Brooke Burke's beautiful blue baby shower

02/14/2008 at 05:16 PM ET

This past weekend, friends and family of actors Brooke Burke, 36, and David Charvet, 35, gathered at the Treehouse Social Club in Beverly Hills, CA, to shower the couple with well wishes at a blue-themed shower, hosted by Stride Rite.

Just in time for the shower, Brooke and David revealed that they were expecting a boy and that was evident, as guests sipped Blue Hypnotiq cocktails and took in the beautiful blue-themed decor. The Vanilla Bake Shop created a cupcake tower topped off with an adorable pair of Stride Rite Shoes.


Click below for the details, and tons of photos!


Brooke’s mom Donna shared how she was a long time fan of the brand and buying Stride Rite Shoes was a bit a of a family tradition. In her letter to the company she said:

When my children were born, it was Stride Rite or nothing. Although Buster Brown was a big competitor, we never strayed. From the soft sole shoes at their age of 7 months to at least pre-school, we made it a family affair.

I have 10 grandchildren and a 2-year-old great grandson. I bought them all their first pair of shoes…yes, Stride Rite! Somehow I always thought that my mom was looking down at me saying,"Donnie, don’t buy the kids anything but Stride Rite. It’s the best!


Brooke looked just beautiful in a purplish-blue top and proud dad David was beaming as they checked out the baby boy shoes. Daughter Heaven Rain, 13 months, smiled excitedly for the camera as she got a chance to try out the pink half of the Valco "Boy Meets Girl" Special edition Twin Trimode stroller that Brooke and David received courtesy of Valco, Stroller Mama and Lets Go Strolling. She seemed ready to roll just as soon as her little brother makes his appearance.


Other gifts that the couple received included onesies from Besitos, a Cariboo folding changing table and Svan Scooter, and a Lillebaby Eurotote. Brooke also received an Erin Condren Organizing Calendar, a gift certificate for a maternity photo session from Linnea Lenkus Studios, a Peg Perego highchair, clothes and blankets from Petite Bateau and Baby Gap, a Silver Cross Dazzle stroller, clothing (for her) from Rory Beca and Chiarakruza Maternity,a complete nursery design from Katy Mimari and Caden Lane, and a collection of soft soled booties from IsaBooties.


Guests were gifted as well — with goody bags put together by Contents included:

A gift certificate to the Chocolate Covered Company, Starbucks Liqueur, Yada Universal Phone Holder, OPI nail products, Me! Bath, Seki Edge Professional Grooming Tools, Grease Barbie Doll & Hot Wheels toys from Mattel, Fusion Gourmet Best Tea Candies , Sleepyhead PJs, Susan Ciminelli Skin Care, Lia Sophia Jewelry, Honey Heel Glaze, Summer Soles Animal Print Insoles, Horizon Organic Milk items, San Francisco Bath Salt Co. products and Glisten Activewear Fitness Caddys. You can currently enter to win the very same goody bag at MomLogic.


Brooke is due on March 15th, but is currently on bedrest as she has been early with her other pregnancies — Neriah
5 weeks, Sierra 3 weeks, and Rain 2 weeks. With her son, she is experiencing early dilation and a thin cervix.

The busy mom-to-be also recently launched BabooshBaby, a website carrying Tauts postpartum belly wraps, organic clothing and belly oils, and more.


Brooke registered for her shower with Bel-Bambini.  More details and coverage of the shower can be found in InTouch Magazine (we’ll post this tomorrow!), on EXTRA airing Friday, February 15th, and on — click the link for a video.


Images by Flynet.

Pi_periwinkles Rain is wearing Lil’ Sugarplum’s Periwinkle Baby Hair Clip in Light Pink ($8).

Babyemi On her wrist is a Baby Emi Jewelry Cambodian jingle bells bracelet ($35).

EXCLUSIVELY FOR CBB READERS: Receive 10% off with code ‘CBB10.’

StrideriteShe also has on Stride Rite Caden MJ Stage 3 shoes in Azalea/Melon/Bermuda ($46).

110845_519 Neriah wears Stride Rite’s Emma sandal in hot pink/scuba/azalea ($39).

