Michelle Collins on why girls shouldn't mature too quickly

03/04/2008 at 06:55 PM ET


British actress Michelle Collins has seen a lot of young girls mature too quickly, and she wants to make sure that daughter Maia, 11, is not one of those.  The 44-year-old mom has written about why she doesn’t believe girls should grow up so quick.

Being a parent is scary –- I worry about all sorts of things.  My life completely changed when I had Maia.

When you have children your priorities are different.   I’ve got three friends whose children have been anorexic, and it’s happening to kids who are much younger these days. Young girls are so obsessed with their weight and that does make me worry a bit.

But you can only do your best. And thankfully, for now at least, I have nothing to worry about with Maia. She is brilliant and is head girl at school. Luckily, Maia is very anti-everything — she hates smoking, drugs, everything.

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We were talking about how brilliant Amy Winehouse was the other day and I said to her, ‘You know the other stuff she does isn’t cool, don’t you?’.  She knows. And she just went, ‘Oh Mum, don’t go all psychological on me’.

She also loves Kate Nash, who is very clean-cut –- I heard Kate even loves knitting. She’s a really good role model for an 11-year-old.

And I do monitor what my daughter watches on the television too.

I’ve always been a bit careful about her watching some reality shows because you never really know what’s going to happen in the Big Brother house, do you? But she loves Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor. We voted for winners Paul Potts and Leona Lewis.  I’m not sure I’d like my daughter taking part, though, because how many of them go on to be actually successful?

Hardly any. And what happens to the rest of them after their five minutes of fame? I’m surprised we haven’t had more casualties among the would-be stars who have been rejected. There was a guy on a Big Brother-type show in Sweden who committed suicide because he was evicted.

And look at child stars like Lena Zavaroni, the Jacksons, Jack Wild who starred as the Artful Dodger in Oliver! –- so many tragedies.

Sometimes you have to think, ‘What are we doing?’. There is a lot of pressure on young kids.  Having said that, Maia and I loved watching X Factor together –- especially the auditions. We shouldn’t laugh but they’re hysterical.  Maia’s seen a couple of episodes of Rock Rivals, about a TV talent show, and she loves it. 

All her friends love X Factor so, who knows, it might make me cool.  Being on Doctor Who made me cool –- for about a week.

Source: The Sun

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Alexa on

I hadn’t heard of her before, but I love this interview. It seems like too many little girls are looking and behaving like teenagers before they’re even 10 or 11. Maybe I’m just too uptight but I thought that age was about dance recitals and swimming at the local pool.

Mari's mom on

As a daughter of a 10 year old I am so happy to hear other parents addressing these issues. Knowing what your child is doing and asking questions is called responsible parenting to me. I am surprised at what some of my daughter’s classmates wear and their obsessive interest in boys already. There are consequences. Thank goodness my daughter is levelheaded so far and prefers clothes that are comfortable, but fairly fashionable.

Colleen on

I think this is hypocritical of her. I realize that she is talking about an 11 year old and that is not on the same level as an adult, but she talks about vanity like it’s a bad thing and a bad influence on her daughter. Yet, Michelle has said before that she would consider plastic surgery, and by the looks of this photo she has had some. Also, anorexia isn’t about being skinny- it is much deeper than that- Michelle should know, as she was anorexic herself in her 20s.

Ans on

This article certainly does not leave a good impression on me. I don’t really like the tone that came across. Because Kate Nash knits, she’s a good role model? That’s just one of the things that annoyed me. But eh, it sounds like her daughter is on track, and that’s good, seeing as she’s only 11.

Starlet on

I think many of her comments are incredibly true. Sounds like she is level headed about what she wants for her daughter, refreshing!

mrs upton on

I live in London and see many girls throwing their lives away on boys and alcohol which gets you nowhere in life other than pregnant and stupid. Good on this girl for thinking it’s all rubbish and life is more rich than all that. My daughters are 5 and 15 and they both have very strong morals. No alcohol, smoking, dating. They have goals and see how girls who drink and date end up..it’s very evident on Britians streets. It’s a turn off, boring, a waste of life. It’s naive to live like there’s no tomorrow. Youth is to be cherished, not to act like a (irresponsible) adult. My girls know this and also know how important things like marriage and education are. Give credit to those who are raising good kids, not all kids are losers. I grew up moral, strict (but not in a religious household), and HAPPY. No matter what, I knew that dating too young and poisoning my body was a waste and happiness ws to be found by enjoying life, living healthy, having good friends and adventures, travelling, going to Cambridge, all this wouldn’t have happened if I had boyfriends when I was too young, drank and smoked myself into bad health. Cherish life, live it, love it, and love yourself enough to care about what and who you are. It’s no coincidence that I’m a happy adult and happy with my choices as a youth, that I have a wonderful husband who shares my lifestyle and our kids are destined for a good life. Every child can be raised with a healthy attitude, and looks like this child is being raised right. No use talking her down. Congrats! Smart kids do exist.