Katie 'Jordan' Price Andre and Harvey in OK!

03/05/2008 at 01:32 PM ET

In honor of Britain’s Mother’s Day, which was Sunday, March 2nd, glamour model and author Katie ‘Jordan’ Price Andre, 29, and her son Harvey Daniel, 5 ½, posed for a photoshoot with OK! UK. In addition, Katie did an interview discussing Harvey’s septo-optic dysplasia and multiple pituitary hormone deficiency, which causes him to have a hormone imbalance, be on theautistic spectrum, and also sight impaired. Along with raising Harvey, Katie and husband Peter André are also parents to Junior Savva, 2 ½, and Princess Tiáamii, 8 months.

Click below for interview highlights.

How Harvey is doing right now:

Heis a nightmare at the moment. His behavior is terrible. Me and afriend went into town the other day with the three kids and Harvey wasfine until he got to the car park. As soon as I opened the boot [trunk] of thecar that was it. It triggered him off.

I tried to get him out of hiswheelchair, he threw himself on the floor and it was that bad that awoman asked if we wanted help. I said: ‘No, we’re alright, thanks.’There were me and my friend trying to lift an eight stone child, whowas flipping like a fish, into the car.

On his tantrums:

I think they’re getting worse because he’s bigger and stronger now.Sometimes I have to hold his legs down to put his shoes on.

I take him out on his own all the time. [If he has a tantrum,] I just have to wait ages until he calms down. Italways happens in public. I don’t really look at anyone else — I don’treally care. If they’re standing there staring I’ll say: ‘What are youstaring at? He’s not an animal in a cage."

On what triggers the tantrums:

Ifwe’re leaving a shop then it’s fine. It’s only if we stop to go to thecar park. He’s normally fine though, he loves flicking things — as longas he’s got a coat hanger or anything to flick he’s alright.

On his check-ups:

Hesees doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, health visitors– all sorts of specialists check up on him all the time. It’s like anMOT every week where he has all sorts of different tests — eyes, blood,reflexes, medication levels, hormones, everything. And he’ll stay inhospital overnight every few months for tests as well.

On the biggest concern:

His behavior — it’s to do with his septo-optic dysplasia and all kids withit have behavioral problems, but each kid is different. The doctors sayhe might grow out of it, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s just the way he is — it’s part of his condition.

He has a tent inthe kitchen where he goes and calms down because that’s what he has atschool as well. And I’m not the type who will give him a smack — thebest thing is to stay calm.

On his weight:

[Right now, he weighs the] sameas me — eight stone [112 lbs]. His weight’s not an issue at the moment becausehe’s also quite tall. Specialists reckon he’s going to be about 6 ft 8in when he’s fully grown. He will grow in to his weight. His weightdoesn’t have anything to do with it anyway — it’s to do with histhyroid and his medication. He doesn’t actually eat much.

On what Harvey eats:

Forbreakfast he has two slices of toast with butter and marmite. At schoolhe has something breaded and maybe some peas. When he’s home he’ll havesomething else that’s breaded and we’ve tried to introduce vegetables.

He’s been eating sausages and mashed potatoes as well recently. We getfish cakes with vegetables in or fish fingers and he’ll eat those if wecut them up in to small bits so it looks like chicken nuggets. We tryto give him peas and sweet corn, but he’ll pick it all off and eat therest or he’ll just throw it across the room.

Wejust keep trying. It was over a year ago we managed to get him to starteating raisins. I think it just depends on his mood. When you give himsomething new he will put it in to his mouth and sometimes, he’ll justeat it and sometimes he’ll screw his face up and spit it out. He wentthrough a phase of liking bananas as well but he doesn’t like themanymore.

We’re always trying to teach him different things and get himto try different foods. We say to the nannies: ‘Please challenge him,keep trying different stuff.’ The school are always trying as well.

On the types of exercise he gets:

Atschool he’ll go horse riding and swimming. He loves swimming but hedoesn’t really need an exercise regime because he’s a kid and he’s upand about, playing. He plays on the swings and slide with Junior, we gofor walks in the grounds, he likes going on the trampoline and he’sobsessed with the treadmill in our lounge! He presses the button andslides back slowly, then likes to catch up.

On what makes Harvey happy:

Heloves praise. If he reads his book and knows all the animals he lovesthat, and he loves when you say, "Well done" for it. If you acknowledgeand understand what he’s saying that makes him happy. He likes gettingin my black car and watching Barney or listening to soul. Ifthere’s any other music he hates it.

