Celebrity babies in will.i.am's Yes We Can Song

02/04/2008 at 11:03 PM ET

I was watching the video for will.i.am‘s Yes We Can Song, inspired by Barack Obamas powerful speech after the New Hampshire Primary (watch the original speech here), and noticed a celebrity baby among the celebs- former supermodel Amber Valetta‘s son, Auden McCaw, 7, with his mom. Not only that, but in researching the origins of the song and video, I discovered that the video was directed by Jesse Dylan, one of Bob Dylan‘s sons.

It’s significant to note that the Obama campaign had absolutely no involvement with the video. will.i.am states in an interview on ABC News and on yeswecansong.com that he was inspired by Obama’s speech after the New Hampshire Primary that he wrote the song and called a bunch of friends to come over and record the video.  Since then, it’s spread like crazy because so many others have been moved by it.

Other celebrities appearing in the insanely viral video (it’s been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube in the last two days) include John Legend, Common,Herbie Hancock, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Scarlett Johansson, Tatyana Ali,Nick Cannon, Kate Walsh, Adam Rodriguez, Kelly Hu, Eric Balfour, AishaTyler, and Nicole Scherzinger.

OPINION: For the part of the post where I give my (rarely offered) opinion, click Continue Reading. If you don’t want to hear about politics on CBB, just don’t read it. (And if you do read it and don’t agree, I told you not to read it!)

Another inspiring song/video is based on another Obama campaign motto: Fired Up, Ready to Go.

Watch Yes We Can.


I find it interesting that some readers are stating they dislike Obamabecause a lot of celebrities back him. He doesn’t seem to court thembut they love him because they too are moved by his speech. Of course take their endorsements with a grain of salt- they’re not political experts, they’re just people.  But they understand they havethe power to bring some publicity to his campaign so they use it. Ifyou are turned off by Obama being a charismatic figure, realize that heand Hillary Clinton agree on most of the issues but people seem toreally dislike her for her alleged lack of warmth and personality.Given that, don’t we want a leader that you can get behind and feelgood about?

Since people are asking, here’s why I support Barack Obama.

  1. He’s a Democrat and I will always support the Democrats over the Republicans. For me, being a Democrat is about having compassion for others such as being pro-choice, pro-education, making sure everyone who wants healthcare can afford it, and looking out for the lower and middle classes (and the environment). I disagree with Republicans that small government is the way to go.
  2. Both Barack and I never supported getting into Iraq (though I support the soldiers themselves who are there). He plans to get troops out in 1-2 years. I’d like for them all to come home but I understand why that may not be possible.
  3. He knows what it’s like to be an outsider, having foreign parents, growing up in multi-cultural Hawaii, so he has an insight into what people in other nations think of us.
  4. Of the two Democratic candidates, he and Hillary have roughly the same amount of experience in office.
  5. And yes, he’s a charismatic leader. He ignites passion in his supporters which means he will have the country behind him when he becomes president.
  6. Yes, he’s a politician and politicians all talk the same talk (I find watching the debates unbearable because none of them ever answer the questions!). He just seems more genuine to me than Hillary.
  7. At the end of the day, most Democrats agree on most of the issues so Iwant to support the Democrat that I feel has the greatest chance ofbeating the Republican candidate. I do like Hillary but so manyRepublicans despise her and would never vote for her. So my vote goesto the candidate who I feel has a better chance of winning. (And yes, that’s why I was hoping Romney becomes the Republican candidate because I don’t think he can win the general election.) Again, I’d be thrilled with Hillary as president but I just don’t think she can win the general election.

By the way, a great quickie candidate chooser is VoteChooser.com – Barack and I agree on 9 out of 10 issues they cover (versus 3 out of 10 for McCain by the way).

I have to agree with my husband that it’s a little precious, but on the other hand, it isvery moving. I actually found myself with tears in my eyes. I havenever felt this way about a politician but there’s something aboutBarack that makes you hopeful for true change. Super Tuesday is a chance to make a statement and a change.

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Susie on

Thanks for the posting the video, its the first time I see or hear about it.
I loved it, btw.

Estelle on

My entire family is very political. I have to admit I’ve never liked politics but this is the first election I’m truly excited about. From the first speech I say of Obama I said he reminded me of JFK. I thought it was just me so I was surprised when his daughter Caroline said the same thing. I really feel like this country is going to change for the better.

Also Danielle I was searching in the CBB archives and noticed in the early posts you wrote a lot of your opinions. I like to read the writer’s opinions on blogs I visit.

heather on

I really dislike all the celebrity involvement in these elections and its actually turned me off Obama in these past few weeks because I think he values their popularity more than his own voice, which is really all that matters. And I actually like these famous people that support him! Its just that they’re not going to be running our country.

mrsb on

My first time seeing it too…it gave me chills. Very powerful. Thank you! I have not been in the US too long, I am a dual citizen. Any info on registering to vote would be most appreciated! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

MMM on

Barack for the Dems and RON PAUL for the Reps. Not Romney, yuck:(.

Lori Davis on

While it’s true this most viral of videos is moving, truth be told a Democrat for president is not a good thing. The tax-and-spend mentality, the programs which consume even more of my taxes, and regulations put on business owners are some of the numerous reasons why I am a registered Conservative.

