Cate Blanchett attends Academy Awards; slips about baby's sex?

02/24/2008 at 10:28 PM ET

Actress Cate Blanchett, 38, arrives at the 80th Annual Academy Awards heldat the Kodak Theatre on February 24th in Hollywood, CA. The double nominee awaits her third child in April. On the red carpet, she seemed to reveal that it’s another boy, telling People,

He’s actually asleep — believe it or not, which bodes well.

Time will tell!


Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

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Becky's Daughter on

Love it! She’s already in tune with her baby boy before he’s born. I’ve known other expectant women who just aren’t.

Kat on

I knew it was another boy! Congrats to them! She is a goddess, she’s just so beautiful, pregnancy really suits her!

J.J. on

Looks like she spilled the beans there! I seriously thought for sure that she was having a baby girl, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway I can’t wait to see this new little guy. (If it’s really a boy. Who knows? She may be throwing everyone off!)

Nad on

I dont know why ppl think she is pretty??? There are lots of other pretty actresses; For instance, Nicole Kidman!

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t think she necessarily “spilled the beans”. She could have been trying to throw everyone off, OR she might not know the gender of the baby. If it’s the latter, most people refer to their unborn babies as “he” when they don’t know the gender.

Sarita on

I agree with CelebBabyLover, this doesn’t have to mean she is expecting boy. “He” just rolls of the tongue more easy than “it”.

gabriella on

It’s a boy, I have thought so from the start and I’m good with these things lol. She seems the type to have all boys, I’ve always thought so.

Pam on

That’s true Gabriella, you really do seem to be spot on, the only one I’ve seen you guess wrong about was Nicole Richie!

I really loved Cate’s dress, but the jewelry did it for me. Really liked the green, matches her eyes so well.

I can’t believe she still has at least 6 more weeks to go though!

Kate on

I agree with CelebBabyLover. ‘He’ might not be a slip.

Before my niece was born, I wasn’t aware my sister in law was having a girl, but I referred to her as ‘She’ and occasionally ‘he’ because it didn’t seem right to say ‘it’.

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to mention this in my previous post: Personally, I don’t think this should be in the “It’s a Boy!” Category/archive, since we don’t actually know whether or not “he” was indeed a slip of the tongue.

kimberley on

she looks stunnning but what made me laugh is the couple on the last photo look like theyre laughing at the back of cates

Kelly on

I agree that it’s not necessarily a slip. I’ve heard so many pregnant women refer to their baby as ‘he’ when they don’t know the sex. I feel that she’s having a girl and maybe I’m wrong, but we’re not really going to know until she either gives birth or announces the gender of her baby. (And I don’t think that the above counts as an ‘announcement’.)

Ekaterina on

I had the weirdest premonition the other day that she would have another boy! This is so strange. I agree with the others that it could just be a slip and she doesn’t actually know the sex. Either way, it’ll be a beautiful baby. She is simply stunning. I’m curious to hear what they call this one. I like that they use unusual names. It makes you feel unique.

Blu on

You have to keep in mind that she may not even know what the baby is and just uses the generic pronoun “he” because it is nicer than “it.” Like what Matt McConaughey did.

Maxi Jewels on

Wow….. Cate look fabulous even when she’s pregnant! Kind of blessed!