Halle Berry heads to the salon

02/15/2008 at 02:00 AM ET

Actress Halle Berry, 41, heads to a West Hollywood, CA salon on Thursday, February 14th.  She and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry expect their first child in March; they are not finding out the sex of the baby.


Photo by INF.

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Sarah on

Definitely not feeling the hair. I can’t wait to find out what she’s having!

UggaMugga.com on

My hair is long an straight so I don’t have to get it cut as often as most, but doesn’t Halle seem to frequent salons a bit much? Or is this normal? I just wouldn’t have the time for it. I was thinking of cutting my hair but I guess the long locks are staying put. My husband will be thrilled 🙂

Becky on

Ironically, the longer hair looked more natural. The shorter hair actually looks more “wiggy”. Usually, its the reverse.

Not that anyone cares, what we, I, the average message board poster writes, but the objection to Halle isn’t the shorter length. Because she has beautiful enough features and skin, to pull it off. It is that this new do, just looks like an afterthought.

SweetDiva on

Just a friendly reminder that Halle Berry is half African-American and her hair is naturally curly. This probably isn’t as much of a cut as you might think. Her hair is just in springy bouncy curls which is probably a world easier to maintain than blowing her hair out every morning. I think her do is totally adorable.
As an African-American I can tell you, it is totally normal to go to the salon weekly or every other week.

preston on

I agree with SweetDiva. I love the look. My daughter’s hair is very similar–very springy, spiral curls–and it looks much shorter than it actually is. It’s long in the bathtub, but when it dries it’s many inches shorter! I’m hoping she’ll love her curls when she gets older (she’s only 3 right now).
Anyway, can’t wait for Halle’s baby to come! She must ready, too!

Jay on

I’m glad SweetDiva posted the reminder that Halle is half African American. I love her hair and it’s a nice alternative to the long and straight look or even the short do that she is known for. I love the curly look on her.

Becky on

Did she drop?

Her belly looks a lot lower in this picture than the last one i saw of her.

magenta on

I love this hair. It’s very sassy-looking. She probably stopped relaxing her hair for the duration of the pregnancy. Who wants to blow-dry or press straight their hair all the time while pregnant. I certainly don’t think wearing your own hair in an ethnic/natural/textured style is an afterthought. And certain people should not expect Black hair to behave or look the same way as Caucasian hair.


Bless her heart. I think she’s dropped some.
It shouldn’t be long. Long or short hair. Straight or curly ,she’s a person with the same issues as everyone else. Good luck Halle.

Carly on

Girl needs to quit wearing just black. I’d love to see her in something nice.

gabriella on

She is beautiful, no matter what hairstyle she has, and she looks great pregnant. Can’t wait to see her baby, and hear the name.

Becky on

Actually, Caucasian hair, varies more than you think. Consider the fact of Little Orphan Annie, for starters. Also, many Caucasian and Asian women pay hundreds of dollars for their thermal straightening perms. Hispanic and Middle Eastern women as well.

The thermal flat iron and the perms have revolutionized hairstyling process. I recently vacationed in Alaska, where given weather conditions, you don’t see many women with high maintenance hair styles. But, what you do see, and it is a delight to the eye, are women with naturally curly, naturally wavy hair, sometimes long sometimes not.

I applaud Halle and hope that she settles into a style that she can be comfortable with as she enters into the next leg of her journey. Hair grows so beautifully in pregnancy. Sometimes women discover the true beauty and virtue of their hair, once they allow nature to take it course, unabated my modern hair trends.

Mary on

I think the pregnancy has definitely made Halle leave her hair alone a bit. I think ppl got so used to seeing her with straightened hair, they forgot her real hair was natural curly. She looks like a normal mom-to-be who isn’t overly concerned about her hair. I think it looks cute.

Proud Canadian on

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