Clint Black's little girl develops her first crush

02/06/2008 at 12:20 PM ET

Blacks20093_cbbCountry singer Clint Black’s little girl — Lily Pearl, 6  ½ — has experienced a number of firsts in her life, but the 46-year-old dad says that she is now in the midst of her first crush.

Lily kept her crush a secret for awhile, but finally told her dad about it one night when he was tucking her into bed.

She said, ‘I’ll tell you. Today, I got in love with Cannon.’ I think it’s so different with girls because they are watching Cinderella and Snow White. They’re watching love stories. And little boys aren’t necessarily watching that stuff. So [to] girls, it’s about finding the prince.

And she said, ‘Well, Cannon was so excited when I told him I was gonna marry him, but then he wasn’t as excited when I said I’d have to kiss him.’

Clint is married to actress Lisa Hartman.  He also has an older daughter, Chelsea, from a previous relationship.

Source: GAC TV


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amers230 on

that is just too precious!! i totally remember “falling in love” with a boy in my first grade class. hopefully her “relationship” will work out better than my “relationship” did lmao

ang on

“got in love” lol.i was the same age-i drew the wedding and everything but he wasn’t into it.

Loralie on

Hmm– I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in country music and I’ve never seen that Clint had a daughter from a previous relationship. If that’s the case, I must have been sleeping…

Either way, that story is really cute!

K on

That is really cute, but I think I would have just about died if my dad told the world about my crush haha. I didn’t even like it when my parents told their friends about my crushes. At 6, she probably doesn’t know the difference, but as she gets older, he may be in trouble with her 😉

Ans on

I know it’s meant to be cute and everything, and she’s just little, but I really think it isn’t his business to just go and tell a cute story about his little girl. Go ahead and tell the world if your pet did something funny, or if you said something stupid, but somehow that just bothers me. Am I alone on this one?

Courtney on

I remember hearing about his older daughter many years back, that Clin’ts parents were actually raising her and he supposedly didnt have much to do with her, don’t know how true that is though, as he is a very involved dad with Lily…

magenta on

I believe you are alone in this Ans. It’s a cute story that all parents tell to friends, family, co-workers, the bank teller, anyone who will listen politely. It’s a right of parenthood. This is one of the sweetest father/daughter moments and I glad he shared it with us. He’s not talking about something like underwear falling down at school. He’s talking about a sweet school girl crush. And it’s very doubtful she’s on celebrity babies reading posters’ comments or even what her dad says. Clint & Lisa are pretty savvy celebrities and know how to shield their daughter from the press.

Jody on

Clint does indeed have a daughter that was born in 1991 I believe. I read in People Magazine that her mother was going after child support in court because Clint stopped paying after he married Lisa. Lisa spoke out in the article and said that Clint was again paying support to her mother.

If I have heard correctly, Chelsea’s mother is now remarried to a wealthy man, so Chelsea isn’t hurting for money.

Marilyn on

Clint Black is out-dated below moderate country music personality, not STAR–sings out his nose and no one cares. I remember his dissing “de-nouncing” fathering his precious daughter Chelsea because of her mom (didn’t know her name before now)! However, saw MANY pictures of baby #1 of Clint Blacks and she looked like him, but better; w/him challenging paternity and trashing his x–it makes him look stupid. Who would leave behind a neglected angel that needs his dad just as much as baby Lisa #2. Remember before Clint hit the big time, he had a special woman at his side that mothered Chelsea. He dumped them both like trash; how rewarding! Lisa, step up–ALLOW him to be a super dad to both–amen

Vickey on

I totally agree with Marilyn’s statement. Let Clint step up and be daddy to both girls. When he can turn his back on his 1st daughter, that appalls me! My dad left when I was 4 and never looked back. I was very hurt growing up not having him in my life. I can imagine what is going on in Chelsea’s mind as a child. I’ve been there, I just wish I could tell Clint that the reason I don’t listen or buy his music anymore is due to him walking away from a life he help to create. He should be there for her, no matter what. No proof that Renee Nicole Bain has remarried. Whether she did or not, whether her new husband be rich or not, Chelsea NEEDS to know her dad, Clint, loves HER.