He likes looking out of the windowand saying the colors of the cars that are going past — or he will say’Rosie-fence’ when he sees a fence because he associates fences withhis horse Rosie. He loves playing games on his touch screen computerbecause when he does something right, it says: ‘Very good!’ He’s alsogot a little touch screen computer we take on holiday with us as well.

He also loves cold water — he’s absolutely obsessed with it. I run hima bath and then he fills up a bowl with freezing-cold water and lovesto pour it all over himself. He shakes and really laughs and blinks hiseyes. Then he says: ‘More, more!’ He loves being tickled as well. He’salways saying ‘tickle back’ or tickle head.’

On what makes him upset:

People– a lot of people around him or a lot of noise around him. Loud bangs,doors closing, being in unfamiliar places — he hates his routine beingchanged. He knows that Mark the driver arrives with my mum in themorning in a silver car to take him to school — they open the backdoor, then one front door, then the other one and if that routinechanges you’re screwed because he flips himself on the floor and won’tget up for ages.

Sometimes he’ll kick off a few times a day and thenother times you’ll say: "Do you want to watch Barney?" and he’ll justget up and say yes. Sticking to a routine is another part of hiscondition and he goes nuts if it’s changed.

On Harvey’s schooling:

There’sa book that comes back to us every day from his school. The teacherswrite in it about what he’s been like — what he’s had to eat and drink,what he’s done, how many times he’s been to the toilet, anythingdifferent or special that’s happened that day.

I think he knows more colors andshapes than me! He knows the difference between a pentagon, hexagon andan octagon and I wouldn’t know that!

On what he’s like with other children and adults:
He’snot sociable — he recognizes the four kids in his class and rememberstheir names, but he doesn’t interact much with them. He’s fascinated withkids that are a little bit taller than him though – he won’t leave themalone. He wants to go up and squeeze and cuddle them and gets reallyexcited but then he pushes them away. It’s like he doesn’t know
what todo because he’s so excited and so he ends up shoving them away becausehe can’t handle it.
Heactually loves pushing people on the ground and bouncing on them at themoment! He does that with me all the time and also does it to my dad.The more agony you pretend to be in, the more he does it. He also grabsmy dad’s ears and shakes his head.

How Harvey is with Junior and Princess:

He’snot that fussed with Princess — he calls her baby sister and is notthat bothered with her — and Junior he sometimes has time for andsometimes he doesn’t. Junior and Princess get on really well together,though.

We still have to watch Harvey all the time so he doesn’t whackthem — you have to watch him with anything breathing! Junior might givehim a piece of biscuit  and he’ll say: ‘Thank you Junior, now clap,’and Junior has to clap  — Junior knows the routine.

Junior stays out ofhis way, though. He loves his big brother to bits, but he knows not togo too near most of the time.

On what Katie enjoys about being a mother:

Everything.I can’t wait to have more kids. I want to wait until Princess is atnursery, though, so we can enjoy the three we have now. Although we’vejust got a new seven seater, so that’s an excuse to have more!

Source: OK! Magazine, Issue 612, March 4th, p. 42-61.

Thanks to CBB reader Carlie.

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Sanne on

Love love the way Katie handles this and Colin also though… As a disabled person myself I knew how important it is to stay down to earth and grounded. Thumbs up!

Melissa on

God bless her! She seems like a great mother and a lot of people would not deal that well with him and bother to bring him in public knowing he would throw a fit.

Noelle on

It must be so difficult to have a child like that. I really commend Katie for being what sounds like a very loving, nurturing, hands on parent, especially to such a high needs child.

You can tell Harvey loves and trusts his mom very much. The pictures are adorable.

On a less important note, I like Katie with dark hair and less boobs!

Noelle on

It’s always so heartwarming to see someone like Katie Price, who has a certain reputation especially in Britain, to mother someone like Harvey. She seems to love him more than anything, but still is very aware of his condition and doesn’t try to pretend it’s not an issue. Bless her heart for being the best mom she can be to him.

Mrs. Garcia on

I personally don’t like her, but I do have an enormous amount of respect for her becuase of how she handles herself and her son. And you can really tell she loves him unconditionally.

jing on

what charming mother/son pictures!!

she looks great with dark hair.

