Jessica Alba attends Academy Awards; talks baby

02/24/2008 at 08:51 PM ET

Actress Jessica Alba, 26, attends the 80th annual Academy Awards this evening in Los Angeles, CA with Cash Warren. While chatting with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, Jessica refused to reveal exactly when she’s due, but admitted that she’s now in her third trimester. Doing a little math, that means the latest she’s due is late May, narrowing down the mystery a bit.

Additionally, Ryan got a little bold and asked Jessica if she’ll be breastfeeding. Taken aback, Jessica replied,

That’s really personal! But yes, it’s good for the baby.


Photos by Startraks; Flynet; Splash News.

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Elyse on

Awww, she looks fantastic! I love her dress!

Natalie on

hehehe they’re so adorable! 🙂

i LOVE her dress!! and her hair looks so cute that way!!

she said she’s in her third trimester now… what month would that be? isn’t that the last stage?? cuz dammmn shes so tiny! lol

Sarah’s note: Yes, she’s just into her 7th month.

tracey on

She looks gorgeous! And I’d be taken aback if someone asked me that too (especially in such a public forum) – that’s not anyone’s business really.

Kate on

That’s quite personal to be asked on national television!

I love her hair.

Avery on

Such a beautiful couple!

I must admit though, I cringed when I heard Ryan ask her that. Although she’s pregnant, that would be the last question to come out of my mouth if I was interviewing her. I mean, it’s the Academy Awards, not the View.

Sarah’s note: Yeah, I think he seemed like he realized that was not cool the moment it came out of his mouth. And it was so random, it’s not like the conversation was going in that direction!

zaoli on

It was such an odd moment. I think he was sitting there staring at her breasts and it just popped out. Good to know he didn’t process any of the interview leading up to that, he had one thing only on his mind.

c on

She has to be lying, there’s no way she’s in her third trimester.

Nevertheless, truth or not she’s glowing.

Yeah that comment was so out in left field.

Pam on

I doubt she’d lie and say she’s due BEFORE she is. That’s just asking for trouble from the paparazzi. Plus, she’s said before that they found out that she was pregnant in September, so a late May baby perfectly matches up.

About her little belly, I was like her as well, carried VERY small and looked like that around my 7th month.

Mary on

In some of the mags over the “pond” they are saying she is having twins. I highly doubt that. And for some guy or anyone for that matter to ask if she is going to breastfeed none of your business. I hope he feels like an idiot He sure looked like one!!!!!

Sarah’s note: Again, twins item is not true. Started in the National Enquirer.

Esme on

Pam, I agree with you. My sister worked with her and she says that for such a pretty girl, she was always talking herself down and that she was very self conscious. That was a long time ago during Dark Angel, but in all her interviews it sounds like she’s still the same. My sister thought she just did it for attention, but maybe she really does have self-esteem issues. And especially being a former anorexic, I’m sure the last thing she would have wanted the papz to start saying was that she had gotten fat or she “let herself go”.

Esme on

Sorry, I meant to say that I agree with you “C”. Pam, while I understand what you mean, this baby has pushed her out more into the public eye. Some people want the attention. There are even celebs that call papz before they go out and tell them where and when they will be at a particular location. Crazy, but true.

Pam on

Again, I have to respectfully disagree. I think it’s quite obvious that Jessica does not like the pap attention. She hides her face and belly in most of them. We don’t see them here because CBB doesn’t post them, but I’d say more often than not, she doesn’t want to be photographed.

But getting back to the due date, logically, it just does NOT make sense for her to lie and say she’s further along than she is. To say she was not as far along WOULD make sense. For example, to come out and say she’s due in late June and then deliver in late May. Otherwise, she’s going to be stalked more every day after the due date she’s given. It just makes absolutely no sense to give an EARLIER date. A later one, yes.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m almost thinking that CBB should make a post about the twin rumor being NOT true, since so many people seem to have heard and are wondering.

Anyway, I personally think she’s telling the truth about her due date. First of all, her rep has said that she is due in late spring/early summer. If she is due in late Spring, that probably means she is due in May. In that case, she would be seven months pregnant, and in her third trimester. Even if she’s due in early June, she would be just about to enter her third trimester.

I’m guessing that she will be like Christina…Carry small throughout most of the pregnancy, and then suddenly “pop” in the last month or so of the pregnancy!

gabriella on

She looks about right to me size wise, and yea I’m guessing baby due late may. She said she will just be turning 27 when the baby is born, and her birthdate is may 16th. As for attention, she loves it IMO, just listen to hear talk and read any interview she has every given and you can tell.

Sarah’s note: I think her bday is actually in late April?

Judy on

Is Ryan Seacrest out of his mind, asking her a question like that? My God, what a piece of work he is. She handled it very well, with grace and poise, but he really needs to be kept out of any more award ceremonies.

iluvallbabies on

I was watching the live “E” feed from Australia, and my mother & I literally gasped when Ryan asked her this. I guess he was trying to be funny, or maybe he knew that was her absolute worst fear (breastfeeding) as stated in another interview CBB posted a few weeks back….

