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03/09/2008 at 03:40 AM ET

Update: Additional quotations added.

Originally posted February 29th: The way to Gwen Stefani‘s heart? Through her hair. Speaking with V magazine for their latest issue, Gwen describes how the closeness that comes with 21-month-old Kingston James McGregor‘s bedtime routine affects her emotionally.

Kingston didn’t really change me so much as he just has made my life better. He makes me so happy. It’s hard to imagine until you have a child of your own. It’s just one of those miraculous human things that you have to experience for yourself. God, I’m gonna start crying when Italk about this because it’s just so … it’s so intense.

I put him tosleep at night and, you know, I’ll be rocking him to sleep and he’ll beplaying with my hair and … it’s just the most amazing feeling in theworld. To have this little guy who loves me so much automatically, it’s just crazy.

Now expecting her second child this summer, Gwen, 38, tells the mag that she didn’t mind the extensive practice sessions with husband Gavin Rossdale.

I definitely want to have more [kids] … and it’s fun trying to get pregnant. Plus, you know, having a baby is just about the most romantic thing in the world you can do with somebody.

As for me and Gavin … you know, we fell in love twelve years ago and we have had the rockiest, craziest, most amazing relationship. It’s sort of a miracle, actually. We work very hard at it. It’s just so weird that people feel free to comment on your marriage. Gavin is awesome. Oh god, what a quote — he’s awesome.

Click below for more from the interview, including her style, what she does at night, and why being crazy over your kid can be a good thing.

As far as her mothering style goes, Gwen says she tries to be relaxed about it, but admits that she sometimes buys into the "only the best for my child" philosophy — however, that’s not always a bad thing.

You realize that they are going to grow up and make messes. You can’tbe psycho about it. Still I understand the whole crazy mom thingbecause after you have kids you want them to have the best things — even if it’s the perfect organic carrot — because you love them so much.Everyone should become a little bit crazy over their kid because kidsdeserve it.

Still, Gwen has given up a few of her favorite things since becoming a parent — most noticeably, sleep. She shares that her nighttime routine is much quieter now.

I’ll put Kingston to bed and then enjoy my quiet time when I can do stuff like go online, check my e-mail, hang out with Gavin. But I find myself thinking that I can’t wait for him to wake up again so we can go play.

My favorite time of the day is now six-thirty in the morning. We all get up and spend the morning together. Now, you can ask Gavin and he’ll tell you that I’m a sleepaholic. I love to sleep. If you had ever told me that I’d be waking up at six in the morning and enjoying it — for whatever reason — I would have never believed you. The last time I got up that early on a regular basis was when I was in high school.

One thing that hasn’t changed is her sense of style and devotion to looking her best. Gwen admits she’s vain, but explains that it’s really nothing new.

For the longest time I didn’t even let anyone else do my makeup or hair. To be honest, my sense of style isn’t insanely premeditated. I don’t really worry about it or think that hard about it … usually it just happens. I’ll accidentally curl my hair a certain way. I was always the little girl locked in the bathroom putting on makeup, singing, and getting a million burns from the curling iron. I’m still that girl.

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Principesa on

I love you Gwen. You have a heart of gold.

But shagging to get knocked is only fun if you are fertile.

tink1217 on

Awww, I remember when both my kids used to do that. Especially my son. What is it about boys! It WAS the most amazing thing. I think that is what I miss most about them being babies…rocking them to sleep, singing softly to them, and having them fall asleep in my arms.

UggaMugga.com on

I agree with tink1271…what is it with boys? My son who is now 4 still likes to play with my hair, but my daughter who is almost 2…there’s no doing. In fact, unless she’s sick or has a bopped head, she’s just not much of a cuddler. Sweet, but not a cuddler.

I’m so excited to see if Kingston is going to have a little sister (my hunch) or a little brother. I’m also excited to see what they name him/her!

tink1217 on

uggamugga, love your name btw, my cousin’s son played with his grandmas hair like that for a very long time. too long if you ask me, but boys seem to do that!! My son is special needs so he still does lots of things that a 5 yr old would do and sitting on my lap is still one of them…he is a real mama’s boy and always will be!

I cannot wait to see what they name this new baby too. I am hoping for a little girl for Gwen, I think Kingston will make such a wonderful big brother!!

Rebecca on

I am so so happy to read that she is rocking him to sleep. I still rock my 21 month old to sleep also! He is 3 days younger than Kingston =)

UggaMugga.com on

These are my favorite kind of posts when everyone takes a minute to think about quiet times with their children…or dream of them to come. No hostility, judging, etc. Just a calming mental vacation.

At least that’s what this is for me! 🙂

JillK on

I totally thought that was Madonna when I first saw the pic!

tigerlily on

Gwen is an amazing normal celebrity mother

Tigerlily on

how many weeks is gwen gone?

Sarah’s note: She’s about 19 weeks along.

Tigerlily on

wow! she quite big for 19 weeks!not just on her belly either😀

fin on

she looks so scary in that photo 0_o

Kaley on

I love how down to earth Gwen is and how much she enjoys motherhood. It’s also nice to hear that she and Gavin are in love but they don’t have the “perfect” relationship.

PSB on

I agree with Kaley. It’s nice to know Gwen and Gavin really work at their relationship, unlike most of Hollywood – I guess that’s why they’ve outlasted almost everybody else. Being married isn’t always easy, especially when you are both sleepless from a new baby.

She sounds like a great mom, and Kingston is just so sweet.

And I agree with you all about boys. My 25 month old still loves to be rocked and cuddled every night and is a big mama’s boy too. My friends with girls always say how jealous they are at the amount of kisses/hugs I get, though it comes with a flip side…lots of clinging! Little girls seem to be a bit more independent, but that can be nice too. Hope Gwen gets to experience both genders. Hope I do too!

Emma Pokah on

I really do believe that becoming a mother can really change one’s life altogether.Congrats Gwen…

petiteredhead on

Aww, I’m so happy for Gwen. I admire how she seems so down to earth and doesn’t let being a celebrity get to her head and effect her negatively.

Principesa, I think I know what you mean. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get pregnant for 2 years and 3 months now. After a while “shagging” seems to become more of a task just like a chore or something when pregnancy doesn’t happen right away.

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