The most pressing issue of the day is not health care, it’s not Social Security (which should be abolished), nor is it welfare. Indeed, THE most pressing issue, right here right now, is that of global terrorism and in essence, our very way of life. Our country was attacked and while it’s true we haven’t been attacked in many years, it will happen again. Our president must be more than a pretty face and speak of change; our president must be willing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I live in upstate New York, in the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains, and it must be stated I’m appalled with Governor Spitzer. Did you watch his swearing-in ceremony and the ceremonies of his staff? Instead of stating, “I will support AND defend …” they stated, “I will support the Constitution of the United States.” Mr. Spitzer: what happened to DEFENDING it?

America the Beautiful is great, strong and proud! Our economy is fantastic, despite what the “if it bleeds it leads” mentality of the local newscasts will tell you. We are the most entrepreneurial of nations, and we ARE proud Americans.

With all due respect to Mr. Obama, he’s not qualified to be president. No foreign policy experience, he hasn’t managed or run anything, and again, he wants MY tax dollars.

I implore all Americans to register to vote, if you haven’t done so already, and become engaged in the political process.


Lori Davis

Shelby on

Wow, I do not know how I seemed to not hear about this video until now, but it truly breath-taking. Thank you so much for posting it Danielle and I greatly value your opinion. I never understood why politics has seemed to be such a hushed, personal subject and I am thankful this election has changed that. Whether Obama wins or not he has very obviously changed the way our country thinks and votes, and it is my sincere hope he will be the next President of the United States. I voted for him in Florida and I hope all of you in super tuesday states will as well. OBAMA 08!!

sea on

Wow, didn’t know we’d be doing politics here…can’t say I’m too thrilled with that as this is normally my escape from that world. I’m actually shocked, really, but this is Danielle’s blog, not mine!

(Btw, I’d love for an Obama person to tell me why they’re voting for him…not that he’s powerful/moving/like JFK, etc. Issues!)

Lauren on

Heather, I honestly don’t think Barack values popularity more than politics. Whether one agrees or disagrees with his opinions, he really does seem like a genuine person to me-and this is coming from someone who’s seen him speak live.

Jenny on

You run your site with class and the up most respect for others. It’s this blog that shows that not all bloggers are monsters, and can deliver the news without hurting others, or crossing the line (Perez showed just how disgusting he is by posting that Heath Ledger drug video). If anyone gives you any crap about posting this and/or expressing your opinion, just remember that.

The video is great, as well as the site!

heather on

Lauren, you are lucky to have seen him speak. I haven’t decided who I’m voting for because I like both Hillary and Obama for different reasons. But either way my decision will not be swayed be any celebrity (not even Oprah!).

Dody on

I wish CBB had kept netural on this election. I’m voting Hillary. I was sad that CBB had decided to let us know who your voting for. I love celebrities but I do not want one for President, which sadly Obama has turned into. And since Oprah backed him he now sounds more like a preacher then a President for all Americans. I’m not voting for Hillary because she is a woman, I’m voting for her because she is the right person for change.


Nicole on

Thanks for the video, Danielle, it was really moving—not because of the celebrities in it, since I didn’t know who half of them were! It was moving because of Obama is himself and his words. Wow.

Someone (Sea?) asked why they should vote for him, besides the fact that he is incredibly inspiring and motivating. Here’s my long answer, if you have the patience to read it!

My answer is that after looking at all of the policies and opinions of the other candidates, I agree with Obama the most. I don’t believe that mandating health care (like car insurance) is going to help most Americans get it, like Hillary has proposed. I am also against the war and pro-diplomacy, and Obama is the only person to say that he would talk with other regimes that have typically opposed the U.S., which Hillary and others would not do. (I’m not trying to demean Hillary, just comparing policies.) Listening to him speak, the fact that he does not shy away or demean opinions that differ from his, but tries to come to a resolution and bring different people to the table, that all means A LOT to me (his speach about religion and being a democrat is really edgy and great). He seems the only true bipartisan out there. Obama seems the most mature, sensible, and also sensitive candidate.

The fact that he was a law professor, community organizer, and U.S. Senator gives him an array of practical and national experience. Remember that for the last 16 years, the president’s prior experience was as governor of a Southern State (Texas & Arkansas), which gives no national issue experience whatsoever. Based on experience alone, Bill Clinton would not have been elected. I also don’t think “experience” is a factor in this election, as all the major candidates are U.S. Senators (Obama, Hillary, McCain). They all have advisors and a cabinet, as well, so the only way to distinguish them is by their philosophies, outlook on life, temperament, vision, etc.

I’m currently in the first trimester of my first baby. I want a breath of fresh air in this country and positive change. I want a safe, peaceful world. I think Obama, who is wise and wonderful, is the best person to bring that to our country.

Thanks everyone for your respectful discourse and for keeping this site my favorite! I really appreciate how everyone states their opinions in such a nice manner. God Bless.

Kat on

That’s funny. I am voting for Obama and hubby, a Republican is voting for Romney. We gotta keep our bases covered.

The video is a bit “precious” though…

tracy on

Go Barack!!!

