Brooke Burke prepares nursery for Rain and new son

02/27/2008 at 03:46 AM ET

Working with Nursery Couture, who also designed both Josselyn Hess and Liam McDermott‘s nurseries, Brooke Burke and designer Katy Mimari set about putting together a joint nursery in her and David Charvet‘s new home for daughter Heaven Rain, 13 months, and her new baby boy, arriving in the next two weeks. Featuring items from Caden Lane, Bratt Dรฉcor, Green Frog Art and more, the room is the perfect blend of both masculine and feminine. Showing off the room in new images, the photoshoot also includes images of a solo Brooke showing off her belly.


NOTE FROM NURSERY COUTURE : We would never put a child in danger, and neither would Brooke. The room is set up this way specifically for the photoshoot and is meant to show off all the elements of design.

10 If you look closely at the ribbons, there is a layer of tulle between the crib and the ribbons, so the child cannot touch them. When the room is in use, the ribbons tie back together on all three sides, behind the tulle.

As for Rain’s crib, the mattress is set up to be symmetrical with the other crib for the photoshoot. When the crib is in use, obviously the mattress will be lowered extensively for safety, and parents can remove the bumpers, throw pillows, and blankets.

1copy_2As for the crib being near the window, they are pulled out and catty-cornered for the shoot. Normally, they are both flat against the wall and much farther away from the window.

Please remember that the nursery is styled specifically for the photoshoot in the images you see here. We take pride in our nursery designs and would not put a child in harm’s way.

Photos by Flynet.

Click below for TONS of photos of Brooke, Rain, and the nursery, and fashion and gear info!

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Trenditikes_1982_34500262 Rain wears a merlot holiday lounge outfit by Luna Luna Copenhagen ($21).

111361_512 She also has on Stride Rite Caden MJ Stage 3 shoes in Azalea/Melon/Bermuda ($46).

Bdcv01gl1 The cribs are Bratt Dรฉcor’s venetian 3 in 1 crib in gold ($966).

The toy chest is Green Frog Art’s old world toy chest ($390).

77001400 The bureau is Green Frog Art’s old world 3-drawer dresser ($980).

61504400 On the dresser is Green Frog Art’s Duchess lamp ($270).

Twoofakind_blue Wall art by Oopsy Daisy ($60-180).

Ryancadenlanebedding The baby boy’s crib is outfitted in Caden Lane’s Ryan crib bedding($450).

Cadenlanedylanbedding Rain’s crib is outfitted in Caden Lane’s Dylan crib bedding ($450).

Curtains and throw pillows are custom.

Luluthelamb Brooke sits on a Lulu the Lamb Rocker ($98).

Giraffehightops Sitting on the dresser is a Giraffe Hightops ($40).

Also on the dresser is a The Girls Rose Frame ($36).

Frenchfloraltable Brooke and Rain are sitting at a French Floral Table and Chair Set ($420).

In the nursery there is also a Chateau Adult Glider in custom fabrics ($758).

CadenmarshallUp on the dresser there is a Caden Lane Marshall Backpack ($150).

If you missed CBB’s exclusive chat with Brooke, in which she answered your questions, click here to catch up.

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Anna on

Lovely photoshoot! Brooke is just plain gorgeous and Heaven is sooo cute!!!
The new layout is very nice, however some pictures appear a bit unclear now that they’re bigger. As if they weren’t meant to be shown that big… could that be?

Sarah’s note: No, it’s just Flynet’s photos — it’s how they look when we get them from the agency too. Half of them are grainy/compressed looking lately, and they aren’t high quality images like we get from other agencies anyway. They are resized correctly with the new width for CBB, but there’s just no way to make them look clearer. Sorry. You’ll notice it in some other Flynet posts on the site too, especially if the image is horizontal.

cam on

The room is lovely but are those curtains made of ribbons? Isn’t that a little dangerous to have hanging around a crib?

