Sarah Michelle Prinze admits when the time is right, she will have children

03/04/2008 at 09:44 AM ET

Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze has been married to husband, actor Freddie Prinze Jr., 31, for five years but children are not in their future — for the moment.  The 30-year-old actress states,

I sometimes feel like I’m doing something wrong. But when the time is right, we will. I just turned 30. There’s traveling I want to do. There’s charity work I want to do.

I’m learning to believe in myself more, and I’m realizing things that I’m capable of accomplishing. And when we do have children, my husband and I will have such a strong foundation because we’ve given our relationship time to grow.

Sarah changed her last name to Prinze in honor of their 5-year anniversary last fall. She will still be known professionally by her maiden name.

Source: MSN Entertainment

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Heather on

They’re lucky that they found each other and married at young ages so there’s no need for them to feel rushed to have children.

beautbabe on

30 is still quite a young age for some people. And I totally agree that when one is pregnant, travelling would be more troublesome. Its hard to enjoy when you also have to take care of a baby…

TwinMom on

I can totally see where she’s coming from. Hubby and I were married for about 5 years before we even discussed having kids. I guess we just really enjoyed each other! Then in our 6th year of marriage, we had a birth control slip-up and I got pregnant with twins! I’m so glad things worked out that way, but also grateful that we had 6 years of total freedom. Like Sarah, I feel that it made our relationship that much stronger.

Carrie Jo on

I have a lot of respect for these two. It really does seem like they have a good solid foundation for their relationship. They seem to be very smart and I’m glad they’re doing things their own way despite public pressure.

gkaussietykes4 on

I like that she changed her name. I can’t believe it’s been five years. I thought it was more. Congrats to them, and many more. These two seem to have things together. Maybe because they keep themselves out of the limelight.

Julie on

My hubby and I waited 7 years to have our baby and we also got married fairly young.
Those years of being married first really helped us to have a solid foundation and now we are absolutely thrilled to be parents.

Renee on

Good for her waiting on when she feels ready before having kids.I probably won’t be ready until I’m 32 to have kids myself.I want to enjoy some freedom after I get a career. I admit though I’m a bit sad she changed her name.

Heidi on

I agree with her completely and I love that she’s come out and said that she’s focusing on her life and her relationship before she has children. My husband and I have been married for 3 years and I’m so glad that we’ve had that time together pre-children. And when we’re ready, we’ll start trying!

Sasha on

More power to her for making a mature statement about her and Freddy’s own personal choice and she shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s nice to see.

PSB on

My husband and I waited four years before having a baby an I’m really glad we did. I can completely understand why women who get married older would want to do it right away, but if you get married young like Sarah Michelle did, I think it’s wonderful to have time as a couple and to travel without having to pack a stroller, carseat, diapers, etc. everywhere you go. I miss traveling with just one suitcase!

I’m with Renee on the name change – mainly because it looks so bad now. Too much of a mouthful. IMO she should have just kept her maiden name professionally and gone by Sarah Michelle Prinze in her private life, if she wanted to honor their anniversary. Now they are going to have to order extra-wide billboards just to fit her entire name on the poster!

Sarah’s note: She is Sarah Michelle Prinze privately and Sarah Michelle Gellar for her movies, we just threw the Gellar in there for the post because we weren’t sure which to use.

Elyse on

I think Sarah totally has the right idea. When I get married I want to wait at least a few years to spend with just my husband before bringing a child into the mix. It gives you a chance to grow as a couple and have a strong relationship, which you will need with having kids. She still has plenty of years left to have kids, and it sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders.

Courtney on

Congrats to them, they seem very focused and mature. Its a very personal decision when to have children and either way can be great. I was 5 months pregnant on our first anniversary. We were recovering from a very fresh miscarriage on our second anniversary. By our 3rd we had 2 kids and by our 4th anniversary we were 7 months pregnant with our 3rd. I never felt like we missed out of free time or anything. The things we do, such as travel(around the country and then some) we do as a family, just the 6 of us. There is nothing to me that compares to seeing the world thru the eyes of a child.

I really like these 2…its nice to see a young couple still be married in hollywood 5 years later..:)

LaurieF on

My husband and I waited nearly 5 years before we started trying and I am so glad we did.We did lots of travelling and spur-of-the-moment stuff… it was a lot of romance!! We also got to save up and buy our house so we were financially secure before the first child came.Although I love being a mom (we have 2 kids),I look back fondly on what I call our second honeymoon.

Corey Morgan on

Sarah Michelle Gellar is awesome. She is a role model to me (and im a guy). I totally think that changing her name was such a sweet thing to do, and I respect her so much, and she is totally awesome. Lol… xox sarah you rock!

Bancie1031 on

She said “I sometimes feel like I’m doing something wrong. But when the time is right, we will.” I wonder if they have tried and haven’t been able to get pregnant??? Either way I just love SMG and FP! I can’t wait for them to have children.