Demi Moore and daughters in Harper's Bazaar

03/05/2008 at 02:01 PM ET

Actress Demi Moore, 45, and daughters Rumer Glenn, 19, Scout LaRue, 16, and Tallulah Belle, 14, all pose for a spread in Harper’s Bazaar‘s April issue. Along with husband Ashton Kutcher, 30, and ex Bruce Willis, 52, they form a successful blended family that goes against the Hollywood norm. According to Demi, that’s exactly how she wanted it to be for her girls.

I didn’t bring somebody into their lives lightly … Being with meisn’t about just being in a relationship with me; it’s about someonestepping into a situation where there is already a huge level ofresponsibility.

Look, I’m the product of divorced parents, and my brother and I werethe pawns in my parents’ game. I never wanted that for mykids.

For his part, Ashton has been pleasantly surprised at how positively everything has turned out — despite initial reservations.

At first, I didn’t know how it was all going to play out, buteverything fell into place. I just had to get over my ego, which was screaming, ‘This guy usedto sleep with your woman.’ And I listened instead to the little voice inside that was whispering, ‘This guy loves and cares about your woman.’ Once I did that, it was a cakewalk.

Weall support each other. I’m occasionally overwhelmed by everyone’sgenerosity. Iam eternally grateful for having them in my life. That makes me want tocry and hug them and cry a little bit more.

Click below for the rest of the article –including what Tallulah thinks about having an attractive stepdad!

However, youngest daughter Tallulah reveals that having a stepfathercloser in age to her oldest sister than her mother (11 years vs. 15years) has had its own unintended consequences.

I was in fourth grade [when they got together], so it didn’t hitme as much as it did Scout andRumer. But it still hit me a little, and it still does now. I find itweird that people think my stepdad is hot.

I love it. We are onebig family. Late at night, after a long day, we can sit around andlaugh with each other.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar via Us Weekly, People

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Carlie on

I love how their situation works. It’s nice that they’re all mature enough to just get on.

I think they’re really good role models for today’s society and how, if you’re in the middle of divorce, then it doesn’t always have to end bitterly, and you can get on for the sake of your child/children.

Harley on

I have always admired their decision to be parents, regardless of divorce and be active in eachothers lives. It’s more than a weekend with mom or dad, it’s the true blue, walk the carpet together and go have dinner together that I love about them. If only more couples could be like them.

Marie on

I have such admiration and respect for their family. All three adults work so hard to make it work and to give the girls a wonderful outlook on life.

I have to laugh at Tallulah’s comment about people thinking her step-dad is hot. I wonder if she realizes that some of us think her DAD is hot!🙂 And personally, I find Bruce more my cup of tea than Ashton, though Ashton is a good looking fella too.

Kudos to all of them and making the most of their situation.

chicki on

Wow, I used to think that the youngest one looked just like her dad, but I’m amazed by how much she looks like Demi now! Lucky kid!

Michelle on

I think Bruce and Demi, and now Ashton too, have done a wonderful job with the girls. It’s refreshing to see that their girls don’t seem all caught up in that bratty teenage Hollywood life. You don’t read about them drinking, showing up w/ out panties on, , driving drunk, druges, etc. I hope they always stay so level headed!

Liss on

It’s wonderful how they all get along so well. Most people don’t deal with divorce that easily.

asia's mom on

I don’t want to offend anyone with my story, but I totally understand where they are coming from. My daughter was 2 when I came out of the closet and got into a relationship with her “other mom”. She has raised her as her co-parent, and my daughter is her whole life. When we split up she was 11 and the only thing she asked for was for us to continue to live together. She didn’t want to be a product of “divorce” and have to split her lives between the two of us. She wanted to maintain her life the way it was. We had to learn to be friends again, which was not easy, but we put her first, and did what we had to. Now she is 15, very well adjusted and happy. Anyone that came into my life, I just let them know our situation, and they could either accept it, or not. I currently have someone in my life, we have been together for the past 3 and a half years, and it has worked out well for all of us, and most importantly my daughter is happy. So it does work if you try.

