Update: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez welcome fraternal twins Max and Emme

02/29/2008 at 07:55 PM ET

JlomarcUpdate: The rumor was true! Jennifer and Marc’s twins are named Max and Emme, per her rep.

Also, Max’s stats were wrong. He was born at 12:13 am (the babies were delivered by c-section) and weighed in at 5 lbs, 13 oz.

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Rumor Update February 26th: Jennifer’s reported ob/gyn Dr. Anita Sadaty tells Life & Style that the babies were apparently delivered by c-section.

Jennifer was amazing. She has this motherhood glow about her, veryserene. Her boy and girl are healthy  — and for that she feels sothankful and blessed.

The delivery went without a hitch. There were no complicationswhatsoever. Marc was by her side. He and Jennifer are simply overjoyed!

We’re marking this as rumor for two reasons — one, patientconfidentiality and HIPAA laws have been broken if the doctor isspeaking without permission, and two, we’re not sure why her ob/gynwould speak with Life & Style when they have been releasing statements exclusively through People. Plus, Dr. Sadaty is our CBB Reviewer Nancy’s former ob/gyn. Nancy notes,

Dr. Anita Sadaty was my ob-gyn during my pregnancy with my toddler,Ben. She is a lovely person and NOT the type to speak to the press.

Update 11 am:  The NY Post reports that Jennifer and both babies were discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Originally posted Feb. 22: Singers and actors Marc Anthony, 39, and Jennifer Lopez,38, are new parents after welcoming fraternal twins — a boy and a girl– just after midnight on Friday, February 22nd at North Shore Hospitalin Long Island, NY. Their daughter arrived first, at 12:12 am andweighed in at 5 lbs, 7 oz. Her twin brother followed 11 minutes laterat 12:23 am, weighing in at exactly 6 lbs.

Names have yet to be released, but People’s editor tells the Today show that Jennifer and Marc will be announcing them to the magazine. The couple’s rep says,

Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon. Everyone is healthy and happy.

After months of rumors, the couple confirmed the pregnancy on-stage in November. In January, Jennifer laughed thateveryone knew anyway — I was on tour with a bubble gut!

Although Jennifer’s father confirmed that she was expecting twins, the couple laid low after the tour was over, save for only a few public appearances — the Movies Rock event, a few shopping trips, their baby shower, the Marchesa fashion show, and a UNICEF benefit.

The twins join Arianna, 13, Cristian, 7, and Ryan, 4 Β½, Marc’s children from previous relationships.

Meanwhile, OK! has confirmed that they’ve obtained international rights to the twin’s first photos, while it appears People has secured US rights.

Source: People

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naomi on

yay! i’ve been checking all day today and the news has finally come!

congratulations to jennifer and marc.

Colleen on

Yay! BIG BIG congrats to Jennifer and Marc! I can’t wait to hear the names they have chosen. I’m sure they are classy and sophisticated names, though I doubt their names really are Max and Emme. Good luck to them as well!

Becky's Daughter on

Naomi, I’ve been checking all day as well. LOL!

Can’t wait to see them.

Ashley on

Ditto Naomi–
I’ve been checking all day too.

Can’t wait to hear the names they pick out for the new babies!

christinajo on

CONGRATULATIONS JLo and Marc!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!!! The girl’s bound to be drop-dead-gorgeous just like her mom!!!

Kelle on

Funny thing is that I was just thinking that it would be perfect if she had the babies after 11pm est when most people are sleeping, it definitely gives her some time to rest before the frenzy begins.
I’m really impressed that she had what seems like such a healthy twin pregnancy. Congrats to them both!!

diana on

I love J-LO! Congrats to them all! Now when is the next one ;).

Judy on

Congratulations to both of them! This is wonderful news.

fin on

i wonder why we never see marc with his other 3 kids? and how they will call babies – anthony or muΓ±iz (that’s his real name)? congrats anyway πŸ™‚

Kristy on

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for so long now! I heard the boy will be Marc and the girl will be Annabella or something like that.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to Mark and J-Lo! Given the fact that the girl was born a full 11 minutes ahead of the boy, it sounds like J-Lo had a vaginal birth. Way to go, J-Lo!

Gina on

congrats to jennifer and mark!

Pam on

I have been waiting too! Those are very healthy weights for twins! Congrats.

Tracy on

Congratulations to J-Lo and Marc! I’ve been waiting for the news to break that they had their babies. I’m so happy for them, but especially J-Lo, she has waited a long time for a child of her own. God Bless them!! I can’t wait to see pics and see the names they have picked out!

Aelys on

Congratulations to Jennifer and Marc! πŸ™‚
Considering baby boy was born 11 minutes later than his sister, I assume Jennifer had a vaginal birth?

Amillia Henderson on

How perfect – A son and daughter on the first go around! I’m so happy for Jennifer and Marc!!!!!

Ericka on

Awwww yay congrats! I can’t wait too hear their names and see photos!!!

Wouldn’t that be nice if we could all do that! Get a boy and a girl and not have to do it again lol

Irishgal on

Congrats Jennifer and Marc! This is such great news. They must be delighted. Can’t wait to see the twins.

elissa on

My bet for names, Isabella and Antonio. I guess we shall see πŸ™‚

Ejwlover on


Jen on


heather on

How can you not say awwwww to this!! =) How cute, twins and one of each. We have one of each although there’s 4 and a half years between them, but it’s fun to have a son and a daughter. Congrats!

Kara on

Why do celebs insist on using the phrase “over the moon” when talking about births or marriages? It’s just so annoying. Anyway congrats to them for bringing healthy twins into the world. I’m sure they are cuties.

Erika on

HUGE congrats! It sounds like she had a vaginal birth? Wow, that’s unheard of for a celebrity delivering twins, especially! πŸ™‚

Jenn on

Did she really have them at the northshore animal league?

shirin on

I’m So Very Happy
I Love Jennifer LOpez

Ayman on

wOwwwww i’m so Glad abOut her, i can’t wait 2 c the 2 angel twins…i think they’R so sweety & beautiful like their parentS…Emme will be da secOnd Jenny & Max will be like Marc…that’s fantastic

Lissette on

so happy for them!! Cant wait to see the pics!

valery on

Congratulations Jen & Marc

Harlow on

That is absoloutly fantastic news!!

Congratulations to both Jennifer and Marc.

It’s lovely to hear that she’s had one of each sex too, as someone said earlier, no need to do it again now lol.

It’s lovely news. Can’t wait to see pics of them in a couple of weeks and hear their names.

Heather on

Woohoo! So glad that everything went smoothly (which I am assuming did, since they already announced)! Congrats to the happy family! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear the names! So exciting!

Harlow on

I forgot to add in my previous post – for twins, they were born at a very healthy weight each.

My daughters were born at 6lbs 14 and 6lbs 15 and my pregnancies were single baby pregnancies. So for twins, those weights are fantastic!

Susan on

Congrats to both of them! I’m sure the babies are going to be stunning!

Gabrielle on

Hmmm….Either the C-section was slow, or she wasn’t too posh to push! πŸ™‚

Catherine on

AWWWWW what fab news i’m so thrilled for them !

Sounds like she was pretty near full term with those good weights and also sounds like a natural delivery which is great for her !

Can’t wait to hear about what names they have chosen, she must be over the moon she has wanted children for such a long time and then two blessings at once ! :O)


mamaoftwins on

WOW! Awesome for her for having such a healthy twin pregnancy! And I’m guessing that the fact that they were born in the middle of the night means no routine C/S, and the fact that they were more than 2 or 3 minutes apart means she may have had them vaginally. ROCK STAR MAMA!!

jashmom on

Congrats to Jennifer and Marc!!!! I’m so happy for them. Can’t wait to hear what their names are.

