Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt expecting fifth child, attend Independent Spirit Awards

02/23/2008 at 06:15 PM ET

Well, we told you we’d post it when they confirmed or it was completely obvious. Here you go! Actors Angelina Jolie, 32, and Brad Pitt, 44, arrive at the 2008 Film Independent Spirit Awards held at Santa Monica Beach on February 23rd in Santa Monica, CA. This is their apparent public confirmation that, yes, another baby is on the way!

The summer arrival will join siblings Maddox Chivan, 6Β½, Pax Thien, 4, Zahara Marley, 3, and Shiloh Nouvel, 20 months.


Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.

Click below for more photos.


Many more photos at PopSugar.

Even more at Just Jared.

Photos by Flynet.

Thanks to everyone who emailed!

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SingingClayPearl on

Considering how big she appeared to be just a few weeks ago (in that really flowy dress…I forget what awards show that was at) I’d say she very well could be having twins! She seems to have gotten big fast!! I’m glad they’re finally “confirming” it.

Fashion Junlie on

I am glad for them with a hint of worry:-)

Megan on

wow can we say baby BONANZA…haha i am hard pressed to find a high profile celeb who is NOT having a baby…lol And yeah i’d say that this is definitely confirmation…lol Angelina looks gorgeous and she looks to be quite far along…this is going to be one busy summer…lol I am excited for them–they are obviously incredibly loving parents and they have 4 great kids already =) CONGRATS to the Jolie-Pitts…I am sure the kids are thrilled for another sibling =) Now the only question that remains–is it a sister to join Shiloh and Zahara or a brother for Pax and Mad…lol Guess we’ll know in time! CONGRATS to the family =)

tigerlily on

are you sure that the is the real brad and ange? it really doesn’t look like them! Brad’s face looks a little craggy! if it is congrats!

Maggie on

Angie is glowing. I’m so happy for them! They seems like a very loving family. Hopefully they have twins!

Angeline26 on

Wow, I wonder how far along she is. I hope it really is true

Heather on

Yayy! I was just beginning to wonder if they really were pregnant or not , but this proves it! Congrats to them. To me it looks like one baby, and maybe she’s 5 months along. But I dunno I’m not an expert.
Angie looks stunning btw.

kay on

she looks beautiful! i’m so excited!

Bogota on

She looks beautiful!

Janey on

Congs to them. I hope they can handle that brood. Many kids can take their toll. Especially since most of their kids are adopted and have emotional issues and boding issues. She is glowing though. Some little weight suits her.

maz on

OMG! i was hoping the rumours were true and i told all my other celeb loving friends as well and they though i was just wishfully thinking that but i was right to do so! i hope she has twins, one of each that look like brad, now that would be a handful! i wonder where they will have number 5? france? many congrats from london

meghan on

i saw the picture at – and didn’t notice it at first. of course – as soon as i did i came over here! i hope they have a boy. don’t know why – just do. i hope my husband and i have a boy too!

carolina on

Aww, I am very happy for this family! Angelina looks great, and very pregnant. I think that they waited to ‘announce’ it until the adoption with Pax was completely finalized (yesterday), which I think is very sensible.

cat on

She looks great! IΒ΄m so glad for them.

meeshell on

no wonder she didn’t hit the ski slopes a few days/weeks ago with brad and the boys! lol Congrats to them. I think they will have this baby and then adopt one more.

Matilda on

Oh my goodness! I am SO EXCITED for them! What wonderful news! What a household of laughter they’re going to have: five kids under 7! I suppose it depends on whether the new baby arrives before or after Madd’s birthday. Presumably it will not be here until after Shiloh is two years old, as her pregnancy was announced in early Jan and this one has not been announced until nearly March.

*Grins from ear to ear* What fantastic pictures to wake up to this morning. Congratulations Brad and Angelina!

katey on

I don’t know if she’s having twins. She’s so thin and this is her second pregnancy so she might have just popped really early. But it certainly is possible.

Either way, congrats to them!

ella on

She’s gorgeous, I do hope she maintains her weight at about this after baby. And yeah I also wonder where they are going to have this one, don’t think it will be America.

elisabeth on

She looks gorgeous and happy! What a wonderful blessing! I have to say- I was surprised! Even with all the speculation I didn’t so much “believe” it, but I do now! That is a beautiful baby bump she has!

Josie Kay on

I am so very exicted for them both. I don’t know if it’s twins or not…that would be adorable though but if I’m guessing right wouldn’t this make her and Gwen due at roughly the same time…again!?! I’ll call girl for Gwen and Gavin and boy for Angie and Brad. The flip of last time!

Congrat’s to the entire JP family!

~~Josie Kay~~

Dee on

Lol, on Thursday I finally gave up the notion that she was pregnant and now I feel stupid. I was convinced all along but then thought “nah,just me giving in to rumors”.
Congrats to them anyway.

Nausicaa on

YES, YES, YES!! Whee! How wonderful! I am SO EXCITED for them! I hope it’s a boy this time!

My first reaction when I saw this photo on People was “Yay, she’s pregnant!!” followed by, “For goodness sake, Angie, stop being so gorgeous!! It hurts my eyes!”

kelly on

Wow! She looks cute! I had twins a year ago, and couldn’t believe how fast I popped! I don’t know if she’s having twins or not, but based on she has grown in just a few weeks, I’d *almost* put money on it! Congrats to them.

brannon on

YAY! YAY! YAY! Stunning!!!!

chatty cricket on

Oh Carolina, that’s a really good point!

She looks fantastic, and she did with Shiloh as well. Congrats to them!!

Tanya on

Wow that was just the confirmation I was waiting for! Another baby for the Jolie Pitts! Angelina glows with pregnancy, its a cute little bump. I really hope its a baby boy this time and only one baby in there. Shiloh will finally be a big sister by the age of two years old. And since she looks so much like Brad, maybe this new baby will look more like Angelina, a bit darker that is. All they need now is an african sibling for Zahara in a couple of years and the family will be complete! Or at least in my opinion, Brad and Angie probably wont stop until they get their ten children..

emma on

Wow – another baby! Will another african adoption be next maybe (I’ve read before how conscious they are that none of the children feel like the odd one out – and another african baby/child would make 2 asian kids, 2 african kids & 2 white kids). Whatever their future plans are, I’m really looking forward to seeing the new baby!

Natasha on

That is incredibly exciting! I agree that it was nice for Pax to have his adoption finalized before “announcing”. Congratulations to this big, beautiful, Jolie-Pitt family!

JM on

Well I’d say she’s pregnant!! haha!!

Congrats to them! I think this time it will be a baby boy! She already looks to be very low! I would say about 4 months along bc one she’s thin and two you tend to get bigger faster with your second. So I’d say maybe a July baby?! I’m so excited! It’s as if I’m having my own πŸ˜‰

Wonder where this one will be born?

Natasha on

Oh and I hope this doesn’t sound wrong (because I mean it in the nicest way possible), but I’m glad some of the “pressure” is now going to be taken off of Shiloh, being the only biological child until now. I hope you guys understand what I mean.

Max'sMom on

The Jolie-Pitts are indeed adding a new member to their already big & beautiful family, no more doubt about it!
She is carrying very different than with Shiloh, a lot more pointy.
Even though I hope they have twins, I have a feeling its just one baby. Γ 
And my guess is a boy πŸ˜‰

happy on

Angelina looks gorgeous. This is a very smart way of confirming the pregnancy. Photographers from all the agencies are present at this award show. They will all have the first picture of the baby bump. This way no one makes profit from the pictures and Angelina won’t be pushed around by the paparazzi for the first shot.

Ejwlover on

How Cute!! Goodluck to them! =)

jackie on

Oh no! Another gorgeous child from the Jolie-Pitt family?! The world is not ready for such cuteness! LOL

I am so thrilled for this family, every single member looks so happy and loved it makes me smile every time. I can’t wait to see this pregnancy evolve and the beautiful baby that arrives. I agree with Megan from above…summer baby watch is going to busy!