FC on

I love the new interview and photos with Harvey. They’re all so sweet, and the one of them making faces at the camera is cute! She seems to be a great mother to him–to all of her children–but I guess I just love reading about how she and Harvey are doing. He’s such a sweet boy despite the disabilities he’s facing.

tink1217 on

My I know how she feels. Although my son does not have the same types of problems Harvey does….it is still really rough sometimes and has been almost unbearable over the years…especially in public when he would throw a tantrum. I would get the rudest looks. I admit it hurt me too. They knew nothing about my child yet they pass judgment on me as a parent. I finally adopted the attitude Katie has and just tried to be calm about it. Kids with special needs usually do have some type of behavior problems (sometimes just from their own frustrations). Over the years it has gotten much better. Katie seems to love that boy so much. I don’t necessarily like her, but I respect her as a mother.

fay on

i always love to hear jordan talk about harvey… i always feel two ways, i feel bad for her, because it seems harvey is REALLY putting her through the ringer, but ont he other hand, she doesn’t ever seem like she wants the sympathy… more like these are the hands God has dealt, and these are the hands that i’ll play. it seems that Harvey is the same size as she is, peter’s not so big, and his disabilities seem quite severe… (i remember seeing a photo shoot they did when he was just about a year)i’ve always admired her for not just putting him away, and really allowing him to be a part of the family… i know people who are not in the entertainment industry, but high profile in their community who’d just rather not be bothered. and i applaud her for not doing anything like that….

does the father (i think his name is dwight) have ANYTHING to do w/ him at all?!

Heather on

I never knew who Jordan/Katie Price was until a few months ago. Now I am officially fascinated. I think she handles her son’s medical problems with grace but I also like that she doesn’t sugar coat things. She tells it like it is and I appreciate that. You can tell that she and Peter adore their children🙂

ps – I also think she looks much better since her most recent plastic surgeries although I’m a proponent of going natural with beauty and age.

Chris on

I have to admit, I really had no clue who Katie Price was(still don’t really) but every time I see her with Harvey it makes me smile. She seems to be really great with him. She doesn’t seem ashamed of him. Every time I see a picture of her & Harvey together, he’s always smiling and you can tell it’s not just for the cameras. I really respect women like her who can handle these types of things, plus she’s in the spotlight, married and has other children to care for on top of it. What an amazing woman!

Stef on

See, last time there was a post about Harvey, I said he had a type of autism and I got yelled at.

Is there a major difference between being on the autistic spectrum and having autism? Honest question here, because, man, that person got upset.

Carlie on

Fay, Katie said recently that Harvey last saw Dwight a year ago. He doesn’t really bother with him and Harvey doesn’t really know who he is. He classes Pete as his dad because he’s the only father figure he’s ever known.

I love Katie, I think she is so honest and that’s what I love about her – she tells it as it is.

If anyone gets the chance, read her autobiographies because they’re really something to open your eyes about. I’m just about to buy her third autobiography, can’t wait to read it🙂

lis on

I have such a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Katie. It’s so empowering to see a mother with a special needs child with such a fantastic attitude. I especially liked that she was able to admit things aren’t rosy with him right now, but that it doesn’t change how much she loves him. Not a lot of people – celebrity or not – would be willing to give such an interview.

Beckie J on

I admire Katie alot because shes had so much to deal with, with Harvey and has been dealing with the negative comments from people and the slating in the press. Shes a great mother and all three of her children are very very lucky to have a great mother like her , Katie just says it as it is and even though she crap she sometimes gets is very hurtful she deals with it professionally and with the right attitude .

Ashley on

I really admire Katie and liked hearing her talk about Harvey. I agree–she seems like a great mom.

The only curious thing–why is she wearing a sweatshirt and only underwear (no pants) in that one shot where Harvey is backing up to her/acting as though he’s going to sit on her?

Courtney on

Stef, The way that I have been explained is that Autistic Spectrum is a wide varieties of disorders, many kids who are autistic will have several of the disorders. My daughter has Sensory Integration disorder which basically means her senses get overwhelmed very easily and she will flip out. It can be as little as the lines on socks or the texture of food. But my daughter is not autistic. It is 2 different circles of things….most kids who have autism will have different things on the autistic spectrum, but not all kids who have things in the autistic spectrum have autism.

This is how it has been explained to me, but maybe there is someone who can explain it better.:)

Courtney on

I love her as a mother to a child that so many people wouldnt be able to handle. It’s heartwarming. It makes me see her as a different person that what she otherwise portrays.

