Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda in Brooklyn

02/21/2008 at 02:58 PM ET

Actress Michelle Williams, 27, and daughter Matilda Rose, 2, were spotted out for walks yesterday and today in Brooklyn, NY. Yesterday, Michelle and Matilda (navy hat) took a short three-block walk to Victory Cafe with Michelle’s mom Carla and some friends. Today Matilda, in the photos with the white hat, and Michelle simply went to grab a coffee. Click here for Michelle’s recent interview with Wonderland. More images available at INF Daily.

Matilda’s father is actor Heath Ledger who passed away accidentally on January 22nd at the age of 28.


Photos by INF.

5007438910pMatilda is wearing a Patagonia kids down jacket in borage ($129).

Whatshebuys_1988_77340756 She also wears Ugg Kid’s crochet in orchid ($88), as well as a Patagonia jacket which is no longer available.

Thanks to CBB reader Melanie.

Click below for another.


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Pam on

They look well. Matilda is his spittin’ image, my God. Her little baby doll is so cute!

I wish them peace and good thoughts.

Mimi on

I’m so glad to see them out and about…and I really can’t believe how big Matilda is! How cute is she with her little backpack/”baby” carrier? I want to give them both a big hug for being so great!

Robin on

It is scary how much Matilda looks like Heath. God Bless her.


Goodness me, she looks so much like her dad, it’s so sad to me still 😦

What a gorgeous little girl x

Sarah F on

God Bless!

Jaycee on

Little miss Matilda is wearing Uggs Kids Crochet boots in Orchid. She is a mini-Heath, it’s heartbreaking yet beautiful.

Stephanie on

It puts tears in my eyes to see that precious little girl, the spitting image of her father. If only she knew what was going on her world around her. My heart goes out to her and her family. Sad, tragic situation.

Harlow on

Matilda is just adorable, and I agree – she looks very much like her dad. It’s so lovely to see them out and about after the awful start to the year they’ve had.

Matilda is absolutely beautiful.

And even with all the badness that’s happened, Michelle should and probably will/does find comfort in looking at little Matilda and watching her grow, knowing that she is the reminder of her talented dad and the love they once shared.

nandarighi on

it is good to see they trying to have a normal life… matilda is a lucky girl… michelle seems to be a really good mother and her father is watching her over, being her angel… I think they will go to boston because michelle is gonna make the next martin scorcese’s movie starring dicaprio..

Honeybun on

All I can think of when I see pix of Matilda are Ben Harper’s lullaby:
“Couldn’t leave you to go to heaven, I carry you in my smile, for the first time my true reflection I see, happily everafter in your eyes….”
So sad, blessings to them both.

Marie on

Good to see Michelle and Matilda!

Jennifer on

The first thing that came to my mind was, “Wow! She looks exactly like Heath!” It’s amazing how much of resemblance there is. She’s the spitting image of her Daddy. I truly wish her all the best, and my thoughts continue to go out to her, Michelle, and Heath’s family.

tink1217 on

she looks so much like Heath. Brings tears to my eyes.

Natalie on

wow, Matilda is so big already! 🙂

She looks exactly like her Heath, very cute!

I’m sure Michelle will do a great job telling her how amazing her daddy was.

Christine on

Mismatched gloves just like her Daddy used to wear them!

Good to see these 2 out and about.

Ericka on

Michelle is such a strong woman! I’m so glad she’s out and about doing what she has to do to add some sort of normalcy too Matildas life right now.

Matilda is the spitting image of her daddy…such a beautiful little girl. My heart sank as soon as I saw that 2nd picture…I really can’t get over how much she looks like Heath. It must be such a nice thing for his family yet a hard thing at the same time.

christie on

she’s soooo cute in her little outfit…and even more cute with her little dolly in the carrier on her bag like a real mommy!!!:):):)

Rachel on

And life goes on…
What a beautiful legacy he has left behind in this little girl. Yes she does look just like her father but I honestly think I’m seeing more of Michelle in her these days too (especially in that last photo). She is an absolute doll and I’m glad to see them out and about and hopefully not too hounded by paparazzi. I’m also in love with Matilda’s hat in the last photo — that is hilarious!