My only worry is the crud that this family is going to be attacked with now and all I can say is that CBB is the ONLY place I will be reading info from, knowing that they will weed out the nasty, mean comments that people are bound to leave. Thank you CBB for being a website that I can just sit back and enjoy!

kaylee on

WOW! I thought it was just a rumor, I guess not,lol! SoOOOO Happy for angie and brad, my favorite couple! She looks great!

Alison on

What happened to the twin rumors? Are you sure it’s one? If so, could be late Spring by the way she looks. Unless it’s summer and really is twins!

Amanda on

You know, every time this family has another child, biological or adopted, I can’t help but smile. They seem like such wonderful parents, and such caring, genuine, generous souls that any children that they raise are going to have the same values. That gives me hope that there will be such wonderful children in the world. Congratulations to the happy family!

And please, let’s leave them alone when it comes to the inevitable concern that they’re adding to their family “too soon.” So many of us judge others on what we would do ourselves. Only they know what is best for their family, and every time somebody makes an allusion that suggests otherwise, not only with Brad and Angie but anybody else as well, it rubs me the wrong way. What’s good for the goose might not be good for the gander.

Denise Briggs on

Wow, she got big fast! Or she hid it well and is further along than we think. Either way I’m happy for them as they are great role models and loving parents who don’t let their celebrity status get in the way of their parenting skills. Congrats!!!

Sarah F on

Wow, that is how my belly looks now….4 weeks postpartum lol

Shawna on

She looks gorgeous. She seems to always be smiling lately – that didn’t used to be the case.

Kaley Hill on

Yay I am so happy for them! I bet they are going to have a boy this time.

Judy on

Congratulations to the whole J-P family! Angelina is glowing. She’s gained some weight and pregnancy definitely agrees with her. Wouldn’t it blow the haters out of the water if she has a healthy set of twins?!

Donna on

Won’t it be just unbelievable if she is pregnant with twins and has a boy and a girl like Jennifer Lopez just did. Quite astonishing if it happens. I’ve read that insiders say she is having twins, but who are insiders?

nir on

Ladies – get a life. Why should you be happy for her ? She wouldn’t be happy for you.
Ready Steady ? FIre !

Gabbie13 on

I knew it!! Congrats to them….She looks amazing! And daddy Brad is hot as always!!

Nita on

wow, Talk about disquising a bump. Either way, I am happy for them.

lady t on

Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitts! Angie is absolutely beautiful and glowing…God bless them and their family!

Christine on

Since this is one of my favorite celebrity families, I am thrilled for them. It makes sense… Jolie has stated in the past that she’d like each child to have someone similar in the family (although I thought they’d lean more towards a E. European adoption). Congratulations Jolie-Pitt family!

Sheri on

She looks about the same size as Tori Spelling to me.

I’m not digging this look for Brad – in the first pic his face looks like one of those wax figures. I thought maybe it was a joke. on

wow, i’m surprised that she’s been able to hide a bump that big! congrats to them, they seem like such great parents

Crystal on

Well, no denying it now! πŸ™‚

She got big quick… wonder if they are having twins or a single….
And yeah wonder where the new one will be delivered. She had a ‘C-section’ before right? Wonder if she’ll try for a VBAC….

I agree carolina … it was smart to wait until after Pax’s adoption was finalized!

CelebFan08 on

I am soooo excited for them to be having another baby. I had a feeling she was pregnant again. I can’t wait to hear more details. I bet they will have a boy this time. Congratulations Brad & Angie!

Doreen on

Wahooooo!! She IS one rawkin’ hawt Mama!! lol Wow! I never thought they would have so many kids together. hehehe Love her smile and she’s laughing!! Rarely do you see pics of her that giggly. In one of her interviews a while back when she was preggo w/Shiloh–she said that she would giggle/laugh a lot. She’s glowing AND laughing!! πŸ™‚ Yeah!! What a GREAT year for celeb Mamas to be!

sara on

I am soo happy for them!I’m so excited for them that I feel like I’m the one that’s having the baby.Congratulations and I hope that It’s a boy this time.

finnaryn on

Yes, I guess you don’t really need a rep confirmation after pictures like this! πŸ™‚ Many blessings to them.

I hope the CBB editors haven’t had to remove too many negative comments about this news.

Samantha on

So if she is just expecting one child, how far along would you say she is judging by her size?

amers230 on

yay! i just gotta say it, i LOVE this family! and now that Carolina mentioned it i do think it makes sense that they waited until after Pax’s adoption was finalized.

Nicki on

She looks great! I’m very happy for both of them and for their kids – they seem like a happy family.

Herbie on

Per a family member who spoke to a friend of mine (we live in Brad’s hometown), she is pregnant with twins and was even showing when they were here after Christmas. Twins apparently run in both sides of the family. Sounds like it will be babies 5 and 6!

Liza on

I love how she just wears something tight and black like “Here’s my belly!!” Cute!

brodie on

doe that mean this baby will be a privledgeg blob too. if she doesnt like having boilogical children then why do it.

kristen on

i wonder if they will adopt another child from africa before the new baby’s arrival. i remember that pax’s adoption was partly motivated by brad and angelina’s desire for maddox to have another sibling that looked like him, in the wake of a sibling that wouldn’t. maybe, with zahara becoming older and more aware, they will want to do the same thing for her.

Mari on

These two are outstanding parents…always so involved with their children. They appear to have a wonderful family life and congrats. to all of them. πŸ™‚

Becky's Daughter on

Wow! I really didn’t believe that she was expecting, even though she’s been wearing trench coats and holding Pax over her belly in public lately. I figured that they were just playing with everyone’s heads.

Congratulations to them!!!

mrsb on

Yay! Congrats to them!

I had an inkling she was pregnant months ago (no she wasn’t showing of course) I just had a feeling…same with Gwen Stefani…and yay! Right on both accounts!

And I agree with Josie Kay, I hope the Jolie-Pitts have a boy and Gwen and Gavin have a girl. πŸ™‚

iluvallbabies on

Her bump is a very different shape to her last pregnancy with Shiloh- she was much rounder, rather than the “pointy” bump she has now (if you know what I mean!)

It reminds me very much of Bridget Moynahans bump actually!

lexi on

CONGRATS to Brad & Ange!

But you know, it would be pretty funny if it turned out to be a hoax- you know, because of all the rumours she just had some padding added. I mean, thats what I would do if I was a celeb with constant pregnancy rumours swirling around.

jennifer on

Wow, so happy for them! I was afraid to read the comments because I was sure some would be negative. I’m very happy to see everyone has positive things top say. (unless they are being deleted?) They did a pretty good job keeping that secert because she looks pretty far along. I agree with Natasha. There won’t be so much pressure from the media on Shiloh. I hope it’s a boy!

Dianna on

Wonderful for them! I still wish I could have had Brad’s babies, but oh, well.
I hope the fetus is being well nourished – Angie looks great, but still thin.

Sara on

I’m really confused now. I know a deal about photoshop and image enhancing and that bumb + her breast have a little to smooth edges and picment. I honestly think right now at least that these pictures are fake.
I am really happy if there is indeed baby no.5 in there but right at this moment I’m not sure.

Best wishes Angie and Brad.
From Sweden.
// Sara

Sarah’s note: The photos are in no way fake. They are straight from Getty Images and they would be sued to high heaven if they ever messed with event portraits.

FC on

Well, I was suspicious the moment they were at the SAGS, and now here’s my confirmation! And, just like at the SAGs, she’s still got that glow about her! I’m happy for them and can’t wait to see baby no. 5 make his/her appearance! πŸ™‚

Daddy Brad looks good too. I don’t know why, but he’s making me think of old school Hollywood glamor with what he wore and his aviator sunglasses. πŸ™‚

Janine on

I saw those photos on another site and thought they were photoshopped at first.
that is one full house they they’re going to have!

