A peek at Nicole Kidman's pregnant belly

03/07/2008 at 01:26 AM ET

Nicole Kidman may not have much of a belly yet, but she is showing! She was snapped while out with her trainer on Wednesday in Los Angeles, CA. The 40-year-old actress and husband Keith Urban expect their baby in July; they know the sex, but are keeping it private.


Photos by Flynet.

Two more below!


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mari on

I do not mean to seem catty, but doesn’t it seem like she is working out quite a bit during this pregnancy? Of course fitness is important, but she is definitely a high-risk pregnancy given her age and history of miscarriage. I am a bit surprised to see her constantly with a trainer, playing tennis, etc…

Anonymous on

If I were her, I’d never get out of bed for the next 6 months or so. Why is it that everytime I see a photo of her she is either at the gym, playing tennis with her husband or working out with her personal trainer outdoors??? Is she insane?? With her past history of pregnancy difficulties and given her age….I wouldn’t take any chances whatsoever. It’s one thing to want to stay fit & healthy during your pregnancy, it’s another to be obsessive compulsive about your looks. I mean, she’s barely showing & obviously does not need to worry about her weight. Why can’t she just take it easy during her pregnancy? She doesn’t need to work another day in her life so why is she beating herself up about her looks?? She is stick thin for heavens sake, enjoy your pregnancy & embrace the weight gain. I just think these “stars” are so selfish and self absorbed at times. She has been whining about wanting a baby for so long, at her age it’s a blessing to become pregnant. I don’t care if her OB told her it’s ok to work out, she takes it to the extreme.

tink1217 on

what a cute little bump!!!

Elisha on

Mari, I thought the exact same thing. I cant say much though as I don’t have kids yet. If it was me I would be sitting back, enjoying myself, eating wisely and going for a healthy stroll everyday. My baby would be more important to me then my figure. In any event I wish her he very best of luck for this and future pregnancies.

Mari on

I just wanted to point out that I am not the ‘mari’ that posted the first comment.

I think it’s great that she’s working with a professional trainer and paying close attention to her physical health during this pregnancy. This is a much wanted child.

MB on

Can’t she catch a break? For all we know, she’s only walking in these pictures and her trainer is with her to make sure she doesn’t overdo it and has some company. My doctor says you don’t miscarry from exercising. I highly doubt she’s doing anything to potentially hurt herself or her baby. Pregnant women aren’t made of glass, and Nicole has only reported having 1 miscarriage and 1 ectopic pregnancy, correct? I know women who have had many more than that and then still went on to have healthy babies.

minx on

mari, I’m with you, I had exactly the same reaction. She’s (seemingly) constantly with a trainer and working out. Not that one should put her feet up and do nothing but I’d think that, at her age and with her history, she’d take it easy or at least do something less involved like prenatal yoga.

Anonymous on

I’m not too worried about Nicole’s workouts. On this excursion, Nicole was just walking. That doesn’t seem problematic. I assume that she’s consulted her doctor and that her trainer has credentials for working with women during pregnancy. My trainer has certification to work with pregnant women.

Hope on

There’s nothing wrong with exercising during pregnancy, as long as you keep it at the same level you were at before pregnancy, and you modify your workout later in pregnancy (like don’t lay flat on your back). I imagine Nicole exercised quite a bit before pregnancy, so this is just the norm for her.

Amanda on

Well judging by how fit she is I’d say she is not doing any more than before she was pregnant, which is what drs tell you. I was high risk for preterm labor with my second and they said unless I was showing any signs of it to just keep up with my normal activity level, it’s better for both the baby and the mom for the mom to be fit during her pregnancy. A lot of women don’t seen to think that I guess.
She looks great! She probably won’t show as much as some people being so thin and fit but she still has a cute baby belly! I think it’s very refreshing to see someone with such a healthy lifestyle!

rachel on

There may be more to the photo than meets the eye, but why is she lifting up her top in front of the trainer??

Sarah’s note: To show him her progress, or maybe just to get some air on her belly. I know after I work out I pull my shirt out and up a few times to cool down a bit.

Alissa on

I’m sure she got the OK from her doctor to work out. If it was anything serious I think he would have advise her to avoid working out.

On another note, am I the only one that her belly is very small for how far along she is? If she’s due in July that means she’s about 5 months pregnant.

Sarah’s note: It is little, but she’s 5′ 10½”. The baby has a lot of space to grow up before it needs to grow out!

sil on

it looks like a 3 months pregnant belly…..really small for being 5 months, but maybe as Sarah said, could be because she’s very tall and thin.
Anyway, I agree with the posts before about working out too much…but is just my opinion, she knows what she does.

