Naomi Watts says Sasha still not sleeping through the night

03/05/2008 at 04:54 PM ET

Being mom to 7-month-old Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete is "total euphoria," Naomi Watts tells Entertainment Tonight, for her son is "a true joy, everyday."  Regardless of Sasha’s pleasant demeanor, however, Naomi admits that motherhood was still "harder" than she thought it would be.  The biggest surprise?  Lack of sleep — a situation that she and Sasha’s dad Liev Schreiber are still struggling with, for their baby is yet to sleep through the night.

When she signed on to shoot her new film The International, the 39-year-old actress was still pregnant; The schedule was pushed back as far as possible to accommodate Sasha’s birth and producers hired Naomi a personal trainer to help her regain her pre-baby physique.  But besides the workout regimen, Naomi credits nursing as a big contributor to her postpartum weightloss.

Three weeks before we started filming I decided that I better get into, you know, changing my body back again.  And they gave me a trainer and it was very effective.  And also breastfeeding.  That’s how you drop weight.  Even though you’re just eating all the time … He’s eating (too).

The International is due in theaters this August. 

Source:  ET Online

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Carlie on

Hopefully he’ll settle and sleep right through soon.

I’ve been really lucky with my girls. They started sleeping through from about 3 weeks. I still get the odd night when they won’t go to bed but 99 percent of the time they’ll go right through the night.🙂

tink1217 on

I was lucky with both my kids. They both slept through(from about 9PM to 7AM) from around 8-10 weeks. I have no idea why I just know I was very lucky!!

Vanessa on

Third one was a charm for me. My two older sons slept through the night about 2-ish months. My third? Pfft, he’s 6 months old and just started sleeping through the night a week ago!

Amber S on

my twins slept through the night at 4 weeks, but that was after major surgery.

My 3rd son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 14 months when I kicked him out of my bed and stopped giving him a breast every time he woke up. hahaha

CTBmom on

I was lucky too. My son son did pretty good right from the start, sleeping from 11pm to 7am with only waking up to eat once during the night. Then when he was 5 weeks old, he started whining getting ready for his usual 2am bottle (I adopted him, so I didn’t have the choice to breast feed, lol) but I was so tired, that I picked him up from the cradle before he could wake up all the way and laid him next to me. I rubbed his back and after a couple of minutes he fell back asleep until morning, and from that night on he slept through the night (except for rough night here and there).

tink1217 on

CTBmom, if you ever adopt again…have you ever heard of a supplemental nursing system? It is supposed to help adoptive mothers breastfeed. Medela makes one. I don’t know all the particulars, but it sounds very interesting.

Emi on

I’ve had the extremes. First one slept through at 7 weeks. Fluke. Second one at around 4 months. Last (and I mean last!) one took 2 YEARS! Love her to pieces but she really broke us sleep-wise. It’s amazing how much you can endure provided you get sleep at night.

Sarah on

If she is only feeding him breast milk then of course he is waking up!!! She needs to feed him a big ole meal before bed.

wondering on

My second daughter just started sleeping through the night this past Christmas….She just turned 3!!!!!!

She got night terrors so I was up 3-4 times a night. I was more sleep deprived than my friends with newborns. She still has the odd episode but I think we are out of it. Thank goodness as #3 is coming this summer and I will have to start it all again.

tink1217 on

Sarah, unfortunately nowadays its not recommended to feed exclusively breastfed babies any solids until at least 6 months and then it still takes awhile for them to get used to eating solids. Lots of moms don’t even introduce solids until a year. I shouldn’t say “unfortunately” but IMHO introducing rice cereal mixed with breastmilk or formula and first foods apples or something similar before 6 months isn’t a big deal. We all survived it growing up, didn’t we?? I don’t have food allergies, my brother doesn’t…no one I know does. So, our parents must not have done too much wrong. I do honestly think some babies need that full feeling to be able to go to sleep and stay asleep. Some do, some don’t. Its an individual thing.

Nikki on

Where did this nickname Sasha start?