J.J. on

OMG I knew it from the beginning!! Congratulations!!!!! This baby will be as gorgeous as the other Jolie-Pitt kids. It’d be nice if they have boy this time so they can have a two biological kids of each gender, and I hope that a little while after this baby arrives that they plan to adopt another little girl from Africa so Zahara can have a sister. Anyway, all I care is that Angelina remains healthy throughout her pregnancy and the baby arrives safe and sound =).

Amanda on

Angie looks stunning, as always. I am so incredibly happy for the Jolie-Pitts. I adore this family and wish them nothing but the best.

terri on

Aww, I guess we all knew it but it’s nice to finally see the confirmation. I’m hoping for another girl.

Judy on

She looks marvelous. Absolutely glowing and radiant. Congratulations to the whole J-P family!

I’m betting it’s a boy this time. If so, they will adopt a girl next. (If they have another girl, then they will adopt another boy.)

I wonder if they’ve said anything to the kids yet? Maddox is an observant little guy and he’s old enough to guess why mommy’s stomach is getting fat.

Ericka on

awww YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!! Congrats too them and their growing family!

Candice on

Holy wow. Yeah, she’s definitely pregnant! I bet it’s twins.

susan on

Congratulations to them. Angelina looks stunning,pregnancy obviously agrees with her. I hope she and the family are left alone by the paparazzi in the oncoming months because brad starts filming in texas next week and the shoot lasts till end of may/june.

gabriella on

Angelina is one of those people that weight on her face, really makes a difference, she looks great. I have a feeling they will have a little girl around july. It’s wonderful that shiloh will have a full sibling, can’t wait to see what this baby looks like and what country they have this child in.

Sarita on

She looks beautiful, congratulations to them. I don’t think its twins, she probably just waited to announce and is already quite far along.

Ekaterina on

Wow, congrats for them! They look so happy! It’s astonishing how easy they make parenthood look sometimes!

Natasha- I was thinking exactly what you were about Shiloh! But I also think people need to lay off the whole adopted vs. biological talk. She was criticized so much for it, but those same people did it themselves. They always make a point to say that Maddox, Pax and Zahara are adopted and Shiloh is biological! Regardless of where they came from, they are all their children and they love them all! Let’s drop the prefaces.

If you go along the line of old wives’ tales in how you carry, she’s carrying the same way she did with Shiloh, so I say girl. But either way, it’ll be a beautiful and loved child. I don’t believe in needing to “even” it out. Every child is a blessing.

colleen on

She looks great. I also think that if they’re going to the Oscars tomorrow, that they didn’t want to “announce it” there and take away from nominees, kwim?

I will say that Brad appears to have raided my dad’s closet circa 1976, lol.

CTBmom on

Angelina looks lovely, and even though I kind of thought she was pregnant (based on her her loose clothing as of late), I was still surprised when I saw these pics. I am excited for them, as they seem to be such a close couple and their kids seem happy and loved.

Josie Kay on

She is GLOWING and the face she is making in that second pic is simply PURE Baby Zee!! The pictures from when they were at Mammoth Mountain. Zee has the exact expressions of Angelinia. It’s sooo cute. I’m still calling a boy. If it is twins those babies are riding LOW!

Oh and Brad’s outfit. As soon as I saw that outfit “Robert Redford” popped into my head. Are we all sure that they aren’t realted? LOL

Congrat’s again and I think that I might be just as excited.

Here’s to a happy, health pregnancy and safe delivery.

~~Josie Kay~~

Willy on

Congrats to Angelina and Brad on their pregnancy! Some of you have mentioned wondering whether they’ll adopt another African girl “so Zahara can have a sister who looks like her” like Maddox has with Pax and Shiloh will have with this new biological sibling. Am I the only CBB reader who thinks that’s a little weird and unnecessary? It kind of seems like they’re trying to build an Ark with two of each!

meghan on

i don’t think she’s having twins. she hid her bump just as well last time – she was pretty big when they finally made that announcement. looks like one baby to me.

LolaBella on


Renee on

Jackie, I have been to one other celebrity site and you are correct. People are always saying she ignores Shiloh, it makes me think how can people be so cruel to people they don’t even know. Anyhow, I’m happy for them and I do think her belly does looks like Bridget’s which is why I’m guessing a boy/boys

gabriella on

Yea she totally looked pregnant at the golden globes. I’m curious to see what their son would look like, but I think they will have a girl around june. Congrats to them, and angelina looks good. Shiloh and the baby will be exactly 2 yrs apart, like kingston and his sibling.

Judy on

Sara, it’s nice that you know so much about photoshopping and image enhancing, but the cameras showed her LIVE on the IFC TV channel walking into the Independent Spirits Awards with Brad, very visibly pregnant. Do you think the TV cameras were able to photoshop her live while they were filming her? Give me a break.

Aitch on

She looks great and so does Brad!!

cvictor on

I’m happy for them. They have a beautiful family πŸ™‚

Rye on

Wowza, She’s carrying soooooo low! I can’t believe how big she is already! Unlike most of the previous posts I am gonna say I hope it’s another girl. Brad has said he hopes for another girl in interviews, so that alone is my reasoning for that. I wouldn’t doubt it being twins though! i wonder how far along she is. I am still amazed at how low she is and how pointy her belly is.

jules on

Bless the Jolie-Pitts for a safe pregnancy and delivery! Angelina looks incredibly lovely. Brad certainly has some legendary sperm — powerful swimmers!!!

Chalsey on

She looks absolutely amazing! Congratulations to them!!!

Ekaterina on

Renee– that’s not necessarily true. Bridget Moynahan carried low and had a boy but Naomi Watts also had a boy and she carried high. I don’t think how you carry suggest gender (even though I mentioned the old wives’ tale earlier) Bridget and Naomi are perfect examples of that.

You know, my mom has pointed this out multiple times, if they wanted Shiloh to have a sibling that looked like her so much, they could have adopted from within the United States. And I don’t mean private adoption, I mean that there are tons of children in foster care that need homes. Just because they are American children, doesn’t mean that they are “privileged”.

It’s funny that she and Gwen Stefani are pregnant again at the same time! These two can be friends too! I kinda want Gwen to have another boy though, I think Kingston is just so adorable and think of how cute another boy for them would be!

Sweetie on

I’m so very happy for them!!! They are my favorite celebrity family and I can’t wait to see the new addition(s) to their brood.

coco on

wow. oh my this one caught me off guard. i truly didnt believe the rumors which were very few. but im glad for them. i really am. they are getting their wish for a house full of little ones. good luck and God bless

Natasha on

I’m so happy for them! Although her baby’s due long b4 mine it sure feels nice being prego the same time as Angie:)

Daze on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitts. It was kinda obvious already, but no denying it anymore. I do hope the twin rumours pan out to be true. And I’m sure another adoption will follow suit, but will it be and older child or younger than the coming feature(s)?

trinh on

OMG! I am SOOO happy for them! It looks like a boy! She looks SOOO good! EEEE! This is going to be so exciting! I don’t care what anyone else says; I can’t wait to see them keep adding to their happy brood.

Nancy on

This is so exciting. Congratulatons to the whole Jolie-Pitt family. What a neat family. Those kids will have a fabulous time growing up in this amazing family. This must be twins! With a twin pregnancy, you belly looks like a “bullet” rather than a basketball. She is still carrying low, so my guess she is 5 months pg with twins.

Maya on

Much much better dress than she wore to that award show (I also forgot which one πŸ™‚ )

meghan on,0,3864589.photogallery?index=6

here is an la times picture. really don’t think they’re photoshopped…

yaosa on

I’m so excited and happy for them and had a gut feeling that they were expecting again! What a great family and what an inspiration they are with all they do with their family in tow!

Congratulations to them and their family! I think this is the best news! And she looks great as ever! Brad is looking good too!

I can’t wait for their new arrival!

