Brooke Burke on the last weeks of pregnancy and having portraits taken

03/06/2008 at 12:41 AM ET

Brooke Burke is now in week 39 of her pregnancy with herfourth child and first son, due in March 15th. Here, the 36-year-old actress, model, andTV host writes on her Baboosh Baby blog about sadness at the end of pregnancy and having maternity portraits taken.

I’’m still pregnant!  It will not be much longer though.  This pregnancy has actually gone by really fast. Now that I am nearing the end, there is a bit of sadness attached, knowing that it is my last. 

I cannot express how important it is to cherish certain moments during your pregnancy.  I have really bonded with my son during the last few months.  I will miss being pregnant even though I look forward to holding my baby…

Click below for the rest of the blog and more photos.

I know that being pregnant is an incrediblychallenging time, and most of you are probably not feeling so greatabout yourselves.  But, if you can get past that and see the beauty inyour bump, it is so worth capturing.

I am talking about pregnancy photos.  I had a great experience shooting with Linnea Lenkus, who is one of the best celebrity portrait photographers around, and she specializes in maternity photography. 

It is such a personal thing, but she made it so comfortable andintimate that I have had two sessions with her during both of mypregnancies.  I will return to her again to photograph my son.  Myfirst session was with Neriah and Sierra while I was pregnant with Rain.  I went back several weeks ago with Davidto shoot Rain and my growing belly.  Once my son has arrived, Linneawill shoot him and then I will have a whole story.  You can take a lookat my photo shoot at this address.

I really hope you take the time to capture yourpregnancy on film.  It is priceless. Do not wait until the last montheither, because you could miss your chance if you go into labor early.That happened to me with Neriah and I really regretted it. 

If you cannot book a professional session, at least have a friend take some pics, because before you know it, it will be over!

Photos by Linnea Lenkus.

If you missed CBB’s exclusive chat with Brooke, in which she answered your questions, click here to catch up.

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Did you have maternity portraits done, or have someone take photos of your belly?

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gabriella on

All those pictures are beautiful, she is one of the best looking pregnant women ever. I think if ever woman looked like her, skinny with just a cute belly and not one stretch mark after 4 kids, they would have a bunch of kids lol. David, brooke, and those kids are one of the best looking families. Both parents are hot, and all the girls are beautiful. The baby is so cute, a mini brooke. Can’t wait to see her son, and hear the baby’s name.

tracey on

i work in photography – so i was lucky (and persistent!) enough to take a portrait every month (or sooner) and a belly growth shot every week to make my 40 week timeline. now i have a set of amazing photographs to look at – i’m really glad i did it. i recommend all pregnant ladies, or their partners/friends, to get out the camera once a month and capture the beauty of life and the female body.

ZaraB on

What beautiful photos! It’s lovely to hear a woman speak with sadness about reaching the end of her pregancy, rather than just moaning about swollen ankles and feeling fat! It’s clear that Brooke loves being preganant and tries to relish and appreciate every moment for the miracle that the experience is. I love her!

CelebBabyLover on

“I have had two sessions with her during both of my pregnancies”- The way she worded that seems strange to me. Has she forgotten that she was pregnant twice before she had Rain?

sil on

yes, I have photos of my belly at 3 months, 5, 7, and days before giving birth to my girl. Also have one picture with my pregnancy test, so I have all the “story” of my pregnancy in a photo album🙂

ang on

wow such loving must hurt to lift rain up now tho lol!

tink1217 on

wow, those brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful! I especially love the ones of David and Rain. The one of her holding his finger was just gorgeous. Brooke is an amazingly beautiful woman and pregnancy only accentuates that.

MB on

That was what stuck out to me too, CelebBabyLover.
But, it is nice to hear how that she thinks of pregnancy as such a positive experience (being sad it’s over) and I love the idea of memorializing how her belly grows over time. One of my friends has made a photo album entitled Baby: A Documentary, to keep track of how she grows over the entire pregnancy.

Me on

Beautiful photos, but I find it kind of sad that she didn’t mention a thing about including her other 2 children being a part of the photos of this pregnancy. And I agree with CelebBabyLover.. she makes it sound like she’s only been pregnant twice, instead of four times.

