Mariah Carey says the timing isn't right for children

03/03/2008 at 02:26 PM ET

Telling Yo on E! that "having a kid is a commitment for life," songstress Mariah Carey says she’s just not ready to take the plunge into motherhood and that she "wouldn’t [have a baby] because it’s part of a trend."  Being responsible for a pet is a challenge in and of itself, Mariah says, adding, 

I really would have to be very, very positive that I was in a place where I could completely focus and put everything into the job of being someone’s mommy, because it’s hard enough to have a puppy.

When asked by host Michael Yo if she has a ‘deadline’ for kids, Mariah laughed, replying "I don’t really think that exists anymore."  The 38-year-old added that "whatever is meant to be will be." 

Source:  E!

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Michelle on

What a refreshing sense of honesty!

Daisy on

Good for her! At last, someone who isn’t using pregnancy for publicity and who can be honest that she isn’t in a good place for it. Yes, being a good Mum to a puppy is a big responsibility too when done correctly, so she is not being blind to the fact that it all takes WORK, no matter what the species. on

I love Mariah! I think that she is a different person personally than she is professionally. I found her prior comments on wanting to have children with a husband refreshing in Hollywood. I know it’s not for everyone, but it seems like lately it’s not for anyone! I guess I’m old fashioned. 🙂

gabriella on

I don’t think mariah will have kids, I always feel the same way about janet jackson. But that’s ok even though I like children and always wanted them, they’re not for everybody in this world.

AM on

Hmm, someone should tell Mariah that there actually is a deadline for having kids. That said, it is nice to hear her honesty about wanting to have kids with a husband and about it not being a good time.

Voiceofreason on


I think she’s referring to the fact that she doesn’t really want kids and so ergo there isn’t going to be such a thing as a deadline for her as it is an irrelevant consideration, but that I guess if an accident happens…

(IMO what a stupid question considering she’s already stated she doesnt’ want them). Not the age deadline, just that.

lis on

I really admire Mariah for her answers here 🙂 It’s nice to see a woman be honest about not having a desire to have children.

Elizabeth on

I don’t think she’s saying she doesn’t want kids, just that she wouldn’t want to have them in the wrong circumstances. Extremely admirable, IMO. I wish more people had that attitude.

cat on

wow, I was pleasantly surprised by Mariah’s comments. I can’t say I am usually a fan, but she really sounds so honest and logical here. Good for her!
P.S., I must say I am geting a little tired of always reading one or two CBB readers constantly harping about “there’s a deadline to have kids, etc etc”. In my opinion, there is NOT. Of course, biologically, unless someone chooses to freeze their eggs or whatnot, there is a certain timeframe, but there isnt such a hardcore deadline for more “unconventional” ways to include a child in a family I think…Take a look at Oprah for example…She may not “have” kids, but no one could ever say she isn’t like a sort of mother to all those girls in her school in Africa…Different women, different ways…

Steph on

I’m not a big fan of Mariah but her comments here really made me rethink my opinion of her. She seems super smart and honest. She knows what she wants and isn’t going to have a baby just because it’s becoming “popular” in Hollywood, now.

Very awesome.

B.H.Campbell on

Finally, an honest celebrity. It’s sad when having “babies” is considered a trend – what happens to the kids when the trend fades away? I agree that taking care of pets can be just as time consuming. I have two kids and two dogs — that’s enough for me. I think celebrities are pressured into children — while only a select few follow a CBC life …. “childfree / childless by choice” — and are strong enough to admit it.