Strabismus surgery completed for Dannielynn Birkhead

02/27/2008 at 08:22 AM ET

Entertainment Tonight reports that 17-month-old Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead has, indeed, successfully undergone corrective eye surgery to treat the condition known as strabismus.  Although Entertainment Tonight, as reported by OK!, made no mention of when the procedure took place, the magazine reported in its Feb. 11 issue that Dannielynn’s father Larry Birkhead hoped to have the surgery scheduled by the end of February.  Despite rumors, no cameras were present for the procedure and Larry says that Dannielynn "is home from surgery and resting comfortably."

Source:  OK! via Entertainment Tonight


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J on

Will Larry and ET also be informing us of the day Dannielynn starts her first period?
I feel for this poor girl. 😦

Jory on

Good For her!!! I hope her recovery continues to go well and that surgery was successful! And Kudos to Larry Birkhead for Finally keeping the cameras out of something in this short sad little life this girl has had thus far!!

Sarita on

I’m so glad there were no cameras there! I hope she recovers soon and has no further problems.

Chicki on

I was wondering, does Larry Birkhead have a job? Why is he always selling stories to the tabloids, or is that a naive question on my part? I would think he would want a certain degree of normalcy at this point in his life.

Sarah’s note: He’s a photographer. I’m not sure how much he works anymore though. He’s said he does the interviews to get things out on his terms, rather than tabloids/paparazzi.

kaylee on

Good for Dannilynn, hopefully her daddy will let her recover in peace and not have a camara in her face the whole time, have some respect Larry!

Judyb on

Whats wrong with telling people that your daughter had corrective eye surgery? Maybe he just wanted everyone to know that her eye surgery was successful and that she is doing fine.

My oldest daughter had two surgery’s for strabismus. She was between 18 months and three years old when she had them. If this condition is not taken care of at an early age the person ends up having significant loss of sight in the “bad” eye. My daughter has worn glasses from the time she was a baby. She is a young adult now and although she still wears glasses her eyes look perfectly straight and she can see quite well with her glasses. I am so thankful that she had these surgery’s on her eyes. I am also thankful that Larry Birkhead had this surgery performed on Dannielynn’s eyes. I wish little Dannielynn a speedy recovery. Hopefully she will not have to have any more surgery’s on her eyes.

Natalie on

I’m glad Dannielynn is doing well! she’s a sweetheart!

for this type of situation, telling the public that she’s doing well after surgery is fine. but when i saw ET/The Insider doing interviews with Larry beside Anna’s grave, that really got to me. It’s one thing letting the public know how the baby is doing, but for those kind of moments, it just makes Larry look like he’s just doing it for the money. Thats why people have issues with him.

I know Larry said he just wants to keep people updated and thats cool cuz i really wanna know how Dannielynn is doing… but not every other month! if it was a once a year thing, that wouldn’t look so bad on Larry’s part.

I do think he’s a good dad though, he seems to really be involved with his daughter’s everyday life, which is nice to see🙂

Carlie on

I’m glad she’s had it done bless her! I wish her a speedy recovery.

And i agree, Larry seems like a really good dad.

It’s nice that he’s letting the public know about his little girl. Like Sarah said, he gets things out on his terms. At least he can more or less control what is written about himself and his daughter then.

I do think going to Anna Nicole’s grave should have been a private family affair though and ET should have respected that, even if Larry asked them to come along. They should have declined out of respect.

But maybe Larry had his reasons for doing it.

claudiazz on

Dannielynn is going to be a real beauty when she grows up. I hope that she has an
uncomplicated recovery from the surgery. She already is such a pretty little girl—she is one of my favorite little ones!!

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t understand why people get so upset everytime Larry gives any sort of update on Dannielynn, and especially for something like this! I mean, for example, a few months ago, it was rumored that Zahara Jolie-Pitt was going to have to have hip surgery. Thankfully for Z, those rumors turned out to be false.

However, if Z really HAD needed hip surgery, you can bet that we would have heard something about it. At the very least, Brad and Angelina’s reps probably would have released a statement saying that she had had the surgery. Angie and/or Brad probably would have also spoken about the surgery in interviews. However, more than likely, nobody would have batted an eye.