I know Jennifer has expressed for a long time her desire to be a mom. Welcome to motherhood, Jennifer!!! It’s a club you’re going to LOVE!!!

JennyBean on

Lovely news!! It sounds like she did it naturally, I hope she’ll nurse them too!! (Julia Roberts and Marcia Cross nursed thier twins….)

Congratulations J & M!!

esmeralda on

Congrats!!! Those seem to be great weights for twins, so I wonder if she went full term. I dont have twins so I am not sure what is the typical length of a twin pregnancy.

Ivey on

How exciting, good weights and sounds like she didn’t have a C-section!! Thats hard core for twins(I’m just assuming because the baby boy came 11 minutes later)

Marie on

I have been chomping at the bit, waiting for this news! Congratulations to the new Mama and Papa! πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to see these gorgeous babies.

Now, pardon me if I sound ignorant, but since the babies are 11 minutes apart, could that lead us to believe they’re a vag birth and not c-section? It always seems with c-sections of multiples, the babies are usually only a minute or two, if that, apart. I can’t think of a reason why it could take 11 minutes, except for a vag birth. Anyone have any insight on c-section births of multiples?

Regardless of how they made their entrance, they’re healthy and everyone’s happy! πŸ™‚ That’s what matters the most!!

meeshell on

congrats! she must have had them naturally?? Usually if they are born by c-section they are only 2 or three minutes apart. I’m a twin and my sister and I were 21 minutes apart. Our mom had us naturally and still claims that those were the longest 21 minutes of her life!

claudiazz on

Just heard that Jessica Alba is also expecting twins!! J-Lo will be able to give her advice on newborn twins by her June delivery date—LOL!!

JMO on

I am so happy for them! She’s always had a desire to be a mother and now after all these years she gets a little boy and a little girl in one day!! Nothing better then that!!

I can’t wait to hear the names and see the first pics and I hope they look like their mama!

Rebecca on

I am so happy for them! I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear when the babies would be born. I think it’s great that they kept their pregnancy private. I think they’re going to be great parents! I just wonder why it matters if the birth was “natural” or c-section? It just matters that the babies are safe and healthy, who cares about the rest?!

Katie on

I’m soo thrilled to hear this great news! Congrats to Marc and Jennifer and their families. I’ve been waiting for this news and I just pray the twins are healthy. I can’t wait to hear their names!

J. Williams on

Congrats! Baby’s are God’s Blessings and everyone should be able to experience the Love and Joy of a child. I have children with my ex-husband. But I have remarried and he has no children and I want with all my heart to be able to give him that blessing. But because my tubes are tied and we can’t afford to to them untied. ($6k) My husband and I are both going to be 30 yrs old in April and I’m scared if, I wait to long, I’ll be to old. Maybe God will give us a MIRACLE and we;ll be able to have our own blessing. Enjoy the babies!! With all my Love, J. Williams

Dashin Fashion Children's Clothing Worldwide Guide on

How exciting – a little boy and a girl. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Stephanie on

Congratulations to them! I can’t wait to hear their names.

I would definitely say she had them naturally. From my understanding, during a c-section, once they cut you open, the baby loses the fluid surrounding it and it cannot breathe until the doctors get it out. That’s why it has to be done quickly. 11 minutes would be too long for the baby to be without oxygen.

It’s great that she was able to have them naturally! I was scared to death of labor with my first, and if I were famous I might have gotten away with scheduling a c-section, so I admire that she got past that.

J.J. on

YAAAAY they are finally here!!!!! While all of Long Island is experiencing a dreadful snowstorm right now since early this morning (I live in LI), Jen and Mark have something to clear their minds from that-their two little miracles. I can’t wait to hear more about them and hear what their names are!! I’m betting the little boy will named Mark or something and the little girl will be named either something like Isabella, Sophia, Annabella..etc..something with Hispanic/Latino origin. Anyway, I’m glad that she had one of each b/c I don’t think she’s going to have anymore in the future.

kaylee on

Congrats JLO! I am a identical twin and we are 45 min apart, vaginal birth! So she did have vaginal birth, imo! Good for her!

Chris on

I guess I’m not the only one guessing she gave birth naturally:) I believe 11 minutes apart is a bit long to go in between if she had a c-section. Congratulations to J-Lo & Marc though. I bet words can’t even describe how lucky they feel right now. I can’t wait to hear more about these little ones.

Doreen on

Wahooooo!! WTG JLO! One of each–what a BLESSING from God and it does sound like she’s not to posh to push!! πŸ™‚ I’ve been waiting like others to hear this fantastic news. Who will be NEXT?! πŸ™‚

Consuelo on

I gave birth to fraternal twins, boy and girl (9-11-92). I had a c-section and they were a minute apart. My son weighed 6 lbs. 2 0z. and was 18.5 inches long and my daughter weighed 4 lbs. 13 oz. and was 17 inches long. I was told they were a perfect weight for twins and I was 2 weeks from my due date. I am sure she had a natural birth and yes those birth weights are fantastic for twins. Can’t wait to hear what they name them as well as see pictures of them.

Pam on

I am going to wait and see what else comes out before making a vaginal or c-section comment, and this is why: She’s really right in the middle.

She’s on the higher end of time for a c-section, and the lower end of time for vaginal.

Usually c-sectioned twins are out by the 5 minute mark, and vaginal birth twins are usually in the 15-20 minute range. So even if you go higher or lower on either one she’s still in the middle of the spectrum.

I’m Not Obsessed says JLo went into labor and had an emergency c. But I have no idea how reliable her source is. Link: http://www.imnotobsessed.com/2008/02/22/

I guess we will need to wait and see at this point.

Frances on

I love Jlo and i am so HAPPY for them they are lucking and blessed cause she couldn’t have kids and now she is blessed with a boy AND a girl. i am so excited and happy for them both.

Cathy on

aw i had b/g twins too.

Jlo and I should be besties! lol

congrats to them it’s a pretty crazy/wonderful experience

terri on

Those are very healthy weights for twins! 2/22 is a good birthday, easy to remember.

I don’t know about Antonio. Antonio Anthony sounds a little too similar.

Sarah’s note: The last name will likely be MuΓ±iz, that is Mark’s real last name and the last name of his other 3 kids.

pmharris1 on

I AM SOOOO HAPPYYY!!!! i have been waiting for the births of these two beautiful babies. i know they are going to be wonderful if they get either one of their parents warm caring personalities and LOOK OUT if they inherited either parents’ sets of vocal chords.CONGRATS to the lucky parents GOD BLESS you all (the whole family)

Jess on

If she had an emergency c-section, I doubt it would have taken 11 minutes to get the 2nd baby out. Usually if it’s considered an emergency section, they move more quickly than a planned one.

Chicki on

Congratulations to the couple on their bundles of joy! I don’t know why I notice things like this but EVERY SINGLE news/media outlet (including this one!) has reported that she had “twins…a boy and a girl” or “twins…a son and daughter” even though the baby girl came first!! What’s up with that? Why can’t they say she had “a girl and a boy?” — I know it’s a petty comment but I want to know why!

Sarah’s note: I just wrote it that way because it sounded better to me in that order when I read it out loud. πŸ˜‰ Twins … a daughter and a son sounds kind of stumble-y, syllable-wise. That’s all, nothing sinister. πŸ˜‰

Heather on

Congrats to them!!!