Shanna on

I think she looks beautiful and her bump is just adorable. Finally, a mom I am super excited for to no end!

emmalee on

“Sarah’s note: To show him her progress, or maybe just to get some air on her belly. I know after I work out I pull my shirt out and up a few times to cool down a bit.”

On another site the blogger said that the trainer put something on her, maybe a heart monitor.

Sarah’s note: That would make a lot of sense.

Ivey on

Awww, why are we picking on Nicole….

Brooke Burke works out and has had publicly talked about her early babies,

Bridget Moynahan worked out with John, no problems there.

We don’t know the significance of Nicoles’ miscarriages, she may have had an ectopic for all we know, or god forbid when Tom left her it might have been due to stress, lets give her a break and throw her some Good vibes instead of all this nastiness.

amers230 on

gosh, some celebs just can’t catch a break. i’m sure she’s doing everything with her doctor’s approval and regardless of what you may think by seeing these pics, you really have no idea what kind of workout she’s really doing. like some of the other posters said, she’s probably just walking and doing low impact stuff.

MB on

Ivey: Nicole has said that she had a miscarriage early in her marriage to Tom, and an ectopic pregnancy just prior to or during the divorce proceedings.

Rosalie on

Very cute. Just wanted to add that you are supposed to continue the same level of activity as you did prior to pregnancy. Since she was active prior to pregnancy is is the safest to contiue at the same rate.

Lilianne on

Why are we even looking at a picture like this that was taken during a moment when she is clearly not aware of being photographed. I know that I wouldn’t want my bare pregnant stomach exposed to the entire world in this fashion and would consider a HUGE invasion of my personal privacy. I am surprised to see this photo on this site as the women who run it seem like ultra-sensitive with-it people. Some things are invasive and intrusive and I feel this picture falls under that category.

As for Nicole working out…..so what!! This outfit looks exactly the same as the one we saw in different pictures days ago and was probably taken on the same day. People act like she is a work out machine and that is all she is doing…which I highly doubt.

Sarah’s note: She knew she was being photographed. The other images at the Flynet link show that.

The images were taken on Wednesday. The previous images were taken over the weekend.

m on

She is not fragile. One, She is with a professional trainer and two, I don’t see her running the NY marathon. She is keeping fit and active and giving her baby and body a head start. I’m sure she went got her doctors permission. If she was in SUCH a fragile state she would be on bedrest i am sure.

I recently saw a 6 mth pregnant woman in my spinning class working it! She wore a heart rate monitor and looked healthy, happy and great. I doubt she was trying to endanger her child.

bla bla on

I am not sure what some of you are getting all excited about! No one has said anything negative about Nicole, they just stated an opinion, in a nice way. In comparison to other celebs that have appeared on this site and the some of the nasty things said about certain young celeb mothers, I think that the comments towards Nicole were very tamed and hardly “ragging on her”.You want to see nasty comments on a celeb mother, wait until Britney, Lindsay or Paris gets pregnant, i guarantee you that most of you have just read on Nicole will not even come close to what many ccb readers will post about them-regardless of if the comments are justified.
think about it

Nicki on

My husband works out a lot, and there are women in his “group” of runners, etc….they all continued their regular workouts pretty much as usual…but maybe missing a few more days here and there. I don’t think it’s a big deal if your body is used to it. She looks great!

Beverley on

I, for one, am just glad to see that Nicole is finally able to have a baby bump and realize her dream of having a biological child.

I’m sure, considering how hard it was and how long it took for her to get here, she is doing what her doctors recommend.
God Bless Nicole and Baby Kidman-Urban.

CelebBabyLover on

To all the commentors who have stated that Nicole shouldn’t be excercising so much due to her circumstances-I’m going to say this point-blank: Do you honestly think that Nicole would do anything to harm her baby, especially considering how long it took her to not only get pregnant, but maintain a pregnancy to this point?

I’m sure she has consulted with her doctor and is following her doctor’s advice.