Miu on

Okay, you gave the advice to skip your post, but in my eyes “…I hope you vote for Barack…” is more than just an opinion.

dancingmom on

Nice ad! But I am voting Ron Paul. He has received the most donations from active military members. I have to side with the troops.

Pam on

Thank you so much for posting this here! I can’t stop watching this. It is important to note that this was not paid for or sanctioned by the Obama campaign. If you visit the original site http://www.yeswecansong.com the artist gives his reasons for doing this (very quickly). And I support Barack for my BABY as I worry about her future every day and he gives me hope that she may have a good one! Thank you again!

Pam on

Thank you so much for posting this here! I can’t stop watching this. It is important to note that this was not paid for or sanctioned by the Obama campaign. If you visit the original site http://www.yeswecansong.com the artist gives his reasons for doing this (very quickly). And I support Barack for my BABY as I worry about her future every day and he gives me hope that she may have a good one! Thank you again!

Sarita on

This morning I watched CNN and what disturbed me was that I mainly heard people talking about voting black or woman. I would say vote for whoever has the plans you agree with!
From what I’ve seen so far of the elections, there is not much talk about the true issues and what the plans are to solve these. Maybe this is because I’m not in the US.
It bothers me to no end that it seems like many people vote for charisma!

Also I was wondering, does a black man or a woman really have a chance to become the president of the US? I don’t know how big the part of the US population is that would never vote for a black man or a women no matter what their plans for the country are.

Please inform me !

Louise on

I like that you have the courage to express your opinion/preference on a website that actually has nothing to dio with politics!

Shanna on

Wow – I agree with POWERFUL and inspirational. That was – more than just moving. It’s now on the IPOD so I can show everyone, every where I go today!

BTW – Dylan did a good job, and Auden was adorable!

MommyLove on


Carol on

Good for you! I admire you for posting your opinion and beliefs knowing that other’s are going to bust a gasket about it. Go OBAMA!!

Renee on

Thanks Nicole for the post and I agree!

Carmen on

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. most of all, I LOVE Obama and I truly believe he would be the best at the job.

Kirstin on

Ok, I voted for Obama and I am all for him etc., but…you know…I was sent this today by a friend in Calif. I finally got a chance to watch what she sent…and I have to be honest…that was SUPER CHEESY and what makes it cheese bag is how overly into the celebs he is. I mean I do understand why he is doing it and more power to him etc,, but I thought It was a bit overdose on that whole band wagon. It’s like…you don’t need opra and all these poeple…just say your own word and be done with it. i like him ALOT though and know he is our perfect new president, but this video just bugged me…way overkill and last ditch attempt. I expected more from him..

Note from Danielle: Barack Obama and his campaign were NOT involved in the production or promotion of this video!

kendrajoi on

I am also a little put off by the endosement of Obama on this site. I guess what bugs me more is how it also says to vote for Mitt Romney- HUH? That makes NO sense. I love this site and Danielle has my utmost respect, but I disagree with her endorsement. Don’t get me wrong, I like Obama, and I did really enjoy the video. I just think I’ll be sticking with Hillary for experience sake. I have to say a Clinton (pres)/Obama(vice Pres) ticket would be my dream team!

Kim on

I totally agree with sea and Dody!

Ketzer on

Danielle ist grenz-debil. Bitte sperrt sie und ihre schleimigen Kommentare.

Miohelle Nicole on

Danielle: I loved the video and enjoyed reading your statement.

To those of you that had a problem with what Danielle had to say – FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We can have a healthy dialog and debate our differences in a positive way. I know I keep saying it but I love CBB my favorite website.

I love Obama and it has nothing to do with Oprah or any other celebrity.

I cried when Obama delivered his speech โ€œYes we canโ€ in New Hampshire. I was not alive for Dr. King “I had a dreamโ€ speech but I was for Obama “Yes we can”.

I came to this country as child in 1978, and this election is the first that convinced me to become a citizen and to be able to vote. My daughter is 14, and the next election we will be able to vote.

I have nothing against Hillary, but Obama is how I believe should be the next president. I would not make such an important decision based on race, gender or celebrity status. I think Hillary would make a great vice president.

**Nicole thanks for the terrific job at breaking down Obama views.**

Michelle Nicole

Lizzy on

How many of you voted for George W. Bush almost four AND eight years ago? What had been the motivations? That heยดs apparently down-to-earth? His charisma? Omg is all I can say about this discussion…

Jen on

I don’t have anything against Obama, but having listened to speeches from candidates on both sides – Democratic and Republican – I do wish the content of his remarks was more substantive. Even looking on his Web site for issues, I don’t really feel he gives me more than 30-second sound bites worth of material to consider. That said, some of the other candidates don’t, either.

A well-respected person I know who has served the public for many years and who happens to be a Democrat said, “I don’t know what to make of Obama. I mean, he’s a great orator. He definitely has charisma. But so did Hitler and Huey Long.” Before anyone reacts with outrage – this was not meaning Obama is like Hitler or Huey Long – just that people need to look past the charisma and glossy promotional spin of ALL the candidates and hear their respective substantive plans. For those Americans who have taken the time to learn the ideas/plans of the candidates and want to vote Obama 2008, that’s great, or anyone else, that’s great too. Just be informed and VOTE! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lauren on

Hmmm…I seem to remember that there was more to my post than what appears above. I went on to agree with Heather that I don’t like when celebrities expect the public to endorse their political opinions. There was nothing rude or obscene about what I said, and others, including Danielle, got to say their pieces, yet apparently my opinion doesn’t count. Great promotion of freedom of speech.