Sarah on

Eh, I have her beat! My duo are 36 minutes apart (natural birth) and 5lbs12oz and 6lbs15z. I made it to 38 weeks. Congrats to them, twins are so much fun!

terri on

Congrats to Jennifer Marc. I know they must be beaming with happiness right now.

“I don’t know about Antonio. Antonio Anthony sounds a little too similar”

The kids last names will be Muniz.Both Jennifer’s and Marc’s legal last names are Muniz. She took his name legally when they got married.

Allie on

congrats to them both,

i have no children of my own so i was wondering if someone could explain what fraternal twins are? i thought twins were twins! lol! thanks in advance!

Sarah’s note: From Dr. Spock:

Identical twins
In the United States today, about one-third of twins are identical. These pairs, with their breathtaking similarities, come from the same egg and sperm. After the egg and sperm have joined, the resultant cell, called a zygote, starts to multiply into the millions of diverse cells that eventually compose a single baby. In identical twins, however, the resultant cell separates into two zygotes, each with the same genetic material. This kind of twinning happens in about one out of every 240 pregnancies. It takes place among all families and cultures and is not caused by fertility drugs.

Fraternal twins
On the other hand, fraternal twins are the result of two different eggs becoming fertilized by two different sperm. Although both zygotes share the same uterus, they are no more similar than any other set of siblings. This kind of twinning runs in families and is prevalent in certain ethnicities. Africa sees the highest incidence of fraternal twins; Asia, the lowest. Fertility drugs increase your chances of having this type of pair.

When’s the soonest I’ll know?
Most of the time, parents have to wait until birth to find out if their twins are identical or fraternal. Occasionally hints surface before then. For example, if the twins share the same amniotic sac, they are definitely identical. However, the majority of identical twins–and all fraternal twins–have their own amniotic sac, so you still may end up being in the dark until the delivery. And, of course, if ultrasound determines one twin to be a girl and one to be a boy, you can be certain they are fraternal.

Sasha on

Wow, you go girl! What an amazing feat! Congrats!

Sheri on

As a medical professional, if the times of birth are in fact correct, Jennifer did have a vaginal delivery. With C-sections the babies are always born within a minute or 2 of each other. Excellent weights for twins!

I so look up to mothers of twins who opt to deliver vaginally. Way to go, Jennifer and Marc! Congratulations on the arrival of your new daughter and son!

Renee on

I agree Marie.Why does it matter how they were born into the world.It’s none of our business.Congrats to them no matter how their twins came into the world.

Callen +3 on

Soo happy for them. It seems like she had the shortest pregnancy in History.lol. They must be estatic.

Linda on

I’m crazy about those people, they are the most elegant couple I know and I’m sure they r going to be the best parents with gorgeous babies……bless yall and enjoy!

I’m sure the best fabulous stuff for the babies!

Congratulations !

Marlene on

Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony! They both deserve happiness. They looked so unhappy in their previous relationships and I’m glad to see happiness for both. TWINS, wow. Thats great. Much love to her. She has accomplished so much as a Puerto Rican woman and shows that it is possible to be successful in this world in you work hard. I admire her alot! They’re both New Yorkers and driven people. AGAIN CONGRATS TO THEM!!

Vivian on

How funny that she had 2 babies on 2-22! I like stuff like that! Congrats to both!

kerryann on

Congratulations!! I am so impressed if she did deliver vaginally. My first daughter was an unplanned c-section, and my second daughter was a successful VBAC. But having twins seems so scary, I’m not sure what I would do. Way to go, either way!

esmeralda on

Maybe I am just strange, but I love the 2 factor here. 2 babies born on 2/22 at 12:12 and 12:23. I like that…lol

Allie on

thanks for the explanation!!

Nita on

Congrats to them on the new additions. I sure do hope that these twins have a good relationship with there older siblings. Smile. I sure hope Jennifer is well and happy.

jennifer on

Yea Congratulations

Maybe he will love these kids, he does not seem to care about the other 3 he had created

And of course she gave birth vaginally, HELLO! Look at the size of the pre-birth butt and hips

therealjennifer on


She gave birth vaginally, amazing.

Considering her butt and hips are so big it must have been easy.

He already has 3 kids that he made that do not seem to be an important part of his life. I just hope that these two don’t wind up the same way

Jennifer on

Wow… I’m so happy that Jennifer and Marc had a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. I delivered twins 3 months ago, a girl and boy via C-section at 38 weeks. My daughter weighed 4 lbs 11 oz and is 1 minute older than my son, who weighed 6 lbs 2 oz. I know that she is going to have so much fun caring for them and watching their different personalities develop. What a double blessing for them!

Mamaoftwins on

My b/g twins were born one hour and 57 minutes apart, due to my twin B being posterior.

To those who ask why it matters how she had the babies… As a birth professional, I’m always amazed at how many young women hold up celebrities as role models. We regularly hear of celebrities being “too posh to push,” or afraid they’ll tear, or misguidedly thinking that scheduling a cesarean removes the chance of unexpected things happening (which just isn’t true). We live in a society that is afraid of ANY pain, forgetting that through pain many of our greatest victories are accomplished. We NEED women in positions of power and celebrity setting the example of not being afraid of the power of their own bodies in order to begin to chip away at what has become an unreasonable and unhealthy expectation of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that permeates our pop culture.

(This, coming from someone who HAS had a medically necessary Cesarean, so I’m not just hatin’ on C-sections)

Crystal on

Thats sooo great! Im happy for them!!! Ive been trying to check in alot and glad to finally see the announcement!

doeadear on

I can completely understand why they’re being so tight-lipped. There were apparently some real fears of kidnapping. There are some sick folks out there.

On the plus side, this is great news, they seem so happy together. Jennifer is with the man she was destined to be with. Those are going to be some gorgeous, happy, loved kids!

chatty cricket on

But WHAT are their NAMES?!?!

FC on

I was wondering when there’d be news and I first read it on People’s website and then I had to come here and see if it was posted. Of course, it was.

Seems those rumors about twins–boy and a girl–were true. I love that she has one of each now, and I can’t wait to read about what the names will be. πŸ™‚ Congrats to her and Marc on their new bebitos preciosos. Β‘Que marvailloso!

Diann283 on

I too had been anxiously awaiting news of the birth of these babies. I was so happy when I read this post earlier today and heard that she and Marc got two healthy blessings!
I cannot wait to see the pics… Marc’s first three children are adorable and with Jennifer’s beauty these two babies are bound to be total cuties!
Congratulations to them both!!!!

alex on

http://www.babynames.com reports that their names are Max Marco and Emme Jenna..(predicts)

Mtoo on

Congratulations to Jennifer and Mark.

I have to comment that I am a bit offended by all of the “yay, they got a boy and a girl and don’t have to do it again!” comments. Does that mean that those of us who have more than 1 child of both sexes have “pointless” children? Someone’s decision about how large of a family to have is nobody’s business but theirs. Whose to say that they won’t want more children and won’t mind “doing it again”?

MKH on

That’s great that they got a girl and a boy. It’s rumored she had selective reduction (chose two from several fertilized eggs to carry to term) and was scheduled for a C-section. Perhaps she went into labor before the planned date…or maybe the report of the time of their birth is off…who knows? But I am waiting in anticipation to hear the names of the babies.

J on

Kara, I laughed at your post because I agree on the “over the moon” comment thing. I guess you’re not truly a happy celeb unless you are over the moon about your new baby or marriage..lol!

Another annoying phrase is “too posh to push”. Whenever I see that, I always picture the people who used that phrase a little too upset and nosy about how other women give birth.