CTBmom on

I agree that it is amazing how much that little girl looks like her daddy. I hope that while it must be bittersweet for Michelle and Heath’s family to see so much of him in Matilda, that it also brings them some comfort.

Elizabeth on

God, people, her and Heath were SPLIT UP! Why is everyone thinking it is so tragic? PEople die every day. She didn’t lose a husband or boyfriend. Geesh.

mimi on

I am sure Matilda has her mother’s love, but who loves Michelle? if Michelle is miserable, Matilda can’t have a happy life.

Bless Michelle and Matilda.

Cheri on

My goodness, she looks just like her daddy. That second picture brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful little girl.

bbcam on

omg matilda looks soooooo cute. she looks just like her father. michelle looks beautiful as well.

Andrea on

What a cutie. She looks so much like her daddy!

didi on

god bless matilda & mom

Lisa on

I love Michelle’s red bag. Does anyone know what brand it is?

NIta on

She does look just like her dad, her and her mommy look well.

Jordan on

Her mismatched gloves… so cute! It’s really good to see them out and about. I hope they’re doing okay.

Tanya on

It looks like her dad is still dressing her up to go out, with the funny hat, and different color gloves! Adorable!

Jennifer G. on

That’s funny that you say that about Ben Harper’s Lulluby…did you know it was written for Heath? Go here:http://youtube.com/watch?v=3Mf7zJbqi4Q
and read the right side “About this video”.
God Bless Michelle and Matilda, may God always watch over them and may Heath always be around them.

FC on

It’s bittersweet looking at these photos. On one hand it’s just great seeing Michelle and Matilda out and about, but then I’m like, “Heath” every time I look at Matilda. She not only looks like his carbon copy, but in that second one, her expression mirrors his. I’ve seen him wear an expression very similar, and it’s almost like seeing him through her, but then with her, you’d never forget Heath or the piece of himself he literally left behind.

jasmine on

That is the cutest backpack I have ever seen!

Kat on

She looks sooooo much like her father in that second photo!

Starlet on

These photos are so sad, they brought tears to my eyes.
I wish the press would give them privacy over the next few months. When Princess Diana died, apart from the funeral, there was a rule among British press to not take photos of her boys for quite some time and they all stuck to it, to allow them to have a few months of some sort of normality.
I feel incredible sadness about Heath for Michelle and Matilda especially.

Becky on

This little girl is such a blessing for not only the family but for the world of fans at large. Heath touched the hearts of so many. I hope like the Kennedy children, who lost their father at a early age, Matilda is allowed her space, and not overwhelmed by the immense interest and affection for her-from people like me. We see her as our touchstone to her brilliant, handsome father. And what a lovely, little touchstone.

Her poise and maturity are striking for someone so young. In one of the photos, she’s putting her head down, not unlike the other celebrities sometimes do. Cute.
And I love the little snuggly baby on her back.

Michelle may go on to find happiness in another relationship or marriage. But, those pics of her strolling in Brooklyn with Heath and Matilda, will remain forever etched in my mind.

Southern girl on

I think it’s going to be a little heartbreaking everytime we see this family… I volunteer at a school and there are children who have lost their parents…famous or not, losing a parent…it’s so hard for them…just incredibly sad for those children…
On a different note, Matilda does look very tall for two…or is it just me??

Sarah’s note: Not just you, she’s definitely a tall girl!

emma on

Wow – I can’t decide if it’s painful or wonderful how much she looks like her Daddy. I can’t help but cry a bit when I see her – such a tragic way to start life. God bless her and her mum xx

Rosy J on

My heart is broken and I feel so sad when I see these pics of Matilda and Michelle. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for her mom trying to cope not only with the loss of such a beautiful person but having to explain to her baby that her daddy is not coming back. I can’t help but wish he were still here for them especially Matilda, God knows best and there will be an answer, let it be..let it be.

Iona on

Omg 🙂
She’s so cute !
I know Heath’s watchin over her from Above !
May God give His family and Friends all The courage and strength they need right now !
xxx .