Sarah’s note: Lauren, I’m not sure what happened. I am assuming Danielle edited the comment.

Mom101 on

Danielle, you, like the celebs, have a soapbox and I think it’s great that you can use it to express a thoughtful opinion. Whether or not people agree.

That video moved me to tears, if only because there is a candidate inspiring young people to create today’s folk music around him. That’s incredible.

And Lizzy, let’s not compare Obama to Bush. Seriously.

Shelby on

As I read your post and many of the others that pulled the “he’s charamastic but what else card” I knew experience would come up. Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney have had the most experience of those in office today. Too much experience can lead to corruption and that is why I admire Obama…he wants to get in office and make a difference…FOR EVERYONE. Do you know th past president’s who had the least experience?

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and John F Kennedy to name a few…look at the AMAZING things that they did for our country.

Danielle thank you for reitterating that Barack Obama and his campaign had NOTHING to do with this video and I think I say should say that again to be clear OBAMA did not produce or endorse this video. It was made an Obama supporter (who just so happens to be famous) and because so many people are behind Obama they were able to pull this video off in less than 48 hours.

Further, regardless of the outcome I admire everything that Obama has done to change the voting process and ideals in our nation. I’m 20 years old and never have I been more interested in politics and I thank Obama for that. I thank him for a grassroots movement that gave me the opportunity to bring 6 of my fellow college students to the voting booths. I’m thankful for the donations that are almost always matched by a fellow Obama supporter and not taken from big money supporters. YES people endorse, and YES famous people should endorse him. They are NO different than any one of us who cannot wait to see this great man be our next president…or have we forgetten they are human too? The celebrity mom’s aren’t exposed here or you don’t think of them as superhuman and the same should be thought for this post. Danielle, I am SOO thankful for your opinion and I encourage it ALWAYS. How lucky are we to be in a nation that is able to express our opinions to others. Do NOT be ashamed to stand up for who you believe, support this elections, let YOUR voice be heard! HOPE=VOTE Go Obama!

Joelle on

Just a little reminder for those of you who are seemingly so shocked and disgusted by Danielle’s political views (although my suspicion is if Danielle was promoting the candidate you support you wouldn’t be so upset):

” For the part of the post where I give my (rarely offered) opinion, click Continue Reading. If you don’t want to hear about politics on CBB, just don’t read it. ”

It’s right there in black and white.

Thanks Danielle for having the courage to speak out about what you believe…


yaosa on

Thank you Danielle! It brightened my day! Inspiring and enlightening!

And yes it’s a great feeling to be hopeful and united!

Michelle on


Kirstin on


Sorry…my post above was no “diss” on you at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you did not think that! I love love this site and it’s been my fun and godsend for my pregnancy! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know you had nothing to do with that endorsement and I am a obama supporter..and still love him…and your site! I think itโ€™s fine you put that up and I respect you for itโ€ฆEven if I didnโ€™t like it myself etc. Thanks so much!! At least it’s started up a great conversation on something other than babies! You go! Take Care!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen on


I respect your opinion, but I must point out that my comment did not include a question of Obama’s experience. Expressing substantive opinions and plans is not the same as having experience. Someone with no experience can tell me what he or she would do with the chance to make a difference. Someone with no experience can express his or her ideals, ideas and plans. I did not say, “Obama has charisma, but what else,” as you suggest.

Rather, I am saying, yes Obama is charismatic (which I happen to think is a good thing by the way – it can’t hurt for our leader to be charismatic) – but that I also would like to know more about his proposed plans and how he intends to carry them out. This does not equal a question of his experience.

Regarding experience though, I don’t agree with your position that experience leads to corruption. Poor ethics leads to corruption, and I have seen both experienced and non-experienced people be corrupted.

Allie on

it was a moving video, but not enough to sway my vote. not even a smidge. there is something about Obama that rubs me the wrong way. personally, i like ron paul. i like how he views things, much different than “standard america’s views.” i know he doesn’t stand a chance, but he’s still awesome!!

heather, i had the same problem with a post of mine not being posted, just mine wasn’t posted AT ALL. i said nothing offensive, just asked a simple question under a different subject, and they didn’t post it. i don’t understand what gives?

Sarah’s note: I’m really not sure guys, sorry. Some posts seem to be edited or deleted before I started working today. I don’t have an answer for you right now.

Shelby on

Please know that I greatly respect and value your opinion. My apologizes if it sounded like I was targeting you. What I meant by that was that a few other and yourself have questions about his policy not just that he is charamastic. I wanted to forward my opinion because I knew the experience question would come up at some point in this discussion and I by no means meant to offend. I also agree with you that poor ethics can lead to corruption. So to reinstate your question..which I believe is why am I voting for Obama, let me try to answer that.