Judy on

If anyone wants to click on this link:

they will see a picture of a pregnant Angelina that most definitely HAS NOT been photoshopped.

I’m delighted for the whole J-P family and wish the expectant parents a fine, healthy baby (or two!)

PSB on

She looks GORGEOUS. Much better than when she is not pregnant…and yet she’s still skinny! How does she do it? I was so bloated by this point in my pregnancy. She looks wonderful.

Can’t wait to see the new baby and to find out if it’s a girl/boy/both(?)

Piper on

PLEASE let her announce that she’s going to VBAC!!!

fin on

congrats to them πŸ™‚ angie’s hands are so thin, but i guess she will gain some weight soon πŸ™‚

kiley on

Many people remark that her bump is “POINTY”~ my belly looked similarly pointed when I was pregnant and my son’s butt was pressing out towards my bellybutton (i asked my obgyn) it happened in my second trimester…so maybe that’s the case here-the way the baby or babies were positioned

Also CONGRATS to them- I have noting but love and respect for their family!:)

wavybrains on

I’m really pro natural birth, but what difference does it make if she announces a VBAC. She may not want to attempt it, may not be able, may have medical reasons preventing it, etc. I know she seems like a pretty earth mother type, but she’s under no obligation to carry the VBAC banner. I’ve noticed many judgemental comments about how celebrities birth lately. How would you feel if someone judged your birth plan? If you judged your best friends plan? Let’s just be happy for them!

Heather on

I have to admit when I saw the first picture on another website I thought it was photo-shopped. But then I came here for a confirmation!! I think its so great that they’re expecting πŸ™‚
I love their family and they always look so happy!!!

Chana on

Oh, I hate to say this but I would love to see them have nine kiddos in total. 3 white, 3 African, 3 Asian. They seem to be going for even amounts, which I think is a great idea. I just love their family!

ang on

congrats to them. i went “109 comments-wonder what the fight is about this time?” (many comments usually equates to a squabble) but amazingly,nothing. u all feeling alright? lol

Rye on

I dont know about the carrying high and low old wives tale myths…but she is definitely carrying super low. Not sure how she carried with Shiloh. I dont really remember her being as low and pointy as this…but, it could just be that there were no photos of her at this stage in her pregnancy? I dont know why people are all “HOPING” for her to have a boy though. What’s so wrong with her having another girl? She already has Maddox and Pax…is that hope just so she maybe has one of each biologically??

Angelina looks gorgeous as always, if not a little skinny. She does have a lovely glow to her skin though. She looks very content. I heard her pregnancy with Shiloh was very turbulent in the beginning. She was supposedly sick a lot and it was reportedly not a “smooth and happy” pregnancy. I wonder if sickness during pregnancy correlates to the babies gender?

My aunt believes this is true and has talked about how her pregnancy with her daughter was MISERABLE while her pregnancies with her two sons were smoooooooth sailing and content.

I know someone else who mentioned this same thing too, but then again, I could have sworn I heard someone once mention women got more morning sickness with boys than girls because of the male hormones or something along those lines.

Anyways, i am rambling!
I personally think she is having a boy, but I will throw in my “hope” that she has another little baby girl beauty just like Shiloh.

Sharon on

She looks so beautiful. I wonder how far along she is? I would say if it is one baby around 5 months or twins probably 3-4 months. Wow almost everyone is pregnant – I will predict another girl for them, Nicole Kidman and Gwen. A boy for Jessica Alba, Lisa Marie, and Tori.

zaraB on

Angelina looks absolutely stunning!!! I’m so excited for them both! I think they’re going to have twins – a boy and a girl!

Lilybett on

I wonder if they’ll ever adopt from Eastern Europe or South America… I remember she visited EE a few years ago and visited orphanages (when she just had Maddox, I think). Then she and Brad visited Haiti (with Wyclef Jean) when she was pregnant with Shiloh.

Starlet on

Thrilled for them, whether another adoption or bio, simply wonderful when they have another child! Wonderful family!

Ekaterina, when someone asks us why/where we adopt from and why not from US when we lived there, I always ask them how many US children they’ve adopted. Like another poster said, the same people that criticize do/don’t do those actions themselves!

Lena on

Wow, oh my god…. she looks soooo happy and so wonderful being pregnant again….. she is one of those women who are so beautiful being pregnant. IΒ΄m so happy for them… now they got everything they ever wanted…… a big brood of kids…. and the wonderful thing about it is the rumour that they are having twins…… so they are having six of them in the nearly future….. i canΒ΄t say how much i wish them that they will be happy for the rest of their lives……

i wish them all the best………..


Jen on

Does it matter if she has a c-section or a vbac delivery or not? Seriously, people need to get over how others deliver their babies. I know some women friends who were genuinely upset at a pal of ours when she had little pain with her birth. The baby came fast and labor was quick. They were really upset with her, like she could help it. It really hurt her that her pals made her feel bad about that.

It’s also sad to see people get trashed for asking why some people decide to adopt out of the country. It could be the most civil comment and some people will still jump all over them. Some people are big on adopting American kids who need homes and it’s just a comment, lighten up.

Ekaterina, they could go to numerous countries for babies who resemble Shiloh, not just the U.S. That didnt make any sense.

blue_butterfly on

Angelina just glows during pregnancy…. they must be thrilled. I think too many people are putting emphasis on how many they currently have and the fact that this will be another “biological” child for them, as if somehow Maddox, Zahara & Pax are less their children because they’re adopted…. this to me is very much the wrong attitude to have – all 4 are Brad & Angelinas children and the fact three are adopted should make no difference IMO!

That aside, all the very best to them – here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby/babies!

How have they kept that bump under wraps for so long! It’s huge!

Colette on

I have quite honestly never seen Angelina look so beautiful.

I love this new celeb trend not to announce the pregnancy officially and instead let it announce itself.

What a wonderful family. Who could have imagined what a wonderful life Brad and Angelina would build together?!

xxLostGirl92xx on

Natasha, I totally understand what you mean. There has been so much bad press about Shiloh and her relationship with Ange (all of which was rubbish) so hopefully, now there will be another biological baby (or two!) there will be less media attention of baby Shiloh.

I’m so pleased for Ange and Brad – they are wonderful parents to the utterly adorable Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shi and another addition (or two) will make this family even more perfect.

Congrats, Jolie-Pitt family. xxxx

tink1217 on

YAY!!!!! I am soooo excited for them and Ang looks amazing!! Just stunning!!! This pregnancy definitely agrees with her!!! I am so happy for them!!!!! I would say either 5 months with a single baby or about 3-4 with twins. Time will tell!!

Daze on


You predict a boy for Jessica (Alba), Tori (Spelling) and Lisa Marie???? Who?? Do you mean Lisa Marie Presley? Is she pregnant too? I’ve not heard that one. Halle Berry, Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lynn Spears, Minnie Driver, Nichole Kidman, Gwen Stefani. Those are expecting. I heard a Kate Hudson rumour. But not that Lisa Marie is.

Sarah’s note: There is a tabloid rumor out that she is, but it seems to come out every few months, so we aren’t posting anything.

jen on

Anyone up for some name speculation? πŸ˜€ It would be pretty fun if they gave all their boys names with an ‘X’ in them, and the girls names that started with Z or S (I know they call Zahara “Zee” and Shiloh “Shi”).

shedmonds on

Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitt family!

Angelina looks more gentile than I have ever noticed before and happy happy happy x

Carol on

She looks so beautiful. Pregnancy really agrees with her. Congratulations to them!

nika on

My money’s on twins. I stood by it for jennifer and marc and i stand by it for brad and ange.

Their circumstances are very familiar.

