Matt and Luciana Damon attend Empire Film Awards, expecting another baby

03/09/2008 at 05:00 PM ET

Update: Matt’s rep confirms to People, saying,

They couldn’t be happier. They’re so excited!

Originally posted 3:30 pm: Actor Matt Damon, 37, and wife Luciana Barroso Damon, 32, were snapped attending the Empire Film Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel on March 9th in London. While posing for photographs, the couple revealed a surprise — Luciana is pregnant! Rumors have been swirling for a few months, but the couple has been secluded in Spain while Matt films The Green Zone.

The new baby will join sisters Alexia, 9 ½, and Isabella, who will be 21 months on Tuesday.

Photo by Jon Furniss; more available here.

Thanks to CBB reader Felicity.

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Pam on

Congrats to them!! I had heard that she was pregnant probably about 2 months ago, I wonder if she was and they had just found out?

That’s a cute dress too. I love anything with ruching.

tink1217 on

awww, congrats to them!!!

maz on

clearly brad’s babymaking has made an impression on him!!

can’t wait his daughter is so beautiful and so is her older sister i hope its a boy a mini matt!

nosoupforyou on

How do you know the baby will be born on Tuesday?

Sarah’s note: ? I have no idea what you’re asking … confused.

heather on

Congrats! I am hoping for a boy….a mini Matt Damon would never be a bad thing, IMO :0)

Marissa on

“The new baby will join sisters Alexia, 10, and Isabella, 21 months on Tuesday.”

If you read that a certain way you can see how it can sound like the baby will join its sisters on Tuesday LOL

Sarah’s note: Ahhh. I’ll change it.

abh on

Maz… the article means that their youngest daughter will turn 21 months on Tuesday, not that the new baby will be born on Tuesday. 😉

Rachel on


she is saying that Isabella will be 21 months on Tuesday.

awww on

Awww, that is sooo great – both Angelina and Luciana were pregnant at the same time last time. Very cool.

Amanda on

That’s hilarious! Angelina, Lucy and Gwen all pregnant at the same time….again! It’s a conspiracy!

Congratulations to them!

MB on

now if ben and jen would have another baby…. :-p

Jen on

Clearly someone ELSE has been f-ing Matt Damon! Sarah Silverman will be so crestfallen… 🙂

( I’m referring to the video from Jimmy Kimmel’s show if anyone is confused…look it up on youtube if you haven’t seen it yet…type in Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon in the search box and you’ll find it)

ha! on

Amanda, I noticed it too. Brad, Gavin, and Matt have to be laughing about all of three of being pregnant at the same time again. lol
Congrats to all of them

J.J. on

Wow.the celeb baby boom this year is huge! Congrats to Matt, Luciana, Alexia and Isabella!! There’s no doubt that Luciana is expecting.

Snow on

I am still laughing at Jen’s comment, OMG I thought the same thing too! TOo Funny~!

Kym on

HaHa Jen I thought the same thing about Sarah Silverman…

gabriella on

Yes it’s a coincidence angelina, gwen, and luciana are all pregnant around the same time again. Than again studies have shown most people are usually expecting their 2nd child by the time the first is going on 2 yrs old. I know a lot of people personally that their children are 2 yrs apart. I think a lot of people think that’s a pretty nice age gap. I’m thinking katie holmes and Jen Garner will be the next ones to get pregnant this year. I’m thinking another girl for matt and luciana. Luciana hit the lotto with matt, she was just your regular single mom working at a bar in NYC when matt damon met her. on

Oh, I hope they’re having a boy this time!!!

Paige on

Congratulations! I love Matt, Luciana, and their family.

Crossing my fingers for a mini-Matt this time. Woo! He’d look as handsome as his daddy.

Alicia on

Wow, that was a big surprise to me! I hope Matt gets his baby boy!

Katie on

Congratulations to Matt and Luciana. I’m so excited for this gorgeous family!

Terra on

As for the Jen Garner thing, there was a report on some entertainment show, where friends were saying she’s early on in a pregnancy…not sure whether that’s true or not though

Me on

Gosh, I haven’t heard a peep about the rumors, so this is a surprise! Congrats to them! Is there a high profile celebrity that’s not pregnant right now? LOL, so many celeb babies! CBB, you guys are going to have your hands full this year!

Steph on

Yay! I had no idea so this was a huge surpise for me. I’m so happy for the two of them.

LolaCola on

Gabriella, I think you’re right the reason we are seeing such a boom is because most people plan their kids two years apart, and also because many people don’t use birth control so there are a lot of surprise babies popping up or out I should say.
Alicia, did Matt say he always wanted a boy?
I bet 2009 will be a slow year, then again birth control is not 100% effective.

