Update: Tori Spelling, her belly, and Liam in People

02/22/2008 at 03:33 PM ET

3_03_08_2Update: Tori shares that she hasn’t found out the baby’s sex yet, and she tells Who, People‘s Australian counterpart, that she is due in July. This pregnancy has been tougher — she had terrible nausea in her first trimester, making it hard to balance being both expectant and mom to a baby under a year.

Tori discovered she was pregnant again just a week after reaching her postpartum weightloss goal. After taking three home pregnancy tests, she wrote a note saying, ‘I’m a big brother,’ and pinned it to Liam’s shirt. Too bad Dean didn’t get the message! Tori laughs,

Dean said, ‘Cute shirt, did you make it?’ I’m like, ‘Babe, if he’s a big brother…’ He finally went, ‘Oh my God. Seriously?’ He was so excited, but it took him five minutes!

Click here to watch Tori’s interview at People.com

Originally posted February 21st: Cradling her pregnant belly, actress Tori Spelling, 34, and son Liam Aaron, 11 months, are on the cover of People this week in promotion of her new book sTORI Telling, out March 11th.

The tag line says she discusses ‘The lost millions, 90210 hookups, and leaving her first husband’ — and also finally admits to her breast implants — but we’re excited for some Liam news and details on her second pregnancy with husband Dean McDermott, which she’s kept mum about thus far. However she does open up to People — check back tomorrow for the interview highlights. To shorten the wait, read this online excerpt regarding Liam’s birth:

His heart rate was dropping. It eventually became clear that a C-section was in order.

It didn’t seem like I’d been in surgery long when the doctorsaid, "Here he comes!" Then I heard Liam’s first cry. It took my breathaway. I was overwhelmed with love. Dean said, "Oh my God, he’sgorgeous." I looked down at my baby and said, "Oh, he is. And thank Godhe has a good nose." Back home Dean and I settled into our new life asparents. Liam completed us.

My whole life I wanted to be normal. When I think of what Ihave now, it’s not the biggest or best or most anything. It’s familyand love and safety. It’s work and laughter and imperfection. It’s mynormal.

We’ll have more from the issue tomorrow!

Source: People, March 3rd issue, p. 72-78

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Harlow on

Even though Tori is keeping mum about her pregnancy. It’s obvious she is. I can understand her wanting to keep it private though.

But I am hoping she will shed a little bit of light on the pregnancy.

ashley on

Does anyone know how far along she is in this second pregnancy and what the sex of the baby is that she is expecting? I am really excited as I am a huge 90210 fan and loved Tori and Dean in their show on Oyygen!

Sarah’s note: Again, Tori has not said a thing yet. She does talk about it in the new issue though, as it says, so hopefully she will offer some details! Just judging by belly size, we think she’s likely due towards the earlier end of summer.

Dana on

Oh, I love her comment about the nose! I remember having similar, weird thoughts like that when both of my daughters were born. It would not normally have been something that crossed my mind, but with the hormones and emotions and adrenaline all pumping through you at once, the oddest thoughts come into your head.

Harlow on

Thanks for that info Sarah, as I too was wondering if anything had been mentioned anywhere about how far she possibly was.

heather on

I would be so surprised if this baby is not a girl – she looks like she’s carrying so differently than with Liam’s pregnancy! Liam is a cutie pie. Excited to read this, I was such a 90210 fan back in the day…and now I found it’s on TV early Sunday mornings – it’s my guilty pleasure of the weekend!

Kim on

If we’re making guesses…I’d say she’s due in July. I’m due at the end of June and she’s just a little smaller than me. I’m anxious to find out though!

heather on

It really bugs me they rarely, if almost never, mention Dean’s other son. They always talk like they are just a family of three. She says they settled into their new life as parents and Liam completed them. I understand that now they are parents of a child they conceived together but Dean was a parent long before Tori. I don’t know, maybe I’m alone in this sentiment as no one else has commented on that but it’s just my opinion.

On a positive note Tori looks very cute prego and I love her short new haircut. I think it will be fun to read the inside scoop on 90210 as I loved that show!!

Petra on

I don’t understand one thing. She said she had had C-section. But she heard the first cry of her baby, everything. Did she have C-section in epidural?