Snow on

OK, I *HAD* to add my 2 cents here— ONLY because of personal history would I KNOW this for certain, but she could have delivered baby #1 vaginally and than had to have baby #2 by c-sec,(poss. due to baby’s position after the first baby is born) which would make up the 11 minutes, they can do it very quickly, all hospitals I work with will only deliver twins in the O.R. anyway. BUT, does it really matter? They are both here, healthy and their parents are over the moon, THATS what matters! :o)

liljoesmom on

Ditto Erika!
I’m so happy for them and jealous that they got a boy and a girl in one pregnancy!
I don’t know why but I’d respect J Lo if she did in fact have a vaginal delivery for her twins (it sounds that way)~Seems like doctors push c-sections on twin pregnancies-from what I’ve heard:)


Congations to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony! I can’t wait to see their babies. πŸ™‚

MyOpinion on

Congrats to them both. I’m sure Jennifer and Marc really are over the moon with joy and I wish them and their two little ones all the best!

I also wanted to thank Celebrity-Babies.com for moderating their comments. It’s hard to a site for celebrity updates minus the cursing, name calling and overall nonsense!

Brooke on

I am so excited for them both.

I will be very interested to see if the reports that the children’s names are Max & Emme prove to be true!

literaldan.blogspot.com on

wow, if she did deliver her twins vaginally that is impressive!

i am excited to hear their names!

JulieP on

She may have well done selective reduction and chosen the boy & girl. The same as Julia Roberts. Either way, congrats to both of them! I can’t wait to hear their names.

ang on

congrats to them. does marc’s other kids live with them too or does he see them much? that’d be a busy household if they do.

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to Marc & Jennifer! I wonder what they named the twins and I can’t wait to see pics!

twinmommy2006 on

Ok about this “Selective reduction”
That’s when a women “Aborts” unwanted fetus, and keeps 1 or more. It’s not when a women picks how many embryos to transfer into her body while undergoing IVF. If she did IVF/PGD and knew the sexes and put in 1 boy and 1 girl embryo, that is still not Selective reduction. Just wanted to clear this up. As the mother of 4 (3 with the help of IVF) CONGRATS to both Jen & Marc on what I’m sure are beautiful twins.

magenta on

I don’t get the selective reduction comment and what does it have to do with the birth of her twins. If she had IVF and it’s possible she didn’t, most doctors will fertilize as many eggs as possible and then put back up to three eggs with the hope that one will implant in the uterus. This actually reduces the possibility of multiple births and the need for selective reduction. What is done with the rest of the fertilized eggs is up to the patient. Some donate them for research. Some freeze them for later use. Some choose to have them, for lack of a better word destroyed.

Most cases of selective reduction happen with High Order Multiples and IUI. I highly doubt this is something JLo would risk just to make the heart-breaking decision to reduce. To me this is a vile rumor. And, I am not against selective reduction or abortion but to bring this up at this time serves no purpose.

This such a happy occasion for Marc and Jennifer. Why would anyone be so crass and insensitive to bring up selective reduction?

Christine on

JulieP – your saying Julia Roberts did selective reduction to “get” a boy and a girl???

And and I agree with Mtoo – poopoo on all of you and your “how perfect they got one of each!”
I had my 2 boys 18mos apart and all I ever got was “Will you try for a girl?” – as if the boys weren’t good enough.
Three years after my second I was pregnant with my 3rd – everybody assumed I wanted a girl. I didn’t – but I got one anyways! And I love her to bits and ya – I feel blessed that I get to raise sons and a daughter, but I felt totally fulfilled as a mom to boys!

Anyways – a big congrats to Jennifer and Marc! I can’t wait to find out their names and more importantly – to see pics!!!!!

magenta on

In addition, sex selection IS NOT THE SAME AS selective reduction. You pay more money for sex selection during the IVF process usually used in combination with ICSI. So depending on how many eggs she had lets say 12 eggs (as most REs aim for 12 to 20) she probably asked that some be girls and some be boys. When the eggs are put back in, a reputable RE will choose 3 sometimes 4 (but rarely) of the healthiest ones with hopes that 1 will implant in the uterus. Most woman only opt for 3 to be placed back into the uterus as the aim is for one healthy baby.

Chicki on

Actually Jennifer’s dad said that twins run in his family – I think that was meant to imply that the twins are a naturally occurring set.

Courtney on

Congrats to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear the names and details!

Christine, I feel ya, I had 3 girls in a 31 month span and all everyone thought was tyhat we were trying to have a boy. When we had our 4th child ( a full 3.5 years after our 3rd) EVERYONE, I mean EVBERYONE down to the grocery store clerk, thought we were having another baby so we could have a boy….and it was a boy. Now all we get is “Are ya done now that you have a boy?” We waited a long time to have our 4th and final child, and I didnt care WHAT we had…the sex of a child is something I learned not to care about as I suffered thru many miscarriages. Seems petty to be wrapped up with wanting a certin sex so bad you would have numourous children to get it, when so many people long to be parents of any child.

Just my opinions of course…my life’s journey as it were..:)

Proud mommy to Alysabeth, Allexandrya, Grace and Caden John..:)

UggaMugga.com on

Gees Louise…are you all kidding me with the selective blah, blah, blah?!?!?!

J.Lo and Marc just had twins! Leave congratulatory comments and well wishes for their precious little lives getting underway and leave the rest for another day!

Mtoo on

Thank you, Christine! After I had our first daughter, when our son (our first child) was three, everyone said “how perfect! You’re done, right?” I just don’t understand why everyone assumes that! We went on to have another daughter and another son, and we are trying for our fifth, which means that we will be…duh duh duuuuuuhn…UNEVEN! *GASP!*

Lisa on

OMG!! Let’s just congratulate them and move on. I am pleased that she was able to have her babies and I am glad that they are here and safe and let’s hope that they grow up to be as talented as their parents. Mtoo and Cortney, I have to laugh at your comments. I agree with them. I have 3 boys, never cared about a girl and was so excited to have my 3rd little boy. Everyone thought that we wanted a girl and that was simply NOT the case. I had to yell at my Mum b/c she wouldn’t let up with it and now we have 3 children and we are “uneven” and LOVING it.

emily on

Holy Toledo.Christine & Mtoo, seriously lighten up! Nobody thinks your children are “pointless” nobody’s lying awake at night wringing their hands wondering if you’ll have a girl to even things up. People say things like that in a friendly way, just making conversation, and so on and so forth. Don’t be offended by silly things.

Mousie on

I agree that it doesn’t matter how they’re born, it’s a lovely thing to have babies.

There’s no reason to assume she had to have fertility assistance – women have babies in their thirties all the time. If she was in her forties, maybe help is a given.

I think the girl will be Julia, because that’s the name of Jennifer’s grandmother who died a few months ago.

JulieP on

Whoops, I did confuse selective reduction with sex selection, which is most likely what happened with JLo & Marc. And the rumor was that was the same situation with Julia Roberts. I’m not trying to start anything, just clarify what I posted before. Congrats to them both, I am very happy for them and of course can’t wait to see pics of the duo!


A big Congrats to Jlo and Marc and the twins of course i think that was the perfect pregancy. Her first children. have two and a boy and girl on the first go round!!!Congrats

Nineveh on

I thought they would announce their names yesterday? They’re probably Max and Emme but I wouldn’t mind a surprise.

