Update: Actress Paula Patton and singer Robin Thicke expecting first child?

02/07/2008 at 04:55 PM ET


Update: Essence Magazine is reporting that Paula is due this spring. However, these photos of Paula at a fashion show February 3rd leave us a bit unsure! A CBB reader tells us she may have already given birth, and since they didn’t announce the pregnancy (if she was even pregnant!), they didn’t share the birth either.

Originally posted January 1st: Deja Vu and Hitch actress Paula Patton, 32, and R&B singer Robin Thicke, 30, look to be expecting their first child together. The couple have not commented, but were pictured at the opening of Jay-Z’s club 40/40 in Las Vegas. Paula and Robin were married in 2005.

Source: Young, Black & Fabulous

Thanks to CBB readers Elisha, Stephanie, Tamika, and Michelle.

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Danyelle on

Awwww! That’s gonna be the cutest baby! Congrats to the lovely couple! 🙂

Maggie on

Paula Patton co-starred in the movie Deja Vu with Denzel Washington. I don’t recall her being in Hitch – that was Eva Mendez.

Sarah’s note: She did have a small part in Hitch, but I’ll add Deja Vu to Kaisa’s post as well.

tan on


Jenell on

He’s a celebrity baby himself. His dad is actor Alan Thicke (Growing Pains).

Mary on

Paula was in the movie Idlewild as well, but I think more people will remember her from Deja Vu. I’m happy for them. I was wondering when they would start a family. Paula’s such a classic beauty, and Robin isn’t bad looking at all. Their little one should be a cutie.

Annoyomus on

Congrats to them if they are expecting! That said, however….Why isn’t this posted under “Rumor”?

Sarah’s note: Because Kaisa didn’t post it correctly. It’s all set now.

Pam on

Probably because it’s quite obvious, especially when you look at the ybf photos…jmo.

gabriella on

Robin is cute, he looks so much like his dad Alan thicke

FC on

And here, I always thought Robin was much cuter than his dad Alan, Gabriella 😉

But I’m happy for both of them! For the longest time I was wondering when these two might have a baby. Can’t wait to see this one, and from the looks of it, I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long. 🙂

Daze on

Isn’t Robin a celeb baby himself?

Angela’s note: Yup, he is! He is the son of actor Alan Thicke 🙂

Bella Mama on

aww that’s going to be one gorgeous baby..

Robin Fan on

Time will surely tell;but, I think everyone is reading to much into this photo. There is a video of Robin and Paula out shopping on December 19, 2007 and she is not pregnant. Paula just doesn’t photo well in those baby doll dresses.

jen on

I’m not sure if I believe this one yet. I saw a picture of Paula at a fashion show and she didn’t look pregnant especially if she’s due in the spring. Judge for yourself

stefie on

I don’t usually post, but there is a rumor that she had already delivered, I just think that they never made a formal announcement so therefore they didn’t also acknowledge to anyone that their little package had been delivered. But there was a recent picture of her that I seen on another blog that was recent and she looks as if she has already given birth.

Sasha on

Paula starred in Idlewild too! She is beautiful!

FC on

Hmm, well, I’d love to know if she was and already had the baby. Even see a photo.

No matter what, I’m still sold on them being parents and seeing them with a baby! I do think they’d be a cute family!

It’s bad when I’m already picturing them with a baby, having that glow of being parents written over their faces…. *drifts away before I get too carried away…:P*

CelebBabyLover on

If she is/was indeed pregnant and due in the Spring and already had the baby, wouldn’t that mean the baby was born prematurely? Or is it possible that it isn’t true about her being due in the Spring?

FC on

CelebBabyLover, it was never written in stone that she was actually due in the spring. Nothing is clear about this one, including if she is/was pregnant. And even if it is true that she was pregnant and had the baby already, magazines are known to go by hearsay/guesstimates when celebs are keeping quiet…

Lara on

I don’t know about this one. Looking back at all the Getty pictures of Paula, in September at the MTV awards, she did not appear pregnant. Even other pictures of her in this same silver dress, sitting, she does not appear pregnant. I have to agree that maybe she photographs badly. She seems to be fond of wearing dresses with an empire line.

Julia on

I was looking at the photos from gettyimages and the pics of her from the MTV VMAs she looked as if she was 6-7 months maybe? So I was thinking maybe she had her baby earlier. Even before the photos of her in the silver dress. Many women still look pregnant after having a baby so that may be why she chose that kind of dress and still looked pregnant, because if you really look when she is sitting down her tummy is smaller in the dec 30th photos than it is in the sept. photos. just a thought… that took me too long to explain 🙂 sorry to anyone who reads my long winded post lol

paula on

yeah she was in Hitch. She played a hooker standing at the bar– Will Smith gave her a $20!
Speaking of which, so many rumors about Paula all say that she was/is an actual, real-life, prostitute. She was “discovered” while working on a sidewalk in California & was rented for sexual services and acceptance for white celebrities within the black music community.

Wow, it’s incredible that they’d just put a common, ordinary and ugly hooker in movies and Hollywood events. I think she is so disgusting.

Liberty on

Awwh (: Congrats to Robin and Paula! That will be one cute baby boy; I heard that they were naming him Julian.