Jessica Alba attends Lanvin Fall/Winter 08 Fashion Show

03/02/2008 at 08:34 PM ET

Actress Jessica Alba, 26, attends the Lanvin Fall/Winter 08 Fashion Show in Paris, France today.  She and fiancé Cash Warren expect their first child in late May; they are keeping the sex a secret.

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Photos by Splash News.

Another below.


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Natalie on

gorgeous! 🙂

Audrey Hepburn on

Gorgeous! I love to see lipstick.

J.J. on

Ok, I don’t know if this really true but the habit and tradition of some celebs knowing the sex of the baby and not telling the public was first started by Gwenyth Paltrow right? I know that Gwen was the first one on this blog who claimed she knew the sex of the baby while pregnant with Moses, but wouldn’t share it until the baby was born. I’m assuming after that that some these celebs decided to do what she did, because I noticed that none of the celebs who were pregnant before her had done that…

Sarah’s note: Nah, it’s been happening for awhile, even before we started the blog in 2004! Even thinking about that time period, Marcia Gay Harden knew what her twins were, but wouldn’t say.

Crystal on

I remember you used to say late May early June. Now it’s just late May. How did you guys find that out. Did you find out her official due date?

Sarah’s note: At the Oscars, she said she was now in her third trimester. We counted it out, and that means the latest her due date would be is May 24th. Of course, first babies are often late, but her actual due date wouldn’t be later than the 24th.

coco on

she looks radiant but if she’s in her third trimester isnt it a bit a late in her pregnancy to fly? maybe im wrong but i heard it wasnt good to travel after a certain time in your pregnancy. just wondering.anyhow i wish her the best.

Sarah’s note: You can fly until 36 weeks. She’s only about 27. Cate Blanchett flew from AUS for the Independent Spirit awards and the Oscars, and she’s farther along than Jessica!

meghan on

not a fan of jessica alba – but she looks totally hot with that lipstick!

iluvallbabies on

She looks so stylish & beautiful- but sooo tiny for this far along!!

syd on

wow – she looks stunning!

In my personal opinion, I don’t think Jessica gets treated by the press very fairly (not talking about cbb, though!). In general, I just think young women are scrutinized so much by the press – more so than any other group – and compared to some of the other “bad seeds” out there, she seems to have her head on straight!

tink1217 on

she looks amazing!!!

S.A.M on

Isn’t she barely showing?? I know many women who had tiny stomach’s this far along during pregnancy, but her’s looks even smaller! You can hardly see a bump.

Silveral on

Jessica looks radiant and well, she is positively glowing. I,m glad she got over her fall at the Oscars and was caught by her husband. Those High heels can be a real pain when you are have an extra weight to carry!
I just hope she is taking things easy and not rushing around too much. Pregnant Angelina Jolie fainted on the plane when she returned from her recent trip to Iraq, Jessica’s trip to France is long haul and can’t be good for her in her condition. Lets hope she keeps well and is not rushed about because of whom she is! Silveral.

erica on

she looks just radiant! i predict she’ll have a boy. 🙂

Pam on

I’m with you guys – loving the lipstick!!

It is funny how depending on what she wears, she can totally look the 7 months pregnant that she is, but in others, you’re searching for the belly!

Jillian on

Pam, I was thinking the same thing… She looked far along in her Oscar dress, but this dress hides the belly a lot better. I think it is a beautiful dress, but I am not crazy about the shoes…

As for the flying, my sister in law flew when she was farther along, and she just scheduled a doctors appointment the morning before the flight so he could confirm she was okay to make the flight.

Andrea on

I am not a Jessica Alba fan but being pregnant definitely agrees with her!

Nita on

I don’t think she looks small, I think she is carrying more of her weight in her hips and face.

Moore on

Sarah’s note: At the Oscars, she said she was now in her third trimester. We counted it out, and that means the latest her due date would be is May 24th. Of course, first babies are often late, but her actual due date wouldn’t be later than the 24th.

I’m having a hard time understanding why you would count out and then publish what could be her due date when she sounds like she wants some things to be kept as private as possible. Saying “I’m in my third trimester” instead of “I’m due on –” is her business and it should have been kept that way. Sure, we can count it out ourselves but its the respect for her privacy that I feel is lacking here. If she wanted it mentioned I’m sure she would have said it herself.

Allison on

Those pics just make me want to go and pout on some red lipstick right now! Wow, she looks great! Good for her, glad she is happy and healthy.

Melanie on

Her make-up is beautiful!