Sarah’s note: ? Most women are not under general anesthesia, although in rare cases they must be. The majority of women are awake when their baby is born. They have some kind of spinal block, usually, and if it is an emergency c-section situation, the previous epidural from the labor (if it was had) is ‘topped off’ in many cases.

ang on

Who mag is the Australian version of People-it came out today & is saying she’s due in July.love the pics =)

ang on

access hollywood has video of this shoot & tori said liam puts his mouth on her belly LOL so cute

Amber H. on

This will be a fun read…Liam is adorable. I got to hear my daughter’s 1st cry (which seemed like forever!) and see her immediately and I had a c-section too. It was the scariest and happiest day of my life!

Nicole on

Tori looks so different in this pregnancy, all belly so far. She is looking great. I think she’s having another boy though. I like her and Dean, they seem to be a great couple. Love their show too Liam is soo cute, looks alot like uncle Randy I think!

Laura on

she looks great… are you going to post the info yet? thanks!

tink1217 on

I think Tori looks great pregnant! It agrees with her! I also think girl this time. She just looks different and she has had different symptoms this time. I have had 2 csections, whomever asked, I had an epidural with both. The first was after being in labor for 24 hours and I had the epidural in place already, they just upped it but I started to feel everything when they were stitching me back up so they knocked me out completely for the last 10 minutes or so. But, I did hear my daughter cry. The 2nd was a scheduled c section and I got the epidural during pre op. That one didn’t wear off! I heard my son cry too. Most women aren’t under general anesthesia with csections. Unless it is a dire emergency and things have to go very quickly.

J.J. on

Seems like she’s having a girl this time by the way she looks and due to the fact that she’s suffering from terrible morning sickness. Women who have girls tend to suffer a lot of sicknesses in their first trimester, and those who have boys tend to be fine for the most part IMO. So I’m betting on that this baby is a girl.

Heather on

Funny story about how Dean found out!

paula on

heather: You are not alone, I feel exactly the same way. I always feel bad for the children of previous marriages/relationships who don’t get to live with or spend a lot of time with one of the parents and have to watch their parents create new families. I’m sure it affects them down the road. I hope Tori understands that his son Jack (I think that’s the name of his older son) was there first, even before her, and that they were a family before she came along.
In any case, I wish her a healthy pregnancy.

Emily on

How she’s carrying this time vs. last time and the difference in symptoms from the last pregnancy to this one has nothing to do with the gender of her baby. There is absolutely no scientific basis to that.

Sheri on

Emily – You are right. How she is carrying this time is not proof that the sex of this child will be different than her first. However, there is scientific proof that the symptoms reflect the gender. If both parents are the same as in the previous pregnancy (and they are in this case), and the symptoms are different, the sex of the baby most often will be different. That’s because the pregnancy symptoms are brought on by hormonal changes, usually when the woman is carrying a daughter because of the significant increase in estrogen which can cause morning/all day sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, severe migraine headaches and acne, just to mention a few. Of course, there are exceptions, but I’m saying a girl for Tori based on her severe difference in symptoms.

michelle on

I don’t think morning sickness is a good pregnancy symptom to guess on boy/girl. I had no sickness with my oldest daughter, a little sickness with my second daughter and the most sickness with my son. Every pregnancy is different.

Snow on

Of course she looks different this pregnancy. ITS A DIFFERENT BABY! The 2nd preg. is always different, you stretch faster and easier, so you show quicker, and you carry differently because your body has already done this before. NOTHING scientific to it when you think about it. Its all about nature!

Emily on

Sheri: I could make a huge list of the people I know that refute that theory. In fact, I don’t know anyone whose pregnancies would back that theory up.

Where did you read this info? Could you please provide a link because I would love to read it.

Rebecca on

Sheri: I’ve read the study on this, and it wasn’t conclusive. It said that there was a slightly higher incidence of girls in cases of morning sickness where the morning sickness was severe enough to warrant hospitalization, but only slightly. Hospitalized women had girls on average 53-56% of the time. Which certainly isn’t my definition of “most of the time”. And in overall cases of morning sickness it was split pretty much 50/50.

Devon on

I have to agree with Sherrie, that since Tori is having worse symptoms this time around, that she is probably having a girl. My husband’s cousin and his wife have a boy and a girl. Throughout her first pregnancy, her son, she wasn’t all that ill. When she became pregnant with their second, her daughter, she was so freaking ill. I remember when I asked my husband’s aunt (her MIL) if they knew the sex, she said they didn’t but they all knew it was a girl since she was much worse off during her second.

My mum had the same thing with me. She was sick ALL day and night with me, but when she had my brother, she didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was almost 3 months since she had no symptoms. She knew that my brother was going to be a boy since it was such a different pregnancy.