Either way, I just thought it was a very inappropriate and uncomfortable moment to watch!

Jen on

Well wow Ryan!

I can’t wait to see what Joel has to say about this on the next episode of The Soup! He loves to bust Ryan’s ***** on tv. 😛

Was Cash with Jessica at the time? I missed the comment live, I wonder how Cash took to some guy asking his woman about her breasts.

Between this and poor Scarlett Johansson getting her breast groped by an interviewer a few years back I’d be nervous to be stopped on the red carpet, lol.

tink1217 on

Actually her bday is April 28 so a May baby makes sense! She looks amazing!!! Pregnancy definitely agrees with her!!! I loved her dress!!

Lissette on

She handled that really well. What a ridiculous thing to ask her. It seems like some journalists dont think before they speak!

Alicia on

I don’t know how she can say that’s too personal when she did a whole magazine interview about breast feeding. It’s hypocritical.

Sarah’s note: She didn’t do a whole interview — she was asked about her pregnancy fears and she said breastfeeding. That was it.

Audrey on

I agree, I was surprised when she said she was in her last trimester because she is so small! but she is a beautiful woman and is absolutely glowing!

I was watching the live feed too in Australia and I nearly had a heart attack when I heard Ryan ask that. I was like wow, he is really brave, I was surprised Cash didn’t deck him, lol. I felt mostly bad for Jessica though, I would have been horrified and really embarrassed, I was embarrassed for her. Ryan just made up some accuse that Ellen Degeneres asked one of her guests the same thing on her show.

Delilah on

I could not believe Ryan Seacrest asked her that. That is so personal, and so inappropriate to ask in that forum (in my opinion I dont think a random male should be asking that ever period).
She was clearly taken aback.
Absolutely stunned..still.

She looked gorgeous though.

asm1976 on

It’s very odd that so many people seem to drool over these pregnant celeb’s breasts! lol Ellen was eyeing Christina Aguilera’s breasts when she asked her the question! LOL Jessica seems quite shy and evasive also.

Sarita on

I don’t understand why that question would embarrass her. Everyone is acting as if he did some sexual proposal, he just asked her if she planned to breastfeed. It was the wrong place to ask yes, but to be horrified or embarrassed?

ugh. on

how is that a personal question? it’s not like he asked where the baby was conceived & in what position. people are too sensitive especially about this topic. people breast feed in public all the time.

magenta on

The point is the question was embarrassing to Jessica. Some other person may feel very comfortable spreading all their business in the street. She is clearly not and that is all that matters. 1. It was not the right time for the question. 2. She was clearly caught off guard. 3. It was none of his F-ing business. For once I’d like for a celebrity to tell these red carpets hosts off. Even my husband was pissed and he rarely pays attention to stuff like this. At the very least Jessica and Cash should have walked away and left him standing there looking stupid. He would have never asked that question to say a MAN. Hey Tom, is Katie planning on breast feeding? Ryan needs to check himself. He can’t see big boobs without acting like a teenage boy looking at his daddy’s playboy? I can’t stand bad manners by grown people who should know better. She should have shot right back, hey Ryan are you gay? How much money are they paying you to work the red carpet? Is it true Simon can’t stand you? Then he would know how it feels to be asked an inappropriate question and an inappropriate time.

KRK on

As a first time preggo who is only now beginning to show, I am dreading the “public” nature of pregnancy. I’m a private person, it is no one’s business what choices I make. I swear just the thought of a stranger putting their hands on my belly makes me angry.
So, when I saw Secrest ask her that question last night I was horrified for her. PLUS, he asked her, she politely said, thats a personal question and he backtracked for half of a second and then said, no, really, are you going to? I was like, smack that moron!
But I guess no one should be surprised, I mean if you watch E and their people before awards shows, they almost always ask incredibly personal and stupid questions.

Calling You Out on

Hey Magenta, did you read the TOU? “Please do not post nasty comments- either towards celebrities, readers or the staff of the Celebrity Baby Blog.” So by the looks of it, your comments should not have been posted. You said “For once I’d like for a celebrity to tell these a-hole red carpets hosts to go f-themseleves.” Do you kiss your kids with that mouth? Nice e-mail address too, very mature.

Jes on

That was an incredibly tactless question. This all stems from people thinking they have the right to ask people “Are you having children? WHEN?” There is no line of personal boundaries. And that’s not just for celebrities, but people in general. I can’t even count how many times people have seen my wedding ring and launched into some interrogation about when my husband and I would be a “real family”. And once you get pregnant, everyone feels more of a need to get way too personal with you. Asking about breastfeeding, birthing choices, all of it is sad and invasive 😦 If people are willing to do interviews, that’s fine. But nosing in isn’t okay.

JM on

I think the question would have been fine if asked by another woman or better yet another mother. But Ryan? no!