Kathy on

Wow, for being that far along, no matter how tall she is, her belly does clearly look VERY VERY SMALL. I hope she is eating enough and not obsessing over gaining weight!!! Walking is great during pregnancy, certainly not a cause for miscarriage or danger to the baby!! I have never seen someone so small at that point in their pregnancy.

gabriella on

I think working out is great while pregnant, especially if your used to it, and this is coming from me who has always been a health nut. That being said I wouldn’t do it though if I had a history of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies or problems staying pregnant and was 40 yrs old. Why risk it, and she is carrying so small to begin with, she really doesn’t even need exercise. It seems almost all the pics of her usually, are working out or leaving the gym.

maria on

Exercise doesn’t cause miscarriages!! Jeez, now I know why women have such a hard time losing weight after a baby. We are not glass and being pregnant is not an excuse to sit on the coach eating ALL DAY! Now that is unhealthy. Light exercising everyday is great for YOUR OVERALL HEALTH not just to have a nice body. Now if you are on bedrest, of course you shouldn’t exercise but I highly doubt Nicole is doing anything to endanger herself or her baby…

Kim B on

I think she is way too small for being 5 months pregnant. And I have had two miscarriages and on my 3rd pregnancy I was told to take it very easy in the begining of the pregnancy. I think that she should relax and enjoy her pregnancy and not be so worried about her weight being that she already is in good shape. She should take it easy and just do lite workouts and do you really need a trainer to just walk come on if she has a trainer with her she is doing more then walking.

Pam on

Personally, I think she looks fine. She is more than 5’10” tall. I am 5’9″ myself and most tall women like that don’t even ‘pop’ until 6 months at least because the baby has tons of room to grow up before it needs to go out. I didn’t pop until 7 months.

Gabby Reece is 6’2″ and still looked about 7 months when she delivered, and I don’t remember her being questioned. I’m confused as to why people feel the need to comment on Nicole in that manner. In all honesty, I’m pretty sick of having to read comments on it. She’s much taller than most Hollywood women.

She has waited a LONG time for this baby, and I HIGHLY doubt she would do anything to place her pregnancy in danger.

CelebBabyLover on

Pam- I couldn’t have said it better myself! I also want to point out that when Christina Aguilera was pregnant, people were constantly saying that she looked very small for being however many months pregnant she happened to be at the time. She didn’t really look all that pregnant until the last few weeks or so of her pregnancy (I kid you not! Look through the CBB archives for proof).

Not only that, but Christina is certainly not a very tall person. So if she barely showed for most of her pregnancy, it is definitely not unreasonable that Nicole, who, as Pam pointed out is over 5′ 10″ tall, is barely showing at five months.

I’m sure Nicole’s baby will be fine. I know I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but it seems to fall on deaf ears, so I’ll mention it again: I once knew a woman who, like Nicole, is very tall. She literally barely looked pregnant until her she was into her third trimester, and even then she didn’t show much. Only in the last two months or so of her pregnancy did she really “pop”. However, despite carrying so small, she ended up giving birth to a healthy, normal-sized baby.

Sue on

Does anyone actually think that someone who has had trouble with her pregnancies in the past would really place her baby in jeopardy? Apart from that, she is well and truly wealthy enough to afford the best advice and people to help her.
Nicole obviously has looked after herself in the past and keeping up with exercise should not present any problems, in fact it should only be of benefit to her during the delivery and for her recovery. I doubt very much that Nicole’s exercise regimen has anything to do with her figure, rather, being fit and healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Being overweight and unfit is definitely not the way to a healthy pregnancy.

Julia on

Nicole Kidman is doing great. I think that it’s wonderful that she is finally pregnant because god knows she wants a baby of her own so badly. In my opinion, I think that her looks and appearences are better than ever. She is still the young Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and Eyes Shut to me. Keep it up Nicole! (:

Rebecca Brett on

I am actually so happy for her. I am 14 and my mum miscarried and i saw how upset she was. Unfortunately she hasn’t been sucessful in having another baby but Nicole has been. Although i do wish it could be my mum, i wish Nicole and Keith all the best and also Isabella and Connor in become a big brother and sister. I do agree with some of the comments below in her exercising to much and putting the baby at risk but then again it has been her who has experienced the feeling of losing two babies; so i don’t think she’s like it to happen again.
Good Luck to all her family🙂

mandy on

OMG OKAY- im almost 6 months pregnant, 5’4,and only weigh 116. i eat over 3,000 calories a day, and still have only gained 7lbs. I barely show, and according to my doctor, with all my ultrasounds and visits- the baby is perfectly fine and healthy. Everyone is different. It doesnt mean she is starving herself or working out too hard. it might just be her body. she was small before, and there isnt anything a person can do about their metabolism. Exercise helps labor, and im sure as a mother she isnt going to do anything that would hurt that baby in her. people to leave her alone and let her enjoy this pregnancy and stop judging!!! i hate it when ppl talk about my pregnancy and weight. Leave her be!

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