Sarah’s note: Naomi said in interviews just after he was born that they call him Sasha, the Russian nickname for Alexander. Liev is Ukrainian. In her recent Glamour interview, she calls him Alexander too, so we include both.

Courtney on

OH, I feel her, my almost 9 month old 22 pound son ( who eats 2 jars of food for dinner) is STILL not sleeping thru the night. NOTHING has worked. My husband usually gets up with him all night long ( as we have 3 other kids that I am exhausted nearly all night long). Its rough because ours wakes up crying and you just want to fix it…

Good Luck to her!

Tricia on

My son didn’t sleep through the night until he began eating solids at 6 mos. . . but every baby’s different–some sleep thru the night on breast milk at 1 mo., some take years on solids!

And, some moms don’t magically lose baby weight by breastfeeding–I wish people would stop prescribing that as a sure-fire way to get your old body back! That should go the way of the rest of the old wives’ tales. It’s only a sure-fire way to feed your baby.

Holly on

None of my kids slept through the night before the age of 3. But then again we’ve never used a crib and I’m not a fan of CIO.

PSB on

My little guy wouldn’t sleep all the way through until 10 months old when I decided to cut off the 1am feeding. I think he was just waking up at that time because he was used to it and because he wanted to hang out with mommy. It was tough for a couple of days, but he got used to not breastfeeding at that time and was so much better rested afterwards.

Pam on

My son didn’t sleep all the way through until 10 months, and like some of you had said, it was because I had to get over just offering him a boob in the middle of the night because it was easier. He slept much sounder after I cut out our 2 am feeding.

Shmoo on

Ya, I think this sleeping through the night thing is a fairy tale. My boy is almost 6 (as in years) and I’m still waiting for him to sleep through the night. Maybe once he goes to college. A couple years back I was tired, waiting, but now it’s just normal and it doesn’t even bother me anymore.

finnaryn on

I couldn’t allow my third child to sleep more than two hours at a stretch for the first 2 months and no more than three hours the second 2 months becuase he was a slow weight gainer. He didn’t return to birth weight until 3 weeks.

i-dra on

people have this misconception that babies are supposed to sleep for 8 hours like an adult, but that is just not the nature of a baby mammal. they need to nurse & be comforted all night long. there’s nothing wrong with giving your child the comfort s/he is seeking in the night. s/he needs to feel safe & secure, to know that you are still there to fend off predators. remember, babies are still operating on instinct, not intellect. they don’t know that they are expected to conform to some arbitrary schedule that simply isn’t realistic. i get frustrated, too, when my son tosses & cries for me in the night, but cosleeping allows me to simply nurse him back into slumber & if i lay awake occasionally, i just tell myself that i’m only giving him a few years of my life & devotion while he’s in this ultra-nuture stage, so why not just make the best of it & enjoy the fact that he still needs me. all too soon, he will be too embarrassed to kiss his mommy in public, so i am enjoying our nighttime nursies.

Tone on

Everyone tell me I’m pretty lucky. My son was 4 weeks old when he slept through the night, and now at 4 months he will sleep like 10 or 11 hrs straight. He always wakes up pretty hungry, but if he doesn’t get 10hrs of sleep he is the most moody little guy.

TwinMamma on

Sarah (and others), feeding a baby a large meal before bed is not a surefire way to get them to sleep through the night.  Some people credit that for getting their kids to sleep through the night when actually it has more to do with their age development wise when foods are introduced.  Every baby is different.

Tracy on

I’m with i-dra, not sleeping through at 7 months to me is normal, I’d expect that and oddly to some I’d want that.
It’s not healthy for young babies to sleep through for too long (and alone). They need us nearby to regulate sleep. The SIDS risk is higher for babies who sleep too deeply without company.
Somewhere between 2 and 3 years is when I’d kind of expect some sleeping through.
Once I understood the physiology of it all, remember what a short time in your life this night waking bit is and discovered cosleeping the nights were far more enjoyable. Those quiet dark snuggles are the best!

Shmoo on

I’m with you I-dra.

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