Update: Nicole Kidman at the Golden Compass premiere in Tokyo; won't share sex of baby

02/22/2008 at 04:01 AM ET

Update: Nicole and husband Keith Urban know the sex of their baby, but wish to keep it private. When asked at the premiere, Nicole held her index finger to her lips in a ‘shhh‘ motion and said,

I know, but I’m not saying.

Originally posted February 21st: Nicole Kidman, 40, attended the Tokyo premiere of The Golden Compass on Thursday at Yebisu Garden Hall in Japan. At one point, the actress pulled down on her dress to emphasize her growing belly! She’s due in July.


Photo by Getty Images.

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Chloe on

Aww it is so wonderful how proud she is!! x

tink1217 on

I bet she is over the moon excited!!! I know I would be!!! Can’t wait to see her blossoming belly!!

Tracy on

Awwwwwww! She looks SOOO happy!!!

I can’t wait to see her at 9 months!

Elyse on

Wow! She is just beaming with happiness! I would be to if I were in her position! I look forward to seeing her pregnancy progress!

Jillian on

I love how Nicole has to emphasize her belly!!! Everyone is always commenting on how small of a bump she has:) It is probably because she is so tall!!!

Starlet on

So happy for them both! Let’s hope she doesn’t let it slip lol
I think I’m so bad at things like that, I won’t be able to admit it (if I choose to find out what the baby is) or I’ll let it slip!

tink1217 on

wow, thats early to know the sex!!! I didn’t find out with my son til I was 7 months pregnant!! I had an ultrasound with my daughter at 19 weeks and they couldn’t tell. I think a friend of mine found out at about 18 weeks. Nicole must be at least 16 weeks I guess. Isn’t that the earliest you can tell??? Unless they had CVS testing or something.

Sarah’s note: I’m sure at 40 she’s likely done at least some of the genetic screenings they recommend for moms over 35, and may have found out that way. But yes, she is at least 18 weeks by now if she’s due in July.

Harlow on

I’m so happy for Nicole after all the trouble she’s had in the past, like her miscarriage and everything.

I bet Isabella and Connor are nearly as excited as their mum.

It’s nice to know she knows the sex too, because it puts paid to the article in a magazine of mine that she’s expecting twins.

charsmom on

Is it possible to know the sex this early on? I thought that people usually find out about 20 weeks at the ultrasound? Although, she may have had an amnio and found out that way?

I am so happy for her to finally be having a baby – she really deserved it after all she has gone through in her past!!!

Sarah’s note: Yes, especially at her age it’s likely she had genetic screenings. If due by the last week of July, she’s around 18 weeks now so possibly could have found out that way as well if they were able to see clearly.

Irishgal on

I have just read in ‘Now’ magazine (a UK magazine) that she is having twins! I don’t know where ‘Now’ got this news, but is it true? They are also saying that she had ivf treatment. I haven’t read about it anywhere else, so I’m guessing it’s probably not true.

Sarah’s note: Seems like everyone is having twins now, per the tabloids! lol. Nicole hasn’t shared if she used treatments or if it’s twins, and we haven’t heard anything on either topic from sources either.

Hannah on

My money is on her having a girl. From my experience, most older couples and couples who have dealt with infertility end up having girls.

Irishgal on

Okay, thanks Sarah. We will have to wait and see, but I think Nicole is probably just having the one baby. The tabloids have gone twin mad! Even Jessica Alba is having twins, so they say. I doubt that’s true either.

Sarah’s note: Yeah, that one’s definitely a negative. And someone didn’t do their research, because the National Enquirer article that started it also says Jessica doesn’t know the sex, and we all know that’s not true!

Jilliansmommy on

She is adorable! I love seeing a glowing mom! She now will have the best of both world, two adopted children and one biological child!

I found out the gender of my second child right at 16 weeks. We went to a place and paid for this ultrasound since my other one wasn’t scheduled for a few more weeks. I simply could wait. They told us at the time they could see as early as 16 weeks. A few of my friends also found at at 16 weeks. None of us have patience after not knowing the gender of our first.

