Introducing Piper Addison Fairplay

02/06/2008 at 11:00 PM ET

Survivor: Pearl Island‘s Jon ‘Jonny Fairplay’ Dalton, 33, and America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 4‘s Michelle Deighton,22, introduce their daughter Piper Addison, now 3 weeks, in the latest issue of Life & Style. Piper weighed in at 6 lbs, 7oz when she was born by emergency c-section on Wednesday, January 16th.

During the pregnancy, the couple did a photoshoot and interview with CBB. Michelle’s due date had been January 26th.


Checking in with Michelle this week, she says,

Piper just had her first photo shoot with ‘Life and Style.’ I look kind of fat in the pictures, but come on, it was two days after I had a baby by c-section! There were so many good pictures, I’m sure it was hard to pick which ones to use. Also, her first TV appearance will be Wednesday, Feb. 20 on the Tyra Banks Show! This kid already has a college fund started!

She is the cutest baby! I can’t stop holding her and looking at her. I never want to put her down and I’m always going to check on her while she is sleeping … [She had] her first doctor’s appointment. She gained one ounce! I don’t know how it happened,  but we got a really good baby. She is perfect!

I’m still recovering. I got the staples out and I can get up without help. I was having trouble walking, sitting up, laughing, coughing, everything! I was in so much pain. I’m still in some pain, but not anywhere close to what it was. The first time I got out of bed after I had her I almost passed out!

We asked Michelle to clear up some of the confusion in the comment section. She emails,

Yes, the shoot was done two days after I had her. I only made it about onehour then I was done!! Also, her last name is Fairplay. Jonis in the process of legally changing his from Dalton to Fairplay now.


Source: Life & Style; Michelle’s MySpace

Thanks to CBB reader Sarah.

Many more photos below!


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Amanda K on

She’s a beautiful baby! And they look very happy. Congratulations to the new parents!

MB on

Piper is very cute. I think she looks a lot like her dad. I can’t imagine doing a photo shoot 2 days after giving birth though haha!

Kirstin on

Awee, what an adorable baby and CUTE photos!!
Great crib! Michelle..Love the shabby chic vibe. Where is it from? or, if anyone else knows..please let me know. I was going to get wooden floral appliqués to glue/put on a plain one…as I love that vintage look. If anyone knows..please do let me know. 🙂 Thanks!

Sanja on

Is she saying that she was home 2 days after having a C-section? No offense, but what doctor in his right mind allowed that!?
We have a mandatory 6 day hospital stay. Frankly I’d never want to leave a hospital after any kind of major surgery after 2 days (not that doctors would let me).

Anyway, the baby is beautiful and the parents look so happy.

Mama Llama on

God bless her! Who wants to do a photo shoot two days after having a baby? They both look very happy.

I have a question. In this article, don’t they say that the baby’s name is Piper Addison Fairplay? Is her last name really Fairplay?

Sarah’s note: Not sure. I’ll email Michelle and ask your question and the one above.

kaylee on

I was in the hospital for a week after I had my c-section, 2 years ago. It was an unplanned emergency c-section, because my beautiful,big girl was 8lbs 8ozs, and I am a very small girl, at 4’11 100lbs (pre preggo and now), so she was not coming natural, like my other 2 smaller children, lol. But, Michelle looks great and happy. Piper looks like a “mini” Fairplay, beautiful!

Tracy on

Such a lovely little family!

Though I must admit, this article has scared me to death now! Due to medical conditions I’ll have to have a cesarean whenever I get pregnant. The recovery is different for everyone, but she didn’t sugarcoat it like most people do!

It’ll be worth it though!

Bran on

The fact that they did this 2 days after birth just proves what publicity hounds these two are. They are all about getting their name in the papers instead of actually being decent people. Neither one are celebrities. The public was not falling all over themselves to see a pic of their baby and most probably wouldn’t know them from Adam. Spend time with your child and enjoy it while you can. Photos for a a magazine can wait.

Sami on

What a cutie! I’m very impressed that she gained an ounce in the first two days. I would imagine it is difficult breastfeeding after a c-section, so that’s really something. I had an uncomplicated natural birth and my daughter was 6lb 13oz, but a day and a half later she was down to just 6lbs. Luckily she was back up to birth weight by 2 weeks. Also, we have that same pink blanket they do in the first photo. It is so soft!

Sarah’s note: The ounce thing is from her blog after Piper’s first visit to the pediatrician at 2 weeks. 😉

Do you know the brand of the blanket, so that we can add it to the post?

Kaley on

Piper is so cute! And I love her name.

I think 2 days is the standard hospital stay for C-sections. My mom stayed two days in the hospital with each of her three kids and she had c-sections with all of us.

Amy on

A standard hospital stay for a c-section is 4 days…2 days for a vaginal birth. Celebrities do seem to want to get out of the hospital sooner than the rest of us, though. I personally stayed in the hospital as long as I could and milked it for all it was worth because I figured the moment we went home all of our “help” would disappear, and the nurses wouldn’t be around to answer questions and reassure us.

With that said, I think she looks like a very cute, sweet baby and congratulations to them!

Pam on

That’s a very cute baby. I see Jon has once again broken out the man Uggs from the CBB photoshoot (crib photo). 😉

I like how open Michelle is about her experience. I find it really refreshing when people are honest.

cam on

Piper is very cute. I can relate to the painful c-section recovery. I also think the standard hospital stay is 2 days…unless maybe there are complications. I had my daughter on a Tuesday and went home on Thursday.

Charlotte on

My cousin had her baby by c-section on a Sunday afternoon and was home Tuesday evening. I guess it’s different in different places! Piper is very cute and tiny!

annie on

I had my daughter by emergency csection due to placental abruption. I was in the hospital 13 days due to their worry about my internal scars, and extreme loss of blood ( i had 7 transfusions) I wasn’t allowed to walk for 48 hours let alone go home!!

I was so weak i couldn’t even fathom it!

Just curious as to why an emergency section, because they (according to my drs. in baltimore) “arent as worried about scarlines” as getting the baby out in 30 seconds or less , and the incisions are an afterthought.
Without it, my daughter and i would be dead, I coded blue on the table and so did she.
After going through it, i totally agree with that statement, they just want to get baby out and stop bleeding.

I hope she was in good health, honest to herself about it, and really ok before she took on her role as mom. Its a tough one, a great one, but def. not one to start when you are not 100%