Is Minnie Driver pregnant? Give us your opinion!

03/03/2008 at 11:51 AM ET

Rumors are swirling that actress Minnie Driver is expecting her first child.  However, the 38-year-old has neither confirmed nor denied the story.  She attended 16th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party on February 24th, where she answered questions about a possible pregnancy with a ‘no comment.’  Last evening, she attended the Fade To Black VIP screening.  What do you think — is Minnie pregnant?

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Photos by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images; Startraks.

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Pam on

Oh yeah, definitely a baby in there.

Jaime on

I would think that if she weren’t pregnant, she would have denied it when people asked her–as opposed to saying ‘no comment’!

Delilah on

Well judging from what I’ve read out and about. She seems to be getting more press from NOT confirming one way or the other.
But she definitely has pregnancy boobs in the first shot.

Karen on

Well if she is not pregnant she needs to fire her stylist because, she looks like she is wearing maternity clothes. I say pregnant.

amylamy on

i think she’s pregnant, if only because of the “no comment” line. she does kind of look pregnant, but she could also have just gained a little weight. i say pregnant though.

iluvallbabies on

Definitely pregnant. Normally she has the flattest stomach ever!

“No comment” always equals pregnant, too.

m on

According to Page Six, she is totally pregnant.

Sarah’s note: Yup, that’s the post we linked to! I think she is too. 🙂

nina on

I thought this was already a fact.. not a doubt.

Sarah’s note: Nope. She hasn’t confirmed anything and it’s not yet to the point where it’s undeniably obvious.

Katie on

Is there a way to look up where her clothes are from? Are they maternity clothes? I think she’s definitely pregnant..according to what I’ve read and how she looks here. She’s usually pretty svelte. She’s looking fuller.

JM on

anyone who is not pregnant should be able to say, “no sorry I’m not it’s just rumors!” anyone who uses the “no comment” answer is totally giving it away!

By the pictures I’d say maybe but by the answer I’d say for sure!

Mtoo on

I remember years ago reading in a style magazine (Vogue, I think) that she hates empire waists because she thinks they make her breasts look smaller. Yet, here she is wearing two! Definitely pregnant!

Carlie on

I’m starting to think maybe she is because she hasn’t come out and actually denied it – just the no comments.

But I won’t actually say I do believe until it’s actually confirmed.


She is SO pregnant!

yaosa on

Yup, she looks pregnant to me. The empire style gives it away in my book and plus she has that glow:-)

Judyb on

She looks very beautiful especially in the first picture.

I haven’t followed her life too closely. Does anyone know who she has been seeing/or is married to?

Sarah’s note: If you click the link to the rumor in the post, it sounds like she has a British boyfriend named Matthew.

Mel on

Honestly? It’s none of my business. I’m not gonna play the is she or isn’t she game if she apparently wants privacy. Besides, posting pics with her wearing outfits like this will always get people to say she is and start the gender predicting rush…lol!

Kirstin on

Ok …so preggers!!!!!!!!!

Ivey on

yuppers, if you’re going to show up at an event then it is fair game, we are allowed to guess!!!

So I guess yes!! And I think she looks gorgeous as well.

Ginny on

Definitely pregnant!! they always deny it before they confirm it.

cat on

Definitely pregnant!! Her face looks fuller too in the second pic than usual, and come on, that first pic??? obviously a an earlier commenter said, she usually has the flllllatest tummy, so this would make no sense otherwise!

Sasha on

Lol, the sparkle in her eye says it all! that and the empire waist gown.



kemp on

i think she’s pregnant. she’s wearing maternity clothes and she’s so glowy! i hope she is. i love her- such a beautiful & talented entertainer.

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog Publisher on

She just looks so happy so I am leaning towards yes….

CelebBabyLover on

Ginny- Actually she hasn’t confirmed OR denied it. All she said was “no comment”. That said, I have to chuckle at all the: “If she’s not pregnant, she should just say, ‘Nope, sorry. It’s just rumors'” and “If she weren’t pregnant, she’d just deny it instead of saying, ‘no comment’ comments.

Lately, no one seems to believe celebs when they outright deny their pregnancy either, as many HAVE denied being pregnant when they really are (e.g. Nicole Kidman, JLO, and Gwen Stefani). That makes me feel bad for celebs who deny being pregnant…and they truly aren’t (for example, Fergie denied pregnancy rumors not to long ago, and nobody believed her). It seems like these days, if you’re a celeb and you look pregnant, there’s really not much you can do to convince people you aren’t pregnant (except for maybe drinking wine or something!).

Anyway, I am not going to speculate one way or the other on Minnie, unless it becomes totally obvious.

Ashley Michelle on

Not sure if she is preggers but she does have a certain glow about her! I love her on the Riches and am absolutely ecstatic that the new season is starting March 18th!