Kellie Martin talks about her eco-friendly home

03/07/2008 at 11:35 AM ET

Kellieandmaggie Like so many of us, Kellie Martin says that she’s "slowly but surely" going green in her approach to motherhood.  The 32-year-old actress counts eco-friendly Weleda and Avalon Organics baby skin care products, Can You Dig It? organic cotton clothes, Born Free bottles and sippy cups and Haba wooden toys among her favorites for Margaret ‘Maggie’ Heather, her 16-month-old daughter with husband Keith Christian.  Kellie tells Modern Mom that she hopes some day soon "everything in my daughter’s closet, crib, playroom and anything that touches her skin will be free of toxic chemicals."  She adds,

I’m really passionate about keeping everything around your baby as safe as possible!

When she’s feeling as though she needs a little "baby-free" time, Kellie says she enjoys yoga; When the family wants to do something together, they head for the great outdoors, putting Maggie in her "Bob jogging stroller and getting out for a good long walk."  Besides teaching Maggie to "live with an open heart" and to be "compassionate and loving," Kellie says she and Keith hope their daughter will grow up to be equally loving towards the planet. 

I … want to teach my kids to respect the world around them — to live with less ‘stuff.’ Life is a lot simpler without all the clutter.

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Candace on

It’s a good thing she has the money to “go green” in every aspect. Not many people have that kind of money. It’s unfortunate that it costs more money to “go green.” By the way, I’m kind of sick of that phrase. To me, it’s sounds more like companies are “going green”, as in making more money!!

meeeshhelll on

before every woman on this board starts bashing kellie for her healthy lifestyle choices, I wanted to say that kellie’s younger sister Heather died from Lupus when she was about 19 years old. Studies have shown that leading healthy, organic lifestyles can help prevent or at least maintain the disease. i think that is one of the biggest reasons why kellie chooses to feed her own daughter foods that are not processed. You can find out more info about Lupus and environmental factors here:

Maria on

I wonder if Kellie is turning her whole home green or just Maggie’s things? Maybe she should talk to Peter Reckell (Days of Our Lives) who built a “green house.” He lives in a solar-powered home that generates enough juice to sell power back to the utility company. Not only does he make the energy, he keeps his home efficient with insulation made of recycled denim and no carpets.

Anne on

I think its great, however my personal hope is that someday the average mom can afford to surround her children with all natural products. I substitute where I can, but its just not possible for us to do it completely!

Emma on

I think it’s awesome that Kellie is moving towards a healthier and organic lifestyle. We strive for the same in our home, and we certainly are not wealthy by any means. We just cut back in other areas. I hope that more celebs talk up the advantages of living a natural, organic life.

Vicky on

Going green does not always mean you have to spend more money. Yes, the Weleda and Avalon products are expensive, but if you just start cleaning your house with baking soda and vinegar instead of 409 or Windex, you are one step closer to a chemical free home for your children. There are loads of information online about going green in your cleaning and/or household products.

ZBella on

So why no mention of using cloth diapers? Disposable diapers are one major source of waste in our country. We have poop and urine soaked plastic rotting in our dumps and it will still be there 500 years from now. Not to mention it’s hardly free of chemicals (maybe not toxic, but who knows?)

I cloth diaper my 2 youngest children and it’s not that hard. It can be a dirty job, and yes, you have to deal with poop a little more than with disposables, but the effect on Mother Earth and our babies skin is worth it.

Nicole on

Maggie is soooo cute!

thanks for the picture! I loved Kellie on Life Goes On.

Sarah on

I love celebrities who are “going green”. It actually inspires alot of other people to do the same thing. I recently decided to change the way I live with “greener choices”. I just had a baby daughter, and I started buying her eco-friendly baby clothes from Sweetie Pie Baby Boutique. Although some go green choices are a little bit more pricier, they are definitely better quality. Definitely worth the extra buck in my opinion!


Suresh on

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lena on

I just hosted an EcoFriendly Baby Shower for my friend and i ordered a centerpiece from The 100% organic ecofriendly diaper cake was the hit of the party! It was the most unique and creative gifts the mom to be has ever recieved, and it looked beautiful as a decoration! It contained a bunch of useful things the mom will get to use on her baby, including a blanket, recieveing blanket, onesies, burp cloths, dipaer cream , 2 natural teethers, sophie the giraffe and chan pie gnon teether as well as the all natural Natursutten pacifier- the coolest pacifier ever! the cake was very cheap and of the best quality that i came across.. the mom absolutely loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone considering an ecofriendly baby shower gift.