Larry Birkhead announces that Dannielyn has had successful strabismus surgery, and practically everybody immediately jumps all over him! Why the double-standard, people?

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to add that I’m guessing that, once Dannielyn gets older and can tell Larry what she does and doesn’t want shared with the media (and therefore the public), Larry will take her wishes into consideration.

Jen on

Sorry, it just seems like anymore ET and Larry need to have some sort of Dannielynn moment where we all have to go “Awww that poor girl…”. I’m glad she’s doing fine after the surgery, but why does he need to tell us all of her life’s accomplishments and issues so far. We get it, he’s a good dad. Ever since he got custody of Dannielynn it feels like (to me anyway) that he lays on the “I’m a good dad here are the example” thing. He doesn’t need to prove to anyone if he’s a good dad, he probably is.

I dunno, I guess it’s just me who feels like this, but I’d rather not announce my kids surgeries and such to the nation or world. It’s not anyone’s business. There seem to be a lot of stuff that can be kept as family knowledge that he seems to like to share with others.

Jolie-Pitt children info isn’t given out by their parents on a monthly basis, btw. They seem to like their privacy (as much as they can get anyway) and ignore the cameras as much as they can. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- To be fair, Larry has actually been saying LESS about Dannielyn than he did in the first six or so months after taking custody of her. After her first birthday back in Sepetember, we didn’t hear anything from Larry until at least December, when he announced that she had strabismus. There were a few paparazzi pics before then, but I highly doubt that Larry actually wanted those to be taken.

That said, I see your point about the J-Ps, but it’s not just them. Nobody bats an eye when Tom and Katie (okay, okay, there IS sometimes controversy about them, but I think that’s mostly due to the fact that a lot of people seem to really dislike Tom and/or think he’s really strange), Gwen and Gavin, Tori and Dean, etc. talk about their kids either. Heck, even Katie “Jordan” Price doesn’t get nearly as much criticism as Larry does! I just don’t understand why it’s okay for other celebrities to talk about and show photos of their children, but it’s not okay for Larry to!

WOW on

Dannielynn is my favourite and I am so glad she is doing well. Larry is doing a wonderful job as a devoted father 🙂

teenyz on

I’ve never seen Dean and Tori, Tom and Katie, Brad and Angelina – or pretty much any other celebrity, give personal interviews about their child/children to Entertainment Tonight. Most of what we hear about their children, comes in just short quotes/statements.

I like Larry. But it really seems like he just took over Howard’s deal with ET. I doubt her mommy would have a problem with it though.:)

Lindsay on

Normally, I don’t post unless I have something to say.

I have to agree with CelebBabyLover. Why should Larry be attacked for reporting that Dannielynn had a successful operation? I for one am glad that’s she okay because i heard him mention once he was scared to have the surgery done because of what happened in the past. I for one would rather her hear she’s okay as opposed to hearing about her going blind in one eye.. (I’m making an exaggeration to prove a point..) Yes there are certain things that should have been left private but like Sarah said, maybe he’s trying to do this on his own terms. “We” don’t know him personally, so I think its unfair to judge..

Also I’d also like to say that I think J’s comment was a little bit out of line and inappropriate. That right there based off CBB’s policy looks like her remark was: “inflammatory remarks (intentional or otherwise)”. I’m tired of coming to this site and reading some of the snarky attitudes that I see. Yes yes I could chose not to read the comments but I enjoy reading on my favorite celebrities and I avoid reading Omg! because its “tabloid” and the comments there are extremely rude. Whatever happened to the phrase, “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all?”

It’s one thing to disagree about something. I’ve seen a few people disagree and they’ve worded their comments so it sounds respectful or at least non-insulting.

Sarah’s note: Yikes, I didn’t see that one. Someone else on staff must have put that comment through. I unpublished it. Thanks for the heads up.

Jen on

Larry was never attacked, my not agreeing with Larry’s talking about Dannielynn’s personal life is just a comment and opinion.

