Rumor: Jamie Lynn Spears expecting a boy?

03/03/2008 at 09:39 AM ET

Jamieandcasey MSNBC’s gossip column The Scoop reports this morning that Jamie Lynn Spears, 5-months pregnant with her first child, may be expecting a son.  A recent shopping excursion to Petit Tresor with big sis Britney Spears, herself mom to two boys — 2-year-old Sean Preston and 17-month-old Jayden James — apparently had the girls buying lots of infant items in light blue, including organic baby blankets by designer Robbie Adrian.  Quoting an unnamed source, The Scoop reports,

Britney originally said the items were for herself.  None of the items could have been mistaken for being purchased for the two kids Britney already has. 

However, Jamie Lynn, 16, has been in Louisiana ever since she announced the pregnancy in December, so we’re marking this one as untrue.

Source:  MSNBC

Thanks to CBB readers Lisa, Shaine, and Betty.


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Melissa on

I don’t really believe this. If Jamie was out shopping with Britney there definately would have been pictures. Also, Lynn has been leaving her in LA when she goes to CA to see Britney

Natalie on

yeah, we would definitely see pics of them shopping

isn’t this the same thing that happened to Jessica Alba?? i remember reading rumors that she bought a boy onsie from that same store too.

meh, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Olivia on

I have read on many sites that she is having a girl.

Carlie on

Unless Jamie Lynn or immediate family confirm anything, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

Max's Mom on

From the beginning I had a feeling that she was having a girl but I kind of hope that she will have a boy. Even though I think Britney is a good person deep down :), I can see her being jealous if her sister has a girl.

Pam on

Yeah I was going to make mention of the fact that she hasn’t left louisiana since the OK photoshoot and interview was done. The article can’t be true.

danielle on

I’m sorry but any stories that contain the words “Petit” and “Tresor” I discount as being false immediately, unless they are accompanied with actual photographs of the exact purchases as they are taking place. And even then I’m wary!

JMO on

hmm well she does have a registry online. Looks like little baby Spears will arrive near July 10th.

Chicki on

Are we really into guessing about the sex of a 16 year old’s baby? Ick. I don’t dislike Jamie Lynn at all and I wish her a lot of luck with the baby, but something about this speculation seems wrong. She went back to Louisiana to “lay low” and I think that should be respected. I think I may also be a little old-fashioned, but I’m not looking forward to seeing any baby bump pictures of her either. When Danielle gave us the opportunity to vote on this awhile back I voted “no” to coverage on her. Just my opinion.

Campbell on

JMO, where did you see the registry? I wanted to try to find it. Also, I agree, that would have been to hot a photo not to have been published(that would make a cover). And I agree that by all accounts JL has stayed in Louisiana. She could do alot of shopping on line, I think.

Candy on

Why lay low now? It’s already been reported that she is pregnant at 16 with her first child. She isn’t the first one to have a baby at a young age and she will not be the last. We only focus on her because of her celebrity sister and the fact she was in Zoey 101. I wish her well in what ever she does in the future. What is done is done and we don’t need to give it any more attention. She is surrounded by family and friends and I believe that she will get through this chapter in her life. Good Luck Jamie-Lynn

Ginger on

Her registry’s at She’s got some John Deere toys on there so that sounds like a boy to me! But, of course, little girls can chew on a corn teether, too!

tink1217 on

people make up registries all the time!! I won’t believe it either way until she announces the sex or has the baby. I just wish her lots of luck. Its gotta be hard being a mom at 16. Heck, I was 19 and it was hard!! At least she does have family support though.

Ivey on

This is one of those fine line discussions, you don’t want to glamorize teen pregnancy but you don’t want to ignore it either.

Hopefully parents will discuss it with their kids rather than pretend like it is not happening….as for the sex of the baby, I tend to doubt the source, but they have a 50/50 chance of being right!

Tara on

Nope, don’t believe it 😉
I have absolutely no problem with her being pregnant nor do i feel uncomfortable at the prospect of seeing a baby bump. I wish her the best!

Shelia on

If someone feels like CBB is glamorizing teen pregnancy by posting updates on Jamie Lynn then all hey have to do is not click on the links that make reference to her, or just not visit the site at all. The majority of people who responded to that poll said they did want updates in Jamie Lynn. I don’t even know why CBB had that poll they did not have one when Keisha Castle Hughes got pregnant.
When a teen girl gets pregnant we tell her her life is ruined, it’s like saying that having a child is the worse thing that can happen to someone who is not prepared. Why did we not say the same thing about Jessica Alba whose baby was not planned? Yes she is older but that does not mean she will make a better mother than Jamie Lynn. Why is a baby a celebration when the mother is over 20 but a disaster if the mother is under 20?