Vivian on

Max & Emme are names from Dragon Tales (A PBS cartoon), so I don’t think those are the names. Something latin-like seems right…….. Gabriella, Isabella, Sophia, Lucia, Ingrid, Anthony, Miguel, Marco, Antinio………… Can’t wait to hear!

brannon on

Makes me sad when they wait for a magazine to announce names 😦 If they want privacy – fine. I get that, but if they are going to tell us anyway…why make us wait!! πŸ™‚ I seriously doubt they know who the Dragontales are (I have a son and I teach elem. school and I had no idea) — however, that being said, I don’t think they will use those names either. I expect something fabulous and glam from these two and yes, latin-infused would seem perfect! Can’t wait to see these little beauties! Hope J. is feeling wonderful!

ana on

Congrats!! I was so happy to hear she gave birth last night. She’s wanted to be a mom for so long. I remember all those articles about all the things they did to try to get pregnant, like spinach diets.

gabriella on

I’m so happy for jennifer lopez and marc, I like them both and I’m glad they now have children together. Jennifer has wanted kids for awhile. Emily I agree with you, some people are taking the comment it’s great they had a boy and girl in one shot in the wrong way. Jennifer is almost 39, these might very well be her only children and most people for the most part would love to experience having a son and a a daughter. Also a lot of celebrities if you notice and even average families don’t have say 5 kids, so it’s nice if your having twins to have both a girl and a boy IMO. Can’t wait to hear the names, marc’s other children have great names, so I’m sure these will too. The twins were a healthy weight, congrats to them.

elize on

congrats, love to see them soon on this blog. hope they are as wonderfull as you are

nika on

Thank you so much emily!

I was just reading these comments half shaking my head and half laughing!

Some people just take these comment waaaayyyy to seriously!

And congrats to the couple. I couldn’t be more happy for them.

Dulce on

YAY! Exciting for the new parents. Congrats! Enjoy being with your kids because kids are so adorable. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear their names.

ann on

Some people think their comments are funny or making conversation and it gets old real fast. We are just sick and tired of hearing “oh a boy and a girl- perfect you can stop now” after the 100th time it’s annoying. Or “do you know how babies are made” no I am a moron who just keeps getting pregnant can you please tell me how to stop it.

Before I had kids, I thought they were funny, no they are just annoying. Stick to this… congrats! or what beautiful kids. Do not try to be funny, we walk away thinking you are idiots.

Tuni & G on

Congratulations to both of them!

jane on

There names were posted this morning The girl Isabella and the Boy Miguel

sinclair on

“Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez welcome fraternal twins — a son and a daughter

Shouldn’t that read: “A daughter and a son?” After all, the daughter came first! Just sayin. (I get tired of the boy always being announced first.) I think with twins, the eldest should be announced first in title, regardless of sex.

Anyhoo, sorry to rant. Congrats to Jennifer and Marc.–J-lo also shoulda been listed first in the title. I’m sorry but she did most of the work, let’s be real, and who’s a bigger star???!! Ok, just kidding, before the CBBers gang up on me. πŸ™‚

Mackenzie on

Hey Congrats to Jennifer Marc, I am so happy yall have a girl and a boy!!!

Armine Abrahamyan on

I am sure Lopez will turn into a perfect mother.


GIgi on

Hope these babies are cute! Marc’s other kids are really cute, so we know he makes beautiful children πŸ™‚

Carlie on

It’s wonderful that they came home Monday.

I wish them all well

melissa on

First off I am so happy for them. She has waited a long time. Also, In response to the comment that she “wasnt to posh to push” simply because the babies were born 11 minutes apart. As an L&D nurse it is quite common for there to be a delay in the birth of the second twin. Sometimes the cervix reduces in size and you have to wait until it reaches ten cm again or the other twin is still high and you have to wait until it comes down. I have seen vaginal twins born 1 hour apart because of this. Please refrain from judging someone’s pushing effort unless you know all the facts.

Dierna on

When are we gonna find out their names?! I keep on going to the People mag site looking to see if the names have been released yet!! Yeesh! :/

zaraB on

It made me laugh when I read the post – ‘…after welcoming fraternal twins – a boy and a girl’, just because I don’t think the word ‘fraternal’ is necessary if we know she’s had a boy and a girl!

My mum has a twin brother, and when she mentions this to people, it’s amazing the number of people who ask ‘so are you identical?’. My mum always replies ‘as I said, my twin is male’, and the response is usually ‘yes, you said that, but are you identical?’…

I wonder if CB added the word ‘fraternal’ for the same reason – to stop people asking if Jennifer’s son and daughter are identical twins!!!

Sheri on

I don’t buy the doctor’s comments – this breaks doctor/patient confidentiality and puts the doctor in a position of a possible lawsuit for violating HIPPA. Given that the parents have not issued much of a statement, I doubt they would have given the doctor written permission to speak. An 11 minute difference in birth times for a c-section is unheard of, although there is the possibility that the first twin was born vaginally and the second c-section. Time will tell – when the parents make a statement.

mtoo on

If it was a C-section and everything went perfectly, why did it take eleven minutes in between deliveries? Did the doctor mention any reason?

Sarah’s note: That’s what I’m wondering, and I’m wondering why her doctor would talk to Life & Style tabloid, of all people. I’m going to mark the update as a rumor.

Kimmi on

I think this doctor’s comments are BS and, also, I find it hard to believe that she would be released on the 2nd day after a c-section. I’ve heard of Moms w/ c-sections staying in the hospital at least five days.

kaylee on

I agree with everyone else, don’t believe this “doctor”. I work in a ob/gyn practice and I am very familiar with HIPPA laws and a doctor would not tell a non celebrity friend or family member how a patient delivered, so why would a celebrity doc say how she delivered. I am a identical twin, there is NO WAY a c-section would take 11 min, if everything went “smoothly”, right, lol!

meghan on

she was there more than two days… the babies were born very early on friday – so she had all day friday, saturday, sunday and a part of monday in the hospital – which is longer than i stayed for my c-section…

Laura on

I have identical twins and sometimes during a c-section (which I had with them) the uterus can clamp down after the birth of Baby A and the docs can’t deliver Baby B immediately. Though this is likely a rumor about her doc talking. And also, twins only run in the female line so if her dad has twins in his family they mean nothing to her. If her mom or her sisters had fraternal twins then that is ‘running in the family’. Identicals do not run in families.

Jen on

What doctor gives out information like that, even with Jen and Marc’s permission? There’s something fishy about that interview.

Some of these rumors and believers are just plain silly. 😦

Melanie on

I’m no expert by any means but I heard that when delivering via C-section, it’s vital to get the baby or babies out right away because once you’re “cut open” for lack of a better term, the oxygen is cut off to the baby. Is there anyone out there who can verify this? (i.e. someone in a medical profession) 11 minutes just seems like a strangely long time for the second baby to stay in utero if there were no complications…also, Jennifer and Marc were more than happy to make a statement as soon as the babies were born (note: no complaining here, I wanted to know just as much as the next person!) but if there’s all this controversy, why don’t they just make another statement?

Also, I thought People had initially said they were going to be releasing the babies names later that day (that they were born)…that was clearly inaccurate?

Renee on

Again why are people so focused on whether she had a c-section or not. Whether you believe the doctor or not, if Jennifer wants us to know how they were delivered she will tell the magazine. Some people are acting like they owe us all an explanation when in reality it’s their business and their rights to release whatever information they want to. Give the woman time to rest and enjoy her children

Sheri on

Melanie – I am a medical professional and have been a part of hundreds of thousands of C-sections. During a routine C-section the fetus is never deprived of oxygen (it receives oxygen through the umbilical cord, which is not clamped and cut until after the head is delivered). Babies are born quickly at C-section because of the medications the mother has received and the desire by the hospital personnel to not expose these tiny human beings to medications which could depress the infant’s respirations, heart rate and muscle tone immediately after birth.

