Camila Alves visits site of new home

03/01/2008 at 12:16 PM ET

Model Camila Alves, 25, was snapped visiting the home she and actor Matthew McConaughey have under construction in Malibu, CA on Friday. The couple expect their first child in late June/early July; they are keeping the sex a delivery surprise. Her shirt seems to be a maternity favorite, she wore it on the 16th too!


Photos by Flynet.

One more below.


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Carlie on

Her bump seems to be hiding lol.

Apparently they’re expecting a boy. I read somewhere that the doctor slipped up and told them what sex the baby was and Matthew wasn’t very happy because they wanted to keep it a surprise.

Sarah’s note: Yeah, that was from Star magazine. I think they just took one of Matthew’s many stories about asking the doctor why he said ‘he’ or ‘she’ and made it into they’re suddenly having a boy. Of course, they have a 50% chance of being right. It seems like they do that whenever a celeb is clear that they aren’t going to find out or share. Remember for months it was that Nicole R. was definitely having a boy? Then Harlow popped out and you didn’t hear another word about it. And then they start with Jessica Alba is having twins, which she had to come out and deny to People. I think it’s hilarious.

Olivia on

definitely my favorite celebrity mom-to-be last time! on every picture she looks great.
i don’t know what the doctor said but for me it’ll be boy

Olivia on

and btw i thought that cbb find out her birthday is 28/01/1982 and she just turn 26. why is she again 25 years old in your note?

d on

Camila is beautiful. But a new home? I thought Matthew said they were going to live in a trailer. LOL!

Victoria on

I really get the feeling they’re having a girl. She is such a beautiful woman. Really. She seems to have a kind way about her. I could be totally off, but I get that vibe.

charsmom on

I have to laugh at the line “Her shirt seems to be a maternity favorite, she wore it on the 16th too!” Are celebrities supposed to wear a different outfit everyday for their entire pregnancy? I had about a dozen maternity shirts for my pregnancies and certainly wore the same things over and over!

She looks great and I wish her and Matthew the best of luck!

Sarah’s note: LOL, no, just pointing it out. I know it’s totally silly. 😉

Rachel on

I don’t mean to be rude, but why is there a new pic of Camila almost everyday. Before she got pregnant she was an unknown model and just Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend. Is it because there are more readily available pics of her than other high profile celebs? There are other celebrities that were only mentioned once and we have not heard anything about them again? What about model Valeria Mazza did she ever have her baby?
Also what about Jamie Lynn Spears in the poll you had up there was a high percentage of people that wanted updates on her, but I have yet to see any pics of her since? If you are afraid people will think you are glamorizing teen pregnancy than I hope you all are not going to be announcing the birth or putting up the first baby pics either.
I hope I am not starting up a debate but this is just something I have been wondering for a while.

Sarah’s note: We post whatever photos are available, because we have over 100,000 readers a day and there’s always someone who’s interested. I’m not sure what you mean about the ‘everyday’ thing though, because the last time there was a photo of Camila posted was Feb 16th, which was over two weeks ago?

Valeria is still pregnant as far as we know.

You haven’t seen any photos of Jamie because there has only been one set of new ones, in which she is wearing a giant sweatshirt, so it’s a waste of our money to buy the photos.

CelebBabyLover on

Rachel- I just want to add something to what Sarah said about Jamie Lynn, and that is that Jamie Lynn has been keeping an EXTREMELY low profile lately. In fact, I have only seen two sets of pictures of her (I think I may have seen a third set as well, but I can’t remember) since she announced her pregnancy.

One was some pictures of her studying (and she was wearing a sweatshirt AND sitting at at table in those pictures, so you really couldn’t see much of her bump), and the other is the ones Sarah mentioned.

Basically, the reason you aren’t see any Jamie Lynn pictures is because their simply aren’t very many (and she is wearing baggy sweatshirts in the few there are of her). 🙂 I’m fairly certain that CBB is not afraid of possibly “glamorizing” teen pregnancy, as they posted news and photos about Keisha Castle-Hughes when she was pregnant, and she was Jaime Lynn’s age when she got pregnant (she turned 17 before Felicity-Amore’s birth), and they still post pictures of Keisha with her baby. 🙂

All of that said, to get back on topic…I can’t believe how small Camilla’s bump is in these pictures. I mean, Tori Spelling is due just a few weeks after her (sometime in July), and she already has quite a visible baby bump. Camilla, on the other hand, barely looks pregnant! Mind you, I am not criticizing Camilla at all. I just think it’s interesting how different two pregnant women’s bumps can look!

marielle on

Well this is camila’s first baby. This is Tori’s 2nd. On your 2nd you show more. Her bump is visible she just wears loose clothing a lot. I love her bag!! She makes her own bags too. Wish I think is sooo cool.

Olivia on

1. I think Camila is not only one unknown woman who became known because she is girlfriend/wife of celeb. As far as I remember CBB always posts pictures of girlfriends/wifes of male celebrities.
Only womens can get pregnant so I think it is normal to post pictures of women(even if their are not celeb). I dont think anyone will be interested in seeing on CBB pictures of Matthew saying “Matthew MacConaughey who is gonna be dad late June, out and about in Malibu last Saturday”
2. Thing is how many pictures paparazzi can take. From one side we almost didnt see Jenifer Lopez during her pregnancy but from other side we can watch pictures of pregnant Jessica Alba every single day or even two times a day. Camila seems not to lock herself at home for 9 months.

Mimi on

Thanks for always showing Camila pictures, I love to see what she is wearing and what she is up to. I love her style and I love your blog!