Jennie on

She looks so happy, as well she should be as this is something she’s wanted for so long. Does anyone know if she is due at the beginning of July or towards the end? When I see her I think maybe that’s what my sister looks like (she is expecting her first at the beginning of July). Best of luck to her and Keith! 🙂

Elaine on

We knew the sex of our second child from the 19 week scan and didn’t tell anyone as well. People thought we were having a boy when we said we knew, because scans didn’t used to be so clear and apparently you could only definitely identify boy babies. However that is wrong because we had a daughter, which is exactly what we were told we were expecting!

Amber on

So happy for them! I usually have a guess right away when I hear of a celebrity having a baby, but for some reason I have no clue as to what I think they may be having.

It’s very possible that she’s known the sex of the baby for a while now. Experienced technicians can usually determine the sex of a baby around 12 weeks, but for accuracy reasons, they usually wait until you’re around 20 weeks. I found out the sex of my baby at 16 weeks. Older women are typically considered more high risk, so more testing is usually done and they have high resolution ultrasounds done on a more regular basis.. so yeah, no surprise that she knows the sex!

Em on

I’m excited for her too! If she’s having twins, she’s tiny to be at 18 weeks.

I do wish she’d quit that cosmetic procedure stuff though. Her face is starting to morph into something unrecognizable as herself.

Lisa on

They can actually tell the sex very early on in a pregnancy. 12-13 weeks is the absolute earliest and a ultrasound tech will tell you that it is not 100% accurate at that point but if they get a good, clear picture you can bet that it is nearly 100%.
Of course, I am sure that due to her age she did have all the early testing done now. There is now a very expensive early first trimester test that can be done to ensure that everything is growing along well and it is more sensitive and accurate than all of the other testings and I am sure Nicole had such a test done. I had it b/c I was 35 when my son was born and the doctor told me that it is very sensitive and accurate and sex can be determined that way if requested. Not amnio, I declined to have that b/c this test is much more accurate.

Delilah on

I noticed that too Em, I thought maybe it was just the lighting or angle of the photo.
But she does look like she’s had work done (her forhead and her lips look suspiciously “off”)
::sigh:: I guess time marches on for even the genetically blessed of us..

Ivey on

Well like with Christina A. we found out because she kept buying boy baby gear. So I figure we may find out with Nicole in a similar fashion.

I just saw nicole on one of the entertainment shows and she commented in every answer that she is pregnant, even when the questions were in no relation to her pregnancy, so thats fun that she is so excited about the baby.

I wish her the best of luck!!

lele on

her face, to me, looks TERRIBLE… her lips look just awful… have you ever seen her lips from years ago?? whatever she did was a mistake she can barely smile and all that botox… i wonder how she is maintaining that while being pregnant? i wonder if we will see a change in her as she gets more pregnant… maybe there is an injectable for pregnant women??? who knows.. either way i am glad for her! she is small but everyone is different!

doeadear on

Jillian, I think you’re correct about her not looking as pregnant because she is so tall. She’s two inches taller than I am, but, even at 8 months, people thought I was just wearing loose-fitting clothes. I wanted to have a big belly and to have people notice, but half the time they either didn’t notice I was pregnant, or were reluctant to ask. I know, what a thing to complain about! Of course, I am not as willowy as Ms. Kidman. I think she and Jessica Alba are both going to carry small into the pregnancy. Hey, look at my belly! 🙂

gabriella on

She still isn’t showing much. I’m not surprised she knows the baby’s sex, most celebrities do, they just don’t wanna share it. I’m guessing a girl for her.

karen on

She looks cute. I have read on Keith Urbans website that he teases about the sex at his concerts. At one concert he sang “mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” and then sd “well, maybe we will.” At another one he sings, “the first one’s born then her brother comes along” indicating a girl 1st. I am glad that they can keep this secret if that’s what they want to do.

Sami on

I found out at 12 weeks I was having a girl. My doctor said he was about 97% sure 🙂

He confirmed at my 20-wk u/s. I think 12 weeks is about the earliest you can find out the gender via u/s.