And I think the whole “twin” rumor is like the new one that gets slapped on to celebs now becaue magazines are no longer getting the first hand info on who is pregnant so now they want to jump into the “she’s having twins” bandwagon! Next it will be Nicole Kidman then Gwen Stefani pregnant with twins.

The whole thing with John Stewart was hilarious at first I thought Jessica looked like she wanted to slap him for it!

Delilah on

Whether or not you’re planning to breastfeed is a very personal question to ask on the red carpet.
It’s also a very personal choice, what if she really didn’t want/plan to breastfeed?
Or heaven forbid what if she couldn’t for some reason?
Should she have to publicize it the the whole world on Oscar Night?
It’s one thing to want to share the obvious joy of her pregnancy and upcoming motherhood, but I dont feel she should not be forced to lay all her business out in the street for people to pick through.
It was unbelievably rude of Ryan Seacrest to ask such a personal question in such a public forum.
And he has made himself look quite the buffoon for doing so.

Lauren on

I agree and disagree, JM. While I agree with you that the question would have been better asked by another mom, the fact is that it’s a totally invasive question to ask a pregnant mother on national television in front of millions of people whether she wants to breastfeed or not.

If Jessica feels comfortable talking about it on her terms, that’s her prerogative. But point-blank asking her something like that on the spot is just rude and ridiculous. Ryan’s a total loser for asking her that question, particularly since it was so obvious he didn’t give a darn whether she does what’s best for the baby and wanted to indirectly focus on her breasts. Perv.

And JM, I agree that Jessica looked angry and annoyed by the “Best Baby” award even though it was clearly a joke. She seems to have a lot of self-image issues and doesn’t appear to be good about handling jokes at her expense, even if they’re light-hearted like that.

Jess on

Nice to see her finally emphasize the baby bump!

magenta on

Cate, Angelina, Halle, Nicole are all “old pros” when it comes to walking the Oscar red carpet (which is the toughest carpet out all the award shows) and answering personal questions. Jessica is still a young actress and soon to be young-ish mom. She’s still learning “the ropes”. I think only experience and a good PR consultant can get you through people like Dave Letterman and Ryan. I actually think it was smart for Halle & Angelina to pass on the Oscar’s this year. I’m sure they were invited as all past Oscar winners are, but I think they both knew the nosy rosies would be in full force that night.

Marietta on

I think it is a bit of a personal question but it depends on the person whether they mind it or not. I wouldn’t be happy if someone asked me that in front of everyone and on TV, lol.
What was the “Best Baby” award? I didn’t see the ceremony. Was it about who’s going to have the best looking or most talented baby?

Sarah’s note: There’s a post a few above this one where you can watch the video. 😉

JM on

Lauren I don’t think it was a good question to ask at all and I don’t condone someone (female or male) asking it on the red carpet however I just think had someone felt the need to it would of sounded fine coming from a woman rather then some man who probably doesn’t know the first thing about babies!

That being said yeah your right Jessica really needs to just relax. I mean she’s at a very popular event where she knows that sometimes the host can scrutinize or make jokes in good fun and you have to have a thick skin to just let it slide. If you can’t then don’t be there – infact why was she even there??

Autumn on

Aw Jessica’s pretty here.

Anyway Jess seems to be sort of channeling Catherine Zeta Jones’ “pregnant at the Oscars” look from several years ago, although if memory serves me, Catherine was much farther into her pregnancy then than what Jessica currently is.

I hope all of the currently pregnant actresses have smooth and easy pregnancies.

Campbell on

As we watched at our house, it was a “What the hell?” moment. Ryan….. jeesh. yup, Joel will nail him on this one!! lol. She looked gorgeous. Couldn’t imagine her in a more beautiful gown.

cat on

No offense, but it seems to be a more North American or English-speaking-parts-of-the- world reaction to be “horrified” by such a question. Big deal, everyone can see she’s pregnant, why be prude about it/what’s so private about breast feeding???
Also, to “KRK”, “public” nature of pregnancy??? I think we as a society, especially in North America, could benefit in being a bit more relaxed and open with people around us. Why the need to be so alienating and act as if all strangers are the enemy??

Marietta on

Thanks Sarah. I watched the video and I understand now, lol.

Brit on

Wow! Wow! She looked really good. I loved her dress, her hair, just everything about her that night glowed!

PSB on

I don’t think the Americans on this board are being prude about breestfeeding because of breasts – I just think that formula-feeding vs breastfeeding is such a hot-button issue, it’s almost like asking Jessica (on inter-national television) if she’s pro-choice. There are some very strong opinions out there on this issue. It’s a really personal decision and putting somebody on the spot like that is tacky. I also think it’s tacky to ask somebody that at the Oscars. It’s not like she was sitting down with People Magazine and giving them an interview on her life. Seacrest should’ve asked her about her dress and which movies she was rooting for and that’s it. Nobody asked Patrick Dempsey if his wife was breastfeeding their twins. Double-standard.