Victoria on

aww what a pretty room! I like what they did with the cribs.

amy on

WOW – Heaven Rain is soooo a mini-David! Beautiful pics!

brodie on

that baby is sooo gorgeous, im a little confused on her name tho. i always thought it was heaven rain. but ive noticed people calling her rain. anyway she is one cute bubba

Sarah’s note: They call her by her middle name.

Monika on

its a beautiful nursery and she looks gorgeous, but i gasped when i saw those long strips of fabrics, thats so dangerous. in no time, the little girl could get wrapped up in one. it so reminds me of the cords to blinds, being a hazard. i am so sorry to be a downer, she must have noticed this. am i the only one that did?

EVelyn Molina on

What great pictures…Brooke seems to be down to her earth and a good momma! How blesssed she is and will be with her new baby.One question where are the 2 other girls?school maybe? Love to have seen pictures of them too! Evelyn Miami

Sarah’s note: Probably school or at their dad’s house.

cjanssens on

The rooms are so pretty. Is that ribbon tied to a bar behind the cribs? I would that that could be a potential hanging concern.

Grace on

It is just me or does this little girl look so intelligent? She looks so aware! I just love these eyes!

emma on

I thought the same thing about the strips of fabric. It also looks like Rain could easily climb out of her crib.

It is a nice mix of masculine and feminine but not really my taste. I loved Marcia Cross nursery best.

tink1217 on

I am sure Brooke knows the ribbon is there. There is one pic of her daughter chewing on some of it. I am sure its just for decoration and maybe the photos. Brooke seems like a very aware mom. I am sure she wouldn’t knowingly put her babies in harms way.

Beautiful nursery, beautiful baby girl, and gorgeous mama!!

JuliaS on

I noticed the same thing about the ribbons. The bedding is adorable by the way – though the pictures are a bit hard to make out.

I had a hard time telling from the picture quality if the ribbons were all separate or part of one piece. If they are sewn down to one piece of fabric it is not so much an issue – but long free ribbons would be considered extremely dangerous and a definite strangulation hazard.

Adorable pictures though – Brooke looks great for 4 kids, especially the last two so close and her little girl’s cheeks are just edible!

Snow on

I guess her bedrest is different than the rest of us, I didn’t realize baby showers, home renovations and nursery decorating fell into that category of taking care of a high(er) risk pregnancy!

Sarah’s note: The baby shower took place the day before her bedrest started. The photo of the home renovation was taken the same day of the photoshoot. She’s also not on strict stay-in-bed-all-day and only get up to eat and go to the bathroom bedrest. She’s on modified.

vw on

I agree the fabric or ribbons are dangerous. A boy a few houses down from me died from a cord on the blinds wrapping around his neck.

dina on

I totally agree. Little Rain looks like a mini-david! I wonder if their boy will look just like Brooke! SO cute.

I also agree with the strips of fabric above the bed, my first thought is of my son who is almost Rain’s age – he would have totally yanked them down! My other thought is putting a young baby in the same room with a one year old – I hope Rain doesn’t wake up every three hours with her little bro. But i think sharing a room is so cute, esp since they are so close in age.

Brooke is so pretty in this picture!!! Hopefully i will look half as good in my 2nd pregnancy as she is in her 4th!

Michelle on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who was concerned about those ribbons hanging behind the cribs. They look pretty, but they also look dangerous.

Kelly on

That is the most dangerous nursery I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 100 7 foot hanging ribbons dangling over the crib?!? A 13 month-old standing in her crib with the mattress raised so high the railings are at her waist? In the long shoots, it looks like one of the cribs is right next to a large window, or even a balcony. Come on. This is not her first child, she should know better. And I assume she had someone helping her decorate – if you are going to professionally decorate nurseries, you should these are extremely dangerous ideas.

jing on

she looks great, and heaven rain is just a doll. love the room, too.

kara stephenson on

monika-i totally saw that too. i was pointing it out to my sister.
i am so worried about that too. i mean its pretty and all, but kinda dangerous.
brooke looks amazing!

Carlie on

I love the nursery – it’s stunning absoloutely gorgeous!

brannon on

Not crazy about the room but little Rain is just adorable! Brooke reminds me of a young Valerie Bertinelli.