CelebBabyLover on

meghan- Techincally, J-Lo DID stay in the hospital for only two days. From what I’ve heard, most hospitals don’t count the day of delivery and the day of release as part of the hospital stay.

That said, most women who have natural births go home sooner than she did. For example, if a woman gave birth vaginally on Tuesday, she’d probably get to go home on Thursday. However, I’m guessing that J-Lo’s doctor just wanted to keep her a little longer as a precaution since she had TWO babies. From what I’ve heard, it isn’t that unusual for women who give birth to twins to have longer hospital stays the women who don’t, even if they give birth vaginally.

Melanie- All People said was that they will be releasing the names to them. They did not specify when. If they DID initially post that it would be later that day, they quickly re-tracted that statement, as I never saw it on their website.

All of that said, I too, find the comments from her “doctor” to be a bit fishy. For one thing, there’s no way that it would take 11 minutes for the second twin to be born with a C-section. From what I have heard, with C-section deliveries doctors literally only have a matter of minutes to get the baby/babies out before they run the risk of getting brain damage-or worse-from oxygen deprivation.

If I am understanding this correctly, once the mother’s abdomen and uterus are cut open, the amniotic fluid leaves the uterus (apparently the sack or sacks break upon the uterus being cut). I have also heard that the placenta (or placentas, in the case of twins or more) stops functioning once the abdomen and uterus have been cut, but I’m unsure whether that is true as it is possible to operate on fetuses in utero without cutting of their oxygen supply.

Anyway, what I find fishiest of all is that J-Lo’s doctor would speak to Life&Style, which happens to be of the worst tabloids out there (it ranks right up there with Star)! Allow some celebrities HAVE given their doctors permission to speak to the media (Angelina Jolie is one example. She allowed her doctor to explain to the media that she had to have a C-section with Shiloh because Shi was breech), I highly doubt ANY celeb would give their doctor permission to speak to Life&Style or ANY tabloid. Usually it is People or Hello or some other magazine that the doctors speak to.

Elisabeth on

I doubt that the report from Life and style is true. By the times of their births it looks like they were delivered naturally. 11 minutes apart? When multiples are delivered by c section they are usually just a few minutes apart 3 at the most.

Hea on

Nothing in that quote says she had the babies by c-section.

Sarah’s note: If you click the pink link, where it says ‘tells Life & Style,’ it will take you right to the source at Page Six, where that is written. It was not part of the quote.

magenta on

There is no way this story is true and if it is, that Dr. is so fired! My father-in-law is the head of NYU Medical and he’s disciplined doctors for talking about patients with each other while walking through the halls of the hospital. Any doctor going to press even if okayed by the patient is a firable action.

Hea on

Okay. I figured that, since the statement was mentioned and it was followed directly by a quote, that the quote should hold that information.

sushi on

i heard on French tv that the babies are named Max and AimΓ© (that’s how they said it). Is that true?

sushi on

i heard that the babies are named Max and Aimee

JB on

Hope the names arent too wacky!

Olivia on

I bet she doesnt even know about the show dragon tales. I love the names.

UggaMugga.com on

I think the names are cute…but that’s crazy that the rumors were correct all along!

Christine on

I love the names Max and Emme, but I can’t get over the “Dragon Tales” association. We probably watch that show at least twice a day. I guess no one mentioned it to them? LOL No matter what names they’ve picked, congratulations to them!

kaylee on

It’s hard to believe she never heard of dragon tales, lol. Cute names but.. I am shocked that she named her son Max, even though Christina just recently used it .Also, I would have named her twins more unqiue, ethnic names, oh well. Can’t wait to see them!

Ava on

How is Emme pronounced?

Sarah’s note: Usually Em-me. With a long e sound, like Emmy.

ang on

nice names.least they’re not called pencil & butterball.glad everything is going well. im in Australia, i don’t have kids but never heard of dragon tales-is it a cartoon?

Sarah’s note: Yes, it’s a US cartoon for preschoolers.

Emily2 on

It’s kind of scary that the tabloids were able to figure out the names ahead of time. It’s kind of disgusting that the paparazzi can’t leave people alone during the most private moments of their lives.

Colleen on

I immediately thought of Dragon Tales too! Max & Emme are sweet names.

lb on

Hahaha, I thought of Dragon Tales too!! I had a feeling those were the names when it was announced she had a boy and a girl! Well, congrats to them…

Were middle names announced?

Sarah’s note: Nope.

Carlie on

Max seems a very popular name for a boy lately. Christina Aguilera has named her little one Max, Kerry Katona is naming her little one Maxwell – but said she’ll be shortening it to Max and now Jennifer and Marc have named their little boy Max.

How is Emme pronounced? Anyone know?

Sarah’s note: And Trista and Ryan Sutter and Scott Hamilton named their sons Max/Maxx too. Definitely getting popular!

Sarita on

I’ve never heard of Dragon Tales so that doesn’t matter to me. I think Max and Emme sounds very sweet and simple. Max is not a favourite of mine but I like Emme very much. Although I pronounce it Em, if she pronounces it as Emmie I don’t like it a lot.


Isn’t Max and Emme from the PBS show Dragon Tales? They spoke spanish on that show also.l

gem on

They named their kids after the characters in the Dragontales cartoons on PBS.

J.J. on

Wow..they really did name their kids Max and Emme. Maybe J-Lo and Mark are big fans of “Dragon Tales”..lol, just j/k. Anyway, finally glad to hear their names.

Robin on

I am thinking that she named her son Max because it sounds like Marc.

lovely and amazing on

Am I the only person who gets the names? It is nothing short of absolutely adorable that Marc & Jennifer named their fraternal twins after the latino fraternal twin sibilings from the children’s cartoon Dragon Tales. Max & Emme go on really awesome and lesson-filled adventures with their imaginary dinosaur friends. Very cute. Congrats to the beautiful family!

Katie on

How interesting. I wonder if Marc and Jennifer even thought about the show when they picked those names (not to add fuel to debate!) Very cute names, and I wonder if/when middle names will be announced, if they’ll have a more spanish influence. Can’t wait to see pictures!

Dierna on

Finally!! I was on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of the names! Max and Emme? Short and to the point. Nice normal names. I think I’ve seen bits and pieces of Dragontales but I don’t know the names of any of the characters.

Emme is also the name of a Swiss river and a Brazilian car.

Oddly according this site the names are actually Maximiano and Emeline:

Found that trying to figure out what the name Emme means (apparently it’s Germanic for Whole or Universal) while Max means Greatest.

Sarah’s note: Those names are from In Touch tabloid. I’d believe what her rep says over a tabloid, but you never know, maybe they just released nicknames?

Devon on

I love the names. Emme is on my list of favourite names if and when I have a daughter. I had never heard of Dragon Tales either, so it’s safe to say that Jennifer may have not heard about it either.

Regardless, I think they go great together! Classy yet not overly common.

Tina on

Congrats to the new parents. I can’t wait to see pictures. On another note, I read the doctor rumor and my best guess as a nurse is that it was either a vaginal birth or a vaginal birth for Emme and a c-section for Max either because he turned or an emergency. Either way, if it was a simple scheduled c-section, there is NO way the babies would have been born that far apart as the sterile field would have been compromised if they just waited 11 minutes between births. No doctor in their right mind would do that.

Christine on

Aww…I love Dragon Tales…it’s one of my favourite kid-show theme songs.