I am voting for Obama because I believe in him and believe that he believes in our country. Although I haven’t been alive too long, I have reached a point where I believe our country needs change. However for the country to change we not only need a president who believes in change…but inspires change in others. I believe that all of the candidates agree that much needs to change in our nation but no other candidate has me as revved up to help make that change than Obama. Yes he is VERY charamastic and I am looking forward to having a President who is well spoken. I think that Obama’s charasmatic manner and the eloquency of his speeches is what pulls people in and I agree with you that I hope that would not be the only reason. I love the want for change that Obama inspires and watching him speech makes me feel like he is talking directly to me and not the thousands of people that he is. I know you wanted more on his platform and I encourage you to check out with website http://www.barackobama.com and check out the platform. If that is not enough or insufficient then I encourage you to watch many informative videos of his on http://www.youtube.com or email his campaign for more information. Personally I believe in Obama’s platform on education, the war in Iraq, the enviroment, and health care. Health care is one of the main reasons I’m not pulling for Hillary Clinton because as good as many things sound I want them to be plausible and unfortunately her plan for healthcare is not in line with what I would like (although I ABSOLUTELY want healthcare for everyone and believe it should be a right). I do need to head to class so I would be more than happy to expand later but again I encourage everyone to be informed and VOTE irregardless.

Carol on

People who are complaining about the expression of the blog owner’s views have no room to complain. You were given a choice to click or not and she clearly stated that she was going to voice her political opinion. Once you clicked you chose to read her views. The video was posted because there was a celebrity baby in it. The blog could have remained neutral for you, you just had to not click the link.

Lisa on

While I respect Danielle’s need to participate in the Election process and encourage people to vote. As a person who has actually met Barack Obama several times(when he was running for Senator & during his election gatherings here in Chicago.) I have to say while he is very charismatic. I just don’t know what he stands for. It’s been a mixed bag. Yes, I want a change. And that change can happen with Hillary, McCain or Romney. All of them would be new & different people than Pres. Bush. What I don’t like is that he does use actors, and higher status popular people to push him. I know this from his ties to Gov. Blagojevich, and Representative Guiterrez.

The fact that he is only a Junior Senator and has been one for a short period of time. He was elected in 2004 & assumed office January of 2005. He doesn’t have any experience dealing in foreign policies. He has spent most of his time as a Senator of Illinois preparing for his Presidential Campaigning. Reports call him a “home state Presidential candidate” but in reality he is from Hawaii & chose to run in Illinois because there is more political ties here than in Hawaii.

I have to repectfully disagree with voting for him. Not at this time. I feel he doesn’t have the experience and he hasn’t clearly stated his plan of action. WITH exception that there has to be a change.

BUT I do support Danielle’s request to VOTE.

Jaclyn on

Democrats are merely tax & spend? Really? I believe Bill Clinton was President during the US’ largest ever non-wartime surplus while W. has led the nation into debt and this spending mess, but whatever. Talking points are all the Republicans have right now.

I have to have hope that a Democrat will win the White House in November, because anything but that will be the final nail in the coffin of this once great country.

It can be great again, it can but not without hardwork and belief in the power of people and the power of change.

Carolyn on

A number of posters discuss not knowing what the candidates stand for…if you simply google “candidates on issues” there are many reliable sites where the info is available. Educate youself and VOTE!

J.M. on

I think when it comes to politics it should be kept to ones self. That includes all people and celebs and although I am not reading opinions including Danielles by posting about it you are publicly advertising your choice on a popular site. As this is a celebrity baby blog I think it should have nothing to do w. politics imho.

mn on

as far as i can see this site didn’t endorse anyone, ONE of the people that works on this site stated HER opinion, no big deal. just to speak to the experience issue, Obama has actually served as an elected official for longer than Mrs. Clinton has. I’m not American and I can’t vote so none of this really impacts me but I will say the video was touching, and more touching was reading about why the people who made it said they were inspired to take the time to do it.

Jenna on

Wow, Michelle. I can’t believe you have the nerve to post what you did, let alone attach your email to that comment. What, EXACTLY, do you mean by being prepared for the rise of the African American race? As a black woman, I’m very interested in what I should prepare myself for…

Jen on

Shelby, Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

In regard to a separate post, yes, issues can be Googled or otherwise sought, but often speeches, comments, answers to debate questions, etc. are very information-lite and public-relations spin heavy. I’m not saying the information is not out there – just that I wish more candidates were more straightforward about it. This is not in regard to any particular candidate.

Thanks again, Shelby. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nicole on

Didn’t you guys get the joke? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the reason she told Republicans to vote for Mitt Romney is because he can’t win the general election. Needless to say, I’m voting for McCain.

jasmine on

Obama!!!! 2009

sea on

for those of you saying, “look up what a candidate stands for…” or something along those lines…I can only speak for myself but I’m assuming people wanted to know why Danielle and others endorse the person, not what they stand for…beyond “is charismatic” or “next JFK” or “is not Hillary” for that matter. I keep hearing people say they are voting for Obama because he stands for change, but I stood for change yesterday when I decided to buy a new brand of mascara!

? about Hilary on

I’d love for a Hilary voter to tell me why they have voted/are voting for her?