The only suggestion I can give to those who don’t want to see Jamie Lynn updates is to just bypass the posts.

Sarah’s note: We did the poll because we had a number of complaints, and we wanted to see if it was from majority or minority of reader. 64% thought it should be covered like any other pregnancy.

JM on

Campbell, my cousin showed me the registry awhile ago and she had over 200 items on it but now it looks like a lot has been taken off. I honestly don’t know why they’d have them knowing nosy people (like ourselves) would want to check them out! But the girl had about 4 different kinds of strollers on it before! I was like honey you only need one, maybe two but four? don’t think so! lol

As far as posting the info I don’t see why not however I guess some know that this sites becoming popular and young girls may venture on and see the postings. But it’s not like the news won’t post it eventually either. I just don’t think CBB should go overboard with the amount of exposure she receives due to the overwhelming amount of young girls that may be looking at the site. That’s just my opinion.

Kaylie on

What is her myspace page URL?

Katie Hoffman on

Jamie Lynn Spears said she found out shortly before thanksgiving. She could have already found out the sex.

Judyb on

Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy has been all over the news and I am sure that most people know about it. I do not agree that shielding girls or pretending that Jamie Lynn is not pregnant is the answer. I think Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy gives mothers a chance to talk to their daughters about teenage pregnancy. The answer is in between shielding your daughter and screaming “you will ruin your life.” There is nothing wrong with calmly discussing the fact that there are consequences to a teenage pregnancy with preteens. The idea is to keep the lines of communication open.

paula on

I don’t think her life is ruined, and I certainly wish her well, but, I agree with Chicki. I’m uncomfortable following her pregnancy. I guess I just won’t click on the links anymore.

CelebBabyLover on

I agree 100 percent with all the commentors who have stated that they don’t believe any reports from Petite Tressor. That place is notorious for making up stories just to get publicity.

Also, while I haven’t looked at Jaime Lynn’s supposid baby-registery on babiesrus, I’m guessing it’s a fake. People make fake registries all the time.

Anyway, I’m hoping that Jaimie Lynn has a girl, since so far, all the recent Spears children have, to my knowledge, been boys. Britney has Sean and Jayden, and I believe Britney and Jaime Lynn’s brother Bryan has a boy as well (granted, I am unsure as to whether or not he also has a daughter. All I know for sure is that he has the one son). The Spears family needs a little girl….and I’ll bet Britney will be absolutely thrilled if she gets a little niece (since she was reportedly wanted a girl when she was pregnant with Jayden)! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I apologize for getting slightly off-topic here, but I wanted to add….It saddens me that Lynn has been leave Jaime Lynn in Lousiana when she goes to California to see Britney. I mean, from what I’ve heard, since Britney’s first hospitilization back in early January, practically her whole family has seen her. Her parents have seen her and her brother has seen her. The only one who hasn’t seen her is Jaimie Lynn.

Poor Jaimie Lynn must feel left out. Not only that, but I have heard that she and Britney have always been very close. I imagine they both must be missing each other like crazy!

Jennifer on

So sad, I heard Jamie Lynn is fighting with Britney. Kinda. Apparently Jamie Lynn asked Britney to be her maid of honor and Britney wants nothing to do with the marriage. It’s so sad. But I can’t wait until she walks the red carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards – MARCH 29th @ 8PM. I wonder what she’ll wear and whether you’ll be able to see her cute belly or maybe she’ll cover it up. It is a kids show after all. Let’s just hope the host JACK BLACK doesn’t rip on her, I think it would be too much, too soon. You should head on over to to see who she’s up against under FAVORITE TV ACTRESS. I’m working with Nick right now, and we just want to know one thing, WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE GET SLIMED?

(Maybe Jamie Lynn, I doubt the slime is bad for her.)

Tanya on

I don`t understand why Jamie Lynn would try to hide her growing belly under big clothes and laying low now, when shes already told the whole world about her teen pregnancy..
We know, so why hide the baby bump? And I don`t understand the fuss about how awful it is that she got pregnant so young. I think she should be applauded for chosing to keep her baby. A baby is a gift from God no matter what! Most pregnant teenage girls would had an abortion, which really is sad.

trish on


rosie on

omg i cant believe that she is pregnant i think she is having a girl though