Speaking of being tired of things, I don’t know about some others, but I’m tired of coming to this site and seeing people who disagree over the slightest thing on some boards get bitten into like they are the world’s worst person, and yes a few people here. It seems like you can agree with the stars but if you disagree all of their fans have a flip out.

That first comment was fine, let’s not judge attitudes now.

Sarah’s note: The period bit was kind of gross. I’m definitely all for a respectful debate/discussion though, which I know some readers don’t like, (see Renee/Lauren in the recent Kate Hudson post…) but I don’t mind it if it’s kept civil.

Mandy on

What a cute little girl!!

Oh for Pete’s sake. How about we let CBB do the job of posting and deciding which comments are ok. I come here to read the articles and maybe talk to others about the topic, not see people get picked apart for disagreeing with others (even when their comments are respectful, for example the girl who called Nicole Richie average and people jumped down her throat), or for what the terms of service are. That was the very first or second comment right, regarding a period and Entertainment Tonight? If that’s what that other girl was harping over, get over it, I saw it and it was a small sarcastic comment. Then again, I guess I have a “snarky attitude” since I wasn’t bothered by it. I can see how it CBB got rid of it if they dont care for it or whatever, but is the tattletale-ish comment necessary? Maybe that offended ME, can you get rid of that too? (insert snarky attitude here)

Sarah’s note: I don’t mind it personally, but if someone’s going to complain about it (and someone else is going to take the time to email, which I just got) it’s not worth the argument or the comment policing that ensues. Sorry guys.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- I must respectfully disagree. I, personally, DO feel that Larry was/is being attacked. That said, I do not mean that YOU specifically are attacking him, just that people in general seem to attack him whenever he gives us updates on Dannielyn.

Other celebs talk about their children’s personal lives, and no one criticizes them for it (and by that I mean no one criticizes them for simply talking about their children.). No, they don’t do it as often as Larry does, but the point is they do it. Only a select few very private celebs rarely, if ever, discuss their children (Johnny Depp is one example).

Basically, it’s okay for other celebs to talk about their children, but it’s not okay for Larry to do the same. Maybe “attacked” is too strong of a word, but he most certainly IS being criticized (unfairly so, IMO).

Judyb on

I am happy he brought attention to this.

When my daughter had this surgery I found that many people thought it was a cosmetic type surgery to make the child look good. It is not a cosmetic surgery. If a child has a crossed eye it can lead to severe vision loss as well as loss of depth perception and peripheral vision. This is not something you hear alot about. Larry probably didn’t use the best means to get the word out But I still have to say that I am glad that he is bringing attention to this. I was also happy to hear Colin Farrell talk about his son. A celebrity giving an interview can reach more people then a pediatrician can reach in years.

It is not an exaggeration that a child will go blind in one eye if this is not treated. The brain compensates for the poor vision in the “bad” eye by making the good eye take over. Eventually the bad eye gets very weak. I am not picking on anyone I get very emotional about this because I have found that this condition is generally misunderstood. This is why I think bringing attention to it is a very good idea.

noodlemonkey on

I’m glad that Larry decided not to allow cameras to follow Dannielynn through her surgery. Here’s to hoping that it’s the start of a pattern…

belicoso on

I can say that I am surprised Larry didn’t mandate that the surgery be held in one of those medical amphitheaters, where people can observe, and invite the cameras of ET and OK!

Mom2_2 on

I completely agree with JudyB. In my opinion, you can’t give too much press to the idea that strabismus needs to be caught and corrected early. My strabismus was not caught until I was 4, and I never had surgery. I have NO depth perception. If I could correct it now I would, but it is too late for me. Parents need to watch for it and get it fixed, preferably before age 3. Sometimes getting publicity for your kids can help others, and this is one of those cases.

hottopics on

Why don’t you get off Larry’s back and quit worrying about his and Dannielynn’s money.Contrary to popular belief people enjoy hearing about Dannielynn and seeing her photos. Why do you care anyway. For someone who has never had to take care of a child before – he has done a wonderful job.

Worry about your own affairs and how your going to pay your own bills and leave them alone.

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