Alba-Warren baby will likely have an interesting name

02/08/2008 at 07:00 PM ET


When asked recently by Gotham magazine about what she plans to name her baby, due in late May or early June, actress Jessica Alba, 26, answered,

[Cash] has an interesting name, so we’ll see. I think our kid is going to have an interesting name.

Jessica and Cash Warren were engaged in December. They know the sex of their child, but are keeping it private.

Source: Gotham

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Traci on

As cheesy as it sounds, I think Penny would be fairly apprapro. =]

erin on

I’m kinda feeling a boy for her!

Natalie on

cute! I bet their kid will have an interesting name… as long as it’s not after a fruit lol

Alicia on

I think it’s a boy. In one interview, she said ‘he’ and ‘him’ a few times. Really obvious it’s a boy.

Pam on

Alicia, she’s also said the baby, kid and child in the same interview. She’s clearly said they want to keep it private. Matthew McC has also said he and he’s made it clear that they don’t want to know the sex until the delivery. It’s just better than saying ‘it.’ I’m going to laugh if she ends up having a girl.

That being said, I hope it’s an interesting name, but not odd! on

I’m experiencing a bit of Alba overload.

Sarah’s note: It should ease up soon. ‘The Eye’ promotion is almost over.

Mary on

I thought I was the only one on Alba overload. Honestly the posts about her don’t interest me that much. It’s like this whole baby thing began before she even had a bump. She’s got so many pics on here where she’s barely showing. I guess celeb offspring are the new thing this season. Whatever she names the baby, let it be something he or she can live with. Picking an “interesting” name for the sake of being “different” effects no one but the child.

Mary-Helen on

I can see her picking something unique but not insane. Maybe she’s leaning towards unique because her moniker is such a common first name and Cash has such a unique one.

I am feeling girl for some reason.

Lauren on

I am like 99% sure she said she was having a boy, and there was a whole interview about how she wants her son to be a nerd and not a jock…

Sarah’s note: Nope, she never said she was having a boy. There was an interview about how she wants her child to be a nerd, yes.

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- She DID say “he” and “him” a few times in that interview, but she has never directly said that she’s having a boy.

ang on

I think the magazine’s got the right idea, name-wise. Gotham Warren. =p

baby names expert on

Let’s see.. Alba.. Warren..

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