Bren on

I love those pictures!! She is gorgeous…I wish I had taken photos of my belly when I was pregnant with my daughter!! but I have none😦 I was going through a diffucult time plus I had stretchmarks😦 I have a lot of my daughter as a baby though🙂

I went to see the pictures and I saw pictures of Brooke with her 2 oldest daughters when she was pregnant with Rain, those pictures are cute too!!

Ps. Can we only use those wraps that Brooke sell when we just had a baby? I still have a few lbs. to go and those wraps seem like they might help!

Melanie on

Maybe this is long overdue since Brooke has been on celebrity baby blog for AGES! but how exactly do you say her first daughters name? Neriah? Obviously the others are pretty straightforward but whenever I see that one, I’m always confused how to pronounce it…

Sarah’s note: Na-rye-ahh.

MH on

to CeleBabyLover,
Brooke probably just meant that in the exact meaning it is suppose to mean: she’s had had two sessions with her before. no other sessions, not with her previous two pregnancies.

gabriella on

What brooke meant was that she used this photographer for both of her recent pregnancies, that’s why she said both because the link she gave on her site showed pics of her pregnancy from rain and now this one. She has made references to neriah and sieraa’s pregnancies in the past, but honestly most people don’t remember her pregancies back than. Mainly because 8 yrs ago when she had her 1st daughter, celebrity pregnancies weren’t so focused like they are now, and I think since she is having these babies with david another celebrity, it tends to get more attention. And even with people I know they say 8-9yrs ago pregnancy was different than it is now, people dressed different, didn’t show their bumps as much, and definitely with celebrities I don’t even remember as many photos of pregnant celebrities from like 8yrs ago. She always includes her older daughters though, on her site the main page has all 3 girls on it. I wasn’t sure now to pronounce neriah’s name either, until I heard brooke say it on interviews, and than it sounded so easy to me. I wasn’t crazy about her daughter’s names at first, but their kinda catchy and flow together now lol.

asherzarakaif on

If you follow the link BB gives for the rest of the pictures, you’ll notice that her older two daughters are actually included in the session. I don’t think that they have been ignored at all, but they may also be at that point in their lives where they don’t actually want to be included in every picture or every outing.

On another note, I really like that BB’s pictures are not totally nude. The point of these pictures is her bump, not nudity. I guess I’m just conservative like that. During my pregnancies, as happy as I was with my bump, the last thing I wanted to do was show off the rest of my body.

Louise on

If you read on the site of the photographer who took the pictures, they have plenty of solutions (in other words photoshop) for stretch marks and other imperfections that people rather have brushed away…

Nicole on

Such beautiful pictures!

Brooke is just lovely….I especially love the picture of her and David together, what an amazing looking couple.

briana on

with them i always get the feeling that the oldest two daughters are left out. i don’t know why i feel this way, but every single time i see a picture or a story i feel this way.
I do think it is a shame to not have included the older girls in this photoshoot. Why just her children with David ? Even just a shot of two with the older girls would have been special. I couldn’t imagine having three children and only doing a photoshoot with the youngest ?!? If the children were all from the same father, it would have never been broken up like that. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

I’m really not trying to pass judgment.

Sarah’s note: There’s lots of pics of the girls on the link Brooke gave…I could only include 3 pics because of copyright, and I chose my favorites.

She may also have a deal with Garth, like Shanna Moakler and Oscar de la Hoya have, to not have the kids include in press and publicity, or in a limited capacity.

Briana on

The previous photos are from the photoshoot when she was pregnant with Rain – she did include the girls in those photos. If she has an agreement with her ex-husband , why would it be okay for her to show pictures of them from the last pregnancy, and not this one ? Plus those are family photos too, even if they weren’t displayed on the website – they still could have been taken. And she says that she only took the pictures with Rain.

I just think it is odd to have a photoshoot with only your children from your current marriage. Or a photoshoot with just one of your children.

If she’s not allowed to include the kids in publicity, then she should be careful of what she does with Rain also. All her older daughters can see is that Rain shown with mommy a lot more than they are.

I am really really not trying to pass judgment, but it seems like you always hear her talk about Rain before the other girls.

gabriella on

Asherzahakaif that’s why I like these pictures too. They get straight to the point and show the baby bump which is beautiful to see, yet brooke is dressed in the pictures . Not like others like christina, britney, etc where their photoshoots seemed more like just nudity and a bit more tacky imo. They’re a great family, can’t wait to hear the baby’s name.

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