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ada on

david and brooke are such a good looking couple!! david is hot lol.

im so glad shes finally having a boy!

gabriella on

Move over brad and angelina, this family is like the best looking celebrity family . Neriah and sierra are so pretty, they look so much like brooke. Rain is a beautiful baby, and david and brooke are hot looking parents. They look so happy to be having a son, and they got great gifts for their baby shower. Can’t wait to see their new baby boy, and hear his name.

Christina on

I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but this just seems like a poorly disguised advertisement. I wish companies would give this kind of stuff to people who really need it vs. those that can afford to have the best of everything.

MommyD on

I love the pictures of Brooke and David in the stroller, too funny…and of course she fits in there!

Is the InStyle already out on stands that features her shower? Does anyone know?

Sarah’s note: It’s actually InTouch that the shower is featured in. It’s out in major cities now and will be available everywhere tomorrow. We’ll have it up probably late afternoon. We’ll likely update this post with it.

Steph on

What a beautiful family! Those girls are just gorgeous. I’m really happy for them to get their boy! That’s awesome. Brooke looks way too good to be so far long!

Regan on

Beautiful family and she looks so healthy and happy. But really, that registry is a bit much, IMO. These people can afford what they want and need and to basically ask people to buy the fourth child these overpriced items is ridiculous. First boy, yes, but do they really need bottles and a sterilizer considering they had a baby 13 months ago? None of my business, yes. But a $225 blanket? I would have expected to see that they would have liked people to donate to a charity for this baby.

Lisa on

Christina..ITA. It’s just unreal all the high end and freebies these celbs get. At least Nicole and Joel donated all their stuff to their foundation.

cindy on

Friends and family are going to want to give gifts to the couple as a baby gift, so why not register for things they would like to use with their new child. Just beacuse they are celebrities, are they obliged to say, no no, nothing for us, we must give it all to charity? People will either give them registry gifts or money so they might as well register for what they want. There is nothing wrong with that. Not every celeb needs to feel the guilt about requesting or receiving gifts, nor should they.

Carole on

Yeah, I was wondering about the non-boy items on the list too, considering their recent baby. Surely, they didn’t give/throw everything away as soon as they used it for Heaven? My son is 2.5, and my registry needs for my new baby (also a boy) are virtually nil, as I have everything from last time. And I have to ask… the baby “needs” a $363 chandelier for its room?

Ivey on

You know that is funny because I don’t see them on the same level as say TomKat, they live in LA, a very expensive place to live and I don’t think with 3plus kids, that they are considered extremely wealthy, I mean have we seen either one with a job in the past couple of years, so yes a $225.00 blankie, definitely ridiculous, but I can’t see them donating their gifts either.

Sarah’s note: They have worked. David did a movie over the summer, and Brooke’s Tauts line is sold out right now.

magenta on

I hope they keep it all. They are not obligated to donate anything to charity. And clearly Stride-Rite is doing this for the publicity/advertising. Most large corporations often allocate a certain amount of money to “events” that feature their products prominently. It’s how business is done.

Most large companies also have a corporate/development divisions whose sole job is to give money away to charity according to the guidelines set down by their Board and CEO. To make money you have to advertise. That’s Business 101. I’m sure Stride-Rite has donated millions, but nobody knows because 1-it’s boring and the press is not interested in covering it unless a celebrity is attached.

Also, why should a new baby only use hand-me-downs, especially if it’s not necessary. If you got it, can afford it and are not taking money out of someone else’s pocket, spend it. I had two son’s sixteen months apart and the second son got all new stuff for him to use. And baby things go through lots of wear and tear and sometimes are just not safe, sanitary, or in good condition for another baby to use. How many bottles has Rain “lost”? Maybe their sterilizer broke or had a short or maybe she wanted another sterilizer to travel with.


I think it is silly to say that celebs should not receive gifts. Gimme a break! They should keep and utilize all their gifts! NIT PICK! NIT PICK! NIT PICK!

FC on

Brooke and David really do have a beautiful family, and she’s looking fabulous, of course. In the one photo it looks like she’s still wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans. Is she? If she is, I’ll just shake my fist in silence and hope I’m that blessed…lmao.

But, the photos that really get me are the ones of little Heaven going to town on those chocolate cupcakes. She’s such a cute little girl, and I think she has her mom’s eyes, nose and chin, but the rest of her makes me think of David. 🙂

aurelierod on

Oh god, I think david and brooke are the most beatifull couple than I have ever seen.
There are so cut….and the little Rain is a sugar.
I Love david from the beginning but I just realised that is a good father and a good husband.
Many good things and luck to them and for the future baby.