Ekaterina on

Jen– I made that point because with all the fuss about international adoptions, people seem to be forgetting the children in this country that need homes. It’s a point that has been made about them before. International adoption has become the “in” thing but there are so many children that are in foster care and the like here and they never find homes because people are going abroad. People also mentioned that when they wanted to start charities for Maddox and Zahara in their native countries so that they had a connection there, they should start one here in America for Shiloh. Because her parents are American, so is she.

sushi on

if she’s due this summer, it means that she is like 3-4months pregnant, and with the size of that bump, i’d say that there’s more than one baby in that belly!
It’s just amazing to think that 4 years ago, Brad and Angie didn’t know each over and that now they are having their 5th (and 6th?) child.
Hope they have a a boy AND a girl

Sarah’s note: If she’s due in June or July that would make her 4-5 months now.

Martha on

Congrats to them! Angelina is so beautiful and pregnancy just adds that special glow. I like Brad’s proud look too. πŸ™‚ They seem such amazing parents and enjoy their kids so much.

Judy on

Oh wow, new photos today! And nobody can say these look photoshopped!

Ekaterina on

Starlet–I’m a little surprised that you would make assumptions about me when you don’t even know me. I’m in my early twenties and therefore a little young to be having children. I’m interested in babies because I’m a nanny and I used to work at an orphanage in South Africa. My point was that when you make a big deal about saving children the way that Angelina has, you open up a discourse on adoption, international vs. american. I was in no way criticizing her, I think what’s she’s done is amazing, I was merely making a suggestion to be added to the discussion. She has the right to adopt from whereever she wants and to have as many children as she wants. I would never criticize someone else’s choices regarding children and I would hope no one else would too.

ella on

Collete you are quite right, who’d have thunk it? Angie had vowed to never have biological children and Brad had put it on record that he wanted 7 girls (presumably all biological) before they “met”. Seems they came to a workable compromise and a beautiful family as a result.

And how sweet is the “DAD” necklace that Brad is wearing. Not really feeling his 60s/70s look though, lol complete with the sideburns, no no no! Angie what can I say that hasn’t been said already. Her dress is soooo cute unlike the monstrosity she wore the other time, pink skirt and black top. I’m starting to think they take it in turns to wear horrible outfits.

ameline on

Let’s just hope she has the good sense to make sure this baby gets enough nourishment while it grows, and that she does not call it a blob.
I find all this worrying.

*Mommy of Angels* on

Her bump is low, but that doesn’t mean much. I carried differently with my first two. son/daughter. Now im pregnant with my 3rd and my bump is not the same. Im due in about 4 weeks(and dont know the sex). And now it looks like I have a basket ball inside of me. My belly was more round and fuller in my second tri. But now it looks like im having twins(im huge)lol. Congrats to the family, I think Angie is going to keep her word and adopt many more beautiful babies. I also think this baby is a boy.

Rachel on

She looks really good and healthy.

I agree with the earlier poster though and a lot of people around the internet think that first photo has been a little bit “enhanced” to make that bump look bigger (perhaps the agency wanted to make it more stand outish and shocking or whatnot)… it just doesn’t look right or something (it’s bigger than in all the other shots and has an odd pointy shape). I mean they aren’t going to get sued for doing that… she is afterall pregnant.

Congrats to them!

Sarah’s note: Legally, they cannot alter public appearance photographs except for correcting color balance, etc. Most of the time, they are taking these photos on the red carpet, uploading them right away, and putting them up for sale on the site. There’s not even time to alter them, they want them out first (especially lat night, with how popular they knew these photos would be).

Marilynn on


Isn’t Shiloh actually a Namibian citizen?

elenab on

I’m really happy for them. She looks stunning and beautiful and I wish them all the best. As for how she delivers the baby, who cares?! I can’t believe the comments have already started on that!
Also, “I’m happy that Shiloh will have a full sibling?” What kind of sentiment is that? Her siblings are her siblings. Shiloh doesn’t know or care where her siblings are from at this point. And I’m sure it doesn’t matter in the long run. This couple comes across to me as a very loving, together family and I doubt any of their kids are made to feel what you are insinuating.

Ekaterina- Unfortunately, the US adoption system is faulty. People would probably adopt more US children if the adoption system wasn’t so difficult, costly and lengthy. The US system is very focused on reuniting children with their birth families, and sometimes at the expense of the children. It’s less likely that a child here doesn’t have someone, that the parents aren’t in fear of the system taking the child away at some point. We just had a situation where after 3 years of a family fostering and planning to adopt, the system dug up a grandmother in another country with a shady living situation and they had to fight to keep the American-born child here and fight to adopt the child who only knew them as their parents. Even the grandmother agreed the child should stay here. The system was more concerned about the child being with a not-known family member, than letting him be with the only stable family he knew. In other countries, there are more possibilities that there are no relatives and the children are free to be adopted without complications. Also, they are doing stuff for Shiloh’s country. Brad Pitt’s work in New Orleans is a primary example.

Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple!!

Susan on

I’d like to ask the editors of this site what their opinion is of this “new” (?) trend of not announcing pregnancies (a la JLo, Christina Aguilera)? How does it affect what you do when an official press release is not sent out? Are you in favor of it, or against? Thank you.

Sarah’s note: It’s not really a ‘for or against’ thing for us. Of course, it makes it easier for us when they do release info, or we have specific sources that can tell us for sure either way (like we had sources for Christina and Nicole Richie).

For the most part though, all it affects is our ability to post something as truth or rumor. It would be irresponsible of us to post something confirming someone is pregnant if there’s been no announcement, it’s not completely obvious, and we are only assuming ourselves. We think it’s unprofessional, so we try not to do it.

We also see, everyday, how quickly gossip/tabloid items can spread without people reading or checking the original source (like the Jessica Alba twins things from the National Enquirer), so we try to avoid posting things like that whenever possible.

Other than that, it really doesn’t affect us. We’d rather have people feel that they can come here and know what they read is responsible, correct information, and that rumors and denials will be clearly marked as such, etc, instead of the site having a gossipy basis. If that means, for example, we didn’t post this Angelina item until yesterday, that’s fine with us, because readers tell us when they read something here, they know it’s real and true. We’d rather wait on the celeb than jumping the gun.

LolaCola on

I think people say they hope it’s a boy so they can see what a child of each sex would look like. I actually hope its another girl because Brad said he wanted a house full of girls but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a boy.
Angie does look happier for this pregnancy I don’t know if maybe she isn’t having as much morning sickness, but I think it could be from the fact that she is not as nervous about having a biological child. With Shiloh she stated she was scared she would love the biological child more so was ready to provide more attention to her adopted children, but she realized the feeling was no different. Now that she has Shiloh she is not as nervous about how a biological child will change the family dynamic.

Karla on

Harley on

Yup, what we all suspected. I always love how much bigger the tummy’s of second time mommy’s get! God love the uterus lol. Congrats to them πŸ™‚

leni on

I’m so very thrilled for them!!! They are wonderful people and wonderful parents. some people were born to have a large family..some thrive on it. The jolie-pitt’s are my favorite celeb family. I’m so excited, you’d think someone in my own family was expecting!

Monika on

she looks fantastic and thrilled, but brad is looking a bit waxy.

loralie on

Brad and Angelina both look so amazing. Beautiful inside and out.

Congrats to them!

Jon on

I’m happy for her, and I assume yes, she is pregnant. Unless she stuffed a pillow underneath her dress, but I doubt it:P. It will be interesting to see how many children she has; I expect her to become my generation’s Mia Farrow. In that case, she has 9 more to go.

Car on

I thought the first photo was photoshopped, and that is the one which seems to be the ‘official’ Angelina pregnant pic.

The other photo’s show a much more natural looking bump.

She is absolutely stunning and I think Brad Pitt is looking more and more like Robert Redford, with every new picture I see of him !

Cherry on

She does look gorgeous. I wish them well with the new baby. Everyone needs to stop putting them on a pedestal. The only reason Brangelina are together is because Brad is a cheat and Angelina is a thief. She took Brad away from Jen. Everyone that approves of this behavior needs to pray to God.