Tori seems like a girly-girl and I think it would be fun if she had a daughter.

tink1217 on

As for the “different symptoms different sex theory”…it is just a theory, of course. Everyone is different. I know both my pregnancies were exactly the same and I had a girl first and a boy second. I had no morning sickness with either. I carried pretty much the same with both. My son may have been slightly lower than my daughter. I do have friends that were very different though. My mom was sick with me and not with my brother. She gained little with me and a lot with my brother. My best friend was not sick with her son but very sick with her daughter and gained a lot with her son and only 20 pounds with her daughter. I have a few more friends that experienced the same thing…more sick with their daughters than their sons. There could be something to it, maybe there isn’t. Who knows!

heather on

Thanks Paula!! I was starting to think I was the only one who thought that, lol. It is very sad and you hit it on the head that Jack was his family before Tori, I hope at some point they both remember that!! Thanks for the comment =)

jen on

I truly agree with Sheri’s comment. I have 4 girls and had hyperemesis with all of them, plus the other symptoms mentioned. I feel like if I had another baby, it would be a girl and I would be as sick too. A lot of people I know have had the similar experiences also. I do believe it depends on the person too. I’d take another daughter, but I can surely live without the sickness.

Courtney on

I just bought the new issue to read the article…it was nice, she seems happy.

As far as the whole symptoms and the gender…I dont believe it.

With #1 and #2 I thru up EVERYDAY for 9 months, yes it was a full 9 months because they were overdue, it was horrible. Both pregnancies led to GIRLS….

With #3 and #4 I thru up one time with each….I just KNEW that my 3rd was a boy…BUT #3 was a GIRL and #4 was a BOY…

So much for that theory…)

Kat on

Lol Jen you really feel you are only going to have girls, right? I noticed that in many of your posts. Hope you love your son too if you ever have one. Anyway, I don’t believe the fact that a certain sickness will indicate a specific gender, but I just have the feeling that Tori’s going to have a daughter for some reason. If she has another son, it still would be great.

Sheri on

I’m a nurse with a high-risk maternal-fetal unit (and was a patient here myself when I was pregnant). I’ve seen many patients come and go with hormone-related symptoms they did not have with prior pregnancies. I’m not talking about the difference between feeling a little nauseated when pregnant with a boy and feeling slightly more nauseated with a girl. I’m talking about severe conditions. Using myself as an example (I’m not allowed by law to discuss patients), I had 3 boys, wonderful pregnancies, so wonderful that I actually was sad when I was no longer pregnant because I loved it so much. Then suddenly I started getting severe migraines, so severe that I thought I had a brain tumor. I would suddenly lose my eyesight, and quite frequently would have to call out my husband in the middle of middle of the night from the restroom because I physically could not walk my headaches were so disabling. I did not even know I was pregnant at that point. The hospital did a pregnancy test on me just prior to my CAT scan and found out I was pregnant. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 weeks before they were able to get my migraines under control. My docs (who were also my colleagues) did not know what was causing the migraines, but one doctor had a theory. He made 2 predictions – the first was that my headaches would be gone by my 16th week of pregnancy, but would be worst between my 8th and 12th weeks – the weeks when hormone levels really spike (my symptoms disappeared completely the end of my 14th week) and the second was that I would have a girl. Emma is now 3 years old -My husband had a repeat vasectomy 2 days after we delivered her.

Christina on

Count me in, too. I had H.G. with both pregnancies and both were girls. The second pregnancy, I stayed on anti-nausea drugs until month 8, it was that bloody awful!

Tori looks fantastic pregnant!!

Lisa on

I don’t believe in the theory that certain levels of sickness are linked to one sex over the other. I have 3 boys, and I was sick with all of them. The first pregnancy was so bad that i had to get anti-nausea meds from my doc and my second was rough, but skim milk kept me at bay and with my third..it was a thing called preggo pops that helped. Saying that, I LOVE Tori and I am very happy for her. She seems quite normal and at ease.