Natasha on

Michelle I’ve seen some pictures of Rumer that would change your opinion about her, but anyways, I think they way they raise their girls is stable and thats the way it should be🙂

Lindsay on

Of all the girls, I think Tallulah actually looks like the perfect blend of her parents. Rumer is mostly Demi, Scout is mostly Bruce, and the youngest is going to end up being the most gorgeous of the three.

Montoya on

Lindsay, I agree that Tallulah is the most attractive, although Scout has the prettiest eyes.

lis on

I have a great deal of respect for this family – all of them. And they seem very happy with everything, I think it’s just fantastic. It’s so nice to see adults acting like adults.

tink1217 on

Marie, I agree…Bruce is definitely more “my cup of tea” than Ashton will ever be!! LOL. I do love their family dynamic. It works and thats what is best for the kids and all involved. I think Tallulah is definitely the most strikingly beautiful. Rumer is pretty, but her features seem harsh to me. Rumer does party a bit but what teenager doesn’t…its just when she does party its all over the internet!

Carol on

They do a great job of raising their daughters through the divorce. But somebody said you don’t see them in clubs and drinking and I’ve seen pics of Rumer coming and going at clubs quite a lot recently and a video where she was kicked out of a club since she wasn’t yet 21 (thank goodness somebody is keeping track!)

terri on

Asia’s mom, I think you’re story is great. You put your daughter first and who could ask for more than that?

All of the girl’s are attractive, but I find Scout particularly pretty.

Michelle on

I’m the one who said I didn’t hear about them partying, but now a couple of you have said that’s not the case with Rumer. I hope she doesn’t let Hollyweird get to her too much and I hope Demi and Bruce keep an eye on what’s going on, not like some of these parents of celebs.

Courtney on

I love how this family works, Im not sure I could do it. Kudos to ALL of them for making the best of what is normally a rough situation.

II know I will probably get blasted. But, as a mom of 3 young girls, there is NO WAY I would let my child pose with that short of skirt, showing that much leg,at her age. It kinda creeps me out.

I just think that everyone complains about how kids grow up too fast now days but then we have a CHILD posing for what could go on the cover of a men’s magazine…

OK blast away…LOL…I can take it.

Pam on

I love the way they’ve worked things out. And I like how Ashton was honest here. It HAD to be hard at first, working things out with Bruce. You have certain emotional roadblocks, as he was saying.

gabriella on

Rumer looks like demi, scout like both demi and bruce, and tallulah just like bruce IMO.

Elisabeth on

I think Scout is the most attractive of the bunch. The little one is cute too.🙂

Vegas TLC on

Courtney wrote: “I know I will probably get blasted. But, as a mom of 3 young girls, there is NO WAY I would let my child pose with that short of skirt, showing that much leg,at her age. It kinda creeps me out.”

THANK YOU, COURTNEY — my thoughts exactly! I thought Tallulah’s pose had a little too much of a “Pretty Baby”-esque feel to it. I was hoping I wasn’t alone in my interpretation.

CTBmom on

I LOVE this family. I think it’s wonderful how they have put those girls first. And I am agreement with a couple of others who said that they find Bruce more their “cup of tea.” I think Ashton is very cute, but I have been drawn to Bruce’s smile ever since Moonlighting. Okay, yeah I know I’m dating myself with that comment,lol.

asia's mom on

Thank you Terri for that very nice comment. Usually people tell us they could never do it, and it just seems too weird for words.

And Courtney, you are 100 percent right. It makes me very uncomfortable to see young girls posed like that, especially in magazines where you don’t know who is looking at them, and what they might be thinking.

Dee on

I am the same age as Demi. While I admire her skill at making money and putting her career on a back burner to be a mom, I still can’t get past the weird names she gave her kids. I guess in Hollyweird their names are no big deal… LOL

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