A person with ASD on

Stef- I have an Autism Spectrum disorder myself and I have both read and been told several things about the spectrum.

Techincally, there IS a difference between having Austism and “being on the spectrum”. Autism, basically, is one disorder on the spectrum. In otherwords, when you have Autism, you are “on the spectrum”. However, there are several other disorders on the spectrum. These include Asperger’s Syndrome (often referred to as High Functioning Autism), Childhood Disentegrative Disorder, Rett’s Syndrome (which is unique in that it is the only Autisum Spectrum Disorder that affects only females. While the other disorders affect both males and females, most of them are more common in males than females), and Persasive Devolpmental Disorder (usually called PDD-NOS, the NOS meaning “Not otherwise specified” for short).

If you have one of the above mentioned disorders, you are also “on the spectrum”. However, when people refer to someone as being “on the autism spectrum”, they usually mean that the person has an autism spectrum disorder other than Autism. Those of us who have Autism Spectrum disorders, along with our parents, teachers, friends, etc., usually refer to ourselves as having an “ASD”.

Basically, Autism is just ONE disorder on the Autism Spectrum.🙂

Sara watson on

I Really don’t know her so i cant say i like her or not, but i respect her and Praise her for how she is with her son.. Most ppl ive seen or know wouldn’t put up with something like that, and to see her so positive about the whole thing is very Refreshing to me!

WTG Katie!

Pam on

I don’t agree with some of the things Katie says and does, but I give her an A++ for how she is with Harvey and how she deals with his problems. Brava. You can tell in the photos how happy he is.

gabriella on

She seems like a good mom to harvey, and I really like her hair more brown than when she had it blond. That being said it seems every few weeks she is on ok magazine with either harvey or her other children, but mostly harvey discussing the same things his health. Once in awhile on a magazine is ok because all celebrities do that at one time or another, but why so much. You don’t see other celebrities doing that on a regular basis. I just don’t think there is much to same every month or so. I’m guessing she probably has a deal with ok magazine, and they pay her to go on regularly and do photoshoots and interviews.

Lisa Palmer on

You are really letting your website down by giving this moron of a woman any coverage. Remember this ‘mother of the year’ refused to breastfeed as she found it ‘disgusting’.

Linda on

katie gets a lot of good press, but have you read what the former nanny says about her and peter as parents? it’s not nearly so flattering as these fluff pieces that get passed on here. also, he’s been injured an awful lot due to inadequate supervision. i don’t know… i’m skeptical.

Lorus on

I love that picture of her and Harvey looking into each other’s eyes. You can see the love so clearly. She seems like such a loving mother.

mary on

WOW, Just have one question is Harveys father have anything to do with raising him?

Heather on

Linda –

Harvey was injured once with burn. Katie and Peter were downstairs at a gathering and I believe a nanny (unsure if it’s becky or not) was in charge. I think I am unsure if it was a nanny.

A mirror fell off the wall and injured him some months later. Neither Katie or Peter were in the house when this happened.

The ex-nanny (Becky) was actually fired, because she told Katie and Peter that she was at her Dad’s for some kind of emergency and actually she’d gone on holiday to portugal. Katie and Peter fired her and now she’s angry so she’s lashing out.

Katie’s not perfect and she’s never pretended to be. She’s blatantly obvious about things people disapprove of.

Heather on

Mary –

Dwight Yorke is Harvey’s father and he has nothing to do with him. Harvey considers Peter his father and calls him Dad.

Nicole on

I think Katie is looking best I’ve ever seen her look.

She seems like a good mum to her kids…..very hands on.

Amie Jane on

i think jordan is a fab mum she nows how to look after kids shes so lucky to have peter andre well i must say its a shame what harvey has got shame he cant see what a lovely mum he has and family i think

Anon on

Ashley; you are worried about the fact that Katie is wearing shorts in a photo shoot but no one has mentioned the ‘sponsers’ on the right hand side of the page.
Cant CBB get some nicer sponsers than 18 yr old half naked girls flaunting?

Kate on

I want to commend this family, Katie is absolutely and unequivocally one of the most wonderful and dedicated moms that I have ever seen- the fact that she chose to have 2 more children so early on in Harveys life, (knowing the time, patience and care Harvey requires) shows in my opinion the capacity she has for caring for his special needs-

tammy on

she is wonderful the way she looks after harvey.i work with children who have the same condition and they are very challenging.
she is amazing

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