Leni Klum on peeing in the pool

03/09/2008 at 12:46 PM ET

Picture_1While on Ellen last week to discuss Project Runway, Heidi Klum spoke a bit about her children. As the 34-year-old model has previously mentioned, Leni, 3 ½, and Henry, 2, learned how to swim over the summer — however, teaching them that young has its consequences, especially when one is at the tail-end of potty training!

They’re really big into swimming, they always go in the pool. At that age, I’m very proud that they’re such good swimmers. And we’re doing the whole potty training thing, and I always [ask] Leni, "Do you have to go potty before you go in the pool?" and she [tells me], "Don’t worry about it. I pee in the pool, nobody knows."

How funny is that? It’s true, you don’t know. She could just let it all go, and no one knows! But they’re honest. I’m sure a lot of people do that and they don’t say it. [laughs]

Source: Ellen via Youtube — see the video at the link.

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Pam on

That was funny! Leni sounds like a very smart little girl.😉

Nikka on

I like this family a lot, Leni is so cute and funny. Does anyone know if Heidi teaches the kids German language and if they speak it?

Sarah’s note: Yes, they are bilingual. Heidi hires German nannies also.

Mary on

How cute is that story lol!

Sheri on

I have a friend who is bilingual, and her children are too. Besides other benefits of speaking 2 or more languages, she speaks in Italian to her daughter when she has to discipline her in public or when they have to discuss a topic that they don’t want those around them to be privy to.

Suzianne on

Then Leni should not be allowed to swim in any pool til she learns not to pee in them. Nothing funny about her honesty there.

Suzianne on

Just what kind of a website is this when everyone has to post only nice comments about children-how cute they are-such pretty clothes etc. What is wrong with some honest opinions without being insulting. What I said about peeing in the pool stands. Lighten up. This won’t be posted but at least it will be read by you.

Sarah’s note: You posted your first comment at 5:22 pm. Now this comes in at 5:27 pm, 5 minutes later. I need to read them all first, as it says in the paragraph above the comment box, and I need you to be patient and wait for your comment to be posted before following up with a comment like this. Thanks.

Chicki on

Cute story – and Suzianne, as long as they’re in their own pool, who cares?


Leni is the daughter of Heidi and Seal, not Suzianne’s. I find the story very funny. Leni is only 3 years old, not 6. Give it a break!

brannon on

Speaking of lightening up – for goodness sakes!

I think the story is adorable and see no reason to ban CHILDREN from swimming pools🙂 I’m assuming you are completely against oceans, lakes, ponds and streams? Or have you just never thought about what’s in them?

I love this family. Leni is just the cutest thing! Heidi is so funny! In my opinion, modeling gave her fame, but family really gave her a chance to shine.

iluvallbabies on

Suzianne- That was a little harsh! The comments here are all moderated, therefore it does take some time for them to be approved and filtered though. Its not automatic!

As for the peeing comment- this probably happens by 95% of children in your local pool. Even if kids are toilet trained, TRUST ME they still go in the pool…whether they admit to it, is a different story🙂

Nikka on

Well, it may not be funny to pee in the pool, but that’s why they put chlorine (or whatever other mild stuff) to kill all the germs. It’s not dangerous if one child pees in the pool, not anymore then sweat from the people’s skin. It may be gross but not dangerous.
And thanks for answering my question earlier ! My kids will be bilingual too (if not trilingual) It’s so important that kids know more then their native language only

Tara on

I think its funny and inevitable that kids will pee in pools, but i do kinda agree with Suzianne. Yes it’s going to happen regardless but it wouldn’t harm to emphasize to a child how that behaviour isn’t desired as opposed to openingly finding it funny when they tell you (not that Heidi did, i have no idea what her reaction was when Leni confided in her lol). Just my opinion.

Allison on

Suzianne, I totally disagree. Sarah…I would like to thank you for your website. So many others (perez, x17online) are so trashy. This site is so refreshing to come to. This is actually the LAST blog you want to be nasty in. Its about pregnancy and children for pete sake! Want to be ugly? Give Perez or TMZ a shot.

Melanie on

Just a question… is Leni a Klum? I would have thought she would have had Seal’s last name (even though she’s not biologically his, they’ve always said that he is her daddy and always has been). Incidentally, I don’t even know what Seal’s last name is.

About the peeing in the pool – the funny bit is how she’s so candid. I love kids at that age – they’ll tell you almost anything.

Sarah’s note: Yes, her last name is Klum (or was at the time of her birth). Seal’s last name is Samuel.

heather on

I agree with the people who think Leni is too cute as is her honesty. That’s one of my favorite things about kids, they are so honest and innocent. It’s cute how their little brains work. It reminds me of the other day I told my 5 year old son to get a pair of socks on. He came out wearing two different socks, when I mentioned that he said, “So? At least I’m wearing socks.” I laughed and thought, yep good point! Same thing with Leni, they’re just so innocent that her thought is so I can pee in the pool. I think it’s cute!!! I love this family =)

Suzianne on

I wasn’t being nasty and my second post did not have to be posted to reflect that as it was not intended to be posted. I didn’t think it would be approved by the moderator.
Then I assume it is ok for each and everyone to pee in pools because the chlorine will take care of the problem but watch out if the water is green. It happens I agree especially in babies but a 3 year old who admits it should have been told that it was unacceptable and explain why. Kids are quite intelligent these days.

