Wife, daughter of sportscaster sustain injuries during childbirth

03/04/2008 at 12:13 PM ET

A Boston-area sports radio broadcaster has taken a leave of absence from his station in order to tend to the health of his wife and 5-day-old daughter, both of whom were injured during the baby’s birth last week.  Glenn Ordway, 57, host of WEEI’s popular afternoon program known as the ‘Big Show,’ announced his decision in a written statement released by the station yesterday.   

This past Thursday night, my wife Sarah gave birth to a baby girl that we named Mia Grace Ordway. Unfortunately there were complications in the final stages of the delivery. As a result of those complications our baby suffered a significant trauma injury.  In the process, my wife Sarah also suffered an internal injury as a result of the childbirth.

Devoting his time to "nurturing Sarah back to health" will hopefully "allow the mother and baby bonding process to happen and subsequently increase baby Mia’s chances for a recovery," Glenn added.

Source:  The Boston Channel

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Tracy on

Oh wow, I’ve never heard of such a horrible birthing experience. What does this mean exactly?

Though I am not familiar with this family I wish them ALL the best for a full recovery!


Carlie on

I wish them all the best in the recovery process. Hope all turns out wel

Piper on

Does anyone know what was it exactly that happened? What was the complication?

What a terrible story.. I wish them the best and a quick recovery!

Sarah’s note: No, they’re keeping it private I guess.

Cyn on

Wow, I will keep this family in my thoughts. Hopefully everyone will heal properly.

Robyn on

I am a huge “Big Show” fan. I’m pretty sure that it is one of the top or the top radio sports show in the Country.

This is just sad….

He has not announced any more information now.

The best to Glenn and his family…

Elizabeth on

Heartbreaking. They are in my prayers. Elizabeth

Shanna on

So sad. My fiancé and I listen in to the Big Show VERY often here in Boston and am very sad for him and his family. Prayers go to this lovely man for strength to help his wife back to health, and nuture his little one.

Boston Loves you Big Guy!

Elisabeth on

I was injured as my mom was giving birth to me. Her doctor was going out of town on vacation the week of my due date so he induced my mom a month early. I wasn’t coming out, and he used forceps in a rough way to the point he cut a part of my ear off, and he cut my mom to the point they stopped counting how many stitches she had. At her check up he said “well at least I didn’t get her nose!” Needless to say that was the last appointment my mom had with him. He lost his medical license and we learned I wasn’t the only one with the same injury. I had nerve damage and my left eye looks like I have a bruised eye when I’m overtired), and my ear looks normal except for a scar and indentation above it (the plastic surgeon did an awesome job!) thats hidden by my hair.

I hope Little Mia Grace and Sarah recover fully very soon the best to them and their family!

M on

i was thinking forceps perhaps,too. im so sorry you & your mother were treated that way,elisabeth. glenn,sarah,and little mia are most certainly in my thoughts and prayers for a full recovery!!

Allison Steigerwalt on

I’m wondering if she suffered a brachial plexus injury to her arm maybe? My son’s right arm is paralyzed from the birthing process. He got caught under my pelvic bone and due to excessive traction, the nerves in his neck were torn. He’s had four surgeries so far. It’s been a nightmare!
Hope everything turns out ok for mom and baby.

Hoping for the best on

I feel so sorry for the family to have to endure this at a time when there should be so much joy. However, this makes me wonder why so many women on this site “down talk” other moms who prefer c-sections. Childbirth is painful no matter what way the child comes out. Having a healthy baby and mother is the only outcome that should be desired.

I pray that mother and child will make a full recovery.

neoflon on

Hoping for the best, we don’t have all the details: perhaps this was a c-section. While I’m all for them when they are actually medically necessary, people seem to forget that they are serious abdominal surgeries that carry a great deal of risk on their own. In no way should they be considered a “safe” alternative to natural childbirth except in very specific cases.

Frank Rizzo on

I don’t like the BIG O. I think he’s a pompous ass but I hope his wife and daughter make a full recovery.

Zaidra Grimes on

I, too, had a daughter who was injured at birth. I also had a cut that was long as the Sahara Desert. My daughter has what is known as a Brachial Plexus Injury…3 nerves were completed torn from the spine, and has had 4 surgeries-to-date. She is doing wonderfully, but still has a long road to recovery. My heart and prayers go out to this family. You are not alone.