Michelle on

Forewarning or not, I found a political endorsement inappropriate on the site. I wish CBB would have stuck to its content – vacuous but enjoyable celebrity news – and stayed out away from the presidential race.

angela on

I am a conservative voter, so I wouldn’t vote for Hillary or Obama, but I will say that I “get” the hype for Obama. He can definitely throw out some powerful words – he is quite charismatic. I would just advise voters to make sure the actions are there behind all of the pretty talk we’re hearing right now…from ALL of the candidates.

Lilybett on

In Australia we are all legally required to vote but I love the process anyway. I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t want to take part. We’re also taking an interest in the outcome of the US election, because, well, it affects us too. (Australia got shafted on several issues under the Free Trade agreement under W, for example). We just had our own change of government (from Liberal to Labor) and I gotta tell you, it feels great.

I figure if using celebrities is what it takes to get Americans to vote at all, then so be it. This video isn’t just about Obama – it has a great message about hope, change and power of the people to make that change. I think you can take those messages away from it even if you’re a republican.

awake on

To see where the candidates stand, check out this site:


Hereโ€™s the link for Barack:

Hereโ€™s the link for Hillary:

Do your research, vote, and then think, pray, meditate, whatever you it is YOU do to find a way to help bring about a change in our communities, this country, and the PLANET, please?

brannon on

Wow – kudos to Danielle. (And I agree with Carole – she said NOT to read on if you didn’t want to mix politics with CBB!)

I have met Obama and am definitely a fan. My reasons are too long to list.

MICHELLE – Seriously? I’m all for free speech but “the rise of the African American race.” I can’t even begin to fathom what that means, nor do I probably want to know. However, it simply frightens me that those types of attitudes are still prevalent in the world in which I am raising my child. (And yes, I knew they were there…but it’s shocking to hear them voiced.)

For those of you questioning Danielle for her reasoned, personal opinion/expression (regardless of whether or not it differs from your own) – perhaps you should redirect your anger/shock/disbelief.

Joy on

Lizzy, just wanted to say that your analogy is spot on. The point is not that there are similarities between Obama and Bush with regard to political ideology, it’s that 8 years ago we had a choice between substance and style, and this country (well, the electoral college of this country, not the majority of this country’s citizens) chose STYLE. Al Gore was panned as too boring, too stiff, not personable enough. GWB was lauded as an ‘everyday’ kind of guy who voters would ‘like to have a beer with.’

8 years later, and look what all that charisma bought us. Tens of thousands of dead Iraqis and Americans, a recession and corruption at pretty much every level of the government. If that’s the tradeoff, if that’s the choice, than give me boring, stiff and geeky ANY day.

That, dare I say, is the point Lizzy was trying to make. And it’s a good one. It’s a dangerous thing when we’re electing the leader of the free world based not on his/her experience or qualifications but instead based on whether or not he/she makes us “feel good.” There is far too much at stake in this election to make a choice that is based on anything but substance. If the last 8 years of GWB has taught us anything, it’s that whether Hillary “lacks warmth” or “personality” should be completely and utterly irrelevant.

Sadly, I see that it is as important now as it was then. As a nation I guess we’ll never learn.

it's JMO on

To about Hillary? I don’t see why anyone has to state why they would or wouldn’t vote for her or any canidate for that matter. I happen to like both Obama and Hillary but I am not telling anyone who I’m voting for or going to preach to anyone about my reasoning for who I choose in the election! I certainly respect both canidates but as a young voter (only my second time) I am not one who likes to go out there and give my reasonings to anyone on my selection. It’s my personal choice on who I choose and I don’t really have to explain to anyone why.

I respect Danielle’s opinion for putting something she believes in on her site. But I just think that by putting a video on the main page you are publicly saying I like Obama, Vote Obama, etc. It’s anyone’s right to free speech and to do as they wish but as this is a blog site about babies and celebs I don’t see whats the point of having this on here? Politics always gets people a bit crazy anyways.

it’s JMO.

Dody on

I just wanted to respond to “Joelle”, Even if CBB was for Hillary rather than Obama. I would have still made a note regarding how I wish CBB was just all about celebrities and babies and shopping, I come here to get gossip not views about politics, if I wanted that I would go to CNN. This subject although very important is not always what you want to read about and I thought coming here I could get away from it for a bit! =)

And Thanks to Kim for being with me on this one!=)


LL on

Bravo to a lot of the commenters here for posting a variety of opinions, more than a few of which I didn’t agree with and some that irritated me a bit. I may not like it all, but I love that everyone’s jumping in–pretty respectfully–and making use of their voices (even if is an odd place for this type of discussion).

I gotta tell you, I’ve never understood why so many people in this country say politics should be kept private. There’s a reason why they call them “public servants.” This is about the leader of our nation. This is about healthcare, the economy, national security, jobs, civil rights, and a slew of other issues that involve each and every one of us. Why WOULDN’T we talk about that stuff publicly?!

People are so afraid of conflict or hearing anything that doesn’t fit with their own opinions these days, that few want to do the hard thing. Which is disagree and debate and admit we’re wrong sometimes and throw out ideas and work for change. It’s such a shame. None of the important changes in history came from comfortable silence, they came from people bold enough to speak up and break the status quo. We’re talking about issues vital to our survival; none of this is supposed to be easy or comfortable!

