Jessica Alba on pregnancy nightmares and changing her lifestyle

03/07/2008 at 07:05 PM ET

Cash Warren, listen up — Jessica Alba has some news for you about her upcoming labor and delivery! When asked at a press conference yesterday how Cash will be assisting her in the birthing process, the 26-year-old actress joked,

He’ll do whatever I say. That’s what all men do!

With the birth still months away, Jessica is dealing with a side effect of pregnancy — vivid dreams. Unfortunately for her, they’re continuing to come in the form of nightmares.

I’ve had a few of thesepregnancy nightmares. I plan to breastfeed [and I’ve had nightmares about that]. Last night, it was about stretch marks. I got upat three o’clock in the morning and I rubbed anti-stretch marks creamon my belly. Cash was like, ‘What are you doing?’ Whatever my body is going todo, I just want my baby to be healthy. I’m going to give my child asmuch love as possible. That’s really my priority.

Click below to read about what Jessica told reporters who inquired as to the baby’s sex, and changes she’s made to her life since discovering she is expecting.

Wrapping up a European promotional tour for her latest film, The Eye, Jessica repeated again that she is "not telling" whatsex the baby is, but was willing to discuss the changes the cominginfant has brought to her life, including the purchase of a home.

I led a life that didn’t include a child. So I’mchanging my lifestyle to include a family. Everything has to change,from the car to the house. I’m enjoying preparing the nursery.

I’m excited. I’m going to love my child to the most that I possiblycan. I have a different perspective on things now. Things that used tobe so important, like my work, aren’t as much anymore. Now, it’sfamily.

Career is great but life is about your family andlove. That’s much more important than something that can be taken awayfrom you, like if you have 10 movies that bomb in a row. Then you haveno more career. But you will always have your child.

Jessica is due in late May.

Source: Inquirer; Yahoo France

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Jenna on

I just love Jessica Alba! She seems so down to earth and motherly, even with an unplanned pregnancy. I think she is simply stunning. I always love pictures of her when she finally lets her guard down around paparazzi, although I totally dont blame her.🙂 I was wonder where she moved to and what type of new car she was refering to..

tink1217 on

I just love her! beautiful, smart, and she seems to be embracing her pregnancy!! I had pregnancy nightmares too. Mostly about my baby being born with something wrong. They scared the heck outta me!! I didn’t have scary ones about the birth or labor though. Just something being wrong and also one or two about breastfeeding! Can’t wait for Jessica and Cash to have their baby!!

Max'sMom on

You can also see another picture of her on the Yahoo France link below. She insisted in doing an official photo shoot to immortalize that big moment of happiness. They mention that in the link but its in french, thought I would translate🙂

Sarah’s note: Thanks! I’ll use that pic instead.

Max'sMom on

Oh! And I forgot to add…from that shot, I am 99% predicting girl. Now I know many of you will say that the way a woman carries her child is in no way an indicator of the sex of the child etc… I guess we’ll have to wait & see. But I would actually bet on this one :)))

MEE on

Wait, it was unplanned?

Sarah’s note: Yes, she was clear it was a surprise in her People interview.

Anne on

Is it actually possible to predict what the gender will be just by looking at the bump?

Sarah’s note: No, but there are certainly a lot of old wives tales about it!

Anne on

Sarah, what do u predict the gender will be?????

Sarah’s note: I don’t like to guess.😉

ASM1976 on

Jessica does seem like a nice lady, but definitely shy. I think she just doesn’t always know how to articulate her thoughts and she gets attacked for it. I know this baby is going to be beautiful! I hope it’s a girl so we can see her with little pigtails in her hair and leggings!LOL

Candace on

Hearing about Jessica’s vivid pregnancy dreams reminded me of a crazy dream I had while I was pregnant with my first child…..I dreamed I had my baby but it was a BIRD! I was trying to breastfeed it and it hurt like crazy! LOL🙂

Milly on

I think she’s having a boy. I don’t understand why so many people are obsessed with ALL celebrities having little girls. . . Every baby is a blessing.

LolaCola on

I actually think it will be a boy just because I can’t see Jessica with a girl. She looks more like a boys mom.

CelebBabyLover on

Milly- I can’t speak for the other commentors, obviously, but for me personally, I don’t hope that ALL celebrity babies are girls.

Also, keep in mind that, within the past year, alot, and I mean ALOT, of celebrity baby boys have been born. Therefore, I think it’s high time we start getting some more celebrity baby girls!

hannah121 on

milly it’s ridiculous.these days little girls are a rarity

Katie on

Wow, I’ve had nightmares too…of unplanned pregnancy. Before anyone lashes out at me, I have nothing but admiration for parents…I just don’t see it as something I want to do…ever. I think the whole concept of morning sickness and losing control of my body (not to mention lack of privacy in my marriage with a kid coming between us) are the things that freak me out the most. And it makes me crazy when people say “give it a couple years.” (as if my decision is somehow wrong!) Ugh. I honestly have no idea what I’d do if I got pregnant (and I’m married)! I wish the best for Jessica and Cash and that they are happy for life with their family…she looks to be embracing it, and I admire that. Who knows, even the unexpected can bring joy and surprise us in ways we never thought possible.

Starlet on

Just watched her on a UK interview yesterday she talked about how she has craved citrus (oranges and lemonade) throughout the pregnancy.
It’s great a star young people know and look up to talks about breastfeeding, let’s hope it works for her.
I always wonder how star’s manage to keep it a secret as I am sure people notice what type of baby clothes they are buying!
I have to say, I think it’s a girl too!

Anna on

In Europe, you don’t so much look at the womans belly to decide what she’s having. Instead you take a look at the guy involved. Some men look like they only make one or the other and I found it’s often true. Cash looks like he could make both, but we’ll know soon enough.

gabriella on

She is having a boy imo

Becky1 on

Katie, I’ve had those dreams too. I’ll look down and I’ll be pregnant. Sometimes, I think its when I have cramps in my sleep, I’ll even have dreams that I’m in labor. And while we want to have kids some day, we’re not ready for it yet, at all. So definitely a nightmare!!

Natalie on

she’s so awesome!

i think she’s having a little boy too. i can see Cash teaching him how to play basketball lol

Carrie Jo on

I’ve liked Jessica Alba since Dark Angel (they took that off the air WAY too soon!) and I am so happy for her. She seems like she’s a lot of fun, but has a good head on her shoulders.

Katie: Don’t feel bad, parenthood is certainly not for everyone!

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