PK on


When you adopt a child out of foster care in the U.S. it costs you nothing. The child gets prepaid college tuition and Medicaid/WIC until they age out, and the adoptive parents get a tax credit. It’s really not that complicated (not more so than adoptions anywhere else). You just have to take MAPP classes, pass background checks and fill out paperwork. There are thousands of children who are freed for adoption and don’t have adoptive families. The system does try to keep children with their biological families and many times that is not the best place for them at all, but there are lots of children who either have no family fighting for them or have no family members capable of taking care of them.

One of the risks with taking in foster children is falling in love with them, but that is our job. To love them. We just have to hope that God will lead the agencies and the judges to make the right decisions and do what is best for the child.

It does make me kind of sad that with the celebrity trend of adopting from foreign countries, many people aren’t aware that they can adopt beautiful children from their own countries. Not that I don’t respect people who adopt children from other countries, but I wish that more people could adopt children from foster care and get others aware of it.

Anyway, enough of that. Angelina looks stunning and I am happy for both of them, and wish them a happy and healthy baby.

CaThY on

Hahaha I was wondering If Angie-Brad Gwen & Gavin say on the phone when their goin 2 b having sex because this has happened twice now (IT’S VERY WEIRD) LOL Mayb they do

MKH on

Along with everyone else, I’m so happy for them about Pax’s adoption finalization and this baby. Angelina is so freaking beautiful and she’s absolutely luminescent when pregnant. Boy or girl, that’s going to be one beauty (or two ☺) of a baby/babies!β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

suey on

My prediction is a boy who will be born in France, as a tribute to her mother. If she is about 3- 4 months along it happened not too long after her mother passed away.

Shyla on

This is one of the only celeb couples that I actually admire. All I can say- if this is what they want(which I am presuming they do), then great for them- although having that many children 6 and under can only make me “shake” thinking about the stress of caring for all of them, but unlike the Jolie-Pitts, I am jsu an average-day SAHM- not part of a glamorous, wealthy, famous celeb “couple”. With that said- is there anyone out there at this time that exudes such beauty, glamour, selflessness in caring for their own family as well as the rest of the world as Angelina does? I agree with above posters as well- not only is she gorgeous but she is absolutely glowing with happiness. Love these two together and the beautiful family they have created and continue to expand….

lora on

i dont know why people always think Angie’s mother was French! She was born in Chicago..though she is part french canadian. but she was born in the usa making her an American.

congrats to Brad and Angie!! Love them!!

ivy on

Im so excited for them!

yes, Angie’s mother was not french.

Marcia Lynne “Marcheline” Bertrand[1] (May 9, 1950 – January 27, 2007) was an American actress.

Bertrand was born in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Lois June (nΓ©e Gouwens) and Rolland F. Bertrand.[1] She was of French-Canadian descent on her father’s side, and is a descendant of Zacharie Cloutier[2][3]. According to daughter Angelina Jolie, Bertrand was often wrongly identified as a French actress: “My mom is as far from French Parisian as you can get. She grew up in a bowling alley that my grandparents owned.”

elisabeth on

OK the one thing that bothers me about this site is that it seems that everyone is super thin that reads it and comments and have had little belly pregnancys. I am due the first week of August and I am bigger than her. If I here one more time “are you having twins?” I am going to burst. This is my 3rd and I found with my second I shot out right away. This time too. I am about as big as her (although my butt is 2 times the size of hers :o) and there is only one baby. I would hate to be a celebrity. What happened to the 80’s when someone got pregnant they actually got fat? not just a little tiny bump that goes away 2 days after you have the baby. I am 17 weeks pregnant and I was showing at 12 weeks already. Every pregnancy is different. As well all 3 of my pregnancys have been very different I am suffering sever morning (all day) sickness and never had with one or two. Carrying totally different and just found out we are having another girl.(that makes 3) so the way people carry there symptoms don’t always predict sex of baby.

Autumn on

Beautiful pics! Congratulations to Brad and Angelina on their upcoming addition! I think it’s cool that they’re having another biological child (I’d love to see a baby Brad ie a boy, but we’ll have to see), although I wouldn’t be surprised if they adopted again sooner rather than later. (Hopefully it wouldn’t be until at least another year from now, but with them, who knows?)

By the way they look here, Brad and Angelina look like as if Robert Redford and Jacqueline Bisset would’ve been a couple & had children back 35 yrs ago or so. What a couple!

Chiara on

I’m just really really happy for them. She looks gorgeous and he’s fnally getting back to hot old days after couple of months of not so good looking Brad.
I would love for them to have twins and if it’s not then it looks like se’s pretty far along, she looked like that when she announced Shiloh and she was about 4 months along, right?
I can’t wait to see this little one and if it’s one, I hope it’s a boy.

Roxy on

Congratulations to them. Another child, another of life’s greatest blessings for their beautiful family.

Aimee on

yay this is great another baby!
Shiloh is a beautiful little girl.
Angelina looks great as always congradulations to the family!!

Sharon on


Yes I meant Lisa Marie Presley. She herself has not confirmed it but someone I know from EPE who works very close with the family says she is 6-7 months along but keeping it secret like she did with the last baby. There are always pregnancy rumors with her but that is not who I got the info from. She is due late April according to EPE.

Simone on

She looks beautiful,radiant,happy and she is glowing….i believe its gonna be a boy.

Congrats to the entire family!!!

Iam a lil jealous of her because i miss being preggo already and my lil one isnt even 7 mos yet 😦

heather on

Elisabeth, you are not alone in big belly pregnancies!! And being asked if it’s twins. Our second is 5 months old and when I was pregnant with her I already had a pouch at 4 weeks and by 16 weeks people would think I was like 7 months along!! I got a lot of is it twins but actually we had to use fertility drugs for years so even we thought it was twins until the first ultrasound b/c I showed so quickly. lol. Oddly with our daughter I only gained 21 pounds but had a humongous belly from the beginning. With our first, our son, I didn’t show for a long time but gained more weight than I want to admit to, haha. I wish that the belly went away after two days, oh that would be nice =) Congrats on your third, just thought I’d tell you I understand and you aren’t alone with big belly pregnancies. I love the big baby bump even if it’s a killer on your back :0

Angie looks beautiful too, I agree with whoever said that a little weight on her face goes a long way! She’s also beautiful without hardly any make up.

simply_bohemian on

I am one of the fan girls who think this is an amazing couple. I think the media does way more harm then good for them. (will they ever stop with the supposed Jen/Angie rivalry?)
This is what all people in there position should do, make the world a better place through their humanitarian efforts. Cograts to their family. I am a Mom of 6, people should just really leave them alone as how many kids they have. It’s there choice and last time I checked we did live in a free country.

Erin on

I am beyond thrilled about this – glad the Jolie-Pitt clan is getting a new edition (or editions). Fantastic!! β™₯ =)

Linda on

WOW- I am SO Happy for them! I hope they stay together forever. I hate all those ppl that have bad things to say about the both of them, but I really think they’re perfect for each other. They looks so happy and I hope they stay that way for a long time!

Natalie S. on

All I have to say is…STUNNING!!! I have a love/loathe relationship with these two but they are so gorgeous together..(I got nothin’ but love for ya Jennifer). Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt clan..awe they’re really a clan!!!

Pogue Mahone on

I wonder which exotic locale she will birth this baby/babies? I’m going with France…
Just like Nicole Richie, I think she looks even prettier prego, with the extra weight on and not so thin; she’s glowing!
It seems *everyone* in Hollywood is prego or have had babies; what’s in the water there? πŸ™‚
Having kids seems to be the new trendy, fashionable, “in” thing in Hollywood now!!

Sarita on

The bump looks smaller in the new pictures, she looks great. I wish we knew when she is due.

I will never understand the people that think she should adopt from America. Why do you seem to think American children are more deserving of a good life than a child from another country? If she had adopted a child from America instead of ie Maddox, that would have been better how?