Jill on

How can she do photoshoots and go to sponsored baby showers if she’s on bedrest? just wonderin… Very cute. My first 2 are 12 months apart. I had the “double nursery”, too ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarah’s note: The baby shower took place a day before her bedrest started. However, we didn’t post it until 5 days later. She is on modified, not full, bedrest. She’s not tied to the bed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She is 37 weeks and is hopefully off bedrest today.

janice on

Rain is a gorgeous child! But she is most certainly too old to get much use out of a new golden crib. And those bumper pads? Not only does she not need them at this age, but they will actually pose a danger to her. She can use them as a stepping stool to climb/fall out of the crib. I know it’s probably just for the camera, but I couldn’t help but comment on this. I wish this family the best.

leslie on

I’m so glad to see that someone else mentioned the long strips of ribbon hanging there. That’s all I could think about the whole time I was looking at the photos, but I thought maybe I was just being one of those overly protective parents that I sometimes tend to be:) It’s great for the baby, but a little too scary for a child her age. Anyway, I love the room, but I must say it’s really depressing to see how AMAZING she looks being pregnant with her 4th child!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Allison on

Im sure that the nanny is watching over those children 24-7 so the ribbons by the crib should not be an issue. Brooke does look great! I hope she is happy with her family!

Monika on

tink, of course she knows the ribbon is there, it doesnt mean it isnt a safety hazard. parents dont normally put their kids in harms way, accidents happen. the nursery while beautiful, has some issues when it comes to safety.

Nita on

I believe they added a lot of things for the photo shoot to make it more lush. She is an experienced mother, I am sure she knows that Rain’s mattress should be lowered and that the ribbons should be pinned up or removed. My only scare was seeing her pose sitting on what appears to be a porch banister.

barbi on

I don’t usually post remarks on here. But come on…

I was also on Modified Bedrest. It is mainly you spend the most of your time in bed. You can get up and move around but the idea is that you rest and take it easy and try your hardest not to get put on complete bedrest, where you aren’t allowed up except to pee if even then.

Also the nursery is set up as a PHOTOSHOOT. They set it up to look it’s best not how it will actually be used. Also in the pictures you never see Brooke away from her daughter when she is in the crib. Also the ribbons will most likely come down as soon as the camera’s leave.

Rebecca on

I don’t think I would put two babies in the same room together, unless I absolutely had to, because I would be too worried that one would wake up and then wake up the other. It’s hard enough when they’re in different rooms to get to one kid who is crying before they wake up the other one. But to each his own.

gabriella on

She really is one of the best looking pregnant women I have ever seen, she looks even better than younger women expecting their 1st or 2nd kids. The nursery is beautiful, and rain by far is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen. It didn’t matter if she looked like brooke or david, because both parents are super hot, but she is defintley a mini brooke IMO. She has the same brown expressive eyes like her mom, the dimples, the features. Can’t wait to see if the boy looks like david or brooke, brooke seems to have strong genes because all her girls favor her a lot look wise. I think when they move into their new home in 6 weeks though, rain and the baby will have their own rooms, because their new house is bigger than the one they live in now.

Sarah’s note: This nursery is in the new house. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I’m sure they have plenty of extra bedrooms!

tink1217 on

what I was saying is that they could have done the ribbons for the photo shoot. geez! but after reading the note from Nursery Couture…it explains the ribbons. I probably wouldn’t have used them, but give Brooke a little credit here…she isn’t naive about baby safety I am sure! Everybody has to nitpick about something. Once again…the “moms criticizing moms” .

Colleen on

ANY kind of ribbons or fabric hanging by a crib, or in a nursery at all, is dangerous. Having a layer of tulle between the babies and the ribbons is no better than having those ribbons hanging. Rain could reach around and untie the ribbons, she could walk into the room and get tangled in the ribbons, or even hop out of her crib and get ahold of them. And yes, I realize the mattress will be lowered but I have seen babies climb out of their cribs with the mattress lowered. Also, one picture further down the page shows Rain, sitting on her mother’s lap, with ribbons wrapped around her neck!!!! This set of photos really sickens me and I hope Nursery Couture rethinks the safety behind their design.