I genuinely hope we as a country find ourselves brave enough to start talking about the hard stuff. Nothing’s ever gonna change if we don’t (and that’s a scary thought!).

? about Hilary on

It’s JMO
Thanks for your honest answer but Sea asked the question first about Obama. Not one person questioned why did they question it but again thanks. =)

Boston on

Darn it! I came to CBB to catch up on cute babies and get away from politics for a (very stressful) day.

I was going to complain at first (mainly because I so passionately want a female president, especially when my profession lacks any female role models and I work with 90% men; fortunately for me I agree with her over others on every issue and find her quite charismatic in small groups), but I’ll minimize the complaints.

What I need to remember when I go to bed at night is that finally people are getting passionate about their voice in government. Hopefully it will translate into votes ๐Ÿ™‚ People are starting to care about the need for health insurance and the costs of war. And thank you to CBB and its readers for conducting/maintaining a thoughtful, compassionate, respectful discussion.

Oh what the heck! go Hillary ๐Ÿ™‚

Hilary on

Love this site, Danielle! I pegged you as a Democrat ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL! I’m all for HILLARY. I met her on Sunday and she was fantastic! I understand people’s hesitation with Hillary but I feel she is the most prepared for the job. She’s for universal healthcare, wants to end the war — and for goodness sakes she married Bill! Plus, she has a great name ๐Ÿ™‚

I do, however, agree that Obama is AWESOME. My husband is all for him. I’m just a Clinton supporter, plain and simple.

J-Lin on

I love Barack. This man has the favor of God with him and nothing has shown that more than his being where he is today. This man should be an example to every American. He came from humble background, many obstacles, and has risen to being the hope of America.

This race shouldn’t be about color or gender, but who can unite this country after
so many years of turmoil under the current administration.

To say he isn’t qualified is something I don’t understand. I don’t think there is a job description for President, but Harvard-educated lawyer, constitutional law professor at a major university, community organizer, state legistlator, husband, father, brother and son is enough for me.

I don’t always agree with everything on CBB, but do enjoy the site. I admire Danielle for giving her opinion.

But I do implore you to remove Michelle’s initial comment about the rise of the African American race. I think the comment is racist and put out there to incite negativity.

Jade Jennings on

I was unable to see Michelle’s comment (but I am glad that CBB took it down). I am a Black woman and I am over-the-moon THRILLED that Senator Obama is running for President (and doing quite well in the polls as we all know). I have seen some of the most racist comments being aimed at him on the internet and it befuddles me that Americans can stil be so hateful. Now what makes me happy is seeing that there are so many CBB readers who are in support of him (I would have assumed that this site would very pro-Hillary – but that’s the thing about assuming: it makes an ass out of you & me :). Anywhoo, I think that Obama can handle the job of running our Country – Period ***
On a different note, Obama’s daughters are beautiful! If he wins the candidacy, I predict that we will be seeing alot more of these little cuties on CBB – And honestly, I’d much rather see them than Chelsea Clinton any day :)!

Angela on

I was just listening to a speech given by Obama as he was thanking everyone for their support, and I must say…I have no idea what he was talking about! It was just a lot of catch-phrase type stuff, which of course got the crowd (especially some strange, crying lady situated directly behind him)all riled up. I think he is very motivating and folks want to vote for him because of his charisma; however, I don’t really think he has an actual plan…at least he surely doesn’t sound like he does. “We need change” and “we need things to be different” – these statements, while they illicit chants and hollers, do not sound like the blueprint of a transformative plan for America.

Milla on

What an extraordinary video, thanks so much for posting it. I’m Australian so I realise I have no say in the current election but, like the rest of the world, am avidly watching with anticipation and have been glued to Sky News and CNN for updates on the primaries. I find it hard to understand those who said they wanted to ‘get away’ from coverage of the election. Yes, this is a site dedicated to pregnancy and children but this election matters! For someone like me, this period of what will soon become American history will be incredibly important. I myself support Obama, but I believe either of the democratic candidates would do a great job and I think the extremely close nature of the primaries reflects that.

Abby on

I’m a longtime loyal CBB reader. I don’t comment much because I like to be a sideline celeb-gossip hound ๐Ÿ™‚

But I feel a need to comment here. As a young Canadian who has always felt that taking an interest in politics, no matter what you believe or support in the end, is the true key to any working democracy. I feel politicians have made a career out of breeding apathy among voters so they can do as they wish with the government when in power with little to no uproar from the people. The War on Terrorism has finally changed that, and I’m so thrilled to see a candidate like Obama purposely reaching out to the masses, encouraging their interest, where so few politicians in my young memory, in any major power, have bothered to go.

Voting is what matters. Being heard is what matters. If we have opinions, we must be willing to state them, debate them, freely but without serious insult or aggression.

Danielle, thank you for stepping slightly outside the CBB boundaries to post this video and for stating your opinion. I’ll watch with keen interest for the next year, not only he (or she!) who leads America helps shape the rest of the world, but because politics has never been this exciting!

America should be proud of their options for ’08! It seems change is necessary everywhere in the world – maybe the U.S. can get the ball rolling with the changing of the guard in the winter!

