Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska announces fifth pregnancy

03/06/2008 at 08:53 PM ET

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, shocked reporters on Wednesday, March 5th, when she announced,

I will be delivering an addition to the first family.

The 44-year-old is currently seven months along with her and husband Todd‘s fifth child.  The new baby will join siblings Track, 18, Bristol, 17, Willow, 13, and Piper, 6.

Sarah does not foresee any interruptions in her work as governor, and even stated,

I had Piper on a Monday and I was back to work on a Tuesday. I even brought her to work with me.

Source: AOL

Thanks to CBB readers Seander70, Candace, Cecilia and Shay.

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Pam on

Those kids all have AWESOME names. Congrats to her! I’m wondering how in the world she managed to wait until 7 months with her FIFTH to announce it though! Did people really not know?!

Elisabeth on

How did she manage to conceal her pregnancy for this long?!

april on

As a fellow Alaskan, we were shocked to hear this last night. We live in Juneau (the capital city) and had recently seen Sarah in a local grocery store. She sure didn’t look pregnant! How does one keep it concealed for so long?!!

chrissy on

Is that supposed to be something to brag about have a baby on monday and go back to work on tuesday?! I would be ashamed. Why even have a baby?

Mtoo on

Being a Governor is not like an ordinary job…or “job”, as many women have. If her health is fine and the baby is fine, why shouldn’t she go back to work the next day? It isn’t as if she CAN miss much work.

Colleen on

Why even have a baby? How critical of you to say something like that. The governor is obviously in a very unique and very important career. I’m willing to bet she was being slightly sarcastic, but even if she really was back to work the next day, it’s none of your business. Maybe her husband is a SAHD, maybe there was a state crisis the next day, maybe her baby was sleeping so she checked some e-mails. You have no idea what actually happened and therefor have no place to judge. I’m ashamed of other women who criticize other women.

cat on

In defense of Chrissy, I too felt the governor’s comment was a bit much…The way it was said, it was like “not a biggie, just gonna pop this kid out and get back to work”…Sure, we don’t know what circumstances she was in when she supposedly went back to work the next day, but why say that?? It can only be viewed as a “bragging” comment, and really what is there to brag about? As women, we should be proud and revel in the fact that yes, there are just some things that are different between women and men, and one of them is that we can have give birth. We shouldn’t try to play what I think the governor was playing, and that is the “man” game where it’s “who’s tougher than the next guy and I’m not going to let any personal matter interfere with my work”…

finnaryn on

But you have to realize that there are woman who work jobs where you can’t take time off, not even for a baby. I had to return to work two weeks after my first child, had to work from home after the first week with my second, and worked from the hospital 12 hours after my third. If you work in a smaller company (as I did with the first) or have a salary in the top 10% of the payroll (as I had with my other two), you are not protected by FMLA. You either get back in the game or you are out. In the IT field there are 5 men waiting in the wings to take a woman’s job.

Jessica Bird on

With my third child, I went back to work the day after I got home from the hospital. I work from home and at the time was a full-time freelancer, so no maternity benefits or anything. My son was breastfeeding comfortably while I typed at the computer. When he slept, I put him in the bouncer next to me while I got work done. I didn’t really think it was a big deal and I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to wonder why I had a child!!

Think about the “old” days – Laura Ingalls times…the moms had to “work” all day long until the sun went down. They weren’t getting paid for it but it was hard work and somehow no one questioned their decision or ability to parent children.

Elizabeth on

I honestly don’t see the point of a fifth child if you aren’t going to be around. I would personally work and enjoy my other four. And before I get jumped on- obviously other people can do whatever they want.

Jess on

Track and Bristol? Apparently they are NASCAR fans!😉

Renee on

I think some people are assuming that this was a planned pregnancy. From the ages of her older children and her own age, this pregnancy could possibly be a “oops” baby. Either way, it’s not our place to judge her.

april on

In her defense, she isn’t due until mid-May and the legislative sessions end in April here. (Her busiest work time.)In addition, her husband is currently on leave from his job to help out w/the kids. Although of course her job requires much from her, from everything I’ve seen, she’s a great Mom and very “hands on.” She’s very active in all her kids activities. When they first moved into the governor’s mansion she did away w/having the normally appointed chef/cook that is provided for the governor and their family. She said that herself and her family were perfectly capable of cooking for themselves. She’s very “down-to-earth”…as you will find from most of us Alaskans!🙂

Paige on

Congratulations to her.

I was thinking the same Jess.

EVelyn Molina on

I agree who are we to judge, wow the comments on this website are getting a little out of control. I am sometimes turned really off. I truly believe the governor intended that comment to be that having a baby for her is easy and I admire her for going to work the next day.. I know I would never want to detach…but guys lighten up!…everything is a critique, Brooke, the rapper….anyway some “food for thought.”….CBB keep editing the comments.