JuliaS on

The thing to keep in mind here is not so much “moms criticizing other moms” but the fact that as moms we have not only the safety of our own children on our minds – but also that of other children. I had my first child in 1994 and sixth and youngest in 2007 – things have changed a great deal in the ideology of what is safe and not safe – it changes all the time and I know I often have to catch up quite a bit, experienced mom and all. I have to admit when I first saw the setup – I thought “how pretty!” and liked the ribbon effect, thinking it perhaps a ribboned sheer. The pictures are hard to make out for sure – but it did look like separate ribbons which would be considered hazardous upon closer inspection. I am in no way criticizing Brooke or other moms (I actually think Brooke to be a very capable and caring parent). I do feel strongly however – that photoshoot or no, a nursery should be shown as a SAFE nursery – not just arranged so as to “look great in print”. Many moms, myself included, could potentially look at such a splendid wonderful nursery and think “I want to do something like that at home” – not realizing that there may be some potential safety issues there. At the very least – disclaimers should be made from the start.

Susan on

This nursery is beautiful. Not really sure why people are going on and on about the danger of it since the post clearly states
“NOTE FROM NURSERY COUTURE : We would never put a child in danger, and neither would Brooke. The room is set up this way specifically for the photoshoot and is meant to show off all the elements of design.”
People should maybe ready the entire article before posting comments.

Sarah’s note: People made the comments previously when the post was made early this morning. Nursery Couture was obviously not thrilled with the response and wanted to answer the questions posted in the comments. I just added the note around noontime.

Samm on

I think that this nursery is beautiful! I only hope that when the children grow older they have extra bedrooms so that Rain and the new baby won’t have to share a room forever. I know people who have girls and boys sharing rooms and past age 3 it just doesn’t work. But I’m sure that won’t be an issue for this family =]. I wish Brooke, David,and their whole family the best of luck!!

tink1217 on

I am surprised nobody picked on the fact that Brooke is sitting on a ledge…9 months pregnant. That has to be dangerous. I get what everyone is saying about the ribbons. Believe me..I do, and I agree they could be a safety hazard. But to turn such a lovely group of pictures into a discussion about how Rain or the new baby will hang themselves seems a bit presumptuous (sp??) to me. We have NO IDEA if Brooke is leaving those curtains up or not. AND…if regular people like us get ideas for the nursery from pics like this I would think we would take safety into consideration.

Amelia on

Cool “double” nursery, the pinks and blues work so well together!

I think out of all her 3 girls, Rain definitely looks the most like Brooke. Cute!!

cindy on

Did ANYONE at all read the disclaimers about the photo shoot and safety before jumping on the critique wagon? Anyone at all?

Sarah’s note: I didn’t post the bit from Nursery Couture until around noontime. They saw all the comments and wanted to reply.

Pam on

Well this isn’t exactly CBB related, but I LOVE Brooke’s foot tattoo!

The nursery is beautiful, I love the color scheme. Obviously Brooke will take precautions and arrange things safely for her children, this was just to have it looking the best for the photoshoot.

I saved the link to buy that monkey picture, we’re moving my son to his ‘big boy’ room in about 3 months and that will be PERFECT!

MommyD on

Can anyone ID those jeans? I did try to search the brands that she mentioned before that she liked, but couldn’t come up with that pair. Thanks!

Patty on

Sarah, I found a few more gear items in those pictures on my site.

