Jeff and Ella Gordon at the Ivy on Thursday

02/22/2008 at 10:03 AM ET

NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon, 36, and his daughter Ella Sofia, 8 months, maneuver around the paparazzi while leaving the Ivy restaurant on Thursday in CA. Wife Ingrid can be seen behind.


Photos by Flynet.

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Beverley on

I love how hands on Jeff always seems with Ella. At the race on Sunday, they showed him holding her several times in the pre-race period. You just can tell how much he loves her. It is too cute.

He doesn’t look like he’s used to paparazzi though. He has a deer in headlights look on his face in these pictures.

Jen on

She looks so much like her father, from her eyes to the way her mouth and nose are shaped. What a precious baby!


What kind of shoes is she wearing? They are so cute!

FC on

I just now noticed. I think they have the same lips. :)I love Ella’s outfit, too.

Sarah on

Little Ella is too cute! It’s so fun watching her grow. Jeff is actually 37 though, not 36.

Sarah’s note: I have his birthdate as August 4, 1971, is that incorrect?

FC on

I just now noticed. I think they have the same lips. :)I love Ella’s outfit, too.

Shannon on

Yes Jeff’s birthday is 8/4/71 so that does make him 36 and not 37 until August. Obviously that person needs to get her facts straight first.

Rhonda on

I think it is nice that Jeff and Ingrid are SO aware of what ella is doing and they are so involved with her. I wish them the best of blessings on the whole family. Drive for 5 Jeff this year I am rooting for ya.

Trisha on

There is no way i would take my baby to the Ivy knowing all those Animal Paps are there

Christa on

Jeff is 36. He was born in 1971, 8/4/71. I am exactly 1 month older than him.

kim saylor on

i like ella she is cute.jeff cute to.good one they ingird.

gabriella on

Ella looks just like jeff

gabrini mayhew on

I think Jeff Gordon is such a good dad and a good man to Ella,she is to cute and she looks just like him…Go Jeff Gordon #24 Do your best and…His wife is realy pretty to, he looks like he has seen a ghost with all those paparazzi people around….well he has been blessed with that cute baby…and yes he is 36 by the way..He is a good husband to, to Ingrid.

Tracey on

What a beautiful family! Ella has to be the prettiest baby I have seen in a long time! I wish nothing but the best to Jeff, Ingrid and Ella! Jeff and Ingrid….enjoy every minute of raising her….the time goes so fast!!! Jeff….stay safe on the track. I have been your fan since your rookie season! Best of luck this season! I’m rootin’ for ya!!

Aggie on



Nancy Meadows on

I think Jeff Gordon is a wonderful person and when my daughter and I watch the race our comment is “we want to see the baby” it is good to see families together.

chrissy on

Ella is sooooo cute! Everytime I see new pictures, she looks more and more like Jeff! Good luck Jeff, let’s get 5!!!

Cristy K in Michigan on

Ella is such a stunning little girl. She looks so much like her daddie. I love to see her on pit road with her Daddie.

I think what has made this year so special for Jeff is having Ella and Ingrid at the track with him. He spent lots of money on a new motor coach so they could travel with him. He talks about them all the time.

I agree he looks a little stunned in those pics. But he is still a very handsome man.


What a precious angel she is. I think she is looking more like her Daddy everyday. Jeff & Ingrid you are both beautiful parents. It’s great seeing Ella on pit row during the pre-show. Jeff you have your (2) beautiful angels by your side ,NOW LETS DRIVE FOR THE FIVE!!!

sandie on

Jeff and Ella look great. Jeff is quite used to the media. He has been in the limelight since he was 14-15 years old. I remember seeing him on ESPN way back them. He always had a bunch of media types trying to get an interview.

Good luck getting to 5 (I my book it will really be #7)

Eva Brooks on

jeff, ingrid, and Ella are such a beautiful family and little Ella is one of the most beautiful babies ever. ihave been a jeff gordon for 15 years and its so nice to see him happy after everything he had been through over the last few years. god bless you and your family you all derseve it

24fan on

jeff’s birthday is 08/03/71, not 08/04/71.

janet on

Ella is beautiful. I think shelooks like her mom.Boy, is she lucky to be married to JEFF GORDON! He’s hot. It is cute seeing pics of them together. keep postng them. Go 24

smilingmunchkin24 on

Jeff has the most wonderful attitude about being a Dad. I pray he’ll have more children, & will enjoy them all.

DupontNana24 on

Jeff’s birthday IS August 4, 1971. Check his BIO on Jeff

prettydecember on

I have always said she looks like her daddy. Jeff’s wife Ingrid is so beautiful and I to wish him and his family all the luck in the world. I have been his number one fan every since he started with nascar. I have so many beautiful things of his. Remember to keep smiling jeff, you have a lot of fans out there and we all wish you well. Love to see you get #5 trophy. Just love to see Ella growing up. Please keep the pic coming jeff and ingrid. You have been blessed with a beautiful baby. Good luck in the new year.

Teresa Clayton on

I really knew jeff would be a fantastic dad and
Ingrid is one fantastic lady. Way to go Jeff
you really have two fantastic women in your life. drive for 5 and May God Bless you and your family each and every time your body enters that car.

Val on

Hey! Jeff is 36! I share the same birthday. August 4, 1971 – so I should know.

Unknown on

RE: Sarah,
yes jeff’s birthday is 8/4/1971 but Ella is the cutest baby I’ve seen and I’m only 12! I saw this on TMZ the other night and I looked at jeff and he looked real scared bet ya he isn’t used to all of those paparazzi dudes following him around. and I JUST NOW NOTICED that Ella & Jeff nose’s look just like each others. I am a huge jeff gordon fan and always will be. Go Jeff and #24!

Donna Carson on

Hi, Jeff, Ingrid and Ella
Just to let you know, I have a been a great fan of yours since day one with Nascar.
You and your family all favor each other just like our daughter and her family. A great thing!!!
I have your book and you said you are a christian. Pray for you before each race for your safety! You are a very special and unique person. KEEP UP THE GREAT RACING!
GOD bless you,Ingrid and Ella.
Donna from the “TARHEEL STATE” NC

Nana on

I have followed Jeff’s career…never seen him happier. Ella is beautiful but don’t forget about Ingrid..every pic I see of them she is in the background!!