Helen Hunt and Makena'lei leaving Jamba Juice

02/28/2008 at 02:55 AM ET

Actress Helen Hunt, 44, and her daughter Makena’lei, 3 ½, were spotted out in Brentwood, CA on Wednesday, heading back from Jamba Juice. Dad is Helen’s longtime boyfriend Mathew Carnahan.


Photos by Splash News.

7769643860pMakena’lei is wearing Reef kids Lil Amora girls ($30).

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Nancy on

What a pretty little girl. I wish I had hair that color. 🙂

Anne on

Beautiful little girl – but please, with skin that color, and indeed with any children – put a hat on her!

Lizzi on

She is really beautiful. And has enviable skin like milk 😉

Susie on

For a minute there I thought Helen was Bo Derek.

Judyb on

Makena’Lei is a beautiful little girl!!! I love the color of her hair.

chicki on

Oh come on Anne, the girl lives in sunny California and she can NEVER ever go out without a hat on?? Not just her but all children regardless of skin coloring should always wear hats whenever the sun’s out?!? Puhlease…

I did notice that she certainly has her mom’s forehead! 🙂 Too cute!

Olivia on

They live in California yes but it is February so I am sure the sun is not THAT bad. I also bet they were not in the sun for that long. Just running some errands.

Heather on

She looks like a porcelain doll! Beautiful skin.
About the hat, we don’t know how long the were outside for but I’m sure Helen would know if she needed protection or not.

Lisa on

Nice picture of them spending the day together. Love her daughters red hair. Love when we see pictures of her and her daughter out and about.

Vanessa on

What a beautiful little girl. She is absolutely doll like.

gina on

Is this her biological child?

Anna on

Does anyone have any idea what brand Helen’s pants are or where I might find them! They are fabulous and I’d love to have them for spring!!!

Krysten on

am I the only one who thinks that girl looks like a ghost and it is NOT beautiful to be THAT white? She looks like she’s never seen a ray of sun in her life, a bit sickly actually.

Erin on

I feel for that little one with skin like mine! I’m sure Helen puts tons of sun screen on her, like my parents did! She’s so cute, though! Ack! Love Helen Hunt, too.

Emma on

Does anyone know what Makena’lei means? Is it Hawaiian? Cause it looks like it might be.

Sarah’s note: Yes. Helen has said, “I got some help from a friend who had a dream. It means ‘many flowers of heaven.'”.

Eliza on

But also Makena’lei is a town in Maui, Hawaii (I read that Helen frequents Hawaii, which she first visited when she was 14. she says, “It’s where I feel right. I can write here, think, chill and get a clear head.”) and her daughter’s middle name is Gordon after Helen’s father, TV director Gordon Hunt. So it’s Makena’lei Gordon Carnahan.

Steph on

What a cutie!

lauren on

I had skin and hair like Makena lei at her age and I also want to stress how important it is to protect a young fair-haired little girl from the sun. I just found out two weeks ago that I have melanoma skin cancer at age 45; and I have had surgery. The only time I spent tons of time in the sun was when accompanying my mother/family to the beach. My mother worshipped the sun, never properly protecting my skin. I remember getting serious sunburns and having lots of pain. Please cover her up. She is precious.

Pheena on

Her name means the “many flowers of heaven”. I heard it on a talk show she was on.

European Ninja on

ha ha they were waiting in line behind me at the Jamba Juice 🙂 (the best smoothies ever =) )

Joan Durtz on

Makena’lei is not a town in Maui. Makena is a beach in Wailaia on Maui.

Kashfia on

Makena Carnahan’s skin color is very beautiful. She is not pale like most redheads. She is very lucky to have naturally tan skin. Makena is nowhere near as pale as Cate Blanchett. Cate Blanchett is much paler than Makena. I am 6 years old. I am 5’0″. I will be at least 7’2″as an adult. I have strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. I have the same skin color and same skin tone as Makena Carnahan. I am nowhere near as pale as Cate Blanchett. Cate Blanchett is much paler than me.