I like Emme. I don’t dislike Max, but it’s a bit trendy these days – very popular right now where I live.

kaylee on

Correction, I did not mean to say, “I would have named her twins more unique, ethnic names” I meant to say, “I thought SHE would have named HER twins more unique and ethnic names”, lol! I just wanted to clear that up, didn’t want anyone to get any ideas that, I wanted to name her twins, lol. But, I do like the names, though. Very cute!

melinda on

Cute names πŸ™‚ I couldn’t help but notice that those are the same names as the main characters in my daughters favorite show, Dragon Tales!!! Congrats!!!

Heather on

I think it’s funny how so many say they named their kids after the character in Dragon Tales lol I bet they just liked the names and until I had kids I never even knew about that show. Emme and Max are not unusual names, now if they named the kids Dora and Diego, I could see people saying “huh?” lol Two beautiful names for two beautiful new babies!

brannon on

Max must be the new Ava! I prefer Emeline but in any case – not my babies πŸ™‚ So congrats!!

Michelle on

This has just tickled all of us here as we have an Emme and a Max and we are just so happy to hear she loved them too.

finnaryn on

I can’t believe that they have never heard of Dragon Tales. Marc’s other sons are around the age to watch it. They are nice names, but like another poster mentioned, I just can’t hear those two names together without thinking of the show.

But the Dragon Tales kids aren’t twins are they? I thought Emme was older because they have had episodes about how Max didn’t think he could do something because he was younger. Maybe I am wrong.

Regardless, best wishes to them both. I was at a playdate with a mother of triplets today and I think any mother of multiples, with nannies or not, is a bit of a superhero. πŸ™‚

ang on

if the kids on the show are latina,they probably have heard of the names.maybe marc’s son ryan suggested it lol

CelebBabyLover on

Cute names! I have to admit, I am a bit surprised that J-Lo gave her son the same name as Christina’s little boy. I hope, for J-Lo’s sake, that people won’t be constantly saying stuff to here like: “Max? Isn’t that the name of Christina’s little boy?”

As for how Emme is prounuced, I’m guessing either “Em-me” (like the nickname that is often used for Emmeline, Emelina, Emily, etc.) or “Em”. Personally, I prefer “Em-me”. The really nice thing about that name is, if it is in indeed pronounced “Em-me”, she can always switch to “Em” when she gets older if she decides that “Em-me” sounds too childish. πŸ™‚

All of that said, I can’t wait for pictures of the little cuties!

jen on

I thought of Dragon Tales also. The name is spelled Emmy on the show. I don’t know about them being twins. If they are I wasn’t aware of that either. I think Emmy is the big sister. I could be wrong.

Meg on

I read somewhere that their real names or Maxiamo and Emelina or something like that. But they call them Max and Emme for short.

Sarah’s note: That was the rumor from In Touch tabloid. We’re just going with what the rep said officially for now.

fin on

so she copied boy’s name from christina’s son? :))

CelebBabyLover on

Emily2- ITA! I have noticed that the tabs do the same thing about the genders of unborn celeb babies. Granted, most of those rumors turn out to be false (Just a few examples: Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes were supposably having boys when they were pregnant with Shiloh and Suri respectively, and Britney Spears was supposably having a girl when she was pregnant with Jayden.).

However, a few have turned out to be true (for example, the rumors that Christina was going to have a boy. She ended up confirming it herself before Max was born.), and those are usually figured out in rather stalkerish ways, such as keeping tabs on what color baby clothes the celeb is buying, or getting friends or family members to spill the beans.

If a celeb doesn’t want to share the gender (or genders) or name (or names) of their baby (or babies), then that should be respected.

Pam on

Celeb Baby Lover, do you mean supposedly? ‘Supposably’ is not a word…

I like the names for the twins, especially Emme.

CelebBabyLover on

Pam- Yes, I meant supposedly.

Brandy on

I read this earlier, I wonder if it is true.
Sources close to the couple say the new parents have named the twins, a boy and a girl, Maximiano and Emelina.

Sarah’s note: Yeah, we don’t know because it’s originally from In Touch tabloid. BUT Max and Emme were originally from Star tabloid and turned out to be the names the rep released. Maybe if they do an interview with the baby photos, they’ll discuss it.

terri on

“so she copied boy’s name from christina’s son? :))”

The names Max and Emme were rumored in the press before Christina even had her baby. Jennifer and Marc probably had already decided on those names.

I love the names!!

Robin on

I find it funny that many people are saying that they are suprised that Jennifer named her son Max just like Christina…is there some code that says that celebrities can’t use a name that they like just because another celebrity did? They’re normal people just like us and if she wants to name her son Max then go for it! I have a feeling that there will be a new trend of baby names…Harlow, Shiloh, Suri, Emme and yes Max! Who knows maybe Gwen Steffani and Angelina Jolie will name their children Max too!

fin on

‘dragon tales’ wiki entry says that ‘Dragon Tales is an animated children’s television series chronicling the adventures of two children, Max and Emmy(which are also the names of Jennifer Lopez’s kids)’ πŸ˜€

Anna on

Lol, Robin. That would make Angie have Mad Max at home… don’t think she’ll do that.

valery on

their FULL names are actually Maxmiano and Emelina

Sarah’s note: That was the rumor from In Touch magazine. We’re just going with what the rep said officially for now.

xxLostGirl92xx on


The names Max and Emme are absolutly gorgeous! Such pretty names. Can’t wait to see the little ones.

Does any one know how you pronounced Emme? Is it “Emmy” or “Em”? Thanks

Sarah’s note: I can be either, but most people say it like Emmy.

lisette on

It said on another site that the names are maximiano and emmelina.. so that sounds latin.. and than short max and emme…

Sarah’s note: That was the rumor from In Touch tabloid. We’re just going with what the rep said officially for now.

I think there’s so many comments that people aren’t reading them and so they’re repeating their comments, so I’m just going to repost mine too. πŸ™‚

JillK on

Congrats to them but NOOOOO I can’t believe they named them after Dragontales!

JillK on

And yes Dragontales puts an emphasis on using Spanish. They have a Spanish cousin who is quite often on the show.

tink1217 on

the names are cute, but it does refer in my head to dragon tales…which I couldn’t stand but my son loved.

why the huge fascination with how a celeb gives birth??? That is really none of anyone’s business anyway. As long as the baby or babies are healthy and the mother is healthy WHO CARES!!!!

Heather on

Max and Emmy are the names of the characters on Dragon Tales. Yes I know she spelled it with an e but isn’t it pronounced the same?

Sarah’s note: Yes.

Dana on

Sarah, you are cracking me up with your posts.

Oh, and congrats on the twins, Marc and Jennifer.

Dominique on

I like her daughter’s name, but Max? Not original at all, everyone has been calling their sons Max.

Amber on

I’m surprised how many people are referring to Dragon Tales. Could it just be possible that she likes the names?

I’m not a fan of either name, but then again, they’re not my children. I also don’t really care how she chose to give birth.. all that matters is that she has two healthy, happy babies at home and that her dreams have finally come true. This has to be one of the happiest moments in her life, and I’m amazed how many people (on other sites, too, not just here) insist on nitpicking every little detail about these babies. I’m just happy that two little babies were born healthy and are more than a blessing for their parents. That’s all that really matters!

tammy on

I think marc and jenn may have been possibly watching too much dragon tales. max and emmy are the brother and sister! congrats anyways!

Alison on

Their kids seemed to be named after the brother and sister Charters on Dragon Tales, Max and Emme.

JillK on


If no one nitpicked about celebrities then this site wouldn’t exist! πŸ™‚
Isn’t that the fun part about celebrity gossip? I don’t think anyone does it to intentionally be mean.

