Jim Carrey and family attend Horton Hears a Who premiere

03/09/2008 at 12:58 AM ET

Actor Jim Carrey, 46, his girlfriend, actress and author Jenny McCarthy, 35, Jim’s daughter Jane Erin, 20, and Jenny’s son Evan Joseph, 5 ½, attended the Horton Hears a Who premiere on March 8th in Westwood, CA.


Photos by Kevin Winter and Stephen Shugerman for Getty Images; BauerGriffinOnline.com.

Two more images below, including a peek at Jane’s Canadian-American tattoo!


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mrsb on

What a gorgeous family! They all look so happy! And OMG Jim’s daughter is so beautiful! She looks just like her daddy – esp that smile! 🙂

M&M on

Jim’s daughter is very pretty..they make a cute family!

Megan on

Now this is one precious family–I mean are there 4 more good looking people…lol I love all the smiles…Jenny and Jim have created one perfect little family for themselves and that’s wonderful…Jim’s daughter is stunning and Evan is so cute! Love this family!

Anca on

Did anyone else notice that Jenny and Jane look excactly alike in the first picture? It’s crazy how much they resemble each other. What a beautiful family!

Sarah on

Such a adorable family! They look so fabulous! I’m happy for them! =)

Sarita on

Jane is very beautiful and they all look very happy. Evan looks very close to Jim, is he still in contact with his father?

Sarah’s note: Yes, but Jenny has said Evan connects with Jim in a special way as Jim has been very persistent yet patient in trying to get him to come out of his shell and not let him retreat into his autism.

ang on

cool tattoo.tori&dean would love that lol. really nice happy blended family-a joy to see.who/where is jane’s mother?

Sarah’s note: Jim’s ex-wife Melissa.

Eve on

Is Jim Carrey Canadian? Is that why his daughter has that tattoo? What are the tattoos lower on her arm? I think there’s some roman numerals etc
I dunno who is more beautiful, Erin or Jenny! Pretty equal I’d say 🙂
It’s a shame that Jim and Jenny aren’t going to have any kids together.

Sarah’s note: Yes, he’s from Ontario.

Ans on

I noticed that too Anca.
I cannot stress on the beauty that Jim’s daughter possesses. I rarely see people that beautiful. What a gorgeous girl!

gigi on

what an absolutely charming family! picture perfect!

Emma on

Who is Jane’s mother?

stephanie on

Whoa, the last time I saw a picture of Jane she was going through an awkward pre-teen phase, she’s so beautiful! Love the first picture too, what a gorgeous family.

Olivia on

Ya Jim is from Newmarket, which is near Toronto. I am from 2 hours south if that. I am surprised people dont know he is canadian.

Olivia on

Sarah saying ontario is like saying hes from new england.. because it is so big.. Ontario is massive. I am from there. He is from near Toronto.

Sarah’s note: I know, lol. I thought the person just asked if he was Canadian though, so I answered yes and the province. Thanks for getting more specific.

Olivia on

Sorry if I sounded rude!. I just hate when people say Ontario and not the city. The reason being is because it is soo big. It can take over 12 hours to drive from southern ont to north ont. REALLY big.

Sarah’s note: It’s okay! I didn’t mean to offend either. I completely understand, I’m from Southern NH, and people tend to think I live in rural cow country, when really I’m quite close to Boston!

Olivia on

Its ok. Oh ya rural cow country thats funny. Ya I think people think canada is like that too but it isnt. It is developed.

UggaMugga.com on

What a gorgeous family. Seeing them made me smile!

jackie on

Okay, does anyone else think that Jane looks like a younger Rachael Ray?? Or is it just me? LOL

Anyways…beautiful family and I think it’s great to see how happy they all seem to be. Way to make it work, Jim and Jenny! (haha, that sounds funny)

gabriella on

Jane got very pretty, last time I saw her she was a bit chubby and had a different face. They all seem close, very nice.

emmalee on

Jim became a dual-Canadian/US citizen a few years ago. Looks like Jane may have as well.

It’s lovely to see such a warm looking blended family.

Heather on

What a beautiful family! Love to see Jim holding Evan. I think I read that Jenny said Jim and Evan have a special bond. And Jane is beautiful, I think the last time I saw a picture of her she was in her early teens. They all seem very happy together.

Pam on

CBB posted more pics of the family last summer that are just as sweet.
Here’s the link.

Victoria on

Aww that is the cutest! I remember when Jim was on In Living Color and his daughter came on stage at the end after the guest musical performance. She was a pretty big toddler then.

JM on

Wow Jane is beautiful. I also remember a picture of her and Jim in like People magazine years ago and thought wow that poor girl is going to look like Jim (which at the time I didn’t think would be so good) but I was wrong! She’s gorgeous!! They all look so wonderfully happy together. I bet Jim’s a blast to have as a dad (and step daddy)!

PSB on

So true – Jane really came out of that awkward phase and is gorgeous now. Funny how that happens. My sister had a really long awkward phase and became a really beautiful adult too.

It’s is really special to see a blended family who is so close. It must be so nice for all of them to be able to spend time together without the kind of drama that a lot of families have. You can tell that Jenny and Jane are as close as Jim and Evan are. I’ll bet Jane is really excited to have a little brother in her life to play with.

Avery on

Beautiful family! I love Jim and Jenny together and think they compliment one another greatly. Also, Evan is adorable and Jane is just stunning.

CTBmom on

Wow!! Jane grew up to be gorgeous young woman! I love to see Jim with Evan…too sweet, and Jim and Jenny seem so happy. I love this family!

Janine on

They look very happy…however, they are not a “family”. It is a picture of a boyfriend and girlfriend with their children from prior marriages. I make this point because the term family seems to be losing all meaning today and can mean just about anything you want it to. Hope they become a family though. They look happy and good together. Jim’s daughter is very pretty.

Pam on

I have to disagree. I would definitely consider them a family. And they look much happier than many “traditional” families that I know!!

Aya on

It’s kind of mean, some of the things people have said about Jane..every kid goes through that awkward stage.That is how so many daughters end up with eating disorders.It’s not the “picking on them ” comments, its always the little things we say.Saying “my, what a beautiful girl” is well enough, nay ? Rather than “she used to be fat, now she is pretty”.Bottom line, if you wouldn’t say it about your kid, don’t say it about someone else’s.

TracyG on

Jim actually grew up in Burlington, Ontario before going to Toronto at 16 to pursue his comedy career. He went to Aldershot High School in North Burlington. His mother was a city bus driver (still is I think) for years and she had Jim’s photos all over her bus when he became famous in Ace Ventura.

What a great family and Jane is gorgeous, I agree. They’ve done very well in the beautiful kids dept!

Stef on

I understand about the Ontario thing. When I tell people I’m from Michigan, people always say, “Oh, Detroit?” Nooo, as far from Detroit as you can possibly get in the state..which is why I didn’t say Detroit to begin with…LOL

Anyway, that’s a great pic of the family. Does anyone else think Jim’s daughter bears a striking resemblance to a young Pia Zadora?

Carrie Jo on

I see nothing wrong with broadening the meaning of family. When people love each other, and make a commitment to each other, how they work it out is between them.

Sami on

Wow, Jane got stunning! Talk about the swan! I wonder if she has had work done?… not that there is anything wrong w/that if she has.

Sarah’s note: Personally, I doubt it. She has always had quite a pretty face, all that looks different to me here is she has thinned out and gotten tattoos.

Crystal on

Jane looks great but I can’t believe she got all that ink. Jane it’s Crystal for CLJ miss you girl