think most people could. It’s easy to speak in absolutes when you’re young – and just as easy to change your mind about those absolutes later.

Adore1 on

June 2007 Press Conference for AMH

Interviewer: You are so thin. Is there a lot of pressure on actresses to be thin?

AJ: The funny thing is, when somebody says, you’re thin, a person says, thank you. To me actually, when somebody says I’m thin, it is not a compliment. It’s not something I want to be. I have always been lean.

This year, I lost my mom. I’ve gone through a lot. I have four kids. I just finished breast-feeding. It’s been hard to get my nutrition back on track and learn about my body after birth. I am doing the best I can. The thing that’s disturbing is that instead of somebody saying, oh, this looks like somebody who is dealing with something from emotions—it’s, do they want to fit into skinny jeans? I don’t encourage young girls to be too thin. I do want people to understand that I am just trying to work through a very difficult year.

CelebBabyLover on

Thank you, adore1! And BTW,CBB posted the highlights of that press conference (type “Angelina talks weight loss” or something similar in the search box, and you will find the article!), which is how I found out about that quote. If there’s one site (apart from People’s website, that is) that I trust pretty much 100 percent, it’s CBB (since not only do they try to only use reliable sources, but even post denials or retractions if it comes to their attention that something they’ve posted is incorrect.).🙂

Lindsay on

I don’t want to start an argument with anyone on this site but that is not what she said. Go to any of these links and you will see what she said.,,20042903,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines


The word “just” is never written. I have a feeling CBB will not post my comment as it conflicts with what they have on their site, but it should be more important to them to post the truth than make themselves look good. In fact you can google and yahoo search Angelina breastfeeding weight loss and all of the links that show up do not include the word “just”.

I have to wonder why it is so important to everyone on this site that she breastfed for a year

mila on

why is everyone praising her? after what she did to jennifer i dont even like her anymore
cheating with a married man and getting pregnant by him knowing how much jennifer wanted kids she should be ashamed

Adore1 on

oh my GOD, are u trying to use national alleger as a source, that like using Star and National Enquirer as a source. The part of the interview I posted is directly from the press conference NOT second hand reporting that and all the others did. But hey believe what u want to believe.

Lindsay on

oH mY GoD, some people just don’t like to admit when they are wrong. In other words all of the other sources were wrong and fabricated the quotes including People, but you are right. Nice. You can believe what you would like to believe as well.

dianad1968 on

Lindsay, i am sorry, but you are wrong. Angie’s words were “i have just finished breast-feeding”. Just might have been one month ago or more, it’s all relative. I am sure of this because i remember being surprised that she had breast-fed for so long, because around the same time some lying tab rumour was out saying Angie had only breast-fed for a few months, because she did not enjoy it. Again trying to make Angie look selfish and uncaring to her daughter. This was during her press for AMH. I will try to find the exact quote, and post the link.

There is no need to insult other posters.

CelebBabyLover on

Adore1- I know just what you mean. Of course People and the other places didn’t fabricate the quotes. However, the magazines, websites, etc. that do the “second-hand reporting” as you called it, DO sometimes remove words or phrases from interviews to make them flow better, make them fit better with the amount of space they have, etc.

For example, when Brad made the comment about he and Angelina being ready for a fifth child (which was when he was promoting one of his movie “The Assasination of Jesse James” in Venice), his exact quote was apparently “Yeah, we are. We’re just getting started.” However, most magazines and websites left out the “We’re just getting started” part.

Similarly, they could have easily left out the “Just” part of Angie’s “I just finished breastfeeding” comment. Adore1, do you happen to have a link to a video of the Press Conference or an official website for it or something? If so, I suggest posting it.🙂

jammy on

I have repeatedly read comments from CBB editors that they try to avoid posting Brad and Angelina topics when they can because the comments always result into a fight. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair. Just because some people don’t like them doesn’t mean that CBB should avoid posting pictures here. I hope CBB reconsiders this policy. I am also wondering if this is the reason why pictures of Angelina from yesterday in a blue dress did not get posted here.

Sarah’s note: We post the topics, occasionally we do not open the comments because things turn out like this post has. We didn’t post the photos from yesterday because 1) the photo agency has not released them yet and we cannot legally post them and 2) they are way too far away and blurry and not worth us spending money on.

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