Giada De Laurentiis arrives in South Beach

02/22/2008 at 10:24 PM ET

The Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis, who — if you can believe it — is 34 weeks pregnant and in her 8th month, was spotted arriving at her hotel on South Beach in Miami, FL earlier today for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival and a Today show appearance. The 37-year-old chef and her husband, Todd Thompson, expect their first child — a daughter — on April 3rd.


Photo by Flynet.

Click below to watch the video of Giada on Today.

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Jory on

For being due the first week in april she looks great! Can barely even tell she is expecting!!

Nad on

WOW! She is 37 years old!!!! She looks really very young and good luck to them/ God Bless! Also, I really like her and love the way she talks while she cooks!

anonymous on

She’s 8 months pregnant, but doesn’t look it.

Pam on

Not saying she’s not tiny, but I think her chest is overshadowing the belly at this point! 😉

I agree, love her cooking style. I have a bunch of her books and just made a DELICIOUS alfredo dish last week. So good.

boy123 on

Oh Wow!! At last some Giada!! She is my favorite Food N/W hostess. Can’t wait to see her beautiful kid. I wonder if she was doing any shows during pregnancy?!

Sarah’s note: I’m kind of wondering if she’s doing another Today show spot and that’s why she’s in FL, because they’re there now…

SY on

She did do The Today Show this morning and had on a kind of low cut top, I only imagine what her breasts will look like when she’s nursing, they’re pretty huge right now. She did seem to have a more form fitting outfit on and she did look more pregnant, but still not too big for 8 months. Can’t wait to see what she names her little one.

Sarah’s note: Oh okay, thanks. I missed it. 😦

Charlene on

She looks great – it is hard to believe she’s 8 months pregnant; the video is available at and I don’t think she looks much bigger.
Giada is my favourite pregnant celeb at the moment and I can’t wait to hear what name she gives her daughter.

Vanessa on

I saw her on Ellen the other day and she didn’t look the big but she looked fuller in the face.

I like the name Sofia/Sophia…wonder if that is what they’ll call their daughter.

a- on

she mentioned on a show about 1 or 2 months ago that her baby was due on April 8th when another guest she was interviewing came on and said she was due on the same day. i only remember this because i’m expecting my second baby the last week of may first week of june and for whatever reason it just stuck out. so i don’t think she’s 35 weeks its more like 33 weeks. i could be wrong but that’s what i remember.

in any case she looks great! and that orzo salad looks delicious!!!

Sarah’s note: Yes, I thought she was due in 6 weeks, from previous things she’s said, but on the Today show video posted she says she’s due in 5 weeks. So not sure which is right.

gabriella on

She looks so young, and her belly is tiny for being 8 months. Some people look so good till the very end, and she is one of them. I think her daughter will have a nice italian name.

angie on

Note: All of the Food Network chefs go to South Beach every year for the “South Beach Wine and Food Festival”. The dates for this year are, Feb. 21-24, 2008.
Here’s the link,

sara on

I am so glad we get to see her. She looks so cute I was so big at this same stage.

I keep watching her show for a baby bump nothing so far.

Ericka on

Wow she looks awesome!

Did you guys ever post the video of when she was on Ellen this week?? It was so incredibly FUNNY! and she looked so adorable

m on

She must be a tiny lady! I worked with a woman who was much like Giada. My co-worker was 9 months pregnant and I could barely tell. I, on the other hand, was 6 months at the same time and looked very pregnant. I think it has a lot to do with the size of your frame, the size of the baby and how you carry. Whatever the reason, it still seems unfair!!

Vanessa on

According to a due date calculator, if she’s due April 8th, that’ll make her 34 weeks on Feb. 24th. 🙂

Sarah’s note: Yes, I put 35 weeks as she says on the Today video that she’s due in 5 weeks.

Angi on

She and I are due in the same week and I am small just like her. I just think it’s your body and the pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I was the same way. If my doctors say everything looks good, then I am not worried. One thing might be is I don’t eat a lot extra. A big meal is too much for my stomach. I’m not sure.

tami on

Not sure if this is just not a great photo to show of a supposed 8 month pregnant woman or what, but it’s kind of deceiving. I know all women’s pregnant bellies are different but that really does not look like a 35 weeker. I am 37 weeks and very petite and people say to me all the time that I look like I’m only 6-7 months…and trust I am way bigger than what this picture looks like. It’s good to see her though, it seems she’s been MIA for a while.

Shelli on

Giada is the greatest! After she drinks her drink and turns to the side you can see the cute little bump. I am so happy for her and Todd.

cristina on

So Happy for Giada!
Being a new Mom myself and sharing the love for food. I wish her all the best in juggling her new role.
Wpg, MB Canada*

jenni on

I don’t know if they’ll give the baby a really *Italian* name as I would think the baby will have Thompson as her last name(and not de Laurentiis) and I’m sure they will take that into consideration.

Giada looks really cute as always.

Dierna on

Wow…she looks like she’s just barely showing. My mom says that she must be all baby. I was hoping to see a pic of Giada preggers before she popped (I’ll definitely have to watch the Today shot vid). All the eps of her show were filmed before she started showing. IMO she’ll probably name it after her mom (Veronica) who’s in her show alot or her film star grandmother (Silvana).

L on

My sister-in-law was on the same plane as her and her husband and said she was so small – she didn’t know she was pregnant until I told her!

Lola on

I love Giada and please don’t take this the wrong way anyone, but does anyone else notice she doesn’t look as young nor as pretty as she does on her show?? I always felt she looked gorgeous and practically perfect on air, but here she looks remarkably different in the face.. lines on forehead and her eyes really show her age?

Natalie S. on

You know if you see the video, Giada actually turns a bit and THEN you can tell she’s 8 months along..otherwise, you can barely tell if you see her frontal view…and is has to be said..SHE IS SO GORGEOUS!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of that little girl soon!

Aitch on

All the weight is in her boobs. I am sure her baby will get an Italian name.

georgia on

Giada will be on ‘Today’ this a.m. She’s wearing all black (shirt and pants) and she doesn’t even look pregnant from the front! She turned to the side and she’s all baby, though.

alissa on

I really love how she has kept herself for all those years. I also love viewing her show.The last show that I saw with her I realized that her stomach was looking a little big so i said she probably is. I wish her all the best through out the last stages of her pregnancy and also a safe delivery. May God richly bless her and her family. Enjoy every bit of your baby because it is fun having them in your life. Take care and all the best. Continue staying young and sweet as you are.