Mika on

I love the turquoise tunic she’s wearing in the article. Does anyone know the brand or where you can buy it? Thanks

melanie on

My son was the first pregnancy and for the first time in my life I did not suffer a single migraine. It was a wonderful, easy pregnancy except that I overindulged in everything (but even that was wonderful until I had to hit the gym).:) Then came the girls. There is no question in my mind that the hormone spike from the girls caused me to have the most horrible migraines of my life. It was all during the first trimester. My cousin is on her 3rd (the first 2 are girls) and she’s due any day, but hasn’t found out the sex. She KNOWS it is another girl though because of the migraines. I suppose everyone is different, but that has been my experience.
Anyway, I love to hear from other women about their pregnancy/parenting stories. We are on our 4th baby now (due in 6 weeks) and it is our 3rd girl.
Tori looks fantastic. Also, I wouldn’t be too hard on her about not always including her step son in stories, comments, etc. Blending a family is incredibly hard and each family has a different story behind it. Sometimes it takes years for all the parents to become civil and it does affect the way the new families come together. We don’t know their story. I wish them luck. They seem truly happy.

Sierra on

Heather: I totally understand your feelings- I feel the same. There is something unsettling about the fact that Dean has 2-children with his ex-wife- his bio-son and an adopted daughter- he and his ex were at the end of the process of the adoption when he left and hooked up with Tori, he has since never acknowledged his daughter and I believe has actually given up adoptive-parental rights to her… something very unsettling about that to me, when you embarke on the process of adoption- that child should already be a child born of love within your heart- not a child that can easily be “disposable”… anyway- just wanted to say that I agree with you and add my own 2- cents worth.

heather on

Sierra, yeah I was going to comment on the daughter too but I did hear he signed over his rights. Which like you I find unsettling! They planned for that baby, searched for her and picked her… just the same as if you were planning a pregnancy. We wouldn’t think highly of someone planning a pregnancy with his wife and then leaving right before the birth and signing over rights… all while still acknowledging one child. So the same rules should apply with his daughter. I like the term you used, disposable, sadly it’s very fitting here. =( I’ve always found it odd too that it doesn’t seem to bother or worry Tori as another Mother of his child/ren?

Laura on

I’m due June 25th and I’ve only lost weight, not gained so she looks so big compared to me.. in some ways I’m jealous!

BTW this pregnancy was SO different than with my son and sure nuff.. we’re having a girl! I am betting Tori is having a girl as well because she said she’s so much more sick this time 😉 I’m still on meds for that at 22 weeks! This baby girl also destroyed my complexion and made me want to eat junkfood all the time!

Mousie on

I read the article and it’s a little tacky to read about how they ended up in bed together the day they met even though both were married.

And she’s proud that her children will read the book someday.

OK then…….

ang on

these comments are getting out of control here. i love this site but as a fan, i don’t want to read it.tori was really sick with liam too so it doesn’t mean anything this time, dean ADORES jack more than anything & to suggest otherwise is disgusting. none of us know what happened during the adoption process,so that should not be mentioned at all here IMHO.mods,please,stop people from being able to get away with saying this stuff publicly.

Sarah’s note: We don’t have a problem with what people have said thus far. Obviously the way they got together is quite controversial, and Tori is open to talking about it. I don’t see any name calling, just a discussion.

magenta on

I think this hormonal-vomit-gender prediction is faulty science. I had hyperemisis with both of my boys born 16 months apart. My best friend had 4 girls all 2 years apart and she was singing and dancing like Mary Poppins for all 4 pregnancies. Her OB loved having her as a patient because she was happy, healthy, and rarely had a complaint with the exception of super-enourmous boobs that kept spilling out of maternity bras.

gabriella on

Most people I know had bad morning sickness with little girls. That being said I think tori is having another boy. Dean and her just seem the type to have all boys IMO. I wanna read her book, I’m a huge 90210 fan and wanna hear the juicy details lol. Liam and this baby will be close in age, how nice.

jen on

I dont like Kat’s comments toward me. I am proud to have all girls and would love to have another. I do think we would have another girl if we chose to have another baby. I really think it was uncalled for to say I really hope you love your son, if you ever have one. I’ll assure you that you don’t have to worry about the love I have for my kids, or any future kids I may have. Maybe you didn’t realize how rude that sounded, so now you do.

Leslie on

I like the blue tunic too…where can I find it???

Jamie on

I love those little shoes Liam is wearing on the cover! They’re made of hemp, vegan construction, organic materials… and so cute! I found them at http://www.meinmind.com.

Patience on

I just watched the interview on Larry King and I’m really happy for them.

They seem like a loving couple and they are so blessed to have a beautiful, little baby and another on the way.

I really like the way they spoke of one another and the closeness between them.

On the other hand, it is sad about their first marriages – particularly with the child(ren) he had previously – but hopefully it will all work out and everyone will get along regardless.

Yes, it is refreshing to see a happy couple like this and I hope they stay that way.

God bless,