Sarah’s note: I attempted to reply to you via email, as I’d prefer not to post things like this in the comments, but the address was invalid, hence the posting of your comment, so you’d get an answer.

That being said, I do see your point re: peeing in the pool and encourage discussion on it. A post like your first one is not something that would be ‘against the rules,’ which is why I was extremely surprised at the second post 5 minutes later. The rules are more about curbing namecalling and making sure readers don’t make insulting comments that they would not feel comfortable saying to the parent’s face.

Elle on

Well I grew up with my own swimming pool and I will admit it right now, I peed quite liberally in it. When you think of how many gallons of water are in a swimming pool, with the amount of urine a child can produce– also the fact that urine is sterile– well, you may not like it, but there is no harm done there. It is so so diluted as to be nonexistent. Much more damaging would be improper chlorine levels which will irritate skin and fry your hair.

For children it is very hard to control the impulse to urinate when submerged in water. I thought Leni’s admission was funny and honest. I’m sure Heidi probably insisted that she go before the pool, as I do with my kids, even running the water to convince them to pee when they are so antsy they don’t want to do ANYTHING before getting in!

I used to freak out about the pool but then my dad said consider what happens the minute the water touches your downstairs… everyone’s downstairs! Not to mention skin cells, hair, etc. you are swimming in human stew, before body fluids ever get involved! Somehow I managed to survive it all in a childhood spent in South Florida, swimming in rivers, lakes, oceans, springs, public pools and hottubs, and private pools and hot tubs. Just think of the contamination.

Lara on

I’m hoping that if Heidi and Seal have another girl that she gets the surname Klum. That way half the family would be Klums and half would be Samuels. Why should all the children get the man’s last name? It’s 2008, things change.

Getting sick of the arguments! on

Suzianne, you don’t have to explain at all. 🙂 I’m tired of seeing people getting trashed and accused of being out of line or harsh just because some read things they don’t agree with.

Are we really that much better than Perez Hilton or TMZ or whatever when various people here make snide comments (hinted or otherwise) and constantly find reasons to pick at each other and celeb photos for the cattiest reasons?

Sarah’s note: I tried to email you back re: the rest of your comment, but it came back invalid as well. Please email me at sarah@celebrity-babies.com so I can respond to you.🙂

iluvallbabies on

Ewwwww Elle you are so right!! Ill just use a fan to cool down on holidays now🙂 Haha.

iluvallbabies on

Goodness, all I was saying is I think the post was a little harsh: “What kind of website is this? Lighten up” in my opinion was over the top. All it takes is some patience for the original post to come through.

And I agree that a child should be told its not the “correct” thing to do- Im just not sure they would always listen!!

daisy on

meh…all things considered, there’s a reason why where I come from, kiddy pools are generally referred to as “piss ponds”. Honesty or not, discipline or not, it’s gonna happen people.

meela on

Priceless! It is cute and funny however I hope Heidi told her that she would prefer if she went to the bathroom rather than urinating in the pool. Regardless of the chlorine it’s just unsanitary. She simply needs to be taught the right thing.

Cait on

Here’s a little 411 for y’all … if you were ever stranded at sea or stranded somewhere without water, all of the survival experts will tell you that to stay hydrated, you’re supposed to drink your own urine because, surprisingly, it is sterile.

So, there ya go. Peeing in a pool with chlorine and other chemicals isn’t going to do a dang thing. And by the way, telling her it’s unacceptable and she shouldn’t do it? How are you going to monitor and make sure she doesn’t do it? Little kids ARE smart, you’re right. So smart to the fact that they’ll learn “If I don’t tell Mommy I peed in the pool, she won’t know, and I can keep swimming.”

I’d think the last thing we’d like to teach our children is how to lie.

Alf on

Wow, some people here are totally missing the point.
Heidi told this story to demonstrate the humor and innocence that Leni — her 3 year old daughter — provides.
This was not a meant to serve as a tutorial in how to reprimand children. Heidi never discussed what she told Leni to do afterwards. That’s not really any of our business, and to yak that she didn’t tell Leni that it’s not the correct thing to do is highly presumptive.

Again, this story is about enjoying the experience in raising young children. Treasure it, because they grow up very fast.

jen on

I think urine is only sterile until it is passed. Think about the reason dr’s use a catheter to get a sample. After it comes out normally, it comes in contact with bacteria and that makes it not sterile. Swimming in our own pool I feel alright about, but in public ones it is a really nasty.

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog Publisher on

I’m not too worried about pee in public pools because they dump extra chemicals in them. But still it’s gross just to think about.

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