Elyse on

She looks positively raidiant! Pregnancy REALLY agrees with her. She looks so much better with a little more weight on her IMHO.
I wonder how she has managed to hide that bump for this long? πŸ˜‰

Congrats to the Jolie Pitt family!!

Rebecca on

“It does make me kind of sad that with the celebrity trend of adopting from foreign countries, many people aren’t aware that they can adopt beautiful children from their own countries.”

PK: I respect anyone who wants to go the route of adopting from America. However, adoption is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. A person has to chose the way that is right for them. And I think it’s great that foster-to-adopt parents are brave enough to take that chance knowing that it might not pan out, but everyone has their own individual emotional reserves, and some people know they simply do not have what it takes to get attached and then possibly lose that child. If a person knows beforehand they’re not cut out for that sort of thing, then they shouldn’t adopt that way, because if they forge ahead anyway despite their doubts they could potentially do more damage than good to that child who has already been through so much already. Bottom line: Some people just aren’t cut out for that and that’s an individual decision that adoptive parents must make. And no one should try to guilt someone into adopting a way that they’re not comfortable with.

Also, there are many who adopt from other countries because they just feel that’s where their children are. I can’t explain how or why I feel this way, but I just know that my baby is in China. It’s a very deep feeling that I have. And after talking to other adoptive parents I know that I am not the only one who has a strong feeling about where their child is.

CelebBabyLover on

I KNEW it! Ordinarily, I’m the type of person who refuses to believe celebrity pregnancy rumors until either the celebrity confirms or it becomes totally obvious. Not only that, but I am usually very quick to dismiss Angelina pregnancy rumors as she has been falsely rumored to be pregnant many times since giving birth to Shiloh.

However, when these latest rumors about her being pregnant starting, something told me that this time, it was definently true! It was the same with Tori Spelling. Somehow I just knew that the rumors would prove to be true!

All of that said, I’m going to guess that Angie is due in August, because she looks a bit smaller than Tori, who is due in July. Also, something just tells me that she and Gwen (who’s due in August) are due around the same time again. Personally, I hope they have another little girl just because Shiloh is such a cutie (not that a little boy wouldn’t be cute!), and I can totally see Brad with another baby girl! What would really be interesting would be if the baby is born on Maddox’s birthday!

Oh, and ITA with Natasha! Not only is poor Shi’s relationship with Angie picked apart and given bad press (one recent issue of Life&Style, for example, featured a close-up of Shi on the cover and the tite: “More trouble. Why Angie calls Shiloh ‘the outcast’, or something similar), but, whenever a picture of Angie and/or Brad (although, for some reason, this doesn’t seem to be brought up when it’s just Brad with the older kids) with Mad, Pax, and Z but not Shiloh is posted, people immeditely go, “Where’s Shiloh?”, and then often go on about how Angie must not love her as much as the other kids. I am hoping that, once this new baby is born, the media AND the general public will finally start to leave poor Shiloh alone!

PK on


I completely understand not wanting to love too freely for fear of being hurt. And I apologize if I offended you – it was not my intent. I only meant to say that I think that there needs to be greater awareness of the children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. There are many people who would be willing to adopt foster children if they knew that they would not have to pay a lot of money to get them. Again I did not mean to offend anyone or “guilt” anyone into doing anything.

terri on


I don’t know if I will be adopting, having biological kids, or whatnot, but I found your post very informative and not at all judgemental. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

Allie on

I think it’s great – it always seemed just a matter of time before they had another one! I do hope though that Angelina gains a little more weight than she’s showing now…she’s so very thin, which can’t be terribly good for the baby further down the track. Other than that, she looks incredibly happy so I think it’s great. Congratulations to both of them!

Laura on

I’m DYING to know the due date! Would be cool to have baby same time! I’m due June 25th with my 2nd.. I’m ending my 5th month of pregnancy. I’m almost 23 weeks now.

Hannah on

Rebecca: Good luck to you and your family on your adoption journey. I have 2 bio-boys’ and would love to adopt a little girl from the Ukraine, although at the moment it is not part of any “plan”, just a “dream” of mine at this point in time. I agree with you that most ppl. have a sense of where their child is waiting for them. Good luck to you & Congrats on your son/daughter.

Caturday on

Angie decided to show off her bump at the Independent awards show that Jennifer Aniston was supposed to be at also — Sounds like this was planned?

Rebecca on

PK: You didn’t offend me with your post – and I agree that it’s important to get that information out there. I find myself respond to mis-information about adoption on various websites all the time (for instance, when Sharon Stone adopted there were a lot of people saying that you couldn’t adopt if you have any health problems – something I know from personal experience is not true – and so she must have gotten special treatment, and I felt the need to clear that up as well), so I completely understand where you were coming from with your post. I was just explaining the reasoning behind why some people don’t go that route, because it seems whenever someone adopts there are a lot of people (online and off) who ask “Why not adopt from America?” I was just trying to add another perspective to the dialogue that was going on in this thread.

And the guilt comment wasn’t really directed towards you. Sorry that I didn’t make that clear. That was directed more toward people in general, because there seems to be a lot of people (again, both online and off) who try to tell adoptive parents that they should have chosen a different route in adopting.

Nicole on

Wow, finally you can tell Angelina is pregnant again!

I think she is looking gorgeous in this pregnancy, being pregnant def agrees with her.

I hpe they have another beautiful girl.

Linlin on

Well, I think Angelina will have a boy this time.

Angie and Brad always say they want to have more children, either from bio or adopting. And a while ago, Angie also said she was on pill at that moment. Apparently they must have planned all the way along to have this baby. And, usually when a couple plan to conceive, and the baby is not from “accident”, they would have bigger possibility to give a birth to a boy than to a girl.

But either a boy or a girl from this beautiful couple, it will be a very adorable one.

Congrats to the parent-soon-to-be! πŸ™‚

anaise on

Im so excited!! another beautiful Jolie-Pitt is on the way!
Angie looks amazing.

(LOVE- J ) on

Congrats to them !

Campbell on

I never not once thought and could not begin to even think why anyone would think that AJ and BP “ignored” Shiloh…. where is that coming from??? Pictures. Are you kidding me? From pictures for gosh sakes?! Holy cow!! Unbelievable ignorance to make a judgement about a life and lifestyle of a family by photographs…. oy! So glad that that noone here on CBB has that shallow/misguided perception. One of the main reasons I keep comin back. I must say that I was NOT on board w/ the rumors on this pregnancy. Completely got me! Honestly, I’ve thought that the beautiful AJ has looked even thinner and possibly sickly in the face in the last several photo publications, tho never commented. However, now it makes sense, since she said that she was ill in her first pregnancy, I’d say the poor thing may have been ill w/ this one. Just a guess. I hope that they just continue to do what they wish for their family. I wish them so much joy. And if they choose to adopt another, or she chooses to have another pregnancy, GOOD ON! Doesn’t make any difference to me if they are all boys or girls, or where they are born. I think it is interesting to watch, and I was terribly excited to see her SO VERY pregnant when I honestly had no clue. (despite the rumors). I love the seemingly fact that they chose to give little Pax his moment in the sun(w/the press photos) before “announcing” the pregnancy. Just lovely. Oh, and Brad, what’s up w/ the 70’s theme!? I about fell out when I read the comments, YES it looks like he raided some of our dad’s closets and channeled the beautiful and talented Robert Redford (” The Sting” is one of my all time favorite movies!) LOL

Rebecca on

Hannah: Thank you so much for your kind words. And I hope your dream comes true someday.

jules on

Angelina looks gorgeous as always, if not a little skinny. She does have a lovely glow to her skin though. She looks very content. I heard her pregnancy with Shiloh was very turbulent in the beginning. She was supposedly sick a lot and it was reportedly not a “smooth and happy” pregnancy. I wonder if sickness during pregnancy correlates to the babies gender?
Angelina said she had a very easy pregnancy with Shiloh, that she and Brad conceived practically on the first try, no sickness and that she loved being pregnant.