CelebBabyLover on

gabriella- While it would certainly be interesting if Jen Garner and Katie get pregnant this year, I don’t think either of them well. Both of them have stated (and in Katie’s case quite recently) that they want to wait awhile before having their next child. Jen is also working on a move right now, and she will be working on another right after she finishes the current one, so I doubt we’ll see her pregnant until they are both finished.

Also, while I certainly agree with what you said about most people having their second child when their first is around 2, I need to point out that, in Brad and Angie’s case, Shiloh is actually their THIRD child. They already had two children (Maddox and Z), when she was born. Not only that, but Shi wasn’t even a year old yet when the next Jolie-Pitt, Pax, arrived.

Luciana on

Owww.. I love Matt! He looks like an amazing father… Congrats to M and Luciana.

Lara on

I can’t help but wince at the incongruity of the statement, “the family has been secluded in Spain for several months”. Note to editor: Alexia lives and attends school in Miami. Lucy chooses to live 6,000 miles away with her “celebrity” daughter.

CelebBabyLover on

gabriella- I just want to clarify my earlier comment to you. I realize that I ended up sounding a lot snappier than I meant to. Obviously you were referring to biological children in Brad and Angie’s case.

It just rubs me the wrong way when people imply that Shiloh is their first child (and that the baby they are currently expecting will be their second child). It’s not just Shiloh, either. It also rubs me the wrong way when people refer to Henry Samuel as Seal’s first child (Seal himself has even stated that it is Leni who is his first child).

Anyway, I want to apologize for my rather rude comment to you earlier.🙂

MuffThumb on

everybody’s pregnant except for the person I want to be pregnant! COME ON KATIE AND TOM!! add to that beautiful family!

Natasha on

Awwwww Isabella is just gorgeous I know this one will be too! Hopefully it’s a boy I’d love to see a mini-Matt😀

gabriella on

Celebbabylover I know about maddox, zahara and pax we all do. I’m talking about pregnancies and how long people tend to wait to get pregnant again. Technically this is angelina’s 2nd bio child and pregnancy which is what is being discussed and she has the same age gap give and take a month or two of what gwen’s kids will have and matt damon’s kids. We all know brad and angelina have other children, this was about pregnancies and obviously angelina wasn’t pregnant with the other 3. I think people always wanna jump in and remind other people that maddox, zahara, etc are adopted, we know that and they will know obviously, and it’s not a big deal. It’s only a big deal when it constantly has to be mentioned, when the topic didn’t have to do with that, it was about how long a person usually waits to get pregnant again.

fin on

matt damon is ugly, but his wife is rather good looking, so i hope their child will look like her. i think it’s a boy

LB3 on

I have a problem with the comment “Hopefully Matt will get his baby boy this time”. Maybe he dosn’t care what sex baby he has. Maybe he would like 10 girls, or maybe just maybe, he is just hoping for a healthy baby anything.

sil on

congratulations to Matt and Lucy!!!!
can’t wait to see the baby🙂

CelebBabyLover on

LB3- I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Not all guys are desperate to have a baby boy (Brad Pitt is one example. From what I’ve read, even before he met Angelina, he hoped that his first child would be a girl. He also once said something about “wanting a house full of girls”.), just like not all women are desperate to have a baby girl.

That said, maybe Matt has said something about wanting a boy and I just missed that interview.🙂

Kelly on

good for them does anyone know how far along she is she looks kinda big ( not trying to be mean or anything ) i agree with lb3 and celebBabylover maybe he wants all girls or if he does want a boy but its not that big of a deal maybe he just wants a healthy baby but good for them!!!

Daze on

Congrats to them. Wow, this is a busy baby year! It’s hard to keep up. Wonderful news, though.

Harley on

Aw! Congrats to them! Can’t wait to see what they name this little munchkin😀

Michelle on

How old is Luciana?

Sarah’s note: 32.

jashmom on

Congrats to Matt, Luciana, Alexia & Isabella!!! I’m sure this baby will be just as gorgeous.

Jen, your comment was too funny…I was thinking the same thing about Sarah Silverman =)

J.J. on

To be honest, it’s kind of getting annoying with this “I hope it’s a boy/I hope it’s a girl” thing. I never recalled or heard Matt saying that he’s wishing for a baby boy badly, nor I don’t think Brad Pitt said he wanted only girls and a house full of them (he can’t wish for that anyway anymore if he did say that cuz he already has two sons). For heaven’s sake be happy with what gender you got. I think both Matt and Brad wouldn’t care what they get as long the kid is healthy. Matt may have said that it would be nice to have a son because he’s in a house full of women, but I doubt he has said that he’s desperate for one.

Sarah’s note: Pre-fatherhood, Brad did make a comment about 5 daughters.

Kelly on

does anyone know how far along she is? i cant really tell… thanks

Sarah’s note: She looks to be between 3-5 months.

Debbi on

Congrats to them!

Cordelia on

Did Luciana actually change her last name to Damon?

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