Max'sMom on

I can’t wait for JLo to clarify her children’s names & what was her inspiration.
Its pretty pathetic that all people’s comments are the same. Don’t you guys read the other comments??? Poor Sarah πŸ™‚

I myself have a 16 month old boy called Maxim. That can be another shorter nickname if the boy’s name really is Maximiano. I find it funny that Max is now a popular name, I did not know any when my son was born. I’m such the trendsetter! πŸ™‚

Emma on

Max seems to be very popular recently, must admit it is not my style and just from her personality I imagined something more flamboyant from Jennifer.

Being an EMMA I much prefer it to Emme..sometimes people call me EMME but not fussed on it.

aNNA on

Cute names. It just clicked the other day when I was watching Dragon Tales and the two siblings are called Max and Emme.

Dierna on

*lol* Poor Sarah having to repeat the same thing over and over.

Wouldn’t it be funny if JLo and Marc had never even HEARD of Dragontales before all this??? People ask em and they’d be like “Dragon what?!” *lol*

Campbell on

Does it really matter if WE are “fans” of the names? Honestly, these are nice soothing, easily-rolling-off-the-tongue names. Very sweet. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting…. possibly something latino. I don’t know. But, no matter, these are sweet names. I think that naming your child is intensely personal and we have no idea why these sweet names were chosen. I love the names.

Diann283 on

Max and Emme !!! Loves it….
Finally we know.
Won’t it be really cute if it were Marc’s two sons Cristian and Ryan who chose those names (since they are most likely the ones who’d watch Dragon Tales!)

twinmamma on

Pet peeve of mine, but I hate it when people spread false twinning info. A previous poster commented that twins running in her father’s family would have no affect on her twinning probabilities. Wrong. A father can pass the genetic trait to his daughter. Thus, if fraternal twins ran on her father’s side, he very well could have passed that on to her. He just couldn’t influence his own wife’s chances of conceiving twins. Cheers!

Judyb on

Our local ABC station ran a news story that the twins were named Max and Emme. My husband ran in the room to tell me because he knows I love celebrity kids. Usually when he tells me something he heard about a celebrity baby I say “I know I already read that on celebrity baby blog.” He is impressed with the fact that when we see a celebrity on tv or a movie I can tell him how many children the celebrity has along with names and ages. LOL

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- ITA! Not only that, but Angelina would then also have Max and Pax! LOL!

I can see Gwen choosing the name Max, but I have a feeling she’s going to have a little girl this time around! πŸ™‚

Emma on

I too, as an Emma, prefer my name to Emme… but it could be short for Emelina, when I was little I used to pretend my name was Emmeline (pronounced “Em-my-lin”) to be fancy, but I love my name.
Was anyone else called Emma excited when Rachel’s baby in Friends was called Emma!? I was! Cause it was my fave show.
As for Max or Maxmiano she probably did pick the name before Christina and maybe celebrities don’t keep tabs on what other celebs call their kids? Maybe it’s more important if ppl in your circle – family & friends – have already used the name. If J.Lo & Christina don’t really know each other it probably doesn’t matter. My boyfriend an I like the name ‘Ethan’ but can’t use it cause his best friend has a boy they called Ethan. But that’s ok!
I think it’s worse for us non-celebs to use the popular names celebs have used, like here in Australia ‘Mia’ became very popular when Lleyton & Bec Hewitt named their daughter Mia. Then a friend of mine called their daughter Mia and claimed not to know it was popular… I bet when she goes to school there’ll be a few Mias in her year.
Which is funny ’cause ‘Emma’ is supposed to be a popular name but I was the only Emma in my year… which was nice.
Plus I was named after my great-grandmother, which I love.
Does anyone else think of the popularity of a name and how common it is before naming their kids?
The other thing my Dad always said to watch is that their initials don’t make a funny word ’cause his cousin’s initials were A.R.S. and he got teased and called arse.. my friend also got teased bout her initials and they were J.A.B.
Sorry my post is soo long :-/

elidh cross on

thats no there names thery are called Maximiano and Emelina.
acording to ok magazine the uk ediion

Sarah’s note: AGAIN, we are posting what the rep is confirming for now. If and when they confirm longer names, we’ll post them at that time.

emily on

LOL! I was wondering why those names sounded familiar. Now I have the Dragon Tales theme in my head. I can’t stand that show. Does anyone else think the kids voices are way too high pitched? I’m glad none of the children I take care of now watch it. We usually find better activities than watching TV anyway.
How hilarious would it be if Jennifer Lopez had no idea the show existed and she comes across it on TV? I have a feeling she wouldn’t be too happy PBS used the names first.

Jen on

I have to think that Jennifer and Marc are aware of Dragon Tales since he has the older children who either watched that cartoon in the past or watch it now. It is kind of ironic that the characters on Dragon Tales speak Spanish. So I am going to go with the theory that they named them after the cartoon.

Also, Jennifer’s mom had some baby items personalized with the names Max and Emme BEFORE the birth so that tells me that people knew their name selections before the birth. Certainly someone would have pointed out to Jennifer that those names were in a cartoon.

ruby on

yea jennifer and marc! that’s so wonderful that they had a girl and a boy together on their first pregnancy. perfect! about the names, this may seem really far fetched but sometimes i wonder if celebrities give the public false names, to protect their kids. obviously, most don’t, but i’ve always wondered about Gywneth’s daughter Apple. Could that just be a cover name to protect her daughter’s privacy? the same would go for her son Moses, too, i guess. Maybe Jennifer and Marc thought it would be kind of cute to give those names to their rep, since Max and Emmy are the Dragontale siblings, and they have a latin connection on the show. Just so the paparazzi and tabloids would stop hounding them and they could enjoy their babies in peace for a while. just a thought. i really have no idea.

Keis on

RE: PAM ‘supposably’ is in fact a word.

Pam on

You are right, and I should have been clearer in my response. However, she most definitely did not use it in the right context. It’s rarely used, and only in the US. “Supposably’ can be used only when the meaning is ‘capable of being supposed,” which is not what CelebBabyLover meant.

CelebBabyLover on

Not meaning to be critical, but doesn’t anyone read the comments before posting? Poor Sarah!

krystal rivera on

i love u jenni hope the babys are good and my friends said they love u alot

jane on

love the names, at least they are not wacky names like some celeb’s call there kids.oh i had my 3rd c-section on a thursday morning and was out of hospital by saturday pm.

Derian on

Congratulations Jen & Marc It’s absolutley fantastic news.. Cute names for babies


CONGRATS to Jennifer and Mark for the twins…cannot wait to see their picture. I don’t disagree with them if they want to choose the sex of their babies because they are doing what most of us are think and don’t have the heart or money to do. I am a mother of three girls which I love with all of my heart…people also assume that we wanted boys too. My husband did not care what we have but I did wanted at least one boy because I grew up in a family of four girls…I do not have a brother so having a boy is something that I want very badly. At this point If I have the money I would choose to have one or two little boy in the same pregnancy if I could. People can sit back judge people but find out about people situation before commenting on it. I know there is people in this world who want just one and can’t but that still does not make my dream of having a son go away. I understand all that and if that makes me seem selfish then I am very sorry but me and my daughter would like a little boy in our life. I was think about adopting one special little boy to join our family. We do not have a lot of money so even that seem very hard to do. I am very greatful for my life and I ask god to forgive me if I seem ungreatful. I thank god for the life he gave me every day. All I am sayin is that we all deserve to live this life to the fullest becasue this is the only life we know…..MEME