CelebBabyLover on

Allie- Quite a few people were worried that Angie was too thin during her pregnancy with Shiloh as well, and that it couldn’t be good for the baby (Shiloh). As we all know, Shiloh ended up being born perfectly healthy and at a normal weight (I think she was at least 7lbs if I’m remembering correctly). Also, look at how thin Nicole Richie was when she got pregnant with Harlow. Yet Harlow, like Shiloh, was born healthy and at a fairly normal weight (she was just a little over 6lbs, I think, which is on the small side, but not, to my knowledge, considered low birthweight).

Therefore, I’m sure Angie’s weight won’t have negative effects on this baby, either. πŸ™‚

Oh, and I forgot to mention last night that, regardless of whether this baby is a boy or a girl, I have a feeling they will adopt an African girl next, for Zahara (just as they adopted Pax for Maddox).

dianad1968 on

It is such a pleasure reading the posts here, no vulgarity or name calling. The Jolie-Pitts have a beautiful faamily, and i am so excited that they will be having another beautiful addition soon. Angie is radiant, and Brad looks proud as a peacock, lol.They are wonderful parents,and should have as many children as they see fit.

Can you imagine if the JPs adopt in the US, what will happen? You will see all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork claiming they are related to the child, at the tabs urging of course. We have recently seen it with the Zahara’s story that that miserable In Touch did. I think it is very unlikely they will take that risk, unfortunately.

I think Brad is preparing for his next role, which starts filming early next month, hence the hair and clothing. I believe it’s a period piece set in the fifties.

Judy on

The old wives’ tale says if you’re carrying toward the front it’s a boy; if you’re carrying toward the back, it’s a girl. From the way she’s carrying, it looks like a boy.

(It was true for me anyway.)


Natalia on

Jules: Speaking from experience: Within 2-weeks of going off the pill, I was pregnant with my first son, which did not include any morning sickness, although it was a high-risk pregnancy that ended up with a premature delivery. (Everyone was ok)… It took me 5+ months to get pregnant the second time around and that pregnancy, although not high-risk (thankfully) was consumed by all-day sickness for 4+ months- that pregnancy also resulted in another boy. Before my sickness with my second boy, I always thought if you were sick during pregnancy than you were having a girl- but now through my own experience I know that is not the case. What I have heard is that during each subsequent pregnancy you have more sickness, due to the fact that your body is used to being pregnant as well as the over-load of pregnancy hormones associated with the process… not sure if that is true or not, just what I have heard. πŸ™‚

my fan-angelinaandbrad on


magenta on

America has the most archaic, out-of-date, hostile adoption system for an industrialize country. Sure celebrities adopt in the US and seem to get their babies quickly. But it doesn’t happen very quickly for the average “joe and joanne”. It’s incredibly expensive to adopt in the US and the requirements to adopt are just a tangled mess. And, try adopting in the US and be single, Gay, have a chronic medical condition, over 40, not being the same race as the child you want or living off a blue collar/low income. An adoption in China takes a 2 year process and 20 grand to get a child (My SIL is going through this right now. She’s on year 1. They actually sent her paperwork back because she had unstapled then stapled again some documents STAPLES!. That tacked on 4 more months.). In the US it takes up to 4 years. I believe Ethopia at this time has the shortest process, but that might change and get more rigid. China, once the go to place for baby girls, is becoming almost impossible.

When you decide you want a child. You want one now! And every day, month, year that goes by where you don’t have the child you’ve been fantasizing about just executes your soul.

mtoo on

I knew it! I TOLD you she would have skied! lol I think she’s having a boy. Even though she looked beautiful while pregnant with Shiloh (and who wouldn’t, with a team of stylists?) she did always seemed tired, and her hair was kind of lank all the time. This time she looks fabulous. It seems to me that in most cases, when women have girls (and therefore have excess estrogen in their systems) their hair/nails don’t look as nice and they look more tired. At least in my family! lol

Charity on

Congrats to Angie & Brad! My guess is twin boys (just a hunch & I’m probably wrong). And I think she’ll have another C-section b/c there are many docs who won’t even try natural childbirth with twins. And to that she’s already had a c-section and I think if it really is twins, it’ll be a c-section (the important thing is that she & the baby/babies are safe & healthy).

As for the adoption issues – America vs. International…I wholeheartedly agree that we should adopt kids from America if/when we can. However, there are kids out there in foreign countries who need parents just as badly if not more (malnourishment seems to be a real problem in foreign orphanages). I know many people who’ve adopted (American & International) and all have beautiful stories about how this child might not have been born of them but was really always theirs.

It’s wonderful when anyone adopts a child.

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to mention this in my previous comment: Thank you, CBB, for acknowledging the fact that this is, in fact, Brad and Angie’s 5th child! Most other sites are claiming that they are expecting their “2nd baby”. It makes me angry that so many sites (both offical media ones and ones run by “regular” people who happen to be interested in at least some aspect of the lives of celebs, the way CBB is) seem to forget about Mad, Pax, and Z. Thank you, CBB, for remembering them! πŸ™‚

Nickelle on

YAY! Congrats to both Brad and Angie. I’ve been reading for weeks that they’re expecting but it’s so dificult to believe anythin tabloids write. I was waiting for it to be posted her so I could know for sure!

Angie looks absoluely gorgeous. She’s glowing. I’m so happy for her nd her entire family.

Sami on

Yay for them… they seem like such a nice family. Although I must say both Brad and Angie appear to be showing their age more recently. I think all those little kids probably takes a toll. It’s worth it, though πŸ™‚

dora on

I’ve never seen Angelina look more beautiful, and Brad is looking like a proud dad..and very fine.

Can’t wait for this precious baby to be born!

Michele on

Congrats to them both. They seem to be a loving and wonderful family, as well as genetically blesses, adopted or not. My only complaint is that she didn’t ski (which makes total sense) but yet she spent 2 days in a war zone? In my opinion her going to Iraq knowing she was pregnant is just wrong. But she is home and safe and that is in the end all that matters. While I applaud that she fights for the underdogs in this world, it should not be at the possible expense of her losing a baby or a mother for her other 4 children. I wish them a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby.

Lauren Nicole on

This is a report from the Sun UK:

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT will have their next child in France to honour the actress’s late French-Canadian mother.
And I can also reveal that, despite rumours the pair are expecting twins, it will be just one girl to add to their growing family.
My well-placed source revealed: β€œAngelina has been told she is expecting a girl. She’s thrilled.”
Angelina’s mum, actress MARCHELINE BERTRAND, died last year and the star wants to embrace her French heritage by bringing up her new tot over there.
After months of house-hunting Brad and Angelina β€” who revealed her bump in a tight black dress at the weekend β€” have bought a chateau in the south of France and plan to make it their family home.

I have no idea if any of that is even true, but it would be a lovely tribute to her mum if it were. =]

viv on

i wish the family a life time togetherness and GOD’S blesings.

joy on

On the adoption thing. Maybe America should improve its foster system. I have adopted through the foster adopt its not as easy as it looks. I am looking at possible second adoption its a huge roller coaster ride.

Anna Jatta Gambia on

OOOh am so so happy for Angi and Brad they look so cute i wish them all the best in life and also the unborn child as well as all the family.



chris on

I think its awesome that she is pregnant again, and obviously so happy!! The past year had been so hard for her…losing her mother hurt so much you could see it in every photo for so long!!
Its hurtful to some children to hear “step”, “adopted”, etc because these are their parents…period. I wonder how members of the press who make these distinctions would feel if it were THEIR children being labeled??? Its so plain that neither Brad nor Angelina make any such distinctions…all the kids look so happy and in any pic of Mom or Dad looking them you can see the love in their eyes!!!

mickeybeng on

They look great together!
I love angelina even before she became really famous! I know she is a great person and a great mother.
I hope and pray that they last forever and good luck to their family!!

all my prayers

hot angelina pics on

She is very sexy. Did you see Angelina Jolie’s wet photos?