Nicole Kidman at the gym on Sunday

03/03/2008 at 05:34 PM ET

Nicole Kidman was spotted gently touching her belly while leaving Montana Avenue’s Revolution Fitness in Santa Monica, CA, after a spinning class on Sunday. The 40-year-old actress and her husband Keith Urban, also 40, expect their baby in July. They know the sex but are not sharing.


Photo by Flynet.

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tink1217 on

i spy a tiny baby bump! can you believe other sites are spreading rumors she is wearing a prosthetic bump and a surrogate is actually carrying the baby??? I was appalled at that!! I am really so happy for Nicole and Keith!!

BostonMom on

I am all for exercise during pregnancy, but isn’t spinning class a bit much? I hope she took it easy!

Katie on

In some magazine she said at the Oscar “He’s sleeping right now.” Does that mean that she is having a boy!

melanie on

She looks so tiny to be 5 months already. I wish her a healthy pregnancy & baby!

Jill on

I wanted to mention to those who might think Nicole looks really small, I carried just about the same way. I am tall like Nicole, and many people would say comments to me like “why are you so small”, “you must be having a small baby” and the worst was when people would ask if the baby was ok! I went on to have a 7lb 9oz healthy baby girl.

Emma on

Can anyone tell me what a spinning class is?

Sarah’s note: A group cycling class, usually set to music with different moves to be done, like hills, climbing, etc.

Cheri on

It was Cate Blanchett who made the comment that “he’s sleeping” not Nicole Kidman. Cate is pregnant as well.

Kim on

Actually I read in a magazine as well, here in Australia, a comment that Nicole had said, something about ‘he’. Yes Cate did say ‘he’s sleeping’ but Nicole said something a bit similar mentioning ‘he’ in referring to the baby.

Sarah’s note: This is what our Fashion/Gear behind-the-scenes contributor Anya said about it:

“This is from In Touch magazine….

There’s a spread on expectant mothers at the Oscars…under Nicole’s picture it says “With her bump barely showing under her Balenciaga gown, all eyes were on Nicole Kidman’s priceless L’Wren Scott necklace, made with 7,645 individual diamonds. Backstage, Nic let it slip that she’s expecting a boy. ‘He’s kicking a lot!’ she told a pal.”

Then under Cate’s picture it says “The double-nominee said she felt very pregnant in her Dries Van Noten gown and revealed she, too, was having a boy: ‘He’s asleep.’ “”

Amber S on

I know she looks small, but people have to remember that she is VERY tall and long. That baby has plenty of room to hide.

Unlike 5’1″ people like me who get asked if I’m having twins when there is only one because I get so huge. lol

Jessica on

I know some people will say “he” even if they don’t know or if it is a girl.

Kat on

Yeah, her bump is small. Nicole is a bit taller than me and my bump was a similar size at that gestation. In fact, this time last year, my pregnancy was still a secret from the general populace (meaning everyone outside my family) and I was due in June!

tink1217 on

I know with both my pregnancies I referred to the baby as “he” quite a bit. Just out of reflex I think. I had a girl and then a boy.

MB on

seeing as she supposedly told a “pal,” i doubt the validity of the statement. i mean, cate made her comment in front of cameras, right? so unless nicole makes a comment to paps/interviewers i won’t believe it. also, jessica is right: some people say “he” just so they don’t have to say “it” and may switch between “he” and “she” if they don’t know/don’t want to share the sex.

allison on

I dont think she is that small. I too am tall (5’8) and I gained in total 25 pounds during my pregnancy and everyone told me the same thing…you are so small, only belly, you will have a small baby. Even my OB was convinced that I would have a 6lb baby. Nope 8 pound 9 oz healthy baby boy. Good for her for not using pregnancy as an excuse to go crazy with eating!!

ella on

I cannot believe she is 5 months pregnant. I know I know it’s been said already it’s because she’s tall and what not but sheesh. Especially in that second picture she looks so not pregnant except for the boobies of course which are bigger than her usual. Maybe she will just explode toward the end.

ella on

Allison, I think you are completely missing the point. The observation about her being small has got nothing to do with her eating habits, if you remember Bridget Moynahan who is also very tall had a belly up to there and yet her body in general remained quite slim. So I don’t think she was “eating like crazy” as you suggest is the explanation for all those with big baby bumps.

LolaCola on

She is very tiny and I don’t think it has to do with her height but maybe her previous size. How many super models have we seen on this site who balloon up after 4 months? My sister on the other hand who was suffering with anorexia before getting pregnant was very tiny until the end, and she had a healthy baby. I’m not sure what’s going on but I hope everything is ok.

There are lots of rumors circulating. One is that Nicole actually has a surrogate, but wanted the public to get off her back so she gained some weight and announced she was pregnant. I don’t think this is the case because I would hope she would be a voice for women who have trouble TTC just like Cindy Margolis and not hide behind a lie.

CelebBabyLover on

tink1217- Oh my gosh! Really? After hearing that (about how other sites are spreading rumors about her wearing a prosthetic bump and having a surrogate carrying the baby, that is), I’m appalled, to! That’s just as bad as what all the tabs, and even the general public, were saying about poor Katie Holmes when she was pregnant with Suri (in Katie’s case, however, even worse things were said, i.e. that the entire pregnancy was faked and there was no baby)!

I can see why those things were said about Katie (not that I think they should have been said or that she deserved it!), but I cannot believe that that stuff is being said about Nicole! No wonder some celebs, like J-Lo, choose to keep quiet about their pregnancies for several months!

That said, why do people always assume the baby is a boy when the celeb says, “he”. Like other commentors have said, lots of people will refer to an unborn baby as “he” even if they know it (I hate using that term to refer to a baby, but I can’t think of how else to phrase it) is really a “she”. I’m not trying to criticize, just curious as all!

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to say that I agree with the posters who have said that the reason her bump is so small is because of her height. I know a woman who is fairly tall, like Nicole…and barely showed even when she was in her third trimester! It was only in the last two months or so of her pregnancy that she popped!

Also, Christina Aguilera, who isn’t a very tall person, didn’t really show at all until her sixth month, and even then her bump was very small. She didn’t really pop until late Decemeber, just a few weeks before she had Max.

All of that said, keep in mind that this is also Nicole’s first child, and women often don’t show as early or as much with their first child as they do with their second, third, etc.

Ashley C. on

I dunno, is something that intense, spinning, GOOD for a gestating baby? Seems like her heart rate being up at the cardio level would be bad.. I thought things like yoga and more gentle exercise were the standard for pregnancy. Especially considering Nicole’s age and proclivity to miscarrying, it does make you wonder..

ZBella on

I had to see if others were as surprised by her tiny/non-existent bump as I was. 5 months along – and I don’t see anything. Maybe the workout pants and top are holding the baby in? I hope she and the baby are fine. Eating like crazy is good for the baby!