Beverley on

Boy, there’s nothing that warms the heart as much as a corporate sponsored baby shower.

I have no problem with friends and family throwing a baby shower for them and showing their excitement about the new addition by giving him gifts. Just because they are rich or on their 4th baby doesn’t mean they can’t get gifts.

But seriously, corporate sponsorship. I think that is obscene and tacky. And too many celebs are taking part in this these days.

janice on

beautiful family! the shower definitely had a commercial feel to it, from the looks of the photos. to each, their own, i suppose. that letter from brooke’s mom to stride rite made me laugh out loud! family traditions are nice, but feeling as though your mother is looking down on you telling you to make sure you buy Stride Rite shoes is pretty comical.

Snow on

THIS sure doesn’t look like Dr ordered BEDREST to me……

Sarah’s note: If you watch the video at Mom Logic, she says on it that her bedrest began after the shower. on

Very cute couple and family.
I’d rather see that on magazines than stories about stars in and out of rehab.

ang on

lovely pics.that’s the first time i’ve seen a proper pic of the older girls. how is she gonna have the maternity photo session if she’s on bedrest? oh, and i think i missed that, what sort of shoes do they like again????? *j/k* so much corporate attention for a non-A-lister. and it’s not even her first kid.oh well, c’est la vie.good luck with the birth.

Sarah’s note: What maternity photo session?

angela on

First-great couple and happy looking family. Congrats to them all.

Second, Brooke recently divorced her usband and father of Neriah and Sierra, Dr. Garth Fisher, wealthy plastic surgeon from the TV show “Extreme Makeover” after many years together.

Third, Heaven is fiance David Charvet’s daughter with Brooke. They are getting married at some point in the future.

ang on

it says brooke received a gift certificate from Linnea Lenkus for a maternity photo session…….

Sarah’s note: Ahhh, okay.

gabriella on

I don’t think just because a celebrity is rich, they can’t still be given a baby shower, one thing doesn’t have to do with anther IMO. And although it is her 4th child, this is her 1st son, so she does need new stuff. As for the comment about brooke and david not working in years, actually david has 2 movies he just did, also he comes from a very rich family, his dad is the owner of a jean company. As for brooke her tauts line is making a lot of money, she also has a reality show that she is not starring on, but is the producer of the show, it’s something about moms she said on her site. She also modeled for years and was on that show rock star. And her oldest 2 daughters besides being rich from brooke, their daddy garth fisher is a very well known plastic surgeron, so defintley david and brooke have money lol. I think they are such a sweet family and beautiful too, and I think it’s lovely david seems like not only a good dad to rain, but he seems so sweet with neriah and sierra too.

CelebBabyLover on

ang- From what I have read, she is apparently on “modified” bedrest. I am by no means an expert on bedrest, but I am assuming that “modified” means that things like short walks and photoshoots are fine. 🙂

gabriella on

FC those are brooke’s regular jeans, on her baboosh site she says she never wears maternity jeans or really any maternity clothes in general, I remember her wearing her regular jeans with rain too. On her site she sells something called B-buckle, all you do is unsnap the buttons of your jeans and loop the ends around your belt loops, so you can wear your regular pants like nothing. It’s a pretty cool idea.

mey on

does anyone know where to get the top Brooke is wearing?

Levi on

Some people are just more comfortable with exposing their family and personal life to the world. Others are more private.

star on

those are the 3 prettiest girls!! how lucky is brooke!! heaven rain looks like david to me in the face- but with dark brown eyes like brooke and what i do believe i see brookes dimples- sweet! the boy is going to be a doll!! brooke is ultra fine- ultimate body and cutest face ever! she was the best wild on host- what a dream job!

kristina on

hi i saw a blog that i wanted to give my two cents too….
it was on Brooke Burkes binder…i tried that one and hated it, it was so small and uncomfortable, it also rode up on me. i thought it was weird to have thin models wearing it on her site. I wound up getting something called a Belly Bandit which worked out a lot better and i wear it all the time (gave birth in February).
Just thought it would be good to have another perspective from an actual user.