Anna on

Those of you that so harshly criticized her for her statement may want to read it a little more closely. She said she had ‘Piper on A Monday’ amd ‘went back to work on A Tuesday’. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it was the day after she gave birth. But even if it was- who cares?

mom2tbet on

I think both her concealment of the pregnancy and the comments about returning to work are to assure those people in doubt that her position as governor is still a priority.

I’m sure she will be able to fulfill her duties in a limited capacity in those early weeks, barring any less than ideal circumstances.

J-Lin on

Not only is she responsible for the care of her children, which I assume she does quite well, she is also responsible for her constituents. Her job responsibilities would place her in the same category as the President, doctors, pastors, and ministers who always have to put others before themselves and their families. I don’t think anyone would question her decision if this was a man in those circumstances. I didn’t hear that criticism of Tony Blair a few years back.

fay on

i think its funny that people are so quick to jump to hate on her for going back to work so quickly, but if she said she was going to take however long off after what as april said is one of the busiest times for congress then her constituents (whom i’m sure she’s a little bit more loyal to than us) would be up in arms… and we would be saying that they were wrong…

as we all know, everyone raises their children differently… i’m going to say, i’m only 26 years old, and to hear older women fight about what this woman should do and what that woman should do really makes my head hurt… because didn’t we fight so hard in america’s women’s suffrage movement to make the decisions WE WANT TO MAKE for our bodies, and our children… u don’t want to go back to work the day after having a baby, DON’T but how dare you judge another woman for what she decides is best for herself and her family? isn’t that what america’s all about, and why we’re always telling people from other countries we’re so great, because we have the power of “choice” i can CHOOSE what career i want, i can choose what president i want, i can choose if i wanna take 3 months or 3 days or 3 hours off after having a baby… thats not good for you and your family, YOU have the choice not to do it…

i sometimes worry about when i do become a parent how’s this world gonna work out… i’ve got a m.s., and i’m prolly gonna get an m.ed, and definitely a j.d., but if when i have children i’m gonna be a sahm… am i gonna have to worry about all the other women i go to law school w/ telling me how horrible i am as a woman because i choose to stay home… sometimes u guys are really just… discouraging…😦

Heather on

Interesting info. Her name is on the short list for VP consideration with John McCain. One thing doesn’t really have to do with the other, but have a Veep who is breastfeeding (if she does choose to do that) is an interesting prospect.

finnaryn on

Fay, you are right. We should support other women in their choice to continue working or to stay home. Being a parent is hard enough that we don’t need to get down on our “sisters” about their choices for a career. And I do consider a SAHM to be a career choice.

I didn’t have a choice when my kids were born, not only because of the positions I had at the time, but because my husband was still establishing his career to support us. Since August I have been a SAHM and in many ways it is even harder than working outside the home.

Do I miss working? Yes. There are many things that my job gave me that can not be fulfilled while changing diapers all day. But there are just as many things that now are fulfilled that I wasn’t getting from working outside the home.

Each woman should make a choice that best suits them and their family. And the rest of us need to either support them, or shut up.

Jennifer on

I think it’s good she went back to work. One of the reasons why women get paid less than men (besides just sexism) is that women take time off of work after having children, causing them to lose seniority, raises, and promotions. I’m sure as an educated and powerful woman she realizes this. Men go back to work right away, and if a woman feels well enough to do it, why can’t she? I think Chrissy is assuming the woman as the primary caregiver, but she doesn’t have to be.

Cheers on

I agree with many of the posters above. It is discouraging and sad to see how some are so quick to judge (and often judge negatively).

Let’s try to be positive for each other! Or at the very very least, let’s not negatively judge others based on so little information!

Jennifer on

I was having the same concerns as you- after graduating from an Ivy League school, everyone seemed to think that I was somehow throwing my life away by wanting to be a SAHM. You really can’t let it bother you. Ultimately it’s your child and your life. I actually feel somewhat empowered, being the “rebel” who had a kid instead of becoming an investment banker😉

Sadie on

“I honestly don’t see the point of a fifth child if you aren’t going to be around.”

It’s really sad to see a mother accused of “not being around” just because she also happens to have a job. There are plenty of working mothers who still spend a great deal of time with their children, and there are also stay-at-home moms who totally ignore their children. There are loving involved mothers and also negligent mothers on both sides of the fence. Whether a woman works or not is not the determining factor in what kind of mother she is.

The other sad part about the criticism this woman is getting is that I don’t ever see men being judged in this way. Men routinely go back to work days (sometimes even hours) after their children are born and I don’t see them being attacked, accused of being absent fathers or being labeled as a parent who has their priorities screwed up. The double standard is both disheartening and infuriating.

Jessi on

Jess & Paige-

FYI -I don’t know about the Palin’s being Nascar fans but I do know their kids were not named for this-

Track – is named for the fact that his dad is a major snowmachine racer (the track on a snowmachine)

Bristol-she is actually named for the town of Bristol Bay (a very major part of the Palin’s life)

Just a little info if you cared!!!

And the state of Alaska is very excited for our governor!!!

asdfas on

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Gov. Palin…and her husband, Todd, also an athlete, named their first son Track because he was born in that sport’s season.


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