Jen on

Freedom of Speech works both ways Miohelle Nicole. I think people forget that… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jen on

Let it be known that freedom of speech works both ways. Some people here are complaining about the people who dont care for Obama or the people who are not liking the political issue posted on this site. I’m not sure why they are ignoring the good old “if you dont like it, dont keep reading” idea, but to each his own. I’m sure the article was posted so people could discuss, as is the way of the message board here, and if it was for other reasons (which I doubt) then I have to politely ignore that.

I dont know why when it comes to politics, people act like others are insulting a family member when others poopoo that candidate. Everyone has to be right, and everyone has to try to be the loudest endorser. (sigh and shrug)

And now back to assuming I know what J-Lo’s babies sexes and names will be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jen on

LOL! There have to be parodies of that soon! ๐Ÿ˜€ Good God.

Rob on

As a non-American living overseas and following the campaigns, I find it very uplifting that a Candidate can inspire American to action wether you support him or not.

I watched the Yes I can song and feel moved. Its not about the campaign or the politics but purely about the power of that speech to inspire and motivate. I appreciate the song for what it is; An acknowledge of an event that moved the artist and his way of say thank you for the inspiration.

Not endorsements. No politics. Just Inspiration.

Lizzy on

Joy – you got the point! Thank you for converting my words in comprehensible speech.

(And thanks to CBB for publishing it. I thought it would be censored as it has happened to me before.)

kristen on

thanks for your obama endorsement, danielle. smart, articulate, well-reasoned, not just about his personality, but about his position.

Jara on

I have to say that I was moved by the video. My professor sent to me, and it was the first time that I saw it.

To those who deem Sen. Obama to be some sort of celebrity chaser, I’d like to say that in this country, we sometimes forget that celebrities are people too. They have every right to be invlved as an American citizen in this grand process as anyone. Therefore, if they choose to stand behind Senator Obama, that is their choice. They are no different from myself and the thousands of volunteers around the country out everyday educating and reaching out to voters.

I can not tell you how many people from differing political background are inspired by the Senator and what he stands for. In a time of uncertainity, fear, and downright hopelessness; Senator Obama offers hope. He offers a window into possibilities.

I am uplifted when I stand alongside a registered Republican or an Independent or a man/woman/single/married/straight/gay/black/latino/asian/whatever. We stand together in unity, finding that our differences are what make this country great.

I am responding because I feel that many have missed the point. This video was created by artists who happen to be blessed with a certain level of fame. They are people similar to you and I. They should be applauded for doing what so few are willing to do: get involved.

Elyse on

Very well said Danielle.

I am really torn between the two democratic candidates. I really like Obama, but I like Hillary because of her stance on a mandatory health care system (that is an issue that is really affecting my family right now.)

Thank you for posting this I like to see peoples opinions about the candidates. This video was very moving.

raelene on

Thanks for posting this. Freedom of speech is wonderful isn’t it!?

Now it’s my turn to speak.

Simply put, I really feel Obama is not right for the job. For one, he wants free college for all B average (and above) students. Um… who’s going to pay for that? And can you imagine all the pressure that will be put on teachers and all the ticked off parents? Nice idea but not thought out. He’s just to liberal for me. But I realize people have the right to disagree with me. He’s a great speaker, he should have been a minister. I want to vote for a leader not just a charismatic speaker.

Hillary: Oh man, free universal health care?! Again, nice idea but we CAN’T afford that! I want to get out of Iraq like she does but she’s a “big government” supporter and I can’t agree with that. The government already has too much power.

McCain: In Iraq for 100 years? No thanks.
He’s pro amnesty for illegal immigrants. Why should I have to pay taxes if they don’t have to? You want to live here that’s GREAT but pay taxes and follow rules like the rest of us. He’s pro National ID and voted against the 2nd amendment.

Ron Paul: He’s pro-life, pro small government, against illegal immigration against the national ID card in the only candidate who’s not a member of the CFR and wants out of Iraq. He’s the whole package. That’s why my vote went to him at my caucus and he won our county. Also, he’s gotten more donations from our military than any other candidate. That says something about the man. I have to support our troops and vote with them. Ron Paul 2008.

Here’s a quick reference on the candidates and the issues:


If we truly do have the freedom of speech lets see if my comments get posted intact!
I love this site by the way!


raelene on

Thanks CBB! Usually Ron Paul supporters get censored or mocked. :)Not by you guys though because you’re GREAT!

Lari on

Well Obama has my vote! And no not because of the celebs that’s supporting him. But because to me he means change. I can clearly understand his campaign and what it means and what he stands for. He has accomplished so much in his life. Like becoming the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review, becoming the third to be elected U.S. Senate since Reconstruction, giving people in his state tax cuts that were over one hundred million total. After graduating from college, he put law school on hold and became a community organizer. I could care less that all these celebs are supporting him. I’m voting for Barack because whenever he speaks I listen. Because I believe not only in him but his ability to change the America so we can FINALLy be UNITED! Because he knows how it feels to struggle being that he was raised by a single parent. Because he is family oriented. So dont mock him because he can speak the perfect speech, because I think he made it clear that they are not JUST WORDS! My comment was not directed towards any one person for the record!