Annie on

Does Rain have strabismus? I don’t mean that to sound mean but I just read the Dannielynn story and her eyes look kind of similar to me. Maybe it’s because the pictures aren’t clear?

magenta on

Lovely nursery. I love the mix of pink and blue and it’s nice her two babies get to share a room for a bit. The ribbons don’t concern me as this is a woman with 2 older children, both of whom look perfectly healthy, happy, fun-loving. So Brooke must be doing something right. I’m also pretty sure that she will have professional baby-proofing done on her new home before the new baby’s arrival.

kelly on

ive been looking at the stories abt her & all the comments abt shes so excited to finally get her little boy & how great it is for her & her husband i just cant help but think that her 3 girls might feel left out as the 4th of 8 i just get what its like to be forgotten with a new baby coming & everyones so happy i hope brooke realizes that its not just rain who will feel left out the older 2 will as well

Ellia on

I don’t think those ribbons look much safer tied back, and I don’t see any tulle. But Nursery Couture’s other comments about the crib mattress and the way the cribs are for the photo shoot make sense.
In some photo’s you can see some ribbon strands on the inside of the crib, and Rain is obviously playing with some. (photo shoot or not, it doesn’t look great)
I’m sure Brooke and the designers all know what they are doing, but they should have made the room look safe for the shoot, not just pretty.

J.J. on

I like their nursery. It’s very pretty except I think they should get rid of those ribbons around the cribs for safety purposes. And great photo-shoot of the glamorous mother-daughter duo! Rain is just one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen, and Brooke is just glowing while being pregnant! I especially like the pic where Rain seems to be touching Brooke’s belly. I can’t wait to see this little guy who’s expected to arrive soon, and I’m dying to find out his name!

Sophia on

Gorgeous room and family!

I love the giant giraffe standing on the floor, do you have any information where you can get that?

Sarah’s note: FAO Schwarz, it’s $4-500.

Sarah on

Beautiful nursery. I was so excited to see that my daughter has the same Green Frog Art table and chair set. We have tea parties at it all the time. They are precious moments that I am sure Rain and Brooke share too.

Rebecca on

“Once again…the “moms criticizing moms”

Life-and-death issues do not fall under the category of “moms criticizing moms.” If I see a 1 year old playing in the street should I sit back and think “how nice” just so I won’t be accused of being a “mom criticizing a mom.” I don’t think so. There is a time to back off and let people live their own lives, and there is a time to take a stand, and I think life-and-death matters are definitely the time to take a stand.

Pam on

I just think it’s funny that people are all up in arms about this, but no one had a thing to say about the fact that Christina Aguilera has tons of hanging blue fabric around Max’s crib…

Kelly on

I agree with Colleen – photoshoots are no excuse for showing incredibly dangerous nursery elements. I hope all nursery designers take the comments about this post to heart, and think about the larger issues before designing and promoting designs in the future. Infant safety should be the FIRST and most important concern in a nursery, and should be promoted as such by every professional involved at any and every level. I don’t understand why this is not self-evident.

And if I’d seen Christina Aguilera’s nursery, you can bet your sweet bippy I would have said the same thing.

gabriella on

Pam brooke’s tattoo is nice. Actually it was her ex husband’s name garth fisher only, the father of neriah and sierra, but after they divorced she added a design over it to cover up the name. She said that on an interview a few months ago. Brooke is one of the best looking pregnant ladies and all of her kids are pretty, rain looks just like brooke. As for the nursery, this is her 4th kid in 8yrs and she is 36yrs old, I’m sure she knows a lot about safety and what’s dangerous or not for her own kids lol.

CelebBabyLover on

What I find interesting is that Rain and the new baby are going to share a room. I mean, I’m sure they have plenty of bedrooms (and BTW, the nursery, from what I’ve heard, is in fact in their new house, not their old one), so Rain and the baby could each have their own.

I’m all for kids sharing rooms….But doesn’t it get awkward for a boy and a girl to share a room as they get older?

Betty on

I love this nursery. Im going to use some of her ideas for my babies nursery since I also have a baby boy & a girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Mike on

Beautiful nursery!! My wife is gonna have a baby very soon. I like the design would do the same for my house as well.


Proscriptus on

…’Not just moms criticizing moms. Dads, too, worry when children are photographed in unsafe circumstances.

radmama on

Many children, even babies, enjoy having someone else in the room with them, parents or siblings. My son and daughter happily shared a room until the oldest was 10.

Hayley on

Aww those cribs are so sweet! i really love the draps around the back side of the cribs but when the kids are sleeping i would pull them off to the sides!