Seal, Heidi Klum, Leni and Henry head to carnival

03/02/2008 at 03:33 PM ET

Singer Seal, 44, and model wife Heidi Klum, 34, take two of their children, Leni, 3 ½, and Henry, 2, to a carnival in Los Angeles, CA, on Saturday.


Photos by Flynet.

Kennethcolereactionsilver Leni is wearing Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids Glitz N Bow shoes in Silver ($40).

Henry’s shoes are by Etnies.

T_106_21 Leni is wearing Barefoot Dreams CozyChic toddler hoodie in white ($52).

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emmalee on

I can’t believe Henry’s not even 2 1/2 – look at how tall he is!

They are such cute children.

Sarah’s note: He almost is! This month.

allison on

I love this family! I love that CBB and other blog sites refer to Leni as “their” (including Seal’s) daughter. What a happy family. Does Leni’s biological father ever see her?

Sarah’s note: No, Seal has said that he sees they have a great family situation going and he knows it would be disruptive to Leni to intrude on that.

Mary on

Aww, don’t the kids look so cute dressed up in their outfits. Love Leni’s whole look with the pink bows in her hair and ballerina tutu. Very girly. And how cute, they’re both munching on half of a bagel lol!

Madison on

Allison Flavio doesn’t think he is the father of Leni, he said in an interview that he thinks a german reporter is the father of Leni.
Neither he or Heidi ever said in public that he is the father of Leni.

Sarah’s note: When Heidi announced the pregnancy, if I remember right the statement read something like, “Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore are excited to announce…” Maybe I’m totally off?

Madison on

Flavio was always the assumed father of Leni. I never heard Heidi or her family talk about who the father was.
I couldn’t find a link to a english report about it, just a few german once.
But here
they write something similar

Anna on

I never heard that Flavio Briatore denied to be the father to Leni. He even visited her after she was born but they probably never bonded because of Seal or because Flavio didn’t want to. Heidi never wanted any money from him and there are rumours that he was upset because he assumed she “forced” him to the child by not using the pill. But who knows?

On topic: those costumes are so cute! And yes, Henry is really tall!

sushi on

those children are so beautiful. Henry is adorable with all his hair and is the perfect mix of Heidi and Seal. He represents their love, and is really lucky to be the son of such talented and nice people.
Seal said that Flavio is not selfish because he doesn’t ask for anything. I supposed that what Seal meant was that the man never asks to see his daughter. I have to disagree with that:
Flavio Briatore is selfish for many things:
-he dumped heidi when she was pregnant
-he doesn’t recognize his beautiful little girl
-he claims that Leni is not his

hopefully leni is too little to understand that.

Zoe on

I love Leni outfit and hair style!
They’re both getting so big! LOL

Leni is wearing Barefoot CozyChic® Toddler Hoodie – Style 513
in White,-$52.00

Henry is wearing Etnies shoes

Colleeen on

Sarah, you are correct. At the time they announced the pregnancy, they were both excited about it and Flavio talked of marrying Heidi. It was scandalous at the time because Heidi had just gotten divorced. Here is a link to a story about the announcement, but I couldn’t find one of the actual announcement.

Judyb on

Leni and Henry are so cute.

Seal and Heidi seem to be so devoted to each other and to their children. I am glad that after all Heidi went through she ended up finding a good man.

tami on

Do you know if Leni’s last name is Klum?

Judyb on

BTW, I think Johan is cute too. My first comment was about these pictures. I don’t want anyone to think I was snubbing Johan.

Kate on

They are such beautiful kids! I love fact Seal and Heidi are such hands on parents! Hope their “babies” grow up appreciate it!
I just can’t get enough of this family!
“babies” as in a endearment, they are so not babies! LOL

Becky on

Its good to see LA, from the vantage point of children, particularly cute little munchkins, like these. I love also seeing the child of Tori Spelling, Courteney Cox, Laura Dern, out enjoying their lives –often in kiddie costumes, clown paint or just riding their bikes.

The ‘night life’ and club pics of adults are interesting. But, there’s a sense of hope and innocence underlying the pics of the younger children, that is so nice and idyllic.

Carlie on

Awww they both look so cute!!

And Leni is such a pretty little girl.

Anyone know how Leni is pronounced?

Sarah’s note: It’s close to ‘Lay-knee.’ You can hear Heidi pronounce it here.

Ekaterina on

I love them! They are such a beautiful and happy looking family! And I second Allison, kudos to CBB for making sure to say “their” children. Leni is Seal’s daughter and always will be. She’s lucky to have such a devoted father in her life. It always bothered me when people wrote that she was just “Heidi’s daughter”. Good job CBB in getting it right!

Robin on

I get a kick out of seeing Henry in his cute outfits. I loved it when he was Spiderman’s alter ego and now a clown. What a cutie!

Lisa on

I think it is so cute that they take their kids to places and let them dress “accordingly.” How fun. I bet their family has a great time together!

fay on


1. flavio is not really a big fan of heidi’s because she got pregnant on purpose… i’ve NEVER heard he’s not paying child support, in fact i’ve heard just the opposite… he’s paying a pretty penny to keep out…

2. i’m sure cbb is tired of me saying this, but henry’s hair is so DRY… i really really wish they would take the time to learn how to care for his hair. it’s not the same as heidi’s and leni’s it needs to be moisturized or it needs to be cut… it’s so dry, it’s clear that his hair is damaged… no one is combing it… the curly fro is cute, but it still needs to be cared for… i mean, dang, brad and angelina asked their black friends how to care for Z’s hair and they do it… ugh… i just want to shake heidi, it’s NOT that hard to do…if you’re gonna have children who are mixed race things like this need to be taken care of… UGH!!!!

FC on

Aww, Leni makes the cutest little ballerina..or princess. I’m leaning toward ballerina. And I love Henry dressed up in his little clown suit. In that last shot, I can definitely see he and his dad share the same expressions–and lips too.

brannon on

Love, love, love this family!

Have to respectfully disagree with comment about Leni’s “father” being selfish. First: Clearly – Seal is her father. Second: I agree with the notion that since Leni has a father who loves her – and has been with her since birth – it would only disrupt the family to have Flavio come back into their lives. Biology does not a family make.

Can this family be any more adorable???:

elisabeth on

I